West side recorder, May, 1968

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West side recorder, May, 1968
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West side recorder
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Vol. VNumber 1
Monthly Newspaper of the West Side, Denver, Colorado
May. 1968
Summer Calendar
The following items are a partial list of special summer activities, programs and opportunities for West Siders of all ages. Most of these offerings are free of charge. Telephone numbers are listed for further information.
Openings for children not previously enrolled who will be 5 by Sept. 15.
Auraria Community Center, 1212 Mariposa St. and 228 Elati St., 534-7614.
Denver Public Schools: South Lincoln Park, 1017 Navajo St, 255-4759, and 1201 West '10th Ave., 255-4790. North Lincoln Park, 1418, Navajo St., 255-4702; advance registration required.
Larasa, 910 Galapago St. and 300 Acoma St., 255-5588.
For children from both public and parochial schools; registration to be made through their present schools. Transportation provided from present schools.
Reading Improvement, for those who have completed grades 1 through 6; Science and Social Studies Brush-up, for those who have completed grades 2 through 5; Book Club, for those who have completed grades 3 through 6. At Greenlee, July 15 to Aug. 16, 8 to 11:30 a.m.
Further information from the principals of Elmwood, Fairmont, St. Cajetans St. Elizabeths and St. Josephs.
Enrichment programs in mathematics, English, reading and social studies for seventh and eighth graders. At Baker, June 17 through July 19, classes Mon.-Thurs., field trips Fri. Call Mr. Taylor, 222-9718.
Special program for boys who will be entering sixth and seventh grades at Baker and ninth grade at West, to help develop mechanical skills and become acquainted with the schools and teachers. Group projects in- building and using go-karts, paddle boats, etc. Field trips. Call Richard Graw or Rolan Ray at Baker, 222-9718; Dale Wieland or Roger Rolben at West, 222-3543.
Pre-college program for grades 10 through 12, information of scholarships. At West Side Action Center, 7:30 pjn. each Wednesday. Call 534-5141.
At Head Start General Education Center. Call Miss Patton, 222-0085.
At St. Elizabeths. Call 623-8525.
At West Side Action Center, classes in Spanish, English, citizenship, 7 p.m. each Tuesday. Basic reading materials available. Call 534-5141.
Aircraft maintenance and automotive repair, offered by Denver Opportunity YEA for Summer. Call Robert Pigford at 297-2508 or 297-2740.
JOB OPPORTUNITIES Jobs for youths: Approximately 100 job opportunities under Neighborhood Youth Corps, 16 and over and still in high school next fall, except for a few openings under the Presidents Program. Call Del Peterson or Mr. Vogan at West High School, 222-3545.
Jobs for youths and adults: West Side Action Center, 534-5141.
(Continued next column)
Auraria Community Center, 1212 Mariposa St.: Day camp, other programs. Call Reuel Am-dur, 534-7614.
Neighborhood House Assn., 1265 Mariposa St.; Day care for children two and one-half through nine; cost on a sliding scale. Call Roy Cyr, 623-0840.
Inner-City Parish, 910 Galapago St.: Playschool for 3-to-5-year-olds, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30-11:30 a.m. Sewing, 4-H cooking, crafts for adults, senior and junior high girls. Swimming twice a week for 7-to-10-year-olds. Camping. Tennis instruction. Charm school. Teen Drop-in Center. Recreation facilities for all ages. Rummage sales Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Community meetings and service Wednesday mornings. Baseball team for 9-to-13-year-olds. Family Night recreation, films and refreshments for youths and adults, Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. after July 1. Tutoring for limited number of youths and adults. Nurses service available Wednesday mornings. Call Mrs. Janet Brett, 244-2636.
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West Side Gets Recreation Center South of Sixth
At long last the West Side is going to have a complete recreation center for all ages with particular emphasis on a teenage program.
The new center at 500 Kala-math St. is 6lated to open about June 1 and no later than June 10. The Parks and Recreation Department will operate and staff the center. Denver Opportunitys YEA for Summer program will also be administered from the same location.
City Council has alloted $35,-000 for this project. Also, an anonymous social organization in southeast Denver will donate $500 of the $600 monthly rent
A complete program of recreation for all ages, kindergarten children to senior citizens, will be provided at the center. In response to often-repeated pleas from rfiany West Side individuals and agencies, the Center will have an extensive program for teen-agers. This will include teen activities every evening, Monday through Saturday.
Districts 3 and 5 Meet Tuesday Evening
Two district meetings of the West Side Improvement Association will be held Tuesday, June 4.
