West side recorder, August, 1970

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West side recorder, August, 1970
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West side recorder
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Denver, Colo.
West Side Recorder
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newspaper ( sobekcm )

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Volume 7Number 4
Monthly Newspaper of the West Side, Denver, Colorado
August, 1970
VOTE irs Your Right --AND Responsibility
September 8th is Primary Election Day for those who are eligible to vote. To become eligible, one must be registered. The deadline for registering for the Primary has past but registration will open again immediately after the Primary Election.
Many people are not a-ware of the election rules that affect them regarding their right as a citizen to vote. An example is the law governing the right of an ex-convict to vote. Many people believe that ex-con-victs cannot vote. This is not true. House Bill No. 1016 recently clarified Section 2.49-3-2 of the Colorado Revised Statutes 1963 to read:
No person while confined in any public prison shall be entitled to register or to vote at
any general, primary, or special election. Every person who was a qualified elector prior to such imprisonment, and who is released by pardon or by having served his foil term of imprisonment, shall be vested with all the rights of citizenship except as otherwist provided in the con-stitotion.
This means that a convict can register and vote immediately upon being released from prison.
Another little known fact is that if a person is registered as unaffiliated, he or she can vote in a primary election by going to the polling place on election day and choosing a party affiliation If you failed to register during the recent registration drive that was held on the West Side, you can register for the General Election after the primary. Remember, and eligible member of a household can register the rest of the eligible members of the household.
IViva La Raza!--Sept. 16 El Dia de Independencia
A group of concerned Mexican Americans have gathered together to plan activities for the Mexican American holiday of September 16th. After the initial meeting in July, 1970, the Steering Committee for September 16th (as they call themselves) set up various committees in areas per-tainent to developing a festive and wonderful holiday. A float committee to gather all those interested in making and displaying floats was one of those committees. A-nother was the Publicity committee for the development and dissemination of all materials relating to September 16. A special assignment committee was formed to provide some security measures for the parade. Another committee was the Finance Committee which had the problem of trying to bring in enough donations to feed an expected crowd of 10,000.
As planning continues towards the holiday, the various committees have functioned beautifully. Although problems have arisen, they have been delt with by the respective committees. Perhaps, the best way to answer the question of Why September 16, would be to say that September 16th signifies, to the Mexican American communities, a united effort by them to focus attention on the plight of the Mexican American. This is the underlying theme be-
hind all that goes on September the 16th.
The last thing to write about would ibe the' activities for the September 16th holiday. A parade orginating at Civic Center down Cleveland Place to 16th Street, left down 16th street to Larimer, up Larimer to 15 the Street, up 15th Street to Colfax Ave, up Colfax to the State Capitol will be the main attraction.
At the State Capitol, several prominent Mexican American speakers will be featured. Rudolph (Corky) Gonzales, leader of Crusade for Justice; A1 Gu-rela, Gubernatorial Candidate from La Raza UnSda Political Party; Andres Galvadon, Candidate for District Attorneys office in Ft. Collins also of La Raza Unida Political Office; plus several others will be speaking on the Mexican American Movement throughout this nation.
After hearing these nation; ally reknown speakers, participants in the parade will be treated to a luncheon at the Crusade for Justice building located at 16th and Downing. It is hoped that the Finance Committee will have received enough donations to cover the cost of such a gigantic feeding.
Later on that night, starting around 7 p.m., the holiday atmosphere will be transferred to the Coliseum where a night of wonderful and authentic Mexican entertainment will be featured. Interspursed with this, will be rock groups for those so inclined.
It is hoped, that this day will be one of a festive nature, and that everyone will participate and enjoy themselves. The value of such an occasion can only be seen if you participate with a festive attitude. The gathering together of a tremendous number of Mexican Americans will speak for itself.
La Academia Del Barrio Is Summer Success
La Academia del Barrio is a summer educational program which was held at Au-raria Community Center, 1212 Mariposa, between June 22 and August 28,1970.
Classes were conducted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in West Denver and Tuesday and Thursday at El Salvador Baptist Church, 3925 Shoshone, in North Denver.
The program was geared toward children ages 8-12.
It was held in West and North Denver because of the high concentration of Chicanos in both areas. A-nother reason is because of the high drop out rate of Chicano youngsters from West and North High Schools.
CHILD MUST HAVE CONFIDENCE The reason for emphasis on this age group is that by this time it is possible to tell which children are having difficulty in their basic classes. Most children drop out of school by sixth grade and only make it officially later on in high school.
The young elementary child is beginning to form basic concepts and skills in education at this point in his life.
The most important concept of La Academia is that a child cannot succeed in anything if he does not have confidence and pride in himself first. He must be able to see himself as a vital part of the society around him in order to be able to contribute to it instead of reject it.
Much individual attention was given to each child. No dass had more than 10 children. When necessary they were instructed on a 1 to 1 basis. For this, thanks must be given to the tutors sent to the school by Metro State College.
La Academia operated with lew set rules to follow, only the original concept of building self confidence and instilling* pride.
Everyone in the program shared the heartwarming experience of watching the children express themselves. Their likes, dislikes, frustrations and time of great achievement
Approximately 55 children attended daily, both in North and West Denver. Enrollment never fell below 50. They remained interested.throughout the summer. This was one means of evaluating the success of the program.
The curriculum had much to do with it. Along with Mexican History, Spanish, Cultural Dance (Mexican folk dancing), Creative Dance, and Art, the children also took part in mathematics, creative writing, English, and reading classes. Swimming classes were held at Lincoln Park Pool and Columbus Pool. Many of the children received Red Cross Cards which established them as beginners
Marchers rest in front of banner, on way to Denver.
