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West side recorder, January, 1969
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Volume 5Number 7
Monthly Newspaper of the West Side, Denver, Colorado
January, 1969
Hispano Centro Cultural Opens At 935 West 11th
An old building on the West Sideformerly the church at 935 West 11th Ave.opens this weekend (Jan. 24-25) as the center of a new move toward greater pride by Denvers Hispano population.
The place and the activities in it together are called Centro Cultural. The idea is to provide examples and training in the culture that began in ancient Mexico and,
All West Siders Must Help
Work Together Needed To Cut Down Vandalism
Representatives of several organizations and a number of West Side residents attended the Januaury board meeting of the West Side Improvement Association to discuss vandalism and delinquency on the West Side.
Problems occurring recently in the area around West Fifth Ave. and Kalamath St. have served to remind West Siders that everyone has an obligation to help solve the
with the addition of Spanish arts and customs, became the heritage for todays Hispanos.
Slides, Stereo
Friday night (Jan. 24) a slide and stereo presentation marked the opening of Centro Cultural. Zapotec People of the Clouds/ about the history of ancient Mexico, was given by Tony Shearer, who lived on the West Side when he was a boy and now is back home to live at the center and to conduct part of its program.
Mr. Shearer is an authority on pre-Columbian art who formerly was a writer and engineer for Time-Life Broadcasting Co. for 15 years. He attended Fairmont and old Baker schools. The slides in the Friday night show come from his many trips to Mexico over a 10-year period. Free Art Classes The really big thing thats to get started right away at Centro Cultural is free art classes for children of the West Sideor from anywhere else in Denver. These classes will be based on examples of Indian, Mexican and African art, and children can decide just what they want to do.
Charlotte Espinoza of northwest Denver, a fine portrait artist, wiU join Mr. Shearer in teaching the classes. They will be at the center every day.
Some West Side children already have been introduced to Mr. Shearer and Mrs. Espinoza through presentations in the schools or through visits to the center at 935 West 11th Ave. The center is open every day for visits by neighborhood people of all ages.
Bus Trips to Center In time it is hoped school pupils can be brought to the center by bus from all over the city to see the art exhibits, take part in classes, perhaps to hear some music and learn some of the dances and customs of the Spanish-speaking peoples.
Mrs. Lena Archuleta of the Denver Public School system is
Last Round-Up For Memberships In WSIA 1968-69
Any past members of the West Side Improvement Association who have not renewed their WSIA memberships for 1968-69 (through next September) will be taken off the membership list in the near future.
All persons interested in being members and thereby having a vote in association matters are asked to contact the president, Mrs. Frank Dabrow-ski of 1115 Inca St., 244-9096. Membership is $1 a family.
The Association held its quarterly general meeting Friday evening, Jan. 24, when proposed amendments to the by-laws were voted upon. The program was presented by a team of boys from the Lincoln Park Branch Boys Club, on the subject of glue-sniffing. A film on drugs was shown and a psychiatrist from the West Side Neighborhood Health Center spoke.
The next board meeting of the WSIA will be Tuesday, Feb. II, at 7:30 p.m. at Auraria Community Center, 1212 Mariposa St. The public is welcome
working on a Hispano library for Centro Cultural. Materials in the libraryfilms as well as books will come from Latin America and Spain in addition to the United States. Young people with Spanish surnames will be able to learn of their cultural heritage and to take pride in being Chicanos.
Mrs. Jesse Sauceda, art teacher at West High School, and her husband, attorney Jesse Sauceda, are two of the founders of Centro Cultural. They interested the American Jewish Committee in Denver in helping with the project, so it represents the combined effort of people from two minorities as well as assistance from many other persons. Better Understanding
The main goal of Centro Cultural is to help the Hispano to understand what Hispanos have contributed to American life.
The building, formerly the First Spanish Methodist Church, has been completely renovated and redecorated. Theater-type seats have been placed in the auditorium and painted in bright colors. Art studio space has been arranged in upstairs rooms. A basement room is ready for sculpture. There are rooms where music and dance will be taught.
The telephone number at Centro Cultural is 623-5770. West Siders are welcome to visit the center at any time. A program is being scheduled for each Friday evening, and the classes will be offered according to the interests and time agreeable to the children.
A report on the West Side inspection and fix-up program this year was made in late November by the Housing Section of the Denver Department of Health and Hospitals.
The Improvement Association organized petitions last spring for the city inspection in the area between Acoma Street and Santa Fe Drive, from West First Avenue north to West Eighth Ave.56 square blocks.
J. W. Pettit, chief of the Housing Section, said:
Very Successful In our opinion the program was very successful, with much credit due to the officers and members of the West Side Improvement Association who requested the program, and to the excellent cooperation received from the citizens in the area. It also was helpful to have the support of Councilman Edward Burke, Jr., who was very interested in this program.
Mr. Pettit said, in addition to the 926 outside inspections, there were 37 inside inspections where further checking seemed especially needed. Corrections were made in all of these cases, he said.
Other Improvements Other facts reported by Mr. Pettit are as follows:
Catholic Diocese of Denver ... $200
Colorado Printers_ 10
Theresa Jacinto_______ 5
And a special thank-you to Adolph Coors Co.
Bethany Church
Has New Pastor
After being without a pastor for several months, First Bethany Lutheran Church at West Fifth Ave. and Bannock St. now has a full-time pastor, E. Gordon Jorgensen. He moved here this month from Concordia, Kan., where he had been pastor for 18 months.
