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West side recorder, July, 1970
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Volume 7Number 3
Monthly Newspaper of the West Side, Denver, Colorado
July, 1970
The West Side Coalition has been one of eight neighborhood groups involved in recent efforts to make the Denver Planning Board more concerned with neighborhood and resident needs. The Denver Planning Board is responsible for advising the City Council and the Mayor on planning and zoning. Traditionally, the Board has consisted of a high percentage of people representing real estate and downtown interests. 1' " '
The first action taken by the eight groups was to prepare a slate of eight candidates for the Board. The West Side Coalition contributed the name of Father Joseph Torres. The eight names were then submitted to Mayor McNichols office with a letter which said, in part, that the Planning Board has seemed repeatedly to neglect the needs of people and to look at the city not in terms of human beings, but rather in terms of so many potential automobile movements and so many potential real estate transactions.
The groups urged the Mayor to fill the three vacancies that occurred this year from among eight names on the slate. The Mayor made only one of his appointments from the slate: Mrs. Beverly Biffle of Park HilL He also appointed Harold Cook,
president of Cook Plumbing and Heating Company, a real estate and construction industry supplier; and Hudson Moore, Jr., president of W. S. Cheesman Realty, one of the largest real estate firms in Denver.
The eight groups are now planning to work for changes in the structure of the Planning Board including its expansion and the reform of some of its procedures. The seven groups that are presently involved, besides the West Side Coalition, are the Capitol Hill Congress; the Citizens Community Planning Council; Greater Park Hill Community, Inc.; Preserve Our Way of Urban Residence; South Athmar Improvement Association; South Jackson Street Improvement Asociation; and the Washington Park Action Council.
Air Cushioned Liner Route Opposed By Our Coalition
At its June 17 meeting the Board of the West Side Coalition voted to oppose a route proposed along Co!lfax Avenue for an air cushion linear induction vehicle which is being planned by the Regional Transportation District.
The air cushion vehicle would run on an elevated track above the street. It is powered by electrical motors and follows a guideway. A double guideway providing for operation in two directions is sixteen feet wide.
The project currently being discussed would connect large existing or future parking areas
such as that at Bears Stadium with the downtown. The primary purpose would be to get downtown-bound commuters to park their cars at the edge of the downtown and then ride the vehicle in the rest of the way.
The Coalition objected to a Colfax route for the vehicle on the grounds that such a route would provide no needed transportation service for the West Side and that it would tend to bring more business development into residential parts of the neighborhood by tying the West Side even more closely to the downtown.
Ruben Leal of the West Side Coalition presents some of over 50 swim suits to West Side Youth. Hie suits were donated by the Coalition and member organizations such as the Inner City Parish.
Abel and Mary Gallegos and family stand in front of the Santa Fe Theatre that they manage. See Profile, on page 4.
The 1971 Budget Committee
Americon Lutheran Churches .........$200
Catholic Archdiocese 200
Colorado Printers... 10
Engineering Drafting School ............ 10
Germaine Aragon Family ............ 25
First Bethany Lutheran Church .... 10
First Mennonite
Church .............10
Inner City Parish.... 10
St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church.... 10
St. John's Lutheran Church ............ 10
St. Joseph's
Catholic Church ...... 10
Wesley United
Methodist Church ..10
West Side Coalition .... 10
The West Side Recorder is a non-political paper in that it does not take stands for or against any candidate running for office. We do run ads for any candidate that we can. We charge $2.00 per col. inch and require that all copy be paid for in advance. If you know of any candidate who is running in our area and would like to advertise with us, have that person call Tito Guedea at 266-1445.
These residents will serve on the Budget Committee at Lincoln Park Home for 1971. This is the first year this has been done.
Office staff includes: William H. Coker, manager, and Gwen Evans, management aide.
Other members are Mrs. Al-
The West Side Coalition at its July 15 meeting voted to admit St. Josephs Parish Council and to seat representatives sent by the Parish Council. At its meeting in June the Parish Council had voted to accept an invitation to membership ex-
berta Crespin, 1467 Navajo Street; Mr. Bobby Copper, 1316 W. Colfax; Mrs. Margaret Gallegos, 1466 Navajo Street; Mrs. Lucia Gorman, 1427 Mariposa, Apt. 252; Mrs. Willie Mae Stencil, 1361 Mariposa Street; Mrs. Minnie Conict, 1361 Mariposa Street, and Mr. Conrad Sanchez, 1429 Navajo Street.
tended earlier by the Coalition. The Parish Council named Max Sanchez, 536 Galapago Street, and Father Franciscus, St. Josephs Church, as its representatives to serve on the Board of the Coalition.