West Siders March With Farm Workers
During the first part of August, about 60-75 lettuce Farm Labors marched from Pueblo to Denver to make the public aware of their strike against the lettuce farm owners in Southern Colorado, and other parts of the nation. A number of West Siders joined them for all or part of the march. Ricky Montoya of 603 W. 8th Ave. marched the whole distance with them. Ricky is a 14 year old student at Baker.
Others who marched were, Alfredo and Juanita Herrera and family, Germaine Aragon and family, and Baker and Lake Jr. High students: Rebecca Ros-alez, Maty Gurule, Rita Duran, Rosalee Gurule, Juanette Lucero, Elaine Martinez, Terry Romero, Tomas Lujan, George Lujan, and Richard Martinez.
Centro Cultural lent its kitchen facilities for the preparation of the food that M..A.P.A. (Mexican American Political
Association) prepared and served the lettuce Strike marchers. Members of M.A.P.A. who prepared and served the meals are: Mr. and Mrs. Lupe Carlos, Mark Medrano, Dee Rivers, Chuck Garcia, Gilbert Martinez, Bal Chavez, Jose Flores, and Mrs. D. Carabajal.
Other Denver and West Side organizations helped the marchers in different ways. The West Side Action Council gave them $250.00, Crusade for Justice gave them food, the American Friends Service Committee gave them food and clothes for the strikers in Center, Colorado, Mrs. Juanita Herrera bought and cooked food for them, and The Mile High chapter of G.I. forum contributed food for the strikers in Pueblo and Center. Donations can still be given to the striking famlies through the Mile High Chapter. You can take food, clothes, etc. to Operation Ser at 1049 Inca St.
or advanced beginners in Swimming.
All classes were held from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. with a hot lunch included.
La Academia del Barrio was originated by Virginia Lucero and Betty Castro, both students at Metro State College and members of UMAS (United Mexican American Students). They wrote a proposal and presented it to the West Side Action Council. It was passed unanimously, and the Council funded it for $7,000. It was also presented to the North Denver Action Council and they also passed it for $7,000. The American Lutheran Church contributed $2,500 and recently the Catholic Archdiocese funded the school with a $6,000 grant.
Plans are now being worked out for an after-school program and on into another summer program.
The staff of La Academia wishes to thank the residents of both areas for their interest, time and effort. Without them the program would not have been possible. Most importantly, the children must be acknowledged for their whole-hearted participation in the school.
La Academia wound up the summer with a program at Bryant Webster Elementary on
American Lutheran
Churches .........$200
Catholic Archdiocese 200
Colorado Printers... 10
Engineering Drafting
School ............ 10
Germaine Aragon
Family .......... 10
First Bethany Lutheran Church .... 10 First Mennonite
Church .............10
Inner City Parish.... 10
St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church.... 10 St. John's Lutheran
Church ............ 10
St. Joseph's
Catholic Church ...... 10
Wesley United
Methodist Church .. 10 West Side Coalition .... 10
Thursday, August 27th from 7:00 to 9:00 and the West Side made their presentation at Centro Cultural on August 26, Wednesday, also from 7:00 to 9:00.
The programs featured El Teatro Academia, composed of each and every child in the school. They acted, sang, and danced. Along with this there was also displays of all kinds from the different classes.

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Guest Editorial
Action Council Responds
In the last issue of t h e West Side Recorder, the West Side Action Council was reprimanded for some inadequacies i n decisions made recently in the process of their search for a Direct-or for the Center. While many of the criticisms offered in the editorial are accepted, we would like to make a few clarifications. We agree with the Editor that the Westside Action Council is composed of people from the community who are seeking to do the duty of improving the community. It is the primary duty of the Action Council to function on behalf of the community since the Council belongs to the community. The sole purpose of the Council is to advise Denver Opportunity of community needs. It is also the concern of the Council that it represent all of the people of the West Side, not just the perspective of a few.
At one point in the editorial it is the impression that a kind of conspiracy existed hind the scenes in the selection of Tomas Archuleta as the Director of the Action Center. Let it be known that to the best of the knowledge of those concerned, there is no active group working behind the scenes trying to manipulate the situation so one person or one type of person can come out as the Acting Director. Mistakes have been made; this we will admit. But this has been the result of inexperience not the result of ulterior motives. Our objective was and is to select the best possible person as the Director of the West Side Action Center.
It is also stated that members of the Action Council went to Raymond Buckles, the Denver Opportunity Executive Director, on July 10th
and mention that you saw it in THE RECORDER
to protest the selection of Tomas Archuleta as Director. Let it be known that this was a staff decision and the staff went alone. Also, it is important to document that Beatrice Martinez has been and is the Personnel Committee Chairman of the Action Council. She was not appointed at that time to serve a specific function.
It should be known by all that the members of the Action Council, except agency representatives, are persons who live on the West Side and there are times when persons resign for various reasons from their responsibilities on the Action Council. Therefore, we do at various times have vacancies. This is because people leave the community, some become dissatisfied with what is happening, and others just leave for personal reasons. So, if there are persons on the West Side who are interested in serving their neighborhood on the Action Council, we invite them to come to the Council meetings and find out what positions are available so they can serve and represent their neighborhood.
Finally, we will admit there have been times when the staff and Council members have not cooperated as effectively as possible with other agencies on the West Side. We would like to point out that there are also times when other agencies within the West Side have not cooperated with the Action Center when requested. So there will be no misinterpretation of the Action Center intention, it should be known that we are eagerly seeking ways by which we can cooperate with everyone and every agency on the West Side. During the last few weeks Tom Martinez, President of the Action Council, and a staff member from the West Side Action Center have become active on the West Side Recorder so cooperate efforts can be exerted in the pursuit of eliminating poverty and public concern on various issues within the West Side.
Tom Martinez.