District 3, which takes in the area between West Eighth and West 12th Ave., from Santa Fe to Speer Blvd., will meet at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dabrowski, 1115 Inca St., at 7 p.m.
District 5, the area between West Eighth and West Fifth Aves. from Elati St. to Broadway, will meet at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Partney, 713 Delaware St, at 7 p.m.
Problems of the West Side and suggestions on what can and should be done will be discussed. All residents of these areas are urged to attend and get acquainted.
Leo Rodriguez
Rodriguez Heads Action Center
Leo Rodriguez has been chosen by the West Side Action Council to be the new coordinator of the West Side Action Center at 1042 Santa Fe Dr., subject to approval by Denver Opportunity.
Mr. Rodriguez formerly was community developer at .the East Side Action Center, and has served as temporary coordinator on the West Side for about two months. He is a native of Mexico and received a B.S. degree in economics from North Dakota University. He and his wife, Lucille, live at 4446 Elizabeth St.
The personnel committee of the Action Council spent considerable time going over the 13 applications received. They interviewed four of the 13 applicants and submitted two names to the council, Mr. Rodriguez and Donald Gallegos.
Both men were well qualified. The Council felt that Mr. Rodriguez was particularly well qualified, and it was definitely felt that Mr. Gallegos was too valuable as council chairman to lose his services in that capacity.
Any suggestions or complaints West Siders may have for the Action Center may be submitted to Mr. Rodriguez or any of his staff at 1042 Santa Fe Dr. The telephone number is 534-5141.
June Dates Set For Bible Schools
Four West Side churches will hold Daily Vacation Bible Schools during June for children from pre-school to high school.
These schools are annual events offering a variety of studies and activities. Children are invited to attend any one of these schools.
The locations are easily accessible to most West Side children. Schedules are as follow:
First Mennonite and Wesley 120 West First Ave.
June 10-21 9-11:30 a.m.
Classes for pre-school through high school.
First Bethany Lutheran W. Fifth Ave. and Bannock St. June 10-21 9-11:30 a.m.
Classes for ages 3-15.
Theme: Telling the Good News.
First Mennonite and Wesley Methodist
To be held at 430 W. Ninth Ave. June 12-21 7-9 p.m.
Classes for pre-school through high school.
All Together Now-Big Clean-Up June 8
There will be special pick-up of heavy junk on the West Side Saturday, June 8, under the direction of Harold Patton, chief of the city Sanitary Service.
This collection will be especially for large or heavy items not usually taken in the regular trash pick-ups. It will include old furniture, stoves, refrigerators, tree limbs, lumber, and junk of all kinds.
Baker School Donates $25 To RECORDER
The staff and sponsors of the West Side Recorder got a major surprise as this issue was being prepareda gift of $25 from Baker Junior High School. At no time has the Recorder solicited support from anyone except, through advertising.
The check was accompanied by the following letter, addressed to the Westside Action Ministry, sponsoring' organization for the newspaper:
On behalf of the children at Baker Junior High School, please accept this $25 contribution toward the expense of printing the WEST SIDE RECORDER.
The RECORDER serves the community in; so many ways. It adds unity and coherence to it; it helps to generate pride; it encourages neighborly feelings; and it gives helpful consumer advice to its readers.
We are sorry this token could not be more, but perhaps it will pay for one column in one issue.
Sincerely, (signed) Jack C. Beardshear, Principal.
As the West Side Recorder begins its fifth year of publication, pledged to be a non-partisan paper for the benefit of the community, the totally unexpected gift makes it seem like a real birthday anniversary, a real milestone of achievement
Everyone connected with the Recorder sincerely appreciates this fine gesture of support from the Baker pupils.
Residents are asked to put the things to be picked up either near their alley or on the curb if there is no alley in their block.
This special pick-up is being made by the city as a result of the current drive by West Siders to improve the appearance of this part of Denver.
Mrs. Ray Gasser of 345 Delaware St. has spear-headed the drive. She took a petition with more than 900 signatures of West Siders to Mayor Tom Cur-rigan last month to ask his consideration and assistance in improving the West Side.
The West Side pick-up is a special concession of the Denver City Administration and is costing the city time-and-a-half pay because Saturday is an extra work day.
One comment that was made about the need for the West Side to get a good spring cleaning was made by a member of the West Side Improvement Association who said that trash is a breeding place for rats, that ragged furniture setting on porches and in yards is an eyesore appreciated only by the alley cats, and that many old appliances and other junk items are a dangerous hazard to children.