3rd and 4th graders enjoy Vacation Church School at Wesley United Methodist Church with teachers, Kevin Fraher and Janice Arent of Bethany Lutheran Church.
SI. Joseph's Joins Coalition
Trailblasers, Sertoma, Crisco Trophy and DAR Awards at Baker Jr. High
Following are students who received awards at Baker this spring. Trailblazers the top a-ward given to a boy and girl in each grade for good scholarship, attendance and conduct and for participating in extra curricular activities. Recipients of the awards are as follows:
9th GradeGerald Gonzales Nellie Fullwood 8th GradeArnett Barlett Joan Garcia
7th GradeBruce Gomez Cara Valdez
The DAR Award is given to one boy and one girl in 9th Grade
only for citizenship, dependability, service, leadership, patriotism, perserverance and respect: Eustacio Martinez Paula Martinez The Sertoma Award is given to one grade for achievement as a group in attendance, getting achievement awards, giving service to the school, and participating in school drives and activities.
The award for 1969-70 went to the 7th Grade under the sponsorship of Miss Karen Fassler, Mrs. Virginia Settle, and Mr. Lee Taylor.
At the 9th Grade Awards Assembly at Baker Junior High School Darlene Landin, daughter of Mrs. Rose Landin, received the Crisco Trophy in Home Economics for 1970. This trophy is given to one 9th Grade girl who best displays outstanding qualities of cooperation, enthus-ism, creativity and helpfulness in her dasswork. She has most successfully combined excellence in home economics with a range of accomplishments in other subjects and extra-curricular activities.

Founded May, 1964 Office: 465 Galapago St. Denver, Colo. 80204 Telephones: 534-4408 or 266-1445 Sponsored by WESTSroE ACTION MINISTRY Member Churches:
First Avenue Presbyterian First Bethany Lutheran First Mennonite Inner City Parish St. Cajetans Catholic St. Elizabeths Catholic St. Johns Lutheran St. Josephs Catholic Wesley United Methodist Acting General Coordinator: James E. Hall.
Recorder Task Force Chairman: Don Schierling.
Staff: Germaine Aragon, Barbara Baker, Betty Benavidez, Waldo Benavidez, John Bru-nick, Alberta Crespin, Anna Flores, Jerry Garcia, Connie Griego, Rachel Guedea, Barbara Karr, Dean Punke. Contributors: Martha Cooper, Ramiro Cruz Aedo, Evelyn Elfstrom, John Hushman, Jim Romero, Don Schierling. Photography: Barbara Baker, Artwork: John Flores. Advertising and Distribution Manager: Ruperto Guedea, Jr. Mailing Crew: St. John Lutheran Church.
Letter To The Editor
Editor, West Side Recorder 465 Galapago Street Denver, Colo. 80204 Dear Jim:
Just a note to compliment you and your staff on the excellent work you are doing through the WEST SIDE RECORDER. I have been reading this paper with great interest, and know the tremendous contribution this is making to the improvement of West Denver.
May God continue to bless your efforts in this regard. Cordially,
James C. Keesey Minister Grace Methodist
Deadlines for August Recorder
News Items Aug. 21 Mail or leave at 465 Galapago St
Ads Aug. 22 CaU Tito at 266-1445.
First Avenue Presbyterian 120 West First Avenue Rev. A. J. Blomqulst, Pastor Sunday School9:45 a.m.
Classes for all ages. Morning Worship11:00 a.m. Special Youth Summer Program led by Tat Stewart with Sunday evening meetings at 7:00 p.m.
Jesua said, By this shall all men know that you are my disciples if you love one another.
Arapahoe Glass
Need a Windshield?
We install windshields at your home. We work with all insurance companies. Free pick-up and delivery service.
Complete Storm Door Service and Rescreening
Gloss of All Types
45 W. 1st Ave.
Air Cushion Vehicle Goes Over Like Lead Balloon
In his June 5 column in the Rocky Mountain News Peter Blake had this comment about the proposed air cushion vehicle:
Denver needs public transportation, the argument goes, especially the poor, who cant afford to drive cars. And how is the new regional transportation district planning to help the poor? WeU, first they would like ... a modest $6 million in order to build an experimental tracked air cushion vehicle between downtown and Mile High Stadium.
All aboard, poor people, and join the 400 faithful who turn out nightly for the Bears games. That is, If you happen to Uve downtown.
Who knows what future projects the transportation district is planning for the underprivileged? How about an experimental monorail between the Denver Country Club and the First National Bank Building? Or an experimental subway between Cherry Hills ViUage and Stapleton Airport?