Editors response:
I would like to thank Mr. Tom Martinez for writing this reply to last months editorial on behalf of the Action Council. I am always glad to have someone point out mistakes that we may have made as a staff. I would point out that in writing the editorial I did state that these were the facts as best we knew them.
I reserve the right to comment on their statements since they went beyond the bounds of correcting my errors. First we understand that there have been a number of vacancies on the council for sometime, and that
when some people apply for the seats (e.i. Anna Flores) they were put off for some weeks.
Second, it seems a poor excuse to say that we dont co-operate with others in the community because they dont co-operate with us. I am sure that everyone can use that excuse. Its too bad, for we need to work together, if we really want to survive as a community.
We wait with interest to see who the new Action Center director will be, and what direction the Center and Council will take in the near future.
Jim Hall.
Leo Lucero of the Action Center
Founded May, 1964 Office: 465 Galapago St. Denver, Colo. 80204 Telephones: 534-4408 or 266-1445 Sponsored by WESTSIDE ACTION MINISTRY Member Churches:
First Avenue Presbyterian First Bethany Lutheran First Mennonite Inner City Parish St. Cajetans Catholic St. Elizabeths Catholic St. Johns Lutheran St. Josephs Catholic Wesley United Methodist Acting General Coordinator: James E. Hall.
Recorder Task Force Chairman: Don Schierling.
Staff: Germaine Aragon, Barbara Baker, Betty Benavidez, Waldo Benavidez, John Bru-nick, Alberta Crespin, Anna Flores, Jerry Garcia, Connie Griego, Rachel Guedea, Barbara Karf, Tom Martinez, Dean iBafakttifr Contributors: Martha Cooper, Evelyn Elfstrom, Jim Romero, |p;dn Schierling.
Photography: Barbara Baker, Raymond Castro*,
Artwork: John Flores. Advertising and Distribution Manager: Ruperto Guedea, Jr. Mailing Crew: St. John Lutheran Church.
West Side residents who are interested in working on, or learning to work on the Recorder should call Jim Hall at 222-3337 or Rachel Guedea at 266-1445.
A forum in which the readers express their opinions published monthly at Box 925, Millen, Georgia, Zip 304412. Sample 25c.
This is the story of a boy who started using marihuana when he was just thirteen years old ... and how he continued taking drugs including drugs like. Redbirds and Yellow Jackets and then he kept on trying some other drugs, like heroin and morphine and codeine and one thing you should know about these drugs is ALL OF THESE DRUGS ARE DANGEROUS!
This boy wen on using these drugs until he was eighteen years old when he decided to try some LSD. He got tc| where he liked these drugs so much that he reached the point of taking them for kicks and then he continued to take marihuana and LSD for about two years before he quit taking drugs for good. Yes, he QUIT!
If you are wondering what happened to this boy if you are wondering if this is a true story ... if you are wondering where learn about boys like this one and how to learn more about what, te do to get educatedwell, I can answer all; these things.
The story is true, because I am that boy. Now I am working with boys and girls albout thirteen to nineteen years of age. I show films on drug abuse and talk with these boys and girls about the dangers involved through using drugs. And if YOU want to get educated you can come and see these films at the West Side Youth Center, 1438 Navajo Street, on Thursdays. Or better yet, call me, LEO LUCERO, at the West Side Action Center, 534-5141, and Ill talk to you too.
September Back-to-School Specials
SCHOOL UNIFORMS..............$1.00
PANT SUITS...................$1.00
974 Santa Fe Dr. Denver, Colo. 80204 802-0613 or 455-1698
Open Fridays & Saturdays at 5:30 p.m.
Sundays 11:30 a.m.
6 4 Mexican Movies; Cartoons O Admission: Adults $1.25, Children with parents free, otherwise 25c.
Mexican Food Served.
The only Mexican Theater with a Wide-Giant Screen.
CASH in your funny incidents, jokes, short stories or any crazy thing that has happened to you.
Abel Gallegos Manager
260 Bannock St.
WEST SIDE RECORDER, August, 1970Page 3

Democrat District #3
These are the boundaries of Senate District #3
6th we..
3P MfE.
Leona chats with two of her neighbors, David Sedillos and Richard Sanchez.
and go to school in a firetrap; so they can have a really equal education/ Since the school board is having: such trouble getting a bond issue passed, she suggested perhaps they should cut out some of the other things and try to pass one just to take care of ail the schools over 50 years old.
One of Leonas hopes for the West Side is that it stay residen-ital and that it have better housing. She feels that perhaps the City Planning Office downtown, is trying to phase out the West Sideparticularly the area north of Sixth Aevnue by chopping it up with thorough fares. One ways are something the West Side already has more of than it needs!
Another hope is for a shop-ing center in the neighborhood. So many families on West Side do not have transportation. They have difficulty getting to a variety of stores such as a shopping center could provide.
Mrs. Partney is an optimist. Despite the great obstacles, she thinks the job can be done. She believes that we can achieve what we all want for the West Side. If enough people care to work for these things, they
Mrs. Partney works on her flower trellis in front of her house.
will come. Yo've got to have faith in God and people. There is good in everybody. We have to look for it.
The West Side owes a thank you to Leona for her hard work and confidence. We think the best way to show our gratitude would be to work together to achieve the things she and all of us want for the West Side.
A West Sider by choice, Leona Partney has been actively Involved in community affairs for 3 years. She and her husband have lived on the West Side for 13 years. Most of these years she worked outside her home. But when she retired she soon became very busy with West Side affairs.
She served as a District Director of the WSIA for 2 years and as its Vice President for 2 years also. She is presently a member of the Neighborhood Planning Board and the Auraria Board of Directors. In the recent election for the Auraria Board, she spent considerable time and effort recruiting resident candidates to run for the Board. She also did reporting for the Recorder for two years and help-
ed distribute it. in her neighborhood.