Now is the time for everyone to come forward and prove that there are no second-class citizens in this community, said one West Sider. Our community is only as good as we make it. Let6 all clean up, and this time, really stay clean!
New Printer for Paper
The new look of the West Side Recorder is the product of its new printer, Colorado Printers of Englewood. Due to circumstances beyond control, Hustler Printing of 670 Santa Fe Dr. is unable to continue printing the Recorder. However, the Jordans wish us the best see Page 2.
College Site, City Help Gained by West Siders
West Siders working to improve their community have made two important gains in recent weeks.
One is their successful effort to have the Auraria site just north of West Colfax Ave. chosen as the permanent home of Metropolitan State College.
The 'West Side Improvement Association made an active campaign through letters ancl personal appearances at official meetings, urging the choice of the Auraria site as the most desirable location for the College to serve low-income, inner-city residents. The City Council voted for the Auraria site, although West Side councilman Ed Burke voted against it
The second important gain is the clean-up collection of large trash items and heavy junk to be Saturday, June 8 (see main story this page). This collection is the result of a petition and visit to Mayor Tom Currigan by Mrs. Ray Gasser, with the support of nearly 1000 West Siders who signed the petition.
A follow-up discussion on the
City Councils final vote on the College site and on Mrs. Gassers meeting with the Mayor were the main items of business at the May meeting of the West Side Improvement Association board of directors.
Burke Vetoes Auraria
Mr. Burke 6aid he voted against the Auraria site for the college because he believes Metro State does NOT intend to emphasize the vocational-technical education it is supposed to offer.
He said that he interprets its budget figures and teacher assignments to mean that the college intends to become another liberal arts college so that in his thinking it might just as well be located somewhere else. This is the reason he gave for voting against the clearly expressed wishes of his constituents on the West Side.
The Improvement Association board voted to write to Metro College President Kenneth Phillips and to Dr. Frank Abbott, head of the State Commission oh (Continued on page 4)

Neighborhood Notes
West Side Gains
(Continued from page 1) Higher Education, to ask lor facts related to Mr. Burkes charges about the College programs.
McCoy Inquires After the WSIA board meeting the first week in May, Earl McCoy, Association project director, talked with both Robert D. ODell, administrative dean of the College, and Gail J. Phares, dean of applied sciences.
They repeated earlier statements that Metro state DOES intend to continue and expand courses in technical education in science and engineering, and that the College will continue to offer both two- and four-year study in vocational education including nursing, business, mental health, and law enforcement.
Approximately 45 per cent of Metros students last fall planned to major in occupational programs, Dean ODell said. He said that in April the board of trustees for state colleges in Colorado passed a resolution re-affirming Metro States original commitment to provide vocational and technical education.
The dean also stated that the College believes that students from disadvantaged areas have the same educational needs, interest, and talents as students from any other economic level Therefore, they are entitled to the same educational opportunity, in vocational education and the liberal arts, as any other citizen of the state.
To Mayors Office Mrs. Gasser reported to the Improvement Association board that she was accompanied to the Mayors office with the West Side petition April 23 by Mrs. Lena Chavez, Miss Doris Evans, Theodore Medina and Mr. McCoy.
Principal points of the petition were more jobs for needy persons, better police protection, a youth center south of Sixth Ave., enforcement of building and housing codes and zoning ordinances, and a police sub-station.
Above all, the West Siders asked for serious, over-all attention by the city government to the West Side to halt its deterioration and to take advantage of the residents desire to maintain and improve their home community.
Mrs. Gasser said the Mayor and his staff, including Harold Patton, chief of the city sanitary service, and Mr. Burke, listened attentively to the West Siders presentation.
Surface Response
She said she felt that the plea for help brought surface response, but very little assurance of deep action. Yard inspection and trash pick-up are. not as important as inside inspection and enforcement of laws and codes, Mrs. Gasser declared.
The West Siders do feel, Mrs. Gasser said to the board, that the Mayor and his aides realize that one of the main problems of the West Side is the domination of absentee landlords. There was discussion of what can be done to get cooperation from them, and the Mayor promised to meet with the city attorney to learn what legal action can be taken where violations are ignored by absentee landlords.
Just recently the Mayors administrative assistant, George Kelly, made a quick survey on the West Side and reported he found at least 16 really bad places that should be torn down.
Discuss Sub-Station When asked whether there is any possibility of a police substation being located on the West Side, the Mayor told Mrs. Gasser this area is too close to the station down town to have its own sub-station.