Mr. Blake has a good point. Study after study in Denver and in other cities has shown that employment in downtown areas is increasingly restricted to either the low-paying jobs (janitors, elevator operators, salesclerks) or the high-paying jobs (lawyers, bankers, stockbrokers).
For those who do not have the seven years of college required to be a lawyer or who did not inherit a bank, the best jobs are now at the edge of the city. These are the skilled, middle-paying, union-wage jobs.
In Denver, Samsonite has moved out to Montbello and Gates is moving to Littleton. Western Electric is building its enormous new plant in Northglenn. In other words, most of the Denver-area jobs in the middle-pay range are now in places like Montbello, Littleton, and Northglenn.
In the West Side where very few people are lawyers or bankers the kind of transportation that is most needed so that people can get to better jobs is not to the downtown hut out to new plants like the Gates plant in Littleton. When the Regional Transportation District becomes less concerned with making it easy for suburban bankers and lawyers to reach their skyscraper jobs and becomes more concerned with the needs of people like West Siders it will start talking about providing service out to places like the Littleton Gates plant.
Hopefully, though, if a route that is not damaging for the West Side can be found for the first air cushion vehicle line this will set an example for the later construction of lines out to Littleton and Montbello.
Gilbert Tafoya and Marcella McAbee, Neighborhood Representatives at the West Side Action Center. Neighborhood Reps as they are called, are the Action Centers direct contact with community. Their job includes lots of knocking on doors and getting to know the people and the community.
Fresh cut meats Quality groceries Fresh fruits & vegetables Food Coupons Accepted
1301 SANTA FE DR. 825-9891
Open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Closed Sundays
Action Center Personnel
Gilbert Tafoya, Neighborhood Representative Trainee from C.E.P., has lived in West Denver all his life.
He attended the Old Garfield
6th Ave. & Santa Fe Dr.
Auto Repair Tune-ups
European Car Repair 255-4076
West Siders Need Facts On Hiring Procedures
What is hapening at the Action Center, and with the Action Council? We are not sure that any one can really answer these questions completely. Here are some of the facts as we understand them:
(1) When Leo Rodriquez resigned as director of the West Side Action Center, Miss Helen Lucero, Program director was named acting director, and the Personnel Committee of the Action Council was instructed to start taking applications for the position and screening people for the job. They had four main areas to judge each candidate in. These areas were education, experience, bi-lingual ability, and general knowledge and attitude concerning the West Side.
(2) Some 22 persons were interviewed for the job. Three including Miss Lucero were recommended to the total council and all were voted down. Then in a specially called meeting on the 10th of July the name of Tomas Archuleta was presented to the Council with the understanding that either he he approved or the job would go to Miss Lucero who had already been turned down by the Council. Tomas by the way at that time was the chairman of the council, and on the personnel committee. Under this pressure he was approved by the council at that time. Staff and Council members appealed to Mr. Buckles, head of the Denver Opportunity for a ruling in the situation. At a regular meeting of the Council on Monday, July 13th the Council unanimously reversed their action of approving Tomas Archuleta, and set up a new personnel committee with Beatrice Martinez as the chairman. Mr. Buckles appointed Harold Green from his office as the acting director. Applications for the directorship are available at the Action Center for anyone who is interested.
Some general comments: The Action Council is made up mainly of community people. There are a number of vacancies on the council. Interested West Siders should contact the Action Center for forms to try and fill these spots. West Siders should he allowed to choose their director (qualified) for the Center, and that person should be able to have a staff that is qualified to work urith him. It is our feeling that most of the mistakes that have been made this spring and summer concerning the Action Council and their attempts to find a qualified director have come from the inexperience that many of the members have in this area, and they will only acquire through direct experience. If we find facte that are different from this we will he glad to report them. In this issue we have tried to feature some of the newer Action Center Staff personnel. In the past the general staff of the Action Center has left a lot to be desired. Especially, this is true in the area of community leadership, and co-operation with other community organizations. We hope that this will he corrected in the future.
Elementary School until it was closed down. He attended Lake and Baker Jr. High, also West High. Mr. Taifoya had to quit school in order to help support his family. In 1964 he attended Emily Griffith Opportunity School and obtained his G.E.D. Gilbert has worked at East Side Action Center, North Denver Action Center, R.P.D.T. Model Cities.
He belongs to the L.A.D.S. Organization in Canon City. Mr.
Tafoya feels most at home at West Side Action Center.
