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West side recorder, June, 1970
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Volume 7Number 2
Monthly Newspaper of the West Side, Denver, Colorado
June, 1970
West Siders Elected To Auraria Board
Open House Includes Resident
Meeting and Mariachi Mass
1st Vice ChairmanWaldo Benavidez, 2nd Vice ChairmanLee Valis, TreasurerDean Punke, and SecretarySam Abeyta.
With a new Executive Board and Board of Directors, hopefully the community will see more participation and meaning ful involvement.
pin, Fredrick Feindel, Anna Flores, Albie Gonzales, Connie Griego, Ruben Leal, Videlia Medrano, Carlos Padilla, Josephine Perez, Dean Punke, Ruben Valdez, and Charles Vigil.
At the first monthly meeting the following persons were elected: ChairmanAnna Flores,
Anna Fiores, new Chairman of Auraria Board of Directors.
Community control at Auraria Community Center has finally become a reality.. At the annual elections of Auraria, community people flooded the polls to vote for individuals who were aware of community problems. The fifteen vacancies were filled by Sam Abeyta, Waldo Benavidez, Minnie Conict, Alberta Cres*
Left to Right: Charles Vigil, Josephine Perez, Ruben Valdez, Minnie Conict, Waldo Benavidez, Sam Abeyta, Fredrick Feindel, Vidilia Medrano, Alberta Orespin.
Santa Fe Theatre Available For Community Meetings
Mr. Abel Gallegos, manager of the Santa Fe Theater, has announced that the theater is available for use for community meetings during the week. There is no charge for community groups or agencies using the building. The only requirement is that the place be left as clean as it was before the meeting. Mr. Gallegos may be contacted on weekends at the theater and week day evenings at 455-1698.
Mr. Gallegos has been manager of the theater since November of 1966 except for one period of several months during 1969 and 70.
In 1966 the theater was showing one Mexican and one American film. About one month later, the American movie was dropped and two Mexican movies shown in response to requests from the community. This brought about an increase in attendance.
The following year with the co-operation of the theater owner, it was decided to admit free children under 12 with their parents. Later in 1967, the theater began showing 3 Mexican movies because of the interest of the patrons.
During the last part of 1968 American movies were again shown Mondays through Thursdays with Mexican films on the weekends. This was again on request from the community. This was done for about a month, but was not successful in either
money or number of people attending. Mr. Gallegos would be willing to try American movies again if there are enough people interested to make it worth while. Please let him know if you want this. At the present approximately 5% of the at-tendence is Anglo.
Mr. Gallegos operated the theater until September of 1969 when it was closed for repairs and renovation. The owner made plans fo move the Victory Theater from downtown to the Saftta Fe. Most West Siders wiU recall the following events as the theater was picketed to prevent this. The West Side was successful in keeping this kind of entertainment out of the neighborhood. And in November it was reopened with Mexican and American movies under the management of Mr. Eddie Speck.
In March of this year, Mr. Gallegos resumed management of the theater and at the present-4 Mexican movies are being shown each weekend. Some movies being shown in the coming weeks are listed *on page 7.
One problem that Mr. Gallegos would like some help with concerns children attending the theater alone. He is asking parents to leave their address and phone number with him so they can be contacted in case .of emergencies or misbehavior. He also asks that parents be aware of when the theater closes and to pick up their children at that time. In the future if parents cannot be reached to pick up their children, it will be necessary to contact an agency to do so.
Please Donate Swim Suits To Lincoln Pool For All Ages
All residents of the West Side are invited to participate in an open house celebration to be held on Sunday, June 28,1970, at the new location of the West Side Action Center, 1312 Santa Fe Drive. The meeting of the membership assembly will begin at 12 noon with a Mariachi Mass to follow and open house. Refreshments will be served following the Mass and visitors may stop in until 6 p.m.
The West Side Action Council Inc., and staff of the Action
Center hope as many residents as possible will stop in and visit with them on this day in order to get a better idea of what types of programs and services are now available and also find out what residents can do to plan for additional programs and services in the future.
Mr. Gallegos with some of Theatre on a Sunday afternoon.
the children attending Santa Fe
Please take notice, that a Special Meeting of the Membership Assembly of this Corporation shall be held on June 28, 1970, at 12 oclock Noon, at the West Side Action Center, 1312 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, Colorado 80204, for the purpose of considering and voting upon the proposed Articles of Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation.
The following are eligible for Membership in the Corporation, according to the Articles of In- corporation: all residents of the Neighborhood (defined below) i6 years of age or over and all persons who qualify for charter membership status as defined herein; a resident is hereby defined as:
One whose regular domicile or place of abode is encompassed within the boundaries of the Neighborhood, described as follows:
Commencing at the intersection of the Platte River with West Mississippi Avenue, thence north and west along the Platte River to Speer Boulevard, thence southeast along Speer Boulevard to West Colfax Avenue, thence east along West Colfax Avenue to Broadway, thence south along Broadway to West Mississippi Avenue to the Platte River, the point of beginning.