Pastor Jorgensen is a native of Omaha, Neb., and a graduate of the University of Omaha and Wart burg Seminary in Dubuque, Iowa. He and Mrs. Jorgensen have bought a home at 1421 So. Washington St.
They adopted their first child last Monday (Jan. 20) and have named him Jason Todd. He is two months old.
The installation service for the new minister was conducted Sunday, Jan. 19, by Dr. Erwin Fritschel, president of the Central District of the American Lutheran Church. Other participants were Pastor Charles Boes, director of the American Lutheran Churchs Denver Metro-Parish, Chaplain Donald Os-troot of Fitzsimons Hospital, and Pastor Daniel Bergeland of Fort Logan Medical Center. The congregation and friends had a dinner afterward in the church parlors.
Pastor Jorgensen has expressed particular interest in working and serving residents of the West Side community.
Number of properties cleaned of trash and junk132.
Number of approved garbage and trash containers provided 226.
Number of junk cars removed27.
Number of discarded appliances removed25.
Number of sheds repaired or tom down8.
Number of corrections of general nuisances not under the housing code, such as pools of water, trash around business places, animal dirt, etc.40.
Mr. Pettit said only a few orders given after the inspection have not been carried out yet. He said, The results again show how much can be accomplished through the cooperative efforts of community leaders, interested citizens, and their city representatives. It is a pleasure to work with and for the people on the West Side.
The Housing Section inspection and enforcements were a separate project from the heavy junk pick-up sponsored by the Improvement Association early in June. At that time the City Sanitation Department removed 32 loads of junk by having city crews and trucks work two Saturdays in the whole West Side area from Colfax Avenue south to Alameda Avenue.
Integrated School For All Children Very Important
The Denver Religious Council on Human Relations has published the following facts and figures about the Denver school situation:
Sixty per cent of Denvers Anglo elementary school children attend schools which are more than 85 per cent Anglo. Three-fourths of the black and Hispano elementary school children attend schools that are less than half Anglo.
About one-half Denvers elementary schools have achievement scores at the fifth grade level which are 10 points below the national norm. Most of these schools are segregated.
Six of Denvers 17 junior high schools have achievement scores for ninth grade which are below the national norm. Five of these six schools are segregated.
The Noel Resolution (No. 1490) given to the Denver Pub-Uc School Board last spring calls for the superintendent of public schools to produce a comprehensive plan for integration of the public schools. The idea behind the resolution is to provide better opportunities for Improved achievement and for better attitudes and understanding between the races.
Minority children do much better in school if there is a majority of Anglo children. Anglo children do just as well in integrated schools as they do in segregated or majority-Anglo schools.
Taking children to school by bus means those from poor minority areas can get better education in schools outside their own neighborhoods. It means children from majority (Anglo)
neighborhoods can be moved to integrate schools and help improve the quality of education wherever they go to school.
Thousands of children already ride buses to get to school. Most schools get some of their pupils by bus. Bus routes can be well planned so children do not have to spend too much time getting back and forth to school. Better use and better planning of bussing would help bring an end to double sessions, overcrowding, segregation and underachievement.
West Side parents and others Interested in good education for West Side children are asked to stuy these statements and to write (in English or in Spanish) to the members of the Denver School Board about the need for uqality, integrated education.
problems. Most of the discussion at the December WSIA meeting was on the same subject.
Many of the problems are the same in other areas of Denver: car theft, property damage, window breaking, drug use, the use of liquor by_minors, young people on the streets without their parents knowing where they are and what they are doing, fights and other disturbances, etc.
All Must Help
All present at the meeting agreed that responsibility for positive solutions must be shared by everyone in the community. It was felt that loud criticism should be replaced-, by combined action, and that persons who are not concerned should get informed and get involved in helping to improve the situation.
Among those present were Councilman Ed Burke, Lt. Paul Bates of the District 3 police station, John Doyle and Joe Salazar of Baker Junior High School, Elston Bower of Robert F. Kennedy Recreation Center, and three West Side businessmenDoug Crabb, Doug Limp-po and Charles Scarafiotti. Parents and Churches
Baker, West High School, R.F.K. Center, Auraria Community Center, Inner City Parish, Boys Clubs, Scouts, and others are making an effort to deal effectively with some of the problems. However, they need the help of parents, residents, churches and businessmen of the area if results are to be expected.
One big problem is that many parents are not interested. Another is that many people in the community do not try to understand why the young people behave as they do and what is really needed to solve the problems.
The discussion will be continued at the February board meeting of the Improvement Association. Everyone is welcome to attend, at 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 11, at Auraria Community Center, 1212 Mariposa St.
Free Help Offered On Income Tax Forms
West Side residents can get free help in making out their income tax and filing other government forms, by appointment, at the West Side Action Center.
Gerald L. Byran, a tax specialist and a certified public accountant, is at the Action Center at 1042 Santa Fe Dr., on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7 to 9 p.m., and will help any West Sider who has made an appointment to see him. Call 534-5141 for appointment.
Mr. Byran speaks both English and Spanish. He has had six years of experience in all types of federal and state taxes, both in government and private associations.
Major Inspection, Fix-Up On West Side in 1968
The 1968 West Side fix-up program sponsored by the West Side Improvement Association resulted in the inspection of 926 housing units in the south part of the area and the improvement of more than 500 properties by the residents or owners.

Founded May, 1964
Office: 465 Galapago St.