She told him a sub-station is one of the things that West Side residents most want, and that one here would be no closer to the overcrowded down-town sta-
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Davis Sanchez, of 1200 Lipan St. had their young son christened Sunday, May 12. He is Jesse Davis Sanchez Jr. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Quintana, of 1223 Lipan St
Mrs. Adolph Pacheco, of 1253 Lipan St. has been visiting her family in Santa Rosa, N.M. Mr. Pacheco and his grandson, CpL Jimmy Martinez of the Marine Corps, went to Santa Rosa May 10 on a quick visit. Jimmy was home the last few months on convalescent leave, from wounds received in Vietnam.
Mrs. Marie Glynn of 1253 Kal-amath St. spent Mothers Day
Catholics Visit Methodist Church
More than 30 members of St Josephs Catholic Parish attended the regular worship service at Wesley Methodist Church Sunday morning, May 5.
The visitors included Father Stewart, six nuns, and communicants ranging in age from teenagers to elderly persons.
The Rev. James Hall, pastor of Wesley Church, greeted the special guests and preached a sermon on family relationships. A social hour followed.
The service was the second one shared by the two congregations. The first was at St. Josephs on Palm Sunday, when 30 persons from Wesley church were guests of the Catholics.
Both congregations expressed their appreciation of the shared worship hours and the opportunity to become acquainted as individuals. They agreed that more meetings of the two churches should be held to promote the true spirit of Christian fellowship.
Head Start Welcomes More
Auraria Head Start at 1212 Mariposa St. still has openings for the summer session. If you have a child who will be five years old by Sept, 15 and going into kindergarten this fall without having previously been in Head Start, you are urged to stop at Auraria Community Center, or call 534-7614.
During Head Start Week May 20-24, visitors to Auraria Head Start ranged from interested businessmen to firemen. The mothers sold doughnuts and hot dogs. In addition, workers and volunteers manned a booth at Lakeside Shopping Center during the week to provide publicity about Head Start.
tion than is the substation already located in North Denver.
She said the consensus among West Siders is that there at least should be a serious study of the possibilities of a West Side police sub-station.
Meet in 30 Days
The meeting with the Mayor ended with his promise that he would meet again with Mrs. Gasser and other interested persons in 30 days. Mrs. Gasser and the others expressed the hope that the Mayor and his assistants realize how much help the West Side really needs to become an attractive part of town again, a real asset to the city of Denver instead of an apology.
One other item of business brought before the WSIA board was an official notification, in response to a WSIA inquiry, that the Kalamath Bay Service Station at 1080 Kalamath St. is following a legal non-conforming use of property.
The Association, asking about the non-conforming use of the site in a residential area, was informed that the property has been granted a non-conforming classification based on its long use, over a number of years, as a gasoline station, with permission for auto repair and van parking.
with Mr. and Mrs. Tom Chaney of 538 Kalamath St
Bill Cecil of Alexandria, Va., whose firm sent him to California for two weeks on business, flew back by way of Denver to spend a few days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Luther Cecil of 814 W. 11th Ave., before returning to Alexandria.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cribbs are hospitalized for treatment We hope for a speedy recovery for Lou of Lous Cleaners of 445 W. Third Ave. and for Bill also.
Sandi Winterhalder of 226 W. Third Ave. and Marsha White of 230 Cherokee St have returned home from their first year at college in Sterling, Kan.
Mr. and Mrs. Moses Haro and family of 233 W. Third Ave. have purchased a home in southwest Denver and have moved into it Also Mr. and Mrs. A1 Rios and girls of 229 Cherokee St. purchased and moved into a home in southwest Denver.
The children of Mrs. Catherine Ketch, formerly of 328 Inca St, have become an international subject at home, which is now 8360 S. Ammons St., in Littleton.
A son, Harold Person, who is on his second tour of duty in Vietnam, has been promoted to sergeant in the U.S. Marines.
A daughter, Lou Anne, who is married and lives in Anchorage, Alaska, was home recently with her two children for a ten-day visit.
Another daughter, Diana, took ski tests in Taos, N.M., and was one of the 4 out of 47 who passed and won a certification to teach skiing anywhere in the world. She has since joined her husband, who is in the Air Force in Puerto Rico.
All three are graduates of West High School
The youngest son, Gerald, is now attending Bear Creek High School.
S/P4 Walter H. Gallegos, son of Mrs. Ellen Gallegos, of 863 Fox St., left April 26 for Vietnam after spending a 30-day leave at home. He planned to see his brother, L/CpL William Gallegos who is in the U.S. Naval Hospital at Camp Pendleton, Calif. It will be the first time they have 6een each other in two years. Both boys joined the service in February, 1966.