Persons eligible for charter membership status shall include:
1. Any non-resident person, 16 years of age or older, associated with the affairs of the Neighborhood who is deemed by a majority of the Board of Directors to be qualified for such status.
2. Any resident member who has been duly elected to the Board of Directors who removes his residence from the Neighborhood and whom a majority of the the Board of Directors desires to remain in such office.

The West Side Housing Scene
The Anonymous Owner
Student Housing
Rumored Change
These terrace units in the 1100 block of Galapago are managed by J. H. Walpin & Co. with offices in the Guaranty Bank Building at 817 17th Street. A representative of the firm told the RECORDER that the owner did not want his name disclosed although it is part of the public real estate records. The units rent for approximately $45 to $58 for four rooms. Some of the apartments are in bad condition; others are not so bad. Tenants vary in their reports about success with getting needed repairs or painting* After digging into real estate records the RECORDER came up with the name of the owner, Reliable Electric, Inc.
One tenants request for ceiling repair has been continually overlooked.
West Side families used to live in these units at 460 Galapago; now they are used to house students of the Denver Automotive & Diesel College, located at 460 S. Lipan. The buildings contain 15 apartments; 14 of which are rented to students of the college. Students report that plans are to house four students to an apartment at a cost of $55 a month to each of them. At that rate, the owner will gross $3,080 a month. A spokesman for the owners, Vice President Jim Kurtz of Consolidated Investment (who is also an assistant state attorney general), said that the vacancy rate, however, is approximately 40 percent at present. Kurtz said that the reason for getting involved in student housing was to help maintain good housing in the neighborhood and to provide adequate living accommodations for students close to where they attend school. In order to remain in the units, students must pass a weekly Saturday inspection of quarters and live up to a stiff list of regulations as to conduct. The 11 West Side families who lived in the units prior to their occupancy by students were offered a $25 bonus if they would move out; all 11 accepted the money.
John and Anna Flores live with their children in this house at 345 Acoma. They have lived here for one year and two months. Since January, Anna claims Morrison & Morrison, the agent managing the property, has sent back her rent money orders. She was told by a person whose name she doesnt recall that the building was to be sold and broken up into apartments for students. Two kitchen stoves beside the house appear to be awaiting installation. When contacted, Dana Watson of Morrison & Morrison, also the agent for the sale, refused to give the name of the syndicate buying the property and two others adjoining it. The former owner, Mrs. Jeanne E. Asel, also refused to comment to the RECORDER about who she was selling the property to or how they would use it. All three properties involved are zoned R-3, high density residential.
Page 2WEST SIDE RECORDER, June, 1970

Founded May, 1964
Office: 465 Galapago St. Denver, Colo. 80204 Telephones: 5344408 or 266-1445 Sponsored by WESTSIDE ACTION MINISTRY
Member Churches:
First Avenue Presbyterian First Bethany Lutheran First Mennonite Inner City Parish St. Cajetans Catholic St. Elizabeths Catholic St. Johns Lutheran St. Josephs Catholic Wesley United Methodist
Acting General Coordinator: James E. Hall.
Recorder Task Force Chairman: Don Schierling.
Staff: Germaine Aragon, Barbara Baker, Betty Benavidez, Waldo Benavidez, John Bru-nick, Alberta Crespin, Anna Flores, Jerry Garcia, Connie Griego, Rachel Guedea, Barbara Karr, Dean Punke.
Contributors: Ramiro Cruz-Aedo, Evelyn Elfstrom, John Hushman, Mrs. i-Dali Romero, Jim Romero, Don Schierling.
Can Our Low-income Residential Neighborhood Survive?,
Archdiocese Sponsored Low-Rent Housing To Be Completed By September First
The first 116 units of rent supplement housing sponsored by the Catholic Archdiosese of Denver are nearing completion. 30 units will be ready for occupancy by August 1.
These units are at S. Raritan and W. Jewell Streets. They include eight 2-bedroom, 12 3- bedroom and 10 4-bedroom apartments.
To be eligible to rent, applicants should need housing be-
Junk Cars
The West Side Improvement Association at their June meeting reported on the success of the junk car removal program thanks to the good response of the West Side residents. For future junk car removal, contact John Greenlee at 297-2249. A report on the future Sprig Cleanup Drive was made by the Chairman. He said that negotiations are in progress with city agencies and the drive will begin soon, watch for the announcement.
In other business, board members reported the poor response from the community in attend-
cause they are presently living in substandard housing, are in need of housing because they are being displaced by government action such as urban renewal or code enforcement or are physically handicapped. In addition the maximum income for qualifying is $4,800 for a family of three or four; $5,300 for five or six; $6,000 for seven or more.