Denver, Colo. 80204
Telephone: 534*4408 Sponsored by WESTSIDE ACTION MINISTRY
Staff for This Issue: Rachel Guedea, Leona Partney, Alberta Crespin, Margot Serum-gard.
Contributors: Elston Bower, Ramiro Cruz-Aedo, Wilma Da-browski, Bernice Eriksen, John Gallegos, Mary Gallegos, Else Gruen, Jim Hall, Thomas Sepulveda, Tony Shearer.
Editorial Advisor: Pat Geddes.
Advertising Representative: Barry Kimball.
Distribution Manager for This Issue: Ruperto Guedea, Jr.
Advertising Advisor: A1 Martin.
You Can Help
The WEST SIDE RECORDER needs help.
We need more cooperation from agencies and organizations on the West Side. As it stands now (yet), almost nobody in a staff position remembers to get his announcements, news and reports in to the RECORDER without at least one telephone call from a RECORDER volunteer. Please put our deadlines (always published in the West Side Calendar in the paper) on your office calendars in time to get organized and get published. Mutual benefits.
Then we need more advertising. This helps the advertiser who wants business from West Siders, and it helps us. The RECORDER has a fairly certain financial base of $250 to $300 a month. This is not enough, however. Advertising and the voluntary gifts of neighborhood people and readers who get the paper by mail make up the balance of $50 to $100 balance necessary each month for us to stay in business.
Oh, yesif youre one of the mail recipients of the RECORDER who wants to know how much a subscription is we have no such thing. The paper goes free to all West Siders and to West Side friends in schools, city government, agencies, churches, etc. Postage and mailing run about a dollar a year per mail recipient, but we dont charge.
One other thing. If youd like to help distribute the paper, an hour or two a month, it would help us a great deal. Just let us know.
Three Baker Pupils Named Baker Junior High School is proud of its musicians. Jan. 7 it was announced that three pupils will be in the All-City Seventh Grade Orchestra which will perform at a concert in March. The pupils are Brian Morris and Francis Vialpando, violin players, and Robin Hunt, who plays a viola. They were in competition with all other seventh grade musicians in the Denver Public Schools.
RFK Community Center

Tiny Tots Kids Adults Seniors
Programs for All 500 KALAMATH 297-5918
To West Side Residents:
Read the front-page article in this issue of the West Side Recorder about the Denver school situation. It contains facts that have disclosed fears, mistrust, threats and hope to all Denver residents.
The Board of Education requested that the superintendent, Dr. Robert D. Gilberts, present a plan to integrate the schools and upgrade the over-all educational quality. After a careful study of Dr. Gilberts proposal, we have found that it would fail to integrate the schools. He did present good educational improvements, but only in a very small way will the West Side pupils benefit from these improvements.
We at the Inner City Parish, Westside Action Ministry, and Core City Ministries object to Dr. Gilberts plan on the grounds that it does not fulfill the request of the Board of Education as stated in the Noel Resolution (1490).
You will hear, as we have, that many people of the Anglo, Negro and Chicano groups object to integration of the schools because of the bussing problem. Others feel that the Board of Education should improve education, schools teachers, etc. We are in total agreement with these demands; however, the issue is accepting or rejecting Dr. Gilberts plan as it now stands.
If we go to the Board of Education demanding all of these, as some Chicano individuals have done, then we give the Board the excuse they need and want in order to say that the whole Hispano community does not want integration and this is untrue.
We at the Inner City Parish and Westside Action Ministry ask you to join us in saying to the Board of Education that we do want quality, integrated education for our children. Please write in either English or Spanish to the Board members, especially to the chairman. Also, telephone these men and women and tell them that you are concerned about your childrens education and that you want quality, integrated education.
Board chairman: James D. Voorhees, Jr., 170 Downing, Denver 80218office phone, 222-3895home phone, 777-0743.
A. Edgar Benton, 901 Race, Denver 80206office phone, 292-3800home phone, 377-0432.
William G. Berge, 3908 S. Jasmine, Denver 80222 office phone, 292-5030home phone, 755-0704.
Steven J. Knight, Jr., 3040 E. Exposition, Denver 80209home phone, 777-0082.
Mrs. Rachel B. Noel, 2601 Adams, Denver 80205 home phone, 377-9265.
Mrs. Allegra Saunders, 4840 Tennyson, Denver 80212home phone, 455-8101.
John H. Amesse, M.D., 115 Bellaire, Denver 80220 office phone, 355-4447home phone, 333-4016 or 333-8664.
The Rev. Ramiro Cruz-Aedo Inner City Parish and Westside Action Ministry
Letters From West Siders
To the Editor:
I would like to say thank you to our wonderful teenagers who live in the Lincoln Park Home.
There were 21 teenagers and four young children who did a wonderful job when we took them Christmas caroling on Dec. 21. They are: Bea Acosta, Roberta Arellano, Raymond arid Vincent Crespin, Rose Davis, John Delgado, John Gallegos, Virginia Gomez, Joseph and Theresa Griego; Diane, Janet and Linda Loucero; Vicky Lucero; Cindy, Fred and Mike Maestas; Joe Marine; Lillian and Pauline Martinez; Rosie Marinez; Brenda, Carol and Rudy Williams.
We took them to Fitzsimons General Hospital, Denver General Hospital, Marycrest Convent and Fort Logan Hospital.