Marcella McAbee moved from Coolidige, Arizona to Denvers Baker Jr. and West High. In West side in 1960. She attended 1966 she joined the Job Corps. She spent 1H years in (Regis Building) Omaha, Nebraska. Marcella graduated in retailing after completion of her Job Corps term. She married a fellow Corpsman Glenn. Mr. Me* (Continued on page 3)
In Honor of
Saint Josephs High School Gym
Friday, August 7, 1970
8 p.m. to 12 p.m*
PRICE: $3.50 PER COUPLE Music By: CLEM GARCIA AND HIS STARS Refreshments and FoodFree Beer
Sponsored by Mexican American Rights Organization
Page 2WEST SIDE RECORDER, July, 1970

Alex Vigil, Civil Bights Spe-cialist, can be found at West Side Action Center.
Civil Rights Specialist for the Colorado Civil Rights Commission accepts and investigates Cases of discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations.
If anyone feels he has been discriminated against in any of these areas he should contact our oflice. Areas of employment covered include, failure to hire, fail to promote, demotions, unequal ways or discharges based on one's national origin and/or anoestory, race, color, or creed, and also includes sex discrimination. The housing law prohibits discrimination in refusal to rent, sell or lease property on the bases of one's race or national origin.
Places To Register To Vote
Aurarta Community Center, 1212 Mariposa, July 27, 28, 29, 30, 12 Noon-8:00 p.m.
Red and White Grocery, 727 Santa Fe, July 31 and Aug. 1 and 3, 12 Noon-8:00 p.m.
West Side Health Center, 10th & Federal, Aug. 5, 6, 7, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Safeway, Colfax & Irving, July 31 and Aug. 1 and 3,12 Noon-8:00 p.m.
King Soopers, 2340 W. Alameda, July 27, 28, 29, 30, 12 Noon-8:00 p.m.
Del Farm, 1865 W. Mississippi, July 31 and Aug. 1 and 3,12 Noon-8:00 p.m.
Saftway, 1340 So. Federal, July 27, 28, 29, 30,12 Noon-8:00 p.m.
Voter Power-If Registered
The fireworks displays of Independence Day are over, but the full meaning of American Independence Day starts into full swing Monday, July 27, as a two week campaign for voter registration begins in Denver County. During this two week period, anyone who has come of voting age, anyone who has lived in Colorado one year, anyone who failed to vote in the last general election, or anyone who has moved to a new address may register to be able to vote. Branch registration places have been set up throughout the city. The election commission will have after hour registration at the City and County Building, and Tuesday, August 4, will be Back to School for Voters Day. Every Denver Public School will be open and staffed so that people
may register to vote at that time.
Any citizen who is registered to vote by August 7 will be eligible to vote in the primary elections on September 8. This years primaries will give the voting citizen a chance to express how he really feels about the problems America faces to-day, because the citizen who uses his voter po,wer will be helping to select the candidates who really represent his views on important issues.
By calling 244-4687, a voter can obtain help and information regarding registering and voting. Notary Publics are also going to the homes of those who cannot get out to regular registration places.
The following is a list of registration places on the West Side and their hours.
You get the "Cream of the Crop" of the better tenants when you list your vacancies with "ZEKE" at the WEST SIDE ACTION CENTER, 1312 Santa Fe Drive.
Our rental service is FREE to you, as well as the renter. We have daily requests for all sizes and types of houses and apartments, furnished and unfurnished.
Call 534-5141 anytime between 12:30 and 4:30 p.m. daily for free listing of your next vacancy. Compare the tenant you will get with the one you had see the difference.
(File This Ad For Future Reference)
Byers Movies
Byers Neighborhood Library is featuring free teen films every Friday afternoon at 3. Films remaining to be shown are:
July 31 Rebel Without a Cause with James Dean and Natalie Wood. Cartoon. August 7 They Call It Pro-FootbaH; The Wonderful World; Wheels Comput-Her Baby.
August 14 Cheyenne Autumn with Richard Widmark and Carol Baker. Cartoon.
August 21 The Apple Thieves; The Perils of Pauline; I Am Joaquin; Turned On; Mexicos History.
August 28 Ride the Wild Surf with Tab Hunter and Fabian. Cartoon.
Mariposa Health Station Changes
Betty Fanner has left Mariposa and will now be assigned to the Sun Valley District. Elaine Gregory is the new Coordinator.
Dr. Richard Giuffre has Joined the Pediatric staff for the summer months.
Maternity and infant care classes are held every Friday morning from 9-9:30. All expectant parents; mothers and fathers, are Invited to attend.
Vivian wid Juan discuss work at the Action Center.