A tenant pays approximately 25 percent of his income towards
ing a meeting with the Community Relations Office of the Police Department. The Board members agreed that in order for the W.SjI.A. to continue as an effective West Side organization, there must be more residence participation. Since we are neighbors in the community, we should all make more of an effort to involve ourselves in the future betterment of the West Side. Directors for the W.S.I.A. are needed NOW! Help make the West Side a better place to live by becoming involved in the West Side Improvement Association. For more information call Henry Maestas at 892-5889 or attend our meetings which are held every 2nd Tuesday of every month at the Auraria Community Center.
rent and a federal supplement makes up the difference. For example, a family of five with an incoane of $300 a month renting a 3-bedroom unit would pay approximately $75 a month. Rent includes utilities excluding telephone.
Persons interested in renting an apartment should contact Sylvia Lerch of Van Schaack and Company at 297-5210.
By September 15, three other apartment sites will be completed.
Thirty units at S. Irving and W. Arkansas Streets will be available to renters by August 15. They include six each of
Anne's Beauty Salon
Haircuts and Permanents Our Specialty PERMANENTS Beginning at $12.50 Open 6 days a week.
971 Santa Fe
Arapahoe Glass
Need a Windshield?
We install windshields at your home. We work with all insurance companies. Free pick-up and delivery service.
Complete Storm Door Service and Rescreening
Glass of All Types
45 W. 1st Ave.
buffet and 1-bedroom, eight each of 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom and two 4-bedroom apartments.
By Sept. 1, 26 apartment:? will 'be available at E. 37th Avenue and Huimiboldt Street. Of those units, six are buffet, ten 1-bedroom, eight 2-bedroom and two 4-bedroom apartments.
Thirty units at S. Monaco and E. Ohio will be ready for occupancy by September 15. Four each are buffet and 1-bedroom, eight each are 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom and six are 4-bedroom apartments.
AH sites include play areas, off-street parking and laundry facilities.
Photography: Barbara Baker, Artwork: John Flores. Advertising and Distribution Manager: Ruperto Gudea, Jr. Mailing Crew: Inner City Par-
American Lutheran Churches ..........$200
Catholic Archdiocese 200
Colorado Printers ...... 10
Engineering Drafting School 10
Germaine Aragon , Family 5;
'First Bethany
Lutheran Church .... 10
First Mennonite Church 10
Inner City Parish.... 10
St. Elixabeth's
Catholic Church.... 10
St. John's Lutheran Church 10
St. Joseph's
Catholic Church..... 10
I Wesley United
Methodist Church ..10
West Side Coalition .... 10
| NEWS: July 14 1
| ADS: July 16 |
CALL 266-1445 |

Rent supplement units at S. Raritan and W. Jewell streets. Apartments include eight 2-bedroom, twelve 3-bed-room and ten 4-bedroom units. The group of units have off-street parking, play and laundry facilities, and will be landscaped upon completion.
National Brands Store
727 Santa Fe Drive
You do not have to drive out of the neighborhood for low prices, thereby saving time and money.
Come in and compare our prices and quality.
We are as low in price as we can possibly get and yet stay in business.
We guarantee our merchandise.
Our service is as fast as anywhere in town.
Come in and compare our prices if not satisfied, please talk to "Charlie".
Thank You-Charlie

Giron Seeks State Senate
The Baker Junior High Ex- presently serving in the West If* T
tension Center located at the Side Action Council. . t \ y' Cj
Boys Club building on West 8th The program also has the
Mr. Stevens, and Mrs. Perez work with Baker Extension Students.
4 year old childrenmusic class at Yamaha School of Music, every Monday at 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
3 & 4 year oldspreschool program from Tuesday to Friday mornings from 9 to 11 and afternoons from 1 to 3. They ''wUl have field trips, Yamaha
Music1 for the 4 year olds, trips to the library every Wednesday.
Mother-Tot swimmingMonday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 12 to 12:30.
1st, 2nd, 3rd gradersArts, Crafts, Recreation, and music every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 to 11:30; field trips
every other Friday beginning on July 3 at 1:30.
4th, 5th, 6th graders (up to 14) Swimming every Tuesday and Thursday from 12:30 to 4:30; field trips every Wednesday. Music and recreation on Tuesday and Thursday; and there will be camping. All children should have a permission slip from home before they can go on any of our activities. Call our office at 2442636 'for further information.
The Young Adults Group is planning some camping, fishing, etc. Why dont you give us a call; well have fun on weekends.
The U. S. Labor Department has issued a reminder to employees and employers about the new garnishment law that goes Into effect July 1, 1970.
Charles G. Fitzpatrick, area director of the Wage-Hour Division in Denver, explained that the new Federal Wage Garnishment Law limits the amount of an employees earnings which may be made subject to garnishment, the legal and equitable means of withholding earnings for payment of any debt. Previously there were no federal laws to limit garnishment.
The law limits the amount of garnishment to apply only to disposable earnings wages remaining after federal, state and city taxes.
Prohibited also under the new law is discharging an employee because his earnings have been subjected to garnishment. Violating this provision can bring
a $1,000 fine or a year in jail, or both.