These young people did a great job, and without Sister Marlenes wonderful help we could not have done such a good job. She is truly a great music teacher. Also, my thanks to Sisters Anne Mary and Sharon Benedict and to Connie Griego, who helped in bussing the young people to the different locations.
The teenagers really enjoyed themselves, too. Again, Thank You, Teenagers; you were just great!
Alberta L. Crespin
P.S. We all had fun and the nuns over at Marycrest Convent had made hot chocolate and cookies for us. When we left, each person was given a sack of candy.
Meet Jan. 30 To Plan Lincoln Park Summer
There will be a special meeting Thursday, Jan. 30, for all personsadults, teenagers, and agency representatives who are interested in improving the conditions at Lincoln Park and the pool for next summer.
Miss Carol Casey, resident relations supervisor in Lincoln Park Homes, will be in charge of the meeting, at 7:30 p.m. in Auraria Community Center.
Interesting Hand-Out For Baker Junior High
Joe Salazar and Mrs. Christine DeLeon, school-community aides at Baker Junior High School, are using an informative and interesting brochure to explain the services their office provides to West Siders.
The brochure is very thorough and attractive. Jack Beardshear, principal, and Harvey Rudoff, Baker college counselor, prepared it. Judy Knutson Lopez did the illustrations.
Page 2WEST SIDE RECORDER, January, 1969
Fun and Music,
"For Heaven's Sake"
A special invitation is given to all West Siders to see the play, For Heavens Sake, a musical satire on religion today. It will be given at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Feb. 7 and 8, in First Mennonite Church at 885 Delaware St.
The admission charge is $1 for adults and 65 cents for children and students (including college). Free refreshments will be served by the Womens Auxiliary of the church after the play.
Helpers Needed At DGH, WNHC
West Siders are imvited to become volunteer aides for a few hours a week at Denver General Hospital or the West Side Neighborhood Health Center, to help staff members work with patients or in the nurseries.
Volunteers help by taking visitors to the area they are looking for, or by taking patients from their rooms to x-ray, or by running errands between the wards and the pharmacy. Volunteers also help test newborn babies to see whether they have normal hearing.
Uniforms will be provided by the volunteer office at Denver General Hospital. Training will be given at both the hospital and the Neighborhood Health Center, according to the type of help that is needed.
A rummage sale will be held on the West Side early in February to raise money for uniforms and bus fare for volunteers from the West Side.
Interested persons are asked to call the volunteer office at the hospital, 244-6969, Extension 205, for an appointment to talk about signing up.
Four Residents Named To Inner City Board
Four residents of the West Side have been named to the board of directors of Inner City Parish to enlarge and strengthen the board.
They are Mrs. Tommie Garcia of 418 Santa Fe Dr., Mrs. Rose Rogers of 531 Inca St., Mrs. Pat Soliz of 1265 Inca St., and Mrs. Margaret Castaneda of 865 Fox St. All have been active workers at the Parish.
Chairman of the board is Edward (Ned) Naylor; vice chairman is Mrs. Vie Heiser; secretary is Mrs. Marigold Hakarson; and treasurer is C. Alton (Andy) Anderson.
Action Ministry Plans Upcoming Election
Arrangements for the West-side Action Ministrys 1969 election will be made at the meeting Tuesday, Jan. 28, at 7:30 p.m. at Inner City Parish, 910 Galapago St.
Each participating church or parish is entitled to three votes one clergyman and two lay members. Any other interested persons from West Side churches are welcome to attend the meetings.
A number of other items of business will be taken up during the meeting.
Interagency Council Meets Wed., Feb. 12
Representatives of schools, churches, Head Start programs, and some 30 agencies involved In Target Area E on the West Side attended the January meeting of the Target Area E Interagency Council. Fifty-six persons were present for a discussion of various community projects.
The February meeting, open to representatives of any agency, organization or institution serving the area, will be at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 12, at the Mennonite Youth Center, 430 West Ninth Ave.
Eye Core at WNHC
Eye care has been added to the services offered at the West Side Neighborhood Health Center, 990 Federal Blvd. Two doctors provide five full days of coverage between them.
1400 Lipan
West Side Calendar
SATURDAY, JANUARY 25 Varsity Basketball West vs. Kennedy, Auditorium Arena, 1323 Champa St., 1:30 p.m. InstallationMile Hi Chapter of GI Forum, Banquet and Dance, Mile Hi Hall, 530 Knox St., 6 p.m. $3 per person for banquet and dance, $2 per person for dance only.
SUNDAY, JAN. 26 AND EVERY SUNDAY Story HourMain Denver Public Library, Childrens Library, 1357 Broadway, 3 p.m., for all ages.
TUESDAY, JAN. 28 MeetingWestside Action Ministry, Inner City Parish, 910 Galapago St., 7:30 p.m. Meeting Metro Denver Fair Housing, annual meeting, Auraria Community Center, 1212 Mariposa St., 7:30 p.m.
THURSDAY, JAN. 30 MeetingFor all persons interested in improving conditions at Lincoln Park and the pool, Auraria Community Center, 1212 Mariposa St., 7:30 p.m. Meeting West Side Action Council, 1042 Santa Fe Dr., 8 p.m.
FRIDAY, JAN. 31 AND EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT ProgramCentro Cultural, 935 W. 11th Ave., 7:30 p.m.
SATURDAY, FEB. 1 Varsity Basketball West vs. Lincoln, Auditorium Arena, 1323 Champa St., 12 noon.