Mr. and Mrs. Partney are both members of the White Buffalo Council. He is part Cherokee and she is part Chip-pawa Indian. They have one married daughter, Mrs. Diane
Dickensiheets and one granddaughter, 16 months old. Both their daughter and son-in-law are West Side graduates.
Leona has many concerns and hopes for the West Side. One big concern is absentee landlords, the kind who don't care about anything, but receiving their rent money. She feels there is a need for stronger housing codessome West Side houses are unbelievably run down and dangerous. Along with the better codes there needs to be better enforcement of them. Too often it is the small local landlord is made to comply and the big ones dd nothing. She told of one absentee oiwner who had to be pushed by the Department of Health and Hospitals to provide such a small thing as an adequate number of garbage cans for five families.
Another concern is Elmwood School. We definitely need a new school so children do not need to eat next to restrooms
May the Holy Spirit Enlighten Our Boys and Girls in the Coming School Year
Sunday8:0019:1511:0012:15 Dally8:0012:155:15 Holiday7:008:0012:15-5:15
Daily 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Saturdays 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
7:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Each Monday at 7:00 p.m.
4th Sunday of Month at 1:30 p.m. Mass
Tuesdays at 8:00 a.m., 12:15 5:15 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Fridays at 8 a.m., 12:15 p.m. and 5:15 p.m.
11th and Curtis Sts.
Page 4WPST SI DP RKCORDRR, August, 1970

West Siders to Visit Mexico
Inner City Parish News
SUMMER PROGRAM ENDS The Inner City Parish ended the summer with fun and a swimming party at the Arapahoe Tennis Club. All summer was fun and full of learning experiences. We had camp, swimming, and field trips throughout the city as well as outside the city. We were staffed by N.Y.C. workers who did most of the summer's work, from cleaning the building to working with the children involved wth the programs. The staff in itself was great; we had our problems, but we worked them out as the summer went on.
We also wish to thank the two Vista workers who helped in all of the Parish activities. The Vistas were James Luers-sen and Judy Jaramillo.
The N.Y.C. on our staff Were Ben Juarez, Ray Montoya, Darlene Robles, Raymond Castro, Jack Burg, Rose Rogers, Pam Milliard, Angie Aguiree, Helen Jaramillo, and Danny Jaramillo. We thank you all for a good and most enjoyable summer.
STAFFERS WED ...Mary Ann Lynch and Angelo Spataro were married August 16, at Rockland Community Church. Angelo is from Rockford, Illinois and will study law here in Denver. Mary Ann will still work at the playschool at the Parish. The Parish staff wishes them all the luck in the world.
The Parish would like to welcome Cathy Brunick, who is our new secretary. She took Janet Bretts place in June. Good luck!
Vista Trainees Living in Local Homes
A group of Vista trainees are temporarily living in the West Side as part of their on the job training. Some of the trainees plan to Work for and with the people of our neighborhood, and others will be spread out over the Rocky Mountain area.
The families that have these trainees living with them are:
Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Benavidez, 1110 Mariposa; Mrs. Josephine Perez, 1154 Kalamath; Mrs. Lucero, 921 Bryant; Mr. and Mrs. Baca, 472 Elati; Mrs. Germaine Aragon, 1310 Navajo St.; Mrs. Rivera, 947 Kalamath St.; Mr. and Mrs. Jose Archuleta, 227 West 5th Ave.; Mr. and Mrs. Martinez, 351 Bannock; Mrs. Gwen Allislon, 1361 Mariposa; Mrs. Flora 'Herrera, 47 Fox St.; Mrs. Thompson, 1417 Mariposa St.
On August 29, six West Side children will participate in a trip to Mexico City, sponsored by Inner City Parish. The three boys and three girls of Junior High age will be accompanied by Steve Johnsen and Maggie Jackson of the Parish staff. Funds for the trip have been donated by churches and individuals throughout Colorado.
The trip will last approximately fifteen days, and though final details have not yet been completed, the highlights of the trip1 will be visits to Guadalajara, Cuernavaca, and Mexico City. The purpose of the trip is to help kids and the staff gain a fuller understanding of Mexican culture and history. On the way to and from Mexico, the group will be visiting places of interest in the U. S. Southwest.
Mrs. John D. Anderson, a Board member of the Regional Transportation District, has indicated that the District wll explore routes other than Colfax Avenue for the proposed air-cushion vehicle. The Colfax route has been opposed by the West Side Coalition on the ground that it would increased business encroachment on the West Side.
Mrs. Anderson, who is chair-
man of the Transportation Districts Route Selection Committee said that the feasibility of a route in the vicinity of Wazee Street will be given serious consideration. A Wazee Street route would begin in the same Bear Stadium area proposed as the western terminal for the Colfax Route. Both routes would travel to the downtown. The Wazee route would be several' blocks north of Colfax Avenue.
We have completed the replacement of steel stair treads on the steps leading to balconies on. ten buildings. This job of replacement was started last year and is now complete.
We have replaced broken and cracked sidewalks in 6 areas. We still have 3 areas to complete.
New 12 cu. ft. refrigerators have been placed in 20 of our apartments, and 30 new 20 ranges installed. The tileing program is under way and we
have enough tile to complete 40 apartments.
At So. Lincoln Park we have laid 4,000 sq. feet of sod. This is a step toward completition of our outside beautification program.
The repair of electric conduits on the outside of 20 buildngs has been completed.
New 12 cu. ft. refrigerators have been placed in 10 apartments.
New 20 ranges have been placed in 20 apartments.
EDUCATIONAL DIRECTOR Salary $11,000* -4-^ $14,000
per year. Qualifications Graduate of accredited college or university with BA or BS degree in Social Science or related field OR 3 years of educational experience in working in programs dealing with specific problems of the hard-core unemployed. Should be bi-lingu-al and bi-cultural.