On the amount of garnishment, the law says: The maximum part of the total disposable earnings of an individual which is subject to garnishment in any work-week may not exceed the lesser of:
A, Twenty-five percent of the disposable earnings for that week.
B. The amount by which his disposable earnings for that week exceeds 30 times the Federal minimum hourly wage prescribed by the Fair Labor Standards Act in effect at the time earnings are payable (currently this is $1.60 an hour or $48 a week.)
Further details available at Wage-Hour offices, 379 New Custom House, 19th and Stout, telephone 297-4405.
Federal Aid Program For Youth
There will be a meeting on Federal Aid programs aimed at
Will Do ALL Kinds ot Work In House or Yard.
Specializing in Remodeling, Carpentry and Painting.
Call 5344308 after 4 p.m. daily. Saturday and Sunday, after 9 a.m.
our youth, The purpose of this meeting is to talk to a representative who will be going to Washington to inform them of the problems of our youth such as in housing, law enforcement, education, narcotics, etc. The Denver Public Schools is sponsoring this very important meeting. Adults and teenagers are urged to attend. It will be held at Baker Jr. High School on Monday, July 6, 1970 from 7:30 to 10:00 p.m.
First Mennonite Church
430 W. 9th AVENUE 892-1038
and Inca, is a part of a new program developed by the Denver Public Schools, and funded by the state senate.
The Extension Center is run by John Doyle and Thomas Stevens. John Doyle has taught in the West Side area for 20 years, he has worked as a gym teacher and community representative for Baker before taking this new position. Tom Stevens taught at Lake and Baker Junior High for the past three years as a Spanish teacher.
Mr. Stevens and Mr. Doyle have the assistance of a community aide, Mr. Jose Lujan and a teacher aide Mrs. Josephine Perez. Mr. Lujan worked as a vista trainer prior to his work at the Extension Center. Mrs. Perez is a well known member of the community and is
help of two counselors, Mr. Albert Aguayo and Mrs. Shirley Bruns.
The program is designed to provide fifteen Baker students with special help.
These pupils were selected and invited to participate in this voluntary program, because they had had discipline, academic and attendance problems. The purpose of the center is to help these people find out what they want out of life and give them all the help they want in reaching their goals.
This program will run during the summer.
The students in the program have shown improvement in attendance and their attitude towards school. The program has been so successful that it is hoped that it can be enlarged in future years.
Discussion break at walk in school is an important part of program.
Joe Giron
A West Sider announces candidacy for State Senator of Dsi-trict 3 which outlines portions of the West Side, East Side and Capitol Hill Districts.
Joe Giron Jr. and his wife, Ercilia, reside at 809 West 9th Ave. and have three children Vince, Lisa, and Jenette.
Joe is a native of Trinidad, Colorado and has lived in Denver for 17 years. As well as being a member in the Denver Cursillo Movement and the American G. I. Forum, he is Vice President of Brothers Investment Corporation, a director of the West Side Coalition, organizer for Moble Motel Corp., Sales Manager and organizer for Trinidad Corporation, Democratic Precinct Committeeman in 708, and a member of St. Josephs Parish Council.
In announcing for the office, Mr. Giron said The issues affecting the communities in the core cities are too pressing and important to be leit to the past performance of our incumbents. The people of this state are entitled to aggressive and energetic leadership in their behalf. If elected I will do my best to provide the kind of leadership the people need.
Joe works for the Early Development (Title VI) Program.
West High Summer Program
Are you ready for fun this summer? Join the West High School Summer sports program. If you aTe a boy or girl between ten and fifteen years of age, you can swim, play football, basketball, volleyball, and tennis. High school coaches and assistants experienced in sports will be on hand to help and instruct you.
A free lunch everyday, is included for all who come. Also included are free liability insur-a n c e, medical examination, health education, and counseling in study and career opportunities.
The program is being sponsored by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and the President s Council on Physical Fitness. All activities except swimming will take place at West High. There will be transportation available from West High to swimming areas. There is no charge for the swimming or the transportation. The program will last six weeks, from 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. on Mondays through Thursdays, beginning on Monday, June 15, 1970. Those interested may join any time during the program, even after June 15.
Ready for free fun this summer? Cmon down to West High!
The plate glass windows at the Santa Ana Furniture have been broken twice within 2 weeks. We are anxious to have businesses on Santa Fe Drive, but this kind of situation will only drive out businesses and keep others away. Insurance companies become reluctant to insure businesses in our area when these kind of things happen repeatedly. Eventually this will also affect homeowners insurance. Lets show pride in our West Side!
Page 4WEST SIDE RECORDER, June, 1970
Quality Furniture at Reasonable Prices DAILY RUMMAGE Open 9 a.m. 7 p.m.
Se habla Espanol Manuel Guajardo 969 Santa Fe Dr.