FRIDAY, FEB. 7 Varsity Basketball West vs. North at Washington High, 4:15 p.m.
Play For Heavens Sake, First Mennonite Church, 885 Delaware, 8 p.m. Adults $1, children 65c. Repeat performance on Saturday, Feb. 8.
SUNDAY, FEB. 0 Scout SundayBoy Scouts attend church of their choice with their families as part of the observance of Boy Scout Week, Feb. 7-13.
TUESDAY, FEB. 11 Meeting West Side Improvement Association, Auraria Community Center, 1212 Mariposa St., 7:30 p.m. DEADLINE FOR NEWS FOR FEB. 21 ISSUE OF WEST SIDE RECORDER. MAIL OR DELIVER TO 465 GALAPAGO ST.
WEDNESDAY, FEB. 12 Meeting Inter Agency Council, First Mennonite Youth Center, 430 W. Ninth Ave., 1:30 p.m.
SATURDAY, FEB. 15 Varsity Basketball West vs. East, Auditorium Arena, 1323 Champa St., 1:30 p.m.
THURSDAY, FEB. 20 Meeting, Lincoln Park Resident Council, Auraria Community Center, 1212 Mariposa St., 7:30 p.m.
ProgramAll School Show, Baker Junior High School, 3 and 7:30 p.m. All seats 50c.
Family Planning Service Offered
The last part of January a new service will be offered at Casita Esperariza. A doctor will be in the station on Tuesdays to provide family planning and maternity counseling. Appointments to see the doctor may be made by calling the master appointment desk at 534-6209.
Staff members at the health station are conducting a babysitting course for seventh and eighth grade girls.

Parish Bruins Win Two Games
The Bruins of Inner City Parish did it againthey won both of their first two games in the Littleton YMCA Basket* ball League.
Playing against the Harvey Park Christian Church team on Jan. 14, the Bruins scored 43 to the losers 42.
The Bruins defeated Holy Trinity Lutheran Church 68-35 in the opening game Jan. 10;,! High scorers in that game were Ben Romero, Louie Perez and Ben Berg.
Other team members are Dan Jaramillo, Robert Trujillo, Joe Romero, Joe Juarez, Jim Tafoya, Dan Lopez, and Raymond Trujillo. The coach is Randy Berg.
The schedule for future games, all to be played at Grant Junior High School, 5776 So. Crocker St. in Littleton, is as follows:
Jan. 28, 8 p.m.Evanston United Methodist Church.
Feb. 6, 8 p.m.First Christian Church.
Feb. 13, 6:45 p.m.Mission Hills Baptist Church.
Feb. 20, 8 p.m.First Christian Church of Englewood.
Feb. 25, 8 p.m.Englewood United Methodist Church.
March 4, 6:45 p.m.Littleton First United Methodist Church.
Playoffs will be the week of March 10. The Bruins are No. 1 in the League now. Ben Romero is No. 2 scorer and Ben Berg is No. 6 scorer in the League.
All West Siders are invited to come out and cheer for their team. There is no admission charge and transportation can be provided. Call Inner City Parish at 244-2636.
Two West Siders Visit United Nations
Two boys from Inner City Parish went on a 10-day seminar to the United Nations and Washington, D. C., early in October With about 90 other high school youths and 15 adult counselors from Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska.
The boys are Joe Juarez, son of Mr. and Mrs. Willard Juarez, Jr., of 460 Galapago St., and Jerry Garcia, son of Mrs. Tommy Garcia of 418 Santa Fe Dr.
Joe wrote the following account of the trip, which was sponsored by the Colorado Council of Churches:
In New York we visited the United Nations General Assembly and had two days of study of the United Nations. We also did some sightseeing. We attended a Broadway show, saw the Statue of Liberty, and went 102 stories to the top of the Empire State Building.
En route to Washington we visited Independence Square in Philadelphia and saw old government buildings and the Liberty Bell. In Washington we saw government buildings and such historical places as the Capitol, the White House, the Washington Monument, the FBI building and the Jefferson Memorial We also visited with a Congressman from Colorado.
Reynolds Pacheco Is Boy of the Year
Reynaldo Pacheco, 15, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pacheco of 831 Lipan St., was honored recently as Boy of the Year at the Lincoln. Park Branch Boys Club. He and the top boys from the Owen Club and the Johnson Club received certificates and plaques at the fifth annual Sears awards banquet for Boys Club members at the Brown Palace Hotel Nov. 6.
Reynaldo was born in New Mexico. He attended St. Josephs and Baker schools and is a sophomore at West High School. He is a member of Keystone Club, the service organization within the Boys Club, and participates in a number of sports activities.
West Side Gym Promotes Boxing
Don Alcaro and Paul Berlenback
Theres a place near the West Side in. Denver that has a direct connection with a place on New Yorks lower East Sidethe Leather Pushers Gym.
The man who has the gym by that name here in Denver owned and operated a gymnasium by the same name back in the 1950s in New York City.
He is Don Alcaro, now bartending at the Casa Mayan, 1020 Ninth St. The Denver Leather Pushers Gym is upstairs at the rear of the Casa Mayan.
Dons greatest interest in life is boxing. He trained a middleweight named Leroy Green, a great gym exhibitionist whose contract was sold to George Gainsford, manager of Sugar Ray Robinson.