Juan Rios, West Side Action Center Representative, is one of the originators of the United Resident Planning Incorporated. Juan was elected to represent the West side area. The purpose of this non-Profit Organization is to try and get emergency housing for people in dire need of housing.
Juan is active in the Task Force that works with Canon City Penitentiary inmates. The Task Force informs the inmates upon their release, what services are available to them, such as
Action Center Personnel (Continued from page 2) Abee is in active duty in the United States Army in Vietnam.
Marcella and her two children Mark and Crystal reside at 1360 Osage St
Marcella says of her job-I win do my best to fiH the job of neighborhood representative. I am proud to be a part of the movement for betterment of Denvers West Side.
employment, housing, food and clothing their various agencies.
Vivian M. Carlson is the Clerk-Steno at Westside Action Center. As a staff stenographer she is required to take minutes at the Action Council meetings, transscribe them with the assistance of Rita Lucero, clerk-typist, and supply mimeographed copies to each member of the council. She works closely with Center Director and the community to accomplish correspondence records, reports, etc. required by the Center.
For Groceries
Fray's Groceries
360 Bannock New Phone 733-9977
wmmm jr-scHooct.
Financing available Part time jobs frequently available High School diploma not needed
Start any time \ one year course full time
Excellent salary opportunities 534-5267
846 Etoti St. , 534-6356
Let9* Bring Representation JANET, ERCILIA, VINCENT, LISA, JOE acfe To ur Neighborhood
Holiday7 :008:0012:155:15 Sunday8:009:1511:00-12:15 Daily-8:00-12:15-5:15
Daily 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Saturdays 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
7:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Each Monday at 7:00 p.m.
4th Sunday of Month at 1:30 p.m. Mass
Tuesdays at 8:00 a.m., 12*15 p.m.,
5:15 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Fridays at 8 a.m., 12:15 p,m. and 5:15 p.m.
11th and Curtis Sts.
WEST SIDE RECORDER, July, 1970Page 3

Abel and Mary Gallegos
West Side Business People
Running the Santa Fe Theater on weekends is a family affair for the Abel Gallegos.' Every Friday and Saturday evening and all afternoon and evening on Sundays, the whole family spends their time providing Mexican entertainment for the West Side.
Abel and his wife Mary both work full time at other jobs all week. So it is no easy task to spend every weekend at another job. But to the Gallegos it is not
Mr. and Mrs. Gallegos enjoy a rare moment of relaxation.
First Mennonite Church
430 W. 9th AVENUE 892-1038
First Mennonite Church would like to thank the Vista Workers and the Neighborhood Youth Corp for their assistance in the Summer Program.
For These Times,
Only The Best Can Do The Job
Allen Dines for State Senator Committee
so much a job as it is something they enjoy doing.
Neither Abel or Mary are native Denverites. Bult they have sort of. adopted the West Side as their second home. Abel was born in Urapan, Michoacan, Mexico. He was a professional singer with a group in Mexico and first came to the States on tour. After one of the tours he decided to stay and settled in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1946. It was there he met and married Mary who is a native of that dty. In 1949 they visited Denver on a vacation and liked it enough to make it their home.
The Gallegos live on the North Side and are active in their community. But Abel noticed that there was a real lack of entertainment and recreation for youngsters on the West Side. In 1966 he had an opportunity to open the Santa Fe Theater which had not been operating regularly and had just come through bankruptcy.
Since that time he and his family have tried to provide a source for entertainment for West Siders. But. Abel and Mary feel they are giving more than entertainment. They are also providing the Spanish surnamed children on the West Side a chance to learn more about their culture. The movies shown are made in Mexico or South America and are in Spanish. Many are based on historical events in Mexico.
So everyone pitches in and works. When they first started, their oldest daughter, Lucy, helped them a lot. She is married now and lives in Louisiana with her husband and baby. So their teenager, Elaine is taking her turn at helping. And eventually, Molly, 5, will probably
National City Bank is convenient, for one
thing. Lobby hours are from 9 to 6 every day. and all banking services are in one place. At National City Bank, your checking and savings kitty Galways within easy reach.
99 South Broadway
Elaine and Molly Gallegos get set for a bicycle ride.
have her turn. Right now, though, she mostly plays and sometimes naps in the office when the evenings get long.
The Gallegos also have a son living in Mexico with his grandparents.
Though the hours are long and the pace tiring, Mary and Abel both like what they are doing and think it is worth it in terms of their personal satisfaction.