Job Openings at Operation SER
Applications for job openings are now being accepted at Operation SER, 1039 Inca St. Applications may be submitted to the Project Director until Sept, ember 6, 1970.
Job openings are:
Salary $13,000 $15,000 per year. QualificationsGraduate of accredited college or university with BA dr BS degree in Business Administration, Social Sgiehce or related field. Must have administrative experience in working with hard-core unemployed. Administrative experience may be subsisted for academic preparation. Must have working knowledge of problems faced by hard-core unemployed. Should be bi-lingual and bi-cultural.
350 Santa Fe Drive Pool Snooher Games
Regulation Size Tables jOpen Noon till Midnight!
7 Days a Week Closed Labor Day
Recreation Directora full time job responsible for all class and interest groups such as arts and crafts, woods-hop, cultural arts, sports, "or?; as requested. Also responsible for Teen Lounge, drop-in programs, study halls. Minimal qualifications: High School diploma or GED and experience in organizing varied programs. $516-600 per month. Appointment possible within salary range according to experience.
Head Start DirectorA half-time job responsible for all administrative direction, staff supervision, interagency relationships, Denver Opportunity requirements as related to 6 Head Start classes of Auraria Community Center. Minimal Qualifications: Masters degree or equivalent experience plus administrative experience. Completion of twenty-four semester hours in Child Development or related fields. $3550-4750 annually.
Both jobs available for immediate employment. Job descriptions and applications available at Auraria Commuity Center, 1212 Mariposa, applications must be in by September 8, 1970.
iVeed a
Betty Benavidez
You get the "Cream of the Crop" of the better tenants when you list your vacancies with "ZEKE" at the WEST SIDE ACTION CENTER, 1312 Santa Fe Drive.
Our rental service is FREE to you, as well as the renter. We have daily requests for all sizes and types of houses and apartments, furnished and unfurnished.
Call 534-5141 anytime between 12:30 and 4:30 p.m. daily for free listing of your next vacancy. Compare the tenant you will get with the one you had see the difference.
(File This Ad For Future Reference)
Clip and Save for Sept. 8th
THE BEST FOR THE WEST See. State Congress State Senate
John Craig Joe
The Three TOP Line Candidates
Sept. 13, 14, 15 & 16
STARTING AT 7:20 P.M. EACH NIGHT Guest Minister will be:
Warren United Methodist Church Denver, Colo.
Members of the Community Are Welcome and Urged to Try and Attend.
Rev. Beck makes the Church aware of its Christian Responsibilities in the last half of the 20th Century.
WEST SIDE RECORDER, August, 1970Page 5

Child Care Classes
Resident Committee of South Lincoln Park Homes Listed
Scheduled At Mariposa Clinic
An eight week series ol expectant parents discussion classes will be conducted at Mariposa Health Station Annex on Wednesday evenings from 6-8 p.m. beginning September 16, 1970. Although these classes are not limited to couples, they are being held in the evenings so fathers can attend. Because the father is a very important member of the family unit and rarely has the opportunity to ask questions, we would like him to attend, also. The classes are intended to answer questions expectant parents have about pregnancy and new baby care and will be conducted on a very informal basis. Refreshments will be served and there will be
Last month we listed the names of the North Lincoln Park residents who are members of the budget committee for Lincoln Park Homes. At this time we would like to list the names of the South Lincoln Park Homes residents who are serving on this committee.
Mrs. Esther Henry, 1005 Mariposa St.
The West Side Action Center is organizing a Buying Club within the community. The center buys food wholesale, and lets the people in the community have these foods at exactly the wholesale price. The prices on these foods vary from week to week. At present we are taking orders on eggs and milk. Extra large eggs sell for
Mrs. Shirley Martinez, 1256 W. 10th Ave.
Mattie Nixon, 1309 W. 10th Ave.
Mrs. Davies, 1061 Navajo St
We are glad to see these ladies and the people we listed last month from North Lincoln Park Homes taking this responsibility.
46 cents per doz. and V2 gal. of milk for 47 cents. People in the community may use their food stamps to purchase these foods. As the membership gets larger the center will be taking orders for canned ifood of all kinds. For more information call the Action Center at 534-5141. There is no membership fee at this time.
Buying Club Being Set Up at West Side Action Center
no charge for the classes.
We feel that West Side parents are very eager to do the very best they can for their children from the very beginning and so we are offering this expanded service.
Staff Changes
Dr. Frank Seydell has been transferred from Pediatrics to Adult Service and will be seeing patients every week day afternoon.
Dr. John McCarthy and Steve Burmen will be in Pediatrics for the rest of the summer.
Dr. Larry Matthews will be joining the Pediatric Staff in September.
The health station has been
6th Ave & Santa Fe Dr.
Auto Repair Tune-ups
European Car Repair 255-4076
Beware of Salesmen
Beware of door to door salesmen! Salesmen selling Bibles and Religious Books.
We have received complaints on salesmen selling Bibles and Religious Books. They identify themselves as being representatives of a specific church. The salesmen have picked the poor communities as their main target. The salesmen tell the customer that all profits will go to the needy. The salesman tells the customer that if he does not buy the books, liis children will be juvenile delinquents, and that God will not forgive him if he does not buy the books!
If you are approached by one of these salesmen, call 433-8981.
broken into a number of times recently. We would like to ask the communtys participation in warding off further vandalism. This is your health facility. Pleaise notify the police if you see any stranger loitering about after hours.
Vote For and Re-Elect
Tom Eres Vic Grandy
Mrs. Aria Taylor
Benefit Show for Family
The Santa Fe Theater, 974 Santa Fe, will present a benefit show for the family of Anthony Hernandez of Brighton, Colorado on Sept. 14. Mr. Hernandez was killed in a tragic accident leaving his widow and two children without insurance.
The show will include two Mexican films, Los Desarraiga-dos with Pedro Armendariz and El Centauro Pancho Villa with Joaquin Cordero and Lucha Villa. Also appearing in person will be the Trio Cabana and Jose Murmuras from Puerto Rico and the Trio Potosdno with Tonie Dearte from Las Vegas, New Mexico. Steve Castillo will emcee the show.
The program will start at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 14. Tickets are $1.50 per person, children under 12 free.
Barnes Discusses Issues At West Side Party Craig Barfnes, candidate for Congress from District 1, attended a Beer and Pretzel Party held in his honor at Lincolr Park on Saturday, August 1st. About 75 Westsiders attended the gathering, drank beer, and discussed issues with the candidate. Craig Barnes has been involving himself with problems of neighborhoods such as the West Side and will continue to do so if elected.
For Groceries
Bray's Groceries
360 Bannock New Phone 733-9977
Arapahoe Glass
Need a Windshield?
We install windshields at your home. We work with all insurance companies. Free pick-up and delivery service.
Complete Storm Door Service and Rescreening
Glass of Ali Types
;$j|: 1ft, 1st Ave*.
Germaine Aragon
Germaine Aragon, 1310 Navajo, has done reporting for the West Side Recorder for about 3 years. A busy mother with 5 boys at home, she is also taking several courses at Metro State College. Mrs. Aragon has 2 girls and 4 other boys who no longer live at home.
Besides reporting for the Recorder, she is active at the Inner City Parish, belongs to the Crusade for Justice and does a
lot of just plain helping other people where she can. She and her sons, Thomas, Ruperto, Mariano, Porfirio and Tino, are contributing financially on a regular basis to the Recorder.
Germaine grew up working in the fields as a farm worker. She had lived on the West Side for a long time and enjoys reporting for the Recorder especially about the ordinary people and what happens to them.
For Santa Fe Theater
SEPHEMBRE 4, 5, 6 El TexanoCon Rodolfo De Anda y Elsa Cardenas.
Amaneci En Tus Brazos Con Lucha Villa y Fernando Casanova ; a colores.
Nacidos Para CantarCon Enrique Guzman y Julissa.
Voy De GalloCon Maria a Pons y Ann Bertha Lepe; a colores.
SEPTIEMBRE 11, 12, 13 Solo Para TiCon Angelica Maria, Mauricio Garces y Fernando Lujan.
Los Amores De Juan Charras-queadoCon David Reynoso y Lucha Villa; a colores.
Dr. Satan Y La Maga Negra Con Joaquin Cordero y Sonia Furio; a colores.
Los Tigres Del RingCon Crox Alvarado y Meche Bar-
SEPTIEMBRE 18, 19, 20 Santo vs. Blue Demon En La AtlantidaCon Santo, Blue Demon y Silvia Pasquel; a colores.
Cuando Tu No Estas Con Raphael; a colores.
Dos Inocentes Mujeriegos Con Julio Aldama y Irma Dorantes.
Sombra VerdeCon Ricardo Montalban y Ariadne Welter.
SEPTIEMBRE 25, 26, 27 Mision Cumplida Con Re-sortes, Fernando Soler y Ofelia Guilman; a colores. Bromas S. A. Gloria Marin y Mauricio Garces; a colores. La Sierra Del Terror Tony Aguilar y Alicia Ravel.
El Fantasma De La1 Casa Roja Con Raul Martinez y Alma Rosa Aguirre.
H. G. Martin, Enforcement Supervisor of the city Zoning Office, has filed suit against a junkyard being operated in the vacant lots just north of 814 Mariposa Street. The lots are in a residential area that is zoned R-2. R-2 zoning per-
mits only single family homes and small apartment buildings. It dose not permit businesses or junkyards.
The junkyard which was established over a month ago is operated by Tony Cisneros who lives at 814 Mariposa. The land is owned by Robert Dreher, 11784 Pleasant Avenue, Golden and Raymond Bartelson, 3055 South Milwaukee Circle.
There have been numerous complaints from West Side residents about the appearance of the junkyar and about the danger that is poses to the many young children in the area. The suit brought by the city against the junkyard is scheduled to come to trial September 18.
Annual Summer Clean-up
The West Side Improvement Association recently conducted their annual summer dean-up drive on the West Side. Sanitary Services, the city agency that removed the junk, reported that a total of 80 truck loads of rubbish was hauled from the area bounded by Mariposa, Colfax, Alameda, and Broadway. The cost to the city was $1742.08.
The Association also awarded Mr. John Munoz a Certificate of Merit for the fine job he has done remodeling his house at 717 Inca. Other awards will be given to West Siders that are improving their homes.
Welcomes You to:
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 9:00 -10:00 a.m. CHURCH SCHOOL: 10:00 11:00 a.m.
Ministers: Kermit Derstine Don Schierling Phone 892-1038
Page 6WEST SIDE RECORDER, August, 1970

School News
School Milk Bea Receives
Prices Raised Metro Grant
West Principal talks with Action Ministry.
The new principal at West this year is R. Wesley Johnson, who was the principal at Lake Junior High.
Talking with Dr. Johnson, he seems to want to help the school and community better themselves. Also, Dr. Johnson wishes to meet as many parents and community organizations as possible so that he can get a better understanding of the community and its problems.
School Days Are Here
School opens on September 9th for all children in Denver Public Schools on the West Side. Children going to St. Joseph's Elementary School will start on the 31st of August. Ones going to St. Joseph's High School will start the first day of September for half a day.
West will start classes at 7:55 a.m. on the 9th, and will dismiss classes between 11:30 and 12 noon. Baker will start at 8 a.m. and dismiss at the same time. Elementary school children will report at 8:45 and will be dismissed at noon. Kindergarten pupils will attend school for one hour on Wednesday, September 9th. Principals will notify parents of kindergarten children regarding the time schedules for that day.
Pupils new to Denver, or who have moved during the summer to a new school area are asked to register before the opening day of school at the school closest to them. All school offices are open week days.
Child Care Center To Open Soon
Metropolitan Denver Child Care Association is opening a Day Care Center on the West Side at 59 Elati St The center will offer care from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. to children of low income women either working or in draining programs. Applications are being taken for the following positions: (All jobs are eight hour shifts).
Teacher: Qualifications 24 semester hours of credit in Child development, anid 3 years satisfactory experience in group care of children.
Teacher Assistant: QualificationsHigh school diploma or Ged. Resident of Target
First Avenue Presbyterian 120 West First Avenue Rev. A. J. Blomqulst, Pastor Sunday School9:45 a.m.
Classes for all ages. Morning Worship11:00 a.m. Bible Study & Prayer Service Wednesday7:30 p.m. Sunday evening meetings at 7:00 p.m.
Jesus said. By this shall all men know that you are my disciples If you love one another.
Also on the West High staff are Don Thompson, Boys Advisor; Irma James, Girls Advisor; and Tony Salazar (from North High), Assistant Principal.
Open House For Parents
There will be an open house, or drop-in at West High at 7:30 p.m. on September 10th. Parents are urged to come and meet the new principal, Drf. Johnson, and the 22 other new faces at West this year.
The Denver Public Schools lunchrooms will charge 8c for a half-pint of milk this year instead of the 4c charged last year. The reason for the price change is that the federal subsidy which was in effect last year has not yet been approved for the coming school year. .
Last year a half-pint of milk cost the schools 7.6c. The pupils paid 4c for the milk with the 3.6c being made up by a federal subsidy.
It was emphasized that if the federal subsidy is resumed later in the year the price of milk to the pupils will be lowered accordingly.
A number of a la carte items have been raised from 2c to 5c each to cover increased costs. However, the cost of the plate lunch will remain the same as last year30c in elementary schools and 35c in junior and senior highs.
New Courses Offered This Fall To Students At Baker Junior High
Baker Junior High School will inaugerate three new courses in Vocational Education in September, 1970. These are being offered in an effort to bring more relevancy to our curriculum and to better meet the needs of our students.
The Wood Shop, under M r .
Richard Graw will feature the basic skills of the construction industry. This will include designing, sketching and drawing, estimating costs, building from frame structures, concrete work, cinder block mid brick laying, installing electrical plumbing, and sheet metal duct systems. In short, they will be exposed to all the basics needed for building a house. Only seventh grade students will participate.
The second new course, Exploratory Electronics, will be taught by a teacher new to Baker, Mr. Ad Lopez. It will give our eighth grade students the basios of electricity and electronics. All equipment and materials wll be funded by the National Defense Education Act.
Another new teacher, Mr.
Marvin Clemons, will offer a course in Cooperative Work
Area E, and experience in preschool or related area.
Teacher Aide, Housekeeper, Assistant Cook: Qualifications Resident of target area E and liking for children.
Cook: Experience in cooking for large groups.
Clerk-aide: Secretarial skills: High School or Ged.
Applications for children to enroll for the Fall can be obtained by contacting Metropolitan Denver Child Care Association, 1845 High St.
Anne's Beauty Salon
SHIRLEY and JUNE Haircuts and Permanents Our Specialty SEPTEMBER SPECIAL $20.00 Permanent for $12.50 Open 6 days a week.
971 Santa Fe
Fresh cut meats Quality groceries Fresh fruits Gr vegetables Food Coupons Accepted
1301 SANTA FE DR. 825-9891
Open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Closed Sundays
Beatrice Acosta, daughter of Mrs. Cleo Acosta, of 1448 Osage received a combination grant and work-study from Metropolitan State College where she will enroll for the fall quarter. Miss Acosta plans to major in business.
Beatrice has lived in the West Side all her lfe and has been active both in the community and in the school system. She has attended Greenlee, Baker, and is a 1970 graduate of West Side High School.
Beatrice Acosta
A Letter to Elmwood Parents
Training. In this class students will attend school three periods in the morning to learn the related Mathematics, language arts, and industrial or business education skills. In the afternoon, the students will receive on-the-job work exploration experience. This will provide suitable work and special academic oriented experiences aimed at assisting the student to become a more satisfied and productive citizen.
All three programs will be offered on a pilot basis with future funding depending on successful results.
St. Cajetan's Will Not Open
St. Cajetans Grade School will not open this fall. Archbishop James V. Casey announced the closing of the school with the end of school last spring. He concurred with recommendations given to him by the education committee of the parish council.
Rev. Joseph Torres, S.J., said the children who live in the Auraria site (about 20) will go to the St. Elizabeths school this fall. The other children will go to St. Josephs and other Catholic schools around the area.
The school building will serve as a COD center until it is bought by the Auraria Complex.
Elmwood School announces a new time schedule for the year beginning Sept. 9, 1970.
Classes for pupils will begin daily at 8:30.
A.M. Kindergarten hours will be 8:30-11:30.
P.M. Kindergarten hours will be 12:30-3:20.
Lunch hours will remain the same, 11:30-12:30 for 1st grade.
11:45;12:45 for grades 2 through 6 Monday through Thursday.
Every Friday afternbon all children will 'be dismissed at 3:05 p.m.
We are initiating some changes in our reading program this fall. This program will require much greater sharing and cooperative planning between teachers. This schedule will permit all teachers to meet by grade levels, or in larger groups
Baker Students Receive Honors
AH 15 Summer School students that attended Baker Extension at 1042 Santa Fe Dr. received certificates on achievement in English and Social studies. Mr. John Doyle and Mr. Stevens educators of the school and special friends of the students would have liked to give the students certificates in other subjects but Denver Public Schools allow only 10 credits to be given in any Public School during the summer.
if desired, every Friday afternoon for at least 90 minutes to share, discuss, and plan learning activities for the following week. Our present schedule makes a planning session of this type impossible.
This new schedule provides the same amount of instruction time that is provided for all Denver Public School Elementary pupils. If there are any questions please feel free to call Elmwood School. Thank you for your cooperation. Please come and visit us whenever you can.
Victor F. Romero
Principal Elmwood
RECORDER Coll 266-1445
Guisinger Flower & Gift Shop
240 W. 6th Ave. 222-9207
. For All Occasions Specializing in Wedding & Funeral Flowers and Dish Gardens
Priced to Meet Your Needs.
The Newly Remodeled NIGHT CLUB
4 P.M.-6:30 P.M.
2 "fer" the price of 1
Hard Stuff and Bottle Beer Included
No Cover Charge Tues., Wed., Thur., and Sundays.
Dancing to Soul and Latin Music
9 TO 2 Wednesdays Thru Saturdays Sundays 8 to Midnight Special Friday and Saturday Dancing After Hours
2 AM. to 4 A.M.
WEST SIDE RECORDER, August, 1970Page 7

Neighborhood Notes
Gilbert R. Tafoya, Jr.
Lucha Aztzin Martinez was bom to Senor y Senora Manuel N. Martinez of 1369 Navajo St. at Denver General Hospital on May 22, 1970 en el Ano del Chdcano. Lueha was baptized August 7th by Senor y Senora Gilberto Quintana of 1369 Mariposa, at Lincoln Park pool in front of the mural.
* *
Mrs. Arminia Kirbys brother, the Reverend Thomas H. Washington, wife and daughter visited her in July for a week. The Reverend and Family are from Houston, Texas. The Kirbys live at 1404 Osage St.
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert R. Tafoya became the proud parents of a baby boy, on July 7th. His name is Gilbert Rudolph Tafoya Jr. Gilbert Senior is a neighborhood rep. at the West Side Action Center.
* *
Sargent George H. Mason and his wife Victoria have a new son Largo Mason. He was bom July 19th. The Masons home is at 1404 Osage St.
Mary Teresa Rodriquez, 571 Inca St., attended the Alpine Music Camp at Aspen, Colorado June 21 to 28. Mary, a tenth grader, helps deliver the West Side Recorder.
Mr. J. Novey oif Baker Junior High was one of the instructors at the camp
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Carr are the new managers of Plaza Family Billiards at 350 Santa Fe Dr. They acquired management in December of 1969. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Olire are employed by them. Business hours are noon to midnight, seven days a week. Pool, snooker and games are available, and juke box music. On sale are sandwiches, beverages and candy. For more information call 534-9409.
m' * *
Mrs. Grace Atzell and family of 1318 W. ICth ave, are newcomers to the West Side. Her children are Charles Joseph, 28, Eddie Dean 14, and Debra Jean, 13. Richard Dennis age 20, another son of Mrs. Atzell passed away June 24th.

Mr. Abe Rios Acosta, the father of Mr. John Acosta of 130 W. 10th Ave., has been visiting him. The elder Mr. Acosta Is from Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico.
* *
Randy Aragon, of 1322 W. 10th Ave. was given a birthday party to which many children of the neighborhood attended. Randy was three. He is the son of Mrs. Jennie Aragon.
Cathy Alire of 1308 Navajo St. will graduate for the American Beauty College on August 29th. Congratulations Cathy!
Back home from Strasburg, Colorado where he was vacationing is Charles Gonzales. He resides at the home of Mrs. Emily Jacques and Family of 1322 Lipan St.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Arnold of 1328 Navajo St. had a visit from their daughter, Laureen Quillan of Houston, Texas earlier this month.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfonzo Martinez, 1378 Mariposa St., celebrated -their 50th wedding anniversary at a reception July 18, in Trinity Methodist Church, 18th and Broadway.
Prior to the reception the couple repeated their wedding vows at the church service, with the Rev. Ralph Aragon officiating. A dance was held in the evening.
The couple was married July 15, 1920, in Wagon Mound, N. M., where they lived until 1942, when they moved to Denver.
Mr. and Mrs. Martinez have 10 children, Miss Josie Martinez, Mrs. Lilly Rios, Mrs. Priscilla Roybal, Mrs. Frances Martinez, Tony, Paul, Ernie, Lawrence and Ronnie Martinez, all of Denver, and Mrs. Aldina LeDoux of Brighton. There are 31 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.
Congratulations to the Mar-tinezes.
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Page 8WEST SIDE RECORDER, August, 1970
Joe Gregory
Joseph Paul Gregory, born March 22, 1945 passed away July 4, 1970 from an eye operation caused by a tumor. Joseph is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gregory; and three brothers, James, Gary and Michael, all of which live at 1328 West Colfax. Although sick most of the time, Joseph was a maintenance man for five years in the projects where he lived. He was a student at Greenlee, Baker, and West High School.
Mrs. Beatrice Rael, 87, of San Francisco, is vjsiting her daughter, Mrs. Cleo Acosta of 1448 Osage St. for a two month vacation. She also will be visiting other relatives in the area.
Mrs. Emelia Alire had eye surgery and now is home. Mrs. Alire cannot see too well yet, so she cannot get out much. She would like for friends to stop by and visit her.
George Toppila of 1040 West Colfax Ave., will soon go to Los Angeles to visit his parents. This will be a happy event for George and his parents since they have not seen each other for eight years.
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Don Genera: Baker Leader I
Donald P. Genera the pin-cipal of Baker Jr. high is a former beetpicker. Don