Alcaros partner was Paul Berlenback, an Olympic wrestling champion who turned professional boxer and took the worlds light heavyweight championship. Alcaro and Berlenback worked hard operating the Leather Pushers Gym in New Yorkthey scouted youth centers and put in many hours of hard work to train prospective boxing champions. One bantam weight named Gilberto Cruz was a good find until he made a hobby of fighting policemen instead of other boxers.
Berlenback was honored at the Dinner of Champions at the Hotel Astor in New York on Oct. 12, 1957. Barney Ross, former lightweight and worlds welterweight champion, was there and so was Tony Canzo-neri, ex-featherweight king.
Like most ex-managers and trainers, Alcaro still has great enthusiasm. He is working with a 175-pound boxing trainee just out of the army, and looking for other young men who would like to try for boxing glory. He has sound films of some of the great onesWillie Pep, Carmen Basillo, Lulu Perez, Tony De Marco, Kid Gavilan and Sugar Ray Robinson. He also includes the all time greats of the Fiesta Brava.
Visitors are welcome at the Leather Pushers Gym back of Casa Mayan. Alcaro is ready to talk boxing any time.
Wanted: One Man,
Boys for Scouting
A new Boy Scout troop has been organized on the West Side and membership is open to interested boys. The troop, No. 529, is led by Calvin Stanton. It meets at 7 p.m. each Tuesday at Auraria Community Center, 1212 Mariposa St.
Greenlee PTA is sponsoring the new troop. Mr. Stanton is looking for an assistant Scoutmaster, probably a father of one of the boys. Mr. Stanton can be reached at 623-2432.
Rummage Room
Tools, Furniture, Stoves
734 Santa Fe Dr*
Bakers Junior Red Cross Club is sponsoring a baby clothes drive for the pediatrics ward at Denver General Hospital. Any clean, used baby clothes would be appreciated.
Yearbooks are now on sale for $2. This year, for the first time, pictures of the seventh graders are included.
Friday, Jan. 10, Student Council representatives and their /sponsor, Miss Torres, went to Merrill Junior High School for breakfast and an assembly. Those attending were Charlotte Hawkins, Carlos Vallejo, Gloria Martinez, Joey Maj, Vera Schel-ling, Diane Valdez, and Rex Cruz. They heard District Attorney Mike McKevitt speak on Todays Teenagers: Their Responsibilities and Opportunities in Their Community.
All-School Show Coming at Baker
Baker Junior High School will hold its annual All-School Show Feb. 20 at 3 and 7:30 p.m.
The show will include talent from all three grades at the school. Money raised from the show goes to the fund for clubs at Baker.
Tickets for both shows are 50c a seat. They may be purchased from Baker Student Council members.
Emilio Lopez Tops In Junior Optimists
Emilio Lopez, West High School senior who lives at 505 Acoma St., was honored Nov. 12 for his outstanding work in Junior Optimists. He was greeted at his own home at 7:20 in the morning by Donald Webb, activities counselor at West, and later in the day received a pen and pencil set at the Holiday Inn.
Emilio is president of the Junior Optimists on. the West Side. He also is a member of the football team, the stage crew, the W Club, and a participant in the Singing Christmas Tree of West High School. He plans to attend Colorado State College in Greeley to study industrial arts and printing.
Neighborhood Helper Needed for Children
A neighborhood resident is needed to be an assistant teacher for the pre-school class for emotionally disturbed children at Auraria Community Center, 1211 Mariposa St.
Duties include planning and carrying out classroom activities with the teacher, as well as participating in staff meetings. Children in this class are having trouble getting along with other people, but are not mentally retarded.
The assistant teacher must be warm and understanding, have flexibility and be willing to learn, and like children. Previous experience or a high school education is not necessary.
For more information, call Marylou Morgan at 534-7614.
Rug Shampoo
Sewer Cleaners
Paint Sprays Many Other Items
Mrs. Rebecca Abeyta, center above, of 340 Fox, and Sandy Petty and Karen Clifton are hair stylists at the May-D&F salon in University Hills Shopping Center. They attended Opportunity Beauty School in 1967-68 and had no trouble passing the state board for their certification.
New Clothing Sale On Santa Fe Feb. 1
A sale of new clothing Feb. 1 in a vacant building at 966 Santa Fe Dr. has been arranged to see whether West Siders would like to have a dry goods and clothing store in the area again. The Santa Fe Economy went out of business in 1965 after serving the community 35 years.
Merchandise to be offered at the sale, advertised in this issue of the West Side Recorder, is newdiscontinued stock or slightly soiledand will be priced below cost, according to Mrs. Ricci Rogoff who operates the Welton Department Store at 2653 Welton St. She is bringing mens, womens and childrens clothing and shoes and other goods from that store for the sale on the West Side.
Mrs. Rogoffs husband operated the Santa Fe Economy in the 800 block on Santa Fe Dr.
"Hello Out There"
Ham Dinner and Play
West Siders are invited to a ham dinner and play being presented by Wesley United Methodist Church Saturday, Feb. 15, to raise money for church projects. The church is at 465 Galapago St.
The play will be Hello Out There? with Iliff Seminary students as the cast. The dinner will be served by women of the church from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.
Tickets will be available at the church ahead of time or at the door, $2 for adults and $1.25 for children between 6 and 12.
Eye, Ear, Speech Aid to Residents
Two neighborhood aides have started work on the West Side as screening aides making special tests for small children in the West Side Neighborhood Health Center and at Mariposa Health Station and Casita Es-peranza.