Walter was honored at a birthday party on April 7. Many friends and relatives gathered to help him celebrate. Mary Lucero entertained with her guitar.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Maberry of 308 Inca St. have been in need of return visits to the hospital Mrs. Maberry is in Beth Israel Hospital, Room 406. Mr. Maberry is in Colorado General Hospital. They both express thanks for the many cards and visits from friends and neighbors.
Members of the First Avenue Presbyterian Church extend their heartfelt sympathy to Hazel Henley for the lo6S of her husband, Albert E. Henley of 556 Delaware St, who was a long-time resident of the West Side.
Ida M. Francis, of 1259 Kalamath St., co-owner of the Francis Curtain Cleaners, passed away April 19 at the Julia Temple Nursing Home in Englewood after a long illness. She is survived by a daughter, Char line, of 1259 Kalamath St., a son, Jerry, of Aurora, a brother, Richard W. Welch, of La Cre-senta, Calif., and five grandchildren.
Mrs. Althea Davis, formerly of 1118 Inca St., passed away on April 6. She had lived on the West Side for 16 years and had been employed for a long time by Gates Rubber Company. Burial was at Ft. Logan National Cemetery.
John Delbert Conway of 107 Acoma St., long-time resident of the West Side and well-known for his participation in the West Side Improvement Association, died on Saturday, May 4. He is survived by his wife, Mabel Conway, and one daughter, Mrs. Myra Hull of California.
PVT. DANIEL A. BACA, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Baca of 429 Acoma St., visited his parents from April 6 to April 22 before reporting for duty with the 92nd Engineer Battalion in Vietnam. Pvt. Baca took his basic training at Ft. Bliss, Tex. He took his advanced training at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. and was promoted to the grade of Private E-2.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed LaChapelle, of 847 Mariposa St., wish to thank the people who called, 6ent cards, flowers and gifts, and who came to see Mr. LaChapelle while he was in the hospital undergoing surgery.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfonzo Martinez of 1378 Mariposa St. have just returned from a trip to New Mexico. They went to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of Mrs. Martinezs 6ister and brother-in-law in Santa Fe. More than 350 family members and friends attended the reception, dinner and ball. They also visited Albuquerque and Los Lunas, N.M.
Roland Alstatt, formerly of 1229 Lipan St., underwent surgery at St. Lukes Hospital
Mr. and Mrs. Reynaldo D. Gallegos of 424 Galapago St. are the proud parents of Lorene and Arlene Gallegos who will be 1968 graduates of West High School. They are sisters of L/CpL Daniel Gallegos serving since 1967 in Vietnam. He was a 1966 graduate of West High School.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Da-browski of 1115 Inca St. celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary on May 21.
Mrs. Les Kalanquin, of 1423 Lipan St., has been hospitalized' since May 5 at the Lutheran Hospital
Frank Stark of Covington, Ky., and Bob Stark and family of Castle Rock, the sons of Mrs. W. W. Churchill, of 1209 Lipan St., spent Mothers Day weekend with her and her family.
Mrs. Edith Davis, of 1427 Mariposa St. suffered a fall eight months ago and has been taken to the Lakewood Nursing Home at 5545 W. 14th Ave. She would like to hear from her friends.
Mrs. Archie Allen, of 1127% Inca St. underwent eye surgery in April and is now recuperating at home.
Wedding Bells
Miss Joan Martinez of 1519 Clay St. will become the bride of Bennie J. Vasquez of 1229 Lipan St. on June 8.
Miss Helen Cochran of 242 Cherokee St. will become the bride of Bill Smith June 9 at the Broadway Baptist Church. They will make their home in Englewood.
Miss Dorothy Mae Gasser, daughter of Mary Axylson of 725 W. 11th Ave., was married April 20 to Robert R. McKee of Cheyenne, Wyo. Dorothy was a pupil at Central Grade School, now Greenlee, and Baker Junior High School. She is a 1961 graduate of West High School. The couple will live at 28 W. Maple Ave.
Edmund Manchego, brother of Mrs. Eddie Quintana of 1223 Lipan St., and Miss Donna Popp were married April 20 at St Caietans Catholic Church. The wedding reception was at the Gates Union Hall.
Miss Patricia Fahrig, daughter of Mrs. William Fahrig of 1223 Kalamath St., was married to Enoch Robert ODell of New York in San Diego, Calif., March 30. Miss Bonnie Blanchard is now living with Mrs. Fahrig.
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