The Newly Remodeled NIGHT CLUB
4 P.M. 0:30 P.M.
2 "fer" the price of 1
Hard Stuff and Bottle Beer Included
No Cover Charae Tues.. Wed., Thur., and Sundays.
Dancing to Soul and Latin Music
9 TO 2 Wednesdays Thru Saturdays Sundays 8 to Midnight Special Friday and Saturday Dancing After Hours
2 A.M. to 4 A.M.
SMa 93 o

Its dinner time at Minnie Conicts as she and daughter Jean prepare to cook in her clean, cheerful kitchen.
Summer Classes For Adults
One of the West Sides most loyal supporters is Mrs. Minnie Conict of 1361 Mariposa St.
She lives on the West Side and in Lincoln Park Homes because she wants to. And she has lived here for the past 11 years. But her devotion to the West Side is not blind. She has enough objectivity to see its faults and enough ambition to help correct them.
A petite, attractive grandmother, who says she's 50, (but who looks more like 30), Minnie Conict is involved with the organizations working to improve the community.
She represents the West Side on the DO (Denver Opportunity) Board; she is a member of the penal reform committee of Metro Denver Urban Coalition, and she is a newly-elected member of the board of directors of the Auraria Community Center.
In addition she has been employed at General Rose Hospital for five years. Minnie has been
West Siders who want to keep learning this summer are encouraged to visit The DESK, the mobile unit classroom of the Adult Education Tutorial Program. The DESK will be parked at the West Side Health Center (10th and Federal) on Mon-
National City Bank
We're saving it for you -5|ust in ease you need quick cash for any constructive purpose. Calf our Instalment biin Department (744-2911) Your kitty is waiting; for you pi the second !lii§fL
99 South Broadway
day and Wednesday afternoons from 1-4 starting July 13.
The Adult Education Tutorial Program will not hold regular classes at St. Elizabeth's School, 1040 11th St., during the summer. Those adults who want to begin preparing for the GED test this summer should plan to attend The DESK classes at the Center will begin again in September.
Field trips and group discussions, as well as instruction in math, will all be part of the summer program on The DESK. Classes are small and informal with 4-5 students per teacher.
All adults over 18 are eligible to learn on The DESK. The classes, which are free, begin the week of July 13 and end August 38.
Besides the West Side Health Center, other stops for The DESK this summer are College View (2601 W. Bates) Tuesday and Thursdays from 14, and Swansea School (47th and Columbine) Wednesday and Friday from 9-12.
For more information, call the Adult Education Tutorial Program at 255-7759.
Brothers Corp.
To Invest On West Side
A corporation was formed in Feb. of '68, it was by a majority vote that it would be called Brothers Investment Corporation. The majority felt that since we were from different denominations and different races of peoplewe are ruled by one manlet us be called Brothers.
Since Feb. of '68, we have given money to charitable causes and also to St. Joseph's Parish for the use of their gym.
Brothers has purchased the Church of God, 499 Fox Street for $35,000.00 and are planning to use these premises for a senior citizens program, an office, a place to meet, etc. We hope as Brothers we could keep the West Side residential and try to create jobs for the people of the West Side regardless of race, creed, or colorand without a doubt we are definitely trying to help ourselves. Anyone interested in helping our cause should notify Joe Giron Jr. at 809 West 9th Ave., or phone him at 534-7058.
Auto and Truck Repair & Parts, Inc.
Quality Repairs at Reasonable Prices
136 ELATI STREET 722-2895
Al's Roofing & Painting
Free Estimates
Phone 733-7155
After 6 p.m.
Have your vacancy rented within 24 hours after listing. We have daily requests for all sizes and prices of apartments and houses, furnished and unfurnished.
Call ZEKE at the West Side Action Center, 1312 Santa Fe Drive for FREE listing. 534-514L
(Paste this ad in your telephone book)
Minnie Conict
a widow for the past 13 years, and has four daughters, two still living at home.
Valerie, who is 13 years old and a student at Baker Junior High, volunteered that their mother really does care about them. She cares if we make good grades and about all sorts of things.
The girls seem willing to pitch in and help with the chores and keeping their attractive apartment in immaculate order. Beverly, 15, who will be going to West this Fall, does much of the cooking and seems to enjoy doing so.
Minnies other daughters are Mrs. Jean Jackson and Mrs. Gwen Elliston. Each has her own home in the projects and has two children.
Jean did live in another part of the city, but moved back to Lincoln Park Homes where everyone was friendly and there are all types of people, she said.
Minnie has continued to live in the projects because of the advantages for a woman rearing children alone on a limited income.
Oh, I suppose if I could afford a house, Id go looking for one, she said, But I like living here. The rent is less here, the utilities are paid, and if I need something fixed I can get it done for me without much cost or trouble.
She would like to see the kitchens in the projects remodeled. There is almost no counter or storage space, the sinks are old and many have refrigerators too small to keep a weeks groceries for a family.