Mrs. Betty Montgomery of 1445 Mariposa St. works at Mariposa Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and at Casita Esper-anza Wednesday and Friday.
She tests children from birth to six years to see if they have problems such as poor development and trouble in hearing, speaking and seeing. Hopefully, these problems will be corrected by the time the child starts to school.
Mrs. Clara Olguin Lanford does the same kind of testing in the pediatrics clinic at the West Side Center, Monday through Friday.
Parents are urged to take their children to the stations or the center for health care including this special testing.
Casita Esperanza Health Station at 801 West Fifth Ave. is offering free hearing, speech and vision tests to all eligible persons living in the area served by the station.
This area is bounded by the south side of W. Eighth Ave., the west side of Elati St., the north side of W. Second Ave., and the east side of the Valley Highway.
Appointments for the tests may be made by calling Casita Esperanza, 534-0657, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Automotive Service and Parts
Quality Repairs at Reasonable Prices 136 ELATI STREET
Anne's Beauty Salon
971 Santo Fe Drive
Cold Wave .... $20.00
SPECIAL ...... 10.00
Shampoo Or Style $2.50
Style Hair Cuts 2,50
Georgie Bous Meat
8th & LIPAN
Pork Chops > 39c
Ground Beef 3}^ $1.09
Fryers 27c
WEST SIDE RECORDER, January# 1969 Page 3

Hobby Shop Opening At Auraria Center
A Hobby Shop for young people of junior high age and older will open at Auraria Community Center, 1212 Mariposa St., as soon as a group is signed up. The shop will be open after school twice a week and from 1 to 4 p.m. on Saturdays.
Tim Kirkpatrick will be in charge of the Hobby Shop. Interested young people should get in touch with him at the center of telephone 534-7614.
Thursday night each week is Woodshop Night" for adults at Auraria. The woodshop is open from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. There is still space for some more adults to take part. Mrs. Loyola Salazar will help interested persons make arrangements to do woodshop work.
Neighborhood Notes
Alex Vigil Attending | University of California
Alex Vigil, program worker at Auraria Community Center, is leaving the West Side where he has lived most of his life to attend the University of California School of Social Work beginning in January.
Alex was a pupil at St. Josephs Elementary School. He was graduated with honors from Regis College in 1966, attending seminary in Missouri, and came to Auraria to work after experience in a Job Corps camp in California.
Here Comet the But For Wetley Methodiit!
A bus is available every Sunday morning for neighborhood residents to attend worship service at Wesley United Methodist Church, 465 Galapago St.
Persons who would like to be picked up to go to the church should telephone 222-1089 between 9:30 and 10:15 a.m. The service is from 11 a.m. to noon, after which the bus will make the return trip to the homes.
Bakery oven, new condition.
Contact Jesus Perez,
960 Santa Fe Dr.
Buying a new car? Now's the time to save on financing. Call our Instalment Loan Dept. (744-2911) and set up your new car kitty in advance. That way. you'll save time and money I
99 South Broadway
Louis Baca of the Inner City Parish is with the U. S. Armed Forces in Viet Nam.
The open house, Dec. 29 at Wesley United Methodist church and the parsonage next door to the church, was a big success. A number of West Siders attended, in addition to members and friends from other parts of Denver.
About 1,050 Greenlee school children were greeted by Santa Claus Dec. 19 at the school. They were treated to ice cream, cookies, goodies, gifts and games. The party and gifts were made possible by the West Side Action Center, Lincoln Park Senior Citizens Club, Greenlee Parent-Teacher Association, and businessmen and other interested individuals in the West Side.
The Young Mechanics of Lincoln Park Homes were able to buy tools in December so that they can start to work on old cars. The money for the tools$149was raised at a benefit dance at Auraria Community Center in October. (Report by John A. Gallegos)
Elementary school children are invited to join in recreation programs at Inner City Parish, 910 Galapago St., at 3:30 p.m. each Wednesday and at 10 a.m. each Saturday.
"A lot of fun and learning" are offered in an arts and crafts group each Thursday at 9:30 a.m., and a sewing group each Tuesday at 9:30 a.m., at Inner City Parish, 910 Galapago St. All interested West Side women are cordially invited to join the fun.
Mrs. Else Gruen of 1429 Mariposa St. was knocked down by a car at the intersection of Speer Blvd. and Colfax Ave., Jan. 10. She did not suffer serious injuries but received a real shock and a bad bruise. The driver of the car stopped and went to help her.
A childs red coat was left at the RFK Recreation Center the day of the Christinas party for children from Elmwood, Fairmont, Evans and Alameda Elementary Schools. The coat was taken to the home of Mrs. Frank Dabrowski, 1115 Inca St., president of the West Side Improvement Association which sponsored the party with the Center. The coat may be picked up at Mrs. Dabrowskis home by the parent who identifies the coat properly.
Dale Pacheco, 13, a Baker Junior High School pupil who lives at 1027 West Seventh Ave., holds Card No. 1 for 1969 in the Lincoln Park Branch of the Boys Club. Dale was one of 13 boys who with their club director started the night of Dec. 19 in sleeping bags on the sidewalk in front of the club at 721 West Eighth Ave. The temperature went well below freezing before morning and not all the boys stayed out all night.
iLow, low prices!
New Clothing for All
and Other DRYGOODS

9 a.m. 5:30 p.m.
SAT., FEB. 1
966 Santa Fe Dr.
(Next to Theater)

Prices Below Wholesale Goods from Welton Dept. Store
Dale did, however, and by winning the foot race the next morning got to buy the first membership for the new year.