They also have plans and hopes for the future of the Santa Fe Theater (Mary says Abel has the ideas, she just helps). The average weekly attendance
is gradually rising and they hope that eventually the stage area in front of the screen can be enlarged. Then they would like to have acting and dancing classes for young people with talent. Abel thinks that there are many Spanish surnamed young people who have lots of talent, but never have an opportunity to develop those talents and get started in entertaining.
The Gallegos family has earned a big thank you from the West Side for their efforts and confidence in behalf of the West Side.
974 Santa Fe Dr. Denver, Colo. 80204 892-0613 or 45S-1608
O Open Fridays & Saturdays at 5:30 pm.
Sundays 11:30 a.m.
O 4 Mexican Movies; Cartoons O Admission: Adults $1.25, Children with parents free, otherwise 25c.
O Mexican Food Served.
9 The only Mexican Theater with a Wide-Giant Screen.
O El unico teatro en Denver exhibiendo las ultimas peliculas Mexicanas directamente de Mexico.
Abel Gallegos Manager
Furniture, Freezers, Refrigerators, Toys, Auto Parts, Cosmetics, Paint, Electric and Plumbing Supplies, Tires, Garden Supplies.
Taco & Enchilada Sauce............1 gal. 60c
24" Center Rolled Insulation ...... roll $4.00
Mothers Cookies ................ 30% off List
Boys Permo-Press Trousers, Sizes 3 thru 6x .$1.50
ijLvu^-r-oLZij j GROCERIES

30 West Irvington Place or 17 Broadway (Rear) "on alley"
Hours 9:30 to 6:30 Monday through Saturday New & Surplus Retail Wholesale
PHONE: 936-4816
Visit our other Store, 4341 W. Florido, Phone; 936-4815 If We Dont Have It, You Dont Need It!
Page 4WEST SIDE RECORDER, July, 1970

by Martha Cooper
There are many new topics and titles filling the shelves in the NEW BOOK SECTION at Byers Neighborhood Library. Here are capsule comments about a number of them. Non-Fiction:
BEALE'S TREASURY OF COURAGE & CONFIDENCE, by Norman Vincent Peale. Twelve aspects of man's problems, such as how to banish fear, loving and being loved, comprise this collection of stories, poems, and quotes by hundreds of famous people.
GREAT PERSUADER, by David Lavender. The life of the famous American railroad mogul, Colls P. Huntington, is depicted here, including the means, moral and otherwise, he used to gain his ends.
THE BODY HAS A HEAD, by Gustaf Eckstein. Very readable product of 20 years of writing and learning a book to familiarize the reader with the human body.
FIRST ON THE MOON, by N. Armstrong, M. Collins, E. Aldrin, Jr. The three voyagers of Apollo 11 give their own personal account of man's first trip to the moon.
CAPTIVE QUEEN OF SCOTS, by Jean Plaidy. The vi-brant personality of Mary, Queen of Scots, her life in captivity, and those involved with her axe related here.
FIVE PATIENTS, by Michael Crichton. The experiences of five patients entering Massa-chussetts General Hospital are examined in order to show the amazing changes in modern hospital care.
ONE LIFE, by Christiaan Barnard. The first surgeon to
successfully transplant a human heart tells about the study, faith, and personal drive that led him to his triumph.
COUNTRY EDITORS BOY, by Hal Borland. The three years spent by the author In a small Colorado town, from 1915 to 1918, are reconstructed here, giving a vivid portrayal of frontier life.

CALICO PALACE, by Gwen Bristow. A willful young woman follows the man she loves when he joins a gold mining expedition to San Francisco.
ANCHORMAN, by Ned Calmer. The pressures and issues that influence a television anchorman form the substance of this story about a young television personality.
DEVILS LIEUTENANT, by M. Fagyas. Based on an inforn-ous murder within imperial Viennas military elite of the early 1900s, this novel explores the results of that shocking event.
GREAT LION OF GOD, by Taylor Caldwell. A very modem view of St. Paul, and a much more sympathetic picture of the Roman side of the case.
NO TIME FOR LOVE, by Em-llie Loring. Romance and international intrigue are combined when the acclaimed cosmetics firm of an Amerioan-bom Princess is rumored to be in financial trouble.
FAMILY TOMB, by Michael Gilbert Eccentric Professor Bronzoni bargains for Etruscan art relics in Florence, and murder dampens Ids dealings.
For Santa Fe Theater
AGOSTO 7, 8, 9
La Prlmera ComunionCon Juliancito Bravo y David Reynoso; a color.
Corona De LagrtmasCon Marga Lopez y Enrique Liz-alde; a color.
Los Hljos Del Condenado Con Fernando Casanova y Lilia Prado.
Los Hombres De Lupe Avui-rezCon Joaquin Cordero, Lucfha Villa y Julio Aldama.
AGOSTO 14,15,16
El Cachorro-Con Pedro Ar-mendariz Jr. y Blanca Sanchez. Joronado De TerrorCon Enrique lizalde y Regina Tome; a color.
El Gallo De OroCon Ignazio Lopez Tarso y Lucha Villa; a color.
Dos Meseros MajaderosCon Viruta y Capulina.
AGOSTO 21, 22, 23 El TemerarioCon Pedro Ar-mendariz Jr. y Regina Tome. La Venganza De Huracan RamirezCon David Silva y Titina Romay; a color. MarianaCon Julio Aleman, Prixie Hopkins y Roberto Can-edo; a color.
Los Tres SalvajesCon Luis Aguilar, Javier Solis y Armando Silvestre.
AGOSTO 28,29, 30 El Pueblo Del TerrorCon Alvaro Zermeno y Ofelia Montesco; a color.
Solo Los DosCon Marisol y Sebastian Palomo Linares; a color.
Operation TiburonCon Sonia Furio y Braullo Castillo. Muchachos ImpacientesCon Marco Antonio Muniz y Emily Cranz.
James Hall has been a staff member for the West Side Recorder since January of 1968. He has worked as general coordinator for the paper since January of 1970.
He is pastor of Wesley Methodist Church and a recent grad-
uate of Biff School of Theology. Jim is also active in other West Side organizations but still finds time to make sure the Recorder comes out each month.
Jim and his wife Lora Lee live at 461 Galapago St. with their brand new son, James Duncan.
Lora and Jimmy Hall just after coming home from the hospital.
Craig Barnes is listening.
Craig Barnes will be at
LINCOLN PARK-11th & Mariposa Saturday, August 1st
1 P.M.
to listen to you.
Barnes for Congress
Paid for by Committee to defeat Mike McKevitt. Robert T. Connery, Chairman.
WEST SIDE RECORDER, July, 1970Page 5

Neighborhood Notes
Sgt. George Mason, 21 years old, served in Vietnam one year and 2 months. He came home last April for a month. He is in Au-Sain Valley, Vietnam now. George attended Greenlee, Baker and West High School. While he attended West he was in the R.O.T.C. His home is at 1404 Osage St. where his wife, Victoria, and daughter, Cheniece, 1 year, 2 months old, live. He is the son of Mrs. Ermenia* Kirky of same address. Mrs. Kirky and family have lived in North Lincoln Homes for 14 years.
Jimmy Arnold, 20 years old, was home on leave from the Navy. He has served 1% years. He now is stationed in San Diego, Calif. He had been stationed in Guam. Paul, 22 years old, is in the Army and stationed in Cambodia. He also was home on furlough. Eugene, 25 years old, served three years in Vietnam and now is home. Their home is at 1328 Navajo St., where their parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Arnold also reside. The Arnolds are one of the oldest residents of North Lincoln Homes, being one of the first families to move in while the homes were not yet completely built in 1941.
Mr. and Mrs. Epiflano Vigil are the parents of a baby girl, Rosemary, born June 9. The Vigils live at 1017 Inca St. Congratulations!
Mrs. Agapita Sandovol and family are visiting relations in Cheyenne, Wyo.
Michael Soliz of 164 So. Cherokee St. is home now. He was in St. Anthony's Hospital.
Carmen Lucero, Center representative for West Side Action Center, is on vacation in Mexico. Carmen is missed by the
Center staff and community.
Joe Ruiz of 1124 Kalamath St. is home convalescing. He underwent a leg operation.
Gilbert Felix Romero passed away July 2. He was the son of Mrs. Alice Romero of 1440 Osage St. Our sincere sympathy to Mrs. Romero and family.
A longtime resident of the Westside, Mrs. Audrey Marsh, formerly of 520 West 6th Ave. is in Beth Israel Hospital in Intensive Care ward. She will soon have her leg amputated. Mail for Audrey can be mailed or taken to 1446 Newton St., where her son, Larry Marsh, lives. Let us remember Mrs. Marsh in our prayers.
Donna Winterhalder, 226 W. 3rd Ave. is in Decatur, Ga., to be in the wedding party of Miss Cynthia McCord, a former resident of our area. Mrs. Mary Bue-chler of 157 W. 2nd Ave. will be going to attend the wedding. She is Cynthia's grandmother.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Meier (Sandi Winterhalder) are residing in Greeley, Colo., after their wedding June 19. Sandi is attending Northern State this summer.
Miss Marsha White of 230 Cherokee St. is working as a playground supervisor while at home this summer and will return to Sterling, Kans., for her final year of college.
60 Fairmont area children are being bussed to Greenlee for a summer school program of Math, Reading Improvement, A brush-up course and library. Many have not missed one day and are enjoying the morning with trips for brush-up students and new teachers for the others to get acquainted with, and new skills of reading and math.
J-A-K Need a
Auto and Truck NOTARY PUBLIC
Repair & Parts, Inc. Call
Quality Repairs at Reasonable Prices Betty Benavidez
136 ELATI STREET 623-0737
722-2895 1110 MARIPOSA
Rev. and Mrs. James Hall of 461 Galapago St. are the proud parents of a baby boy. He is James Duncan Hall, and was born June 30.
Child Evangelism Fellowship held a 5-day club in the yard of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Flye, 534 W. Third Ave., the week of July 13. About 24 neighborhood children attended. Each day the group heard a Bible story, a missionary story and learned Bible verses. Tom DeYoung, Dean Atkinson and Paul Worthley from Child Evangelism were in charge.
Miss Helen Martinez, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marcos Martinez, 118 Fox St., was married to Mr. Richard Hughes on July 5, at First Mennonite Church. The bride was given in marriage by her father, with Rev. Hermit-Derstine presiding at the ceremony. Arline Martinez attended her sister as maid of honor and Andy Shavez was best man.
The couple is residing on Sherman Street.
St. Josephs Catholic Church has been blessed by having the services of two young seminarians for a good deal of the summer. They are'Jerry Mullins of Omaha, Neb., and Kevin Fraher, of St. Paul, Minn. Both attended Holy Redeemer College last year, and Jerry will return there next fall, but Kevin, (older and more experienced) will be going on to Mt. St. Alphonsus Seminary in Esopus, New York.
During their stay here this summer they are helping teach in the Westside Action Ministry Vacation Church School each morning, helping at the food distribution center at 6th and Galapago, doing home visitations, and helping with the Sunday Morning Services. The past two weeks they have been showing film strips on the new Catholic liter-guides during the worship service time at St. Joes.
Both men have a great sense of humor and are a big help to St. Josephs and the Action Ministry this summer when they have nothing else to do.
National Brands Store
727 Santa Fe Drive
I want it to be known to all that I have been and still do stand with the West Side Coalition, and its member groups such as the West Side Action Council in support of the Grape Boycott. My store sells only union picked table grapes and I am ready and willing to prove this to any customer who asks for proof.
I hope that my store is more than just a place to get a can of soup. I hope that it is a part of the West Side, and reflects some of the feelings and attitudes that are a part of the West Side. I have spent many years here on the West Side, and I hope that you feel like you can come to me and talk about the problems we might have. I am ready to listen.
Thank You-Charlie
People Priorities Cited by Dines
State Senator Allen Dines, has announced his candidacy for re-election to the state senate seat In District 3.
We hear much talk about priorities today, Dines said. The talk should come to an end. It should be replaced by positive action guided by the realities of what must be undertaken to heal our communities. He listed some of what he termed people priorities.
It is fundamental that educational opportunity be made fully accessible to all our youngsters.
Decent housing that provides for an environment which lends dignity and security to a family is central to what all of us are striving for. Good housing is one important key in keeping the family structure strong.
Core city problems, ranging from crime to sanitation services, have to be dealt with on a practical level right now. Should we wait much longer in meeting these problems head-on, the crisis of deterioration will reach the point of no return.
Dines, who soon will receive an award for his efforts on behalf of vocational education, was praised by a former president of Regis College for his work in education.
A navy veteran of the Pacific fighting in World War II, Dines is an attorney who received his law degree from Harvard University.
Active in many community and civic organizations, he lives at 1350 Logan St. He is the father of two children.
Jerry Mullins plays with kids.
Anne's Beauty Salon
SHIRLEY and JUNE Haircuts and Permanents Our Specialty PERMANENTS Beginning at $12.50 Open 6 days a week.
971 Santa Fe
Thank You
I would like to thank my friends and neighbors for patronizing my store for the past 8 years.
I have closed Burke's Grocerybut remain at same address.
Children playing at West Side Action Ministry Church School.
The Newly Remodeled NIGHT CLUB
4 P.M. 6:30 P.M.
2 "fer" the price of 1
Hard Stuff and Bottle Beer Included
No Cover Charge Tues., Wed., Thur., and Sundays.
Dancing to Soul and Latin Music
9 TO 2 Wednesdays Thru Saturdays Sundays 8 to Midnight Special Friday and Saturday Dancing After Hours
2 AM. to 4 AM.
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