She feels that the old cars, which have evidently been abandoned in the projects parking lots, are dangerous and should be removed. The firecracker shooting in the night disturbs her, because you dont, know if its a gun or not, she said, and sometimes it is a gun. And she would like to see a curfew enforced. When I come home from work late at night there are still little children playing out, she said.
Since most of the presidents of the projects are on welfare Minnie feels they should be allowed to buy soap with their food stamps, and also toothbrushes and toothpasteanything for cleanliness, she adds.
Another suggestion she made is that the teen dances be better supervised with rigid restrictions on liquor. She feels this would help avoid disturbances,
Minnie works hardait her job and keeping her home and family. She could spend her spare time in front of the TV. Instead, shes, out in the community trying to improve this world we live in.
Beverly and Valerie, the two daughters still at home with Minnie, help her water the flowers.
974 Santa Fe Dr. Denver, Colo. 80204 892-0613 or 455-1698
O Open Fridays & Saturdays at 5:30 p.m.
Sundays 11:30 a.m.
O 4 Mexican Movies; Cartoons
O Admission: Adults $1.25, Children with parents free, otherwise 25c.
O Mexican Food Served.
O The only Mexican Theater with a Wide-Giant Screen.
O El unico teatro en Denver exhibiendo las ultimas peliculas Mexicanas directamente de Mexico.
Abel Gallegos Manager
WEST SIDE RECORDER, June, 1970Page 5

The Westside Action Ministry is sponsoring a month of camping in July. The camping will be for all ages and will cost each person $5. for one week.
June 29 July 3--------Junior High
July 6 July 10--------Junior High
July 13 July 17------Grade School
July 20 July 25-------Senior High Co-ed
Barbara Karr
Barbara Karr has worked as a reporter on the West Side Recorder for the past three years. She has covered schools and done the profile.
I don't see how you can work on the West Side and not get involved with the people and
their problems," she said. She had taught at St. Elizabeth's School for three years and then was with the Adult Education Program there.
Barbara has two children, Brad and Lora, who are junior high school age.
For more information and application forms contact Don Schierling at the First Mennonite Church, 430 W. 9th Ave. Tel. 892-1032
Ministers Are Reappointed To The West Side Area
ara Cruz-Aedo, and her dog Xochit look surprised that her father was reappointed as Acting Director of Inner City Parish, 9th and Galapago St.
Three Methodist ministers were re-appointed to the West-side area at the Rocky Mountain United Methodist Annual Conference at the University of Denver the second week of June. Ramiro Cruz-Aedo was reappointed as acting director of the Denver Inner City Parish, James E. Hall as Minister to Wesley United Methodist Church (5th and Galapago) and a staff member of Inner City Parish (9th and Galapago), and Thomas Sepulveda as Protestant Chaplain at Denver General Hospital.
The Rev. Mr. Sepulveda, who has served as chaplain at Denver General for the past six years, was recently certified as a Professional Mental Health (psychiatric) Chaplain by the National Association of Mental
Health Chaplains in San Francisco, Calif.
Rev. Jim Hall, who will be starting his fourth year at Wesley Methodist, received his elders orders and full connection in the Methodist Church. Jim is currently an executive officer in the West Side Action Ministry, Coalition, Improvement Association, and general advisor for the West Side Recorder.
Rev. Cruz-Aedo is starting his third year at the Inner City Parish. He has served as director of the Parish since last summer. Ramiro is also a board member of the Westside Coalition, and has been very active trying to get better schools for our area.
Sign Up For Cultural Art Program
A summer Cultural Arts Program, sponsored by El Centro Cultural, East Arapahoe Council on Human Relations, members of the White Buffalo Council, Northeast Park Hill Civic Association; and endorsed by the Eastside Action Center, will be held from August 3 through August 14, Monday through Friday, 9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. at El Centro Cultural, 935 West 11th Street. The Human Relations group operated a similar workshop last summer, and a Saturdays Program this past April.
Children completing 1st through 3rd grade and any interested parents or teachers are invited to participate in this pro-
gram. Activities will involve music, drama, dance and visual arts to promote recognition and respect for differences and similarities of all races and ethnic groups. Bus transportation will be provided. Fees will be charged.
For further information please call:
Mrs. Jules Amer, 756-5245.
Mrs. Ray Stewart, 757-3623.
Fill out and mail the following form to Mrs. Harvey Cohen, 2427 South Krameria, Denver, 80222.
Parents name
Address ......
Child's name ...........HMH|
Mr. Candi Garcia, a Real Estate Agent, will hold informal classes in home buying on Monday, June 29, July 6, and July 13 at Auraria Community Center, 1212 Mariposa, at 7:30 p.m.
I Pray-For Groceries
Pray's Groceries
360 Bannock j New Phone 733-9977
Raymond Crespin, 1467 Navajo, placed third in a Nationwide safety poster contest. Presenting his award and a $25.00 U.S. savings bond to him is Sister Mary John (left), principal of St. Elizabeths School, and Sister Ann Mary (right), Raymonds second grade teacher.
Santa Fe Auto Body
1101 Santa Fe Drive (Next to Centro Cultural)
Paint & Body Shop Work Guaranteed
See Bob; o nuestros amigos que hablan Esparfol hablen con "Chico"
phone 244-1201
Page 6WEST SIDE RECORDER, June, 1970

Neighborhood Notes
Sammy Sanchez, son of Mrs. Viola Sanchez, 421 W. Second Ave. was hit by a car in the 200 block of Fox Street on Sunday, June 21. He suffered a broken leg and various bumps and scratches.
Mr. Orlie Quintana, manager of Orlies Night Club at 100 Santa Fe Drive invites the West Side to come in and get acquainted. Since he acquired the club in 1963 he has remodeled the lounge and enlarged the building. Live entertainment along with dance bands is provided six nights a week Monday through Saturday. The club is open seven days a week from 12 noon to 2 a.m.
Louie Perez, a former coach at Inner City Parish is now working for the boys club at 8th and Inca.
For Santa Fe Theater
JUNIO 26, 27, 28 El Asesino Enmascarado Con Alvaro ZermeSTo y Rosa De Castilla, A ColorT La Chamaca Con Resortes y Kitty De Hoyos.
JULIO 3, 4, 5
Tres Amigos Con David Reynoso A Color.
Las Cuatro Bodas be Marisol Con Marisol A Color. Furias Desatadas Continu-
Visiting at the home of Mrs. Fannie Ornales are her daughter and son-in-law, Dolores and Jim Bumes, from Lander, Wyoming.
Carlo Perez was one of eighteen young men selected from the Denver Public High Schools to play in the Tenth Metropolitan High School All-Star Baseball game. Eighteen year old Carlos plays third base for West High and did likewise for the All-Star game. Carlos lives at 47 S. Fox Street and is presently employed by the Denver U.S. National Bank.
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Benavidez of 1245 Kalamath Street are the proud parents of a baby girl, born May 24, 1970. The baby, Elaine Marie Benavidez, weighed in at 7 lbs., 8% oz.
acion de Tigres Del Ring). JULIO 10, 11, 12 Crisol Con Julio Aldama y Sonia Infante.
El Alazan y El Rosillo Con Antonio Aguilar A Color. La Valentina Con Piporro r-rA Color.
Tomeo De La Muerte (Con-tinuacion de Furias Desatadas).
JULIO 17, 18, 19 Modisto Para Senoras Con Mauricio Garzes A Color. Los Derechos De Los Hijos Con Elvira Quintana.
JULIO 24, 25, 26 Capulina vs. Santo Con Capulina y El Santo A Color.
El Doctor Satan Con Jua-quin Cordero.
JULIO 31 AGOSTO 1, 2 Cruces Sobre El Yermo
Con Sonia Infante y Julio Aldama.
La Marcha A Zacatecas Con Hector Suarez y Rodolfo De Anda A Color.
La Mano De Dios Con Alvaro Zermeno e Irma Dor-antes A Color .
Deadlines For July NewsJuly 14 Ads July 16 Call 266-1445 Write 465 Galapago St.
[/ /'school
Financing available a Part time jobs frequently available I # High School diploma not needed
# Start any time one year course full time
Excellent salary opportunities 534-5267
846 Elati St. 534-6356
Furniture, Freezers, Refrigerators, Toys, Auto Parts, Cosmetics, Paint, Electric and Plumbing Supplies, Tires, Garden Supplies.
30 West Irvington Place or 17 Broadway (Rear) "on alley"
Hours 9:30 to 6:30 Monday through Saturday New & Surplus Retail Wholesale
PHONE: 936-4816
Visit our other Store, 4341 W. Florida, Phone: 936-4815
If We Dont Have It, You Dont Need It!
Two West Siders Graduate From Metro State College
Henry Maestas (right) and Sam Abeyta (left) were recently graduates from Metropolitan State College.
Mr. Maestas received his B.A. in Data Processing with a minor in Science. He attended Evans, Baker, and West High School. Henry is active in West Side Community affairs and is vice president of the West Side Improvement Association. He is on the Board of Directors of the West Side Coalition, the Chairman of Community Relations for Saint Josephs Parish Council, and was a vice chairman of the West Side Action Council. Henry lives at 769 Elati with his wife, Vercilla, and their son,
Henry Jr. Henry also holds
an A* A. ;;
Mr. Abeyta received his B.A. in Spanish with a minor in Sociology.
He also holds an A.A. in Education from Trinidad State Junior College and will begin working on his Masters in Social Work in September at Colorado University.
Sam is presently on the executive boards of the Auraria Community Center, La Academia del Barrio, and UMAS (United Mexican American Students) at Metro. Sam is presently employed by the West Side Coalition.
He lives at 345 Acoma.
Fairmont PTA officers for the. 1970-71 school year were installed on May 21. They are Mrs. Rachel Guedea, president; Mr. Nick Petrychi, 1st vice president; Mr. Kenneth Goff, 2nd vice president; Mrs. Nora Hurtado, 3rd vice president; Mrs. Juanita Winterhalder, secretary; Mrs. Fred Barros, treasurer; Mrs. Georgietta Beers, parlimentarian; and Mrs. Genevieve Gonzales, historian.
Roger Greg Robles, son of Mary Robles, 1465 Navajo has received a grant from Colorado University to attend the summer session as well as the fall. Born in 1951, Roger attended Greenlee, Baker, and West High School. Rogers proposed major Is Political Science.
Mrs. Alice Rice, Greenlee School Nurse, has been one of four Denver Public School nurses awarded a grant and sabbatical leave for training at the University of Colorado Medical Center.
The grant was awarded by the Commonwealth Fund for experimental study in training nurses for expanded responsibilities. Mrs. Rice has long been interested in identifying and correcting health problems which interfere with learning. Special emphasis will be placed on kindergarten and first grade children.
From September to February, Mrs. Rice will receive intensive training at the Medical Center and then will return to Greenlee the second semester. She will have a full time assistant and will work closely with the Medical Center in helping Greenlee children to become healthier, happier, and more successful in school.
First Ayenue Presbyterian 120 West First Avenue Rev. A. J. Blomquist, Pastor Sunday School9:45 a.m.
Classes for all ages. Morning Worship11:00 a.m.
Summer Vacation Bible School June 8-199 to 11 a.m. daily. Special Youth Summer Program led by Tat Stewart
Jesus said, By this shall all men know that you are my disciples if you love one another.
6th &ue. & Santa Fe Dr
Auto Repair Tune-ups
European Car Repair 255-4076
Holiday7:008:0012:155:15 Sunday8:009:1511:0012:15 Daily-8:0012:155:15
Daily 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Saturdays 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
7:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Each Monday at 7:00 p.m.
4th Sunday of Month at 1:30 p.m. Mass
Tuesdays at 8:00 a.m., 12:15 p.m.,
5:15 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Fridays at 8 a.rn., 12:15 p.m. and 5:15 p.m.
church r
11th and Curtis Sts.
i I M _____
WEST SIDE RECORDER, June, 1970Page 7

Variety of Activities in Action Ministry Summer Program
Vacation Church School
Swimming Classes
Crafts and Recreation
jrtjndergartners and pre-schoolers begin a day of Vacation Church School at First Bethany Lutheran Church. Teachers are Sister Mary Canisius from St. Joseph's Church and Virginia Quintana of the West Side.
Fifth and sixth graders meet in a garage behind the church. Maggie Jackson from Inner City Parish is the teacher. Attendance at Vacation Church School has been between 50 and 100 children. Each church will be using the same materials. Next church school will be at First Mennonite, June 29 to July 10.
NYC girls fix lunch for children at First Bethany's Church School. They are Yvonne Monares, Diane Robbs, Yvonne Olguin and Mary Montoya.
Need a
Betty Benavidez
Will the person who took the purse from the lady at West 2nd Ave. on Saturday, June 6, at 1:30 a.m., please return it intact to Recorder office, 465 Gala-pago or 257 Fox and pay for the ad.
Page 8WEST SIDE RECORDER, June, 1970
NYCers at St. Joseph's are enthusiastic about the summer program sponsored by the West Side Action Ministry. St. Joseph's Church has just had two weeks of swimming instruction for kindergarteners to 6th graders in co-operation with the City Parks and Recreation program at Lincoln Pool.
Life guards at the pool give individual instruction to the youngsters. While they are doing this, it is the responsibility of the NYC'ers to keep the rest of the youngsters occupied and perhaps give some pointers on swimming. Each NYC person has about 5 children he is responsible for.
The Recorder talked to 3 NYCers, Lola DeGarmo, George Apadaca, and Mark Gallegos. They all agreed that the program is interesting and they are enjoying working with the children.
Anna Ankele and Mark Gallegos, NYC'ers work with children waiting for instruction in swimming at Lincoln Pool.
GILBERT QUINTANA Life guard at Lincoln pool.
Fresh cut meats Quality groceries Fresh fruits Gr vegetables Food Coupons Accepted
1301 SANTA FE DR. 835-9891
Open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Closed Sundays
West Side youngsters make leather arm bands in Wesley United Methodist Churchs crafts and recreation program. NYC boys Frank Ayala, Tom Garcia and Danny Valdez help children with paper mache figures at Wesley Methodist. Some of the children had gone to Daly Park for recreation.
Day Camping
Day campers at First Mennonite Church ready to board bus for Central City. NYC'ers working with this part of the Action Ministry's summer program have planned each days activities and arranged transportation to .the various places visited. One NYC boy, Steve Hernandez arranged for tickets for all the children to ride the train at Central City. NYC young people in the picture are Joe Avila, Juanita Estrada, Veronica Estrada, and Rita Marlz.