Father James Nugent, formerly of St. Joseph's Parish, is now assistant pastor at St. Al-phonsius Church, 224 Carrier St. N. E., Grand Rapids, Mich., 49505. Mail will reach him at that address.
A special thank-you from West Siders to National City Bank for putting up the great, beautiful Christmas decoration in the shape of a tree at 99 South Broadway. A very large building crane was extended to its full height to hold up the many strings of lights Which could be seen for ten or more blocks in all directions. Many residents expressed their appreciation of the tree".
Many homes and apartments on the West Side were beautifully decorated for Christmas some with life-sized nativity scenes on roofs, others with dozens of colored lights on shrubbery and outdoor trees. All over the West Side there also were carefully arranged window scenes with snow, candles, angels and many other colorful Christmas ornaments.
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne McGhghy are the parents of twin girls bom Dec. 29 and named Ida and Iva. Mac is the director of the Lincoln Park Branch of the Boys Club. The McGhghys have two other daughters, and live at 5220 Dover St.
Pablo Martinez of 1359 Lipan St., brother of Zorida Martinez of 1378 Mariposa St., died Dec. 8 at the age of 59. Also surviving are five sons, a daughter, three brothers, five other sisters, and 15 grandchildren. Friends and relatives from New Mexico and Utah came to Denver for the funeral. Mr. and Mrs. Alfonzo Martinez of 1378 Mariposa St. expressed their thanks for the kindnesses shown by neighbors on the West Side and other friends.
A nine-pound, two ounce daughter was bom to Helen Martinez of 257 Fox St. on Dec. 26. The baby has been named Helena.
Dennis Dlllen, a student from
Lopez Accident Victim
Mr. and Mrs. Lopez
Requiem high mass for Phillip Anthony Lopez of 173 Inca St. was held Nov. 27 at St. Dominics Catholic Church. Mr. Lopez died Nov. 23 of injuries received in a car-train accident.
He was born July 16, 1944, in Denver. On Dec. 15, 1962, he married Catherine Cabrera of Pueblo. Mr. Lopez was enrolled at the Service Employment and Redevelopment School at the time of his death.
Surviving are the widow and two children, Anthony Phillip, 5, and Jeanette, 3. Other survivors include four sisters and four brothers; Mrs. Felix Montoya, Mrs. John Marquez, Mrs. Frances Aragon, Ralph, Nas, Morris, and Steve Lopez, all of Denver, and Mrs. Richard Trujillo of Bayard, N.M.
Chicago, played the harp for the Christmas party of the Lincoln Park Senior Citizens Club, thanks to arrangements by Mrs. Rachel Low, a club member. The harp has been in Mr. Dillens family about 100 years. At the first January meeting, Mrs. Lucio Gorman resigned as treasurer because of poor health, and Mrs. Martha Olsen, president, appointed Mrs. Nettie Colman as treasurer. Sixteen club members attended a matinee of the National Western Stock Show Jan. 14 and later saw the Christmas lights at the Civic Center. One member said the lights remind you of the Arabian nights.
Richard C. Mena, 44, a longtime Boy Scout worker and the Scoutmaster for Troop 200 and Cub Pack 200 on the West Side, died Dec. 29 while playing basketball with his son. Mr. Mena, of 427 Fox St., was a life-long resident of Denver and a graduate of West High School. His wife, Dolores Amoldy Mena, has been an active Girl Scout leader. Surviving with her are two sons, Ricky and Randy,
New Principal At Elmwood
Miss Mary E. Waterhouse, principal at Elmwood Elementary School, is being transferred yet this moiith to Beach Court Elementary School in northwest Denver. She will fill the vacancy caused by the death of the principal there.
Donald Genera, who has been assistant principal at Baker Junior High School, becomes Elmwood's new principal. He will be succeeded aft Baker by Leeman Taylor, Jr., coordinator at the school. The coordinator will be Edward Gallegos, Jr., who has been acting coordinator.
and a daughter, Diane, at home, and a daughter, Mrs. Helen West of Denver; the parents, Mrs. Hazel Clark and Leslie Mena, both of Denver, and one grandson.
St. Josephs Redemptorist Parish lost its longest-time member, Thomas P. Gibbons, 84, on Jan. 7 when he died at a nursing home. Father James Nugent, now at Grand Rapids, Mich., officiated at the funeral. Mr. Gibbons was bom in Walnut, Kan., in 1884 and came to Denver as an orphan at the age of 7. He lived with his aunt, Mrs. Elizabeth Walsh at 440 Delaware St. and attended St. Josephs school. After service in World War I he opened an auto repair shop at 530 Santa Fe Dr. which he operated until he retired in 1956. Surviving are two cousins, Miss Madeline Brown and Miss Dorothy Walsh of 440 Delaware St.
Mrs. Elizabeth Zick, 77, whose husband, John, operated Zicks Market at 1301 Santa Fe Dr., for 49 years, died Dec. 10 in Presbyterian Medical Center. She was bom in Ohio and came to Denver in 1912 when she was 19. She was a member of the Second Church of Christ, Scientist. Surviving are five sons, John A., Jr., Ray, Robert A., Dean E. and Donald J., who continued to operate the market on the West Side until recently; three sisters, and 11 grandchildren. Mrs. Zick lived at 1015 So. Gilpin St.
Piano lessons$1.25. 244-0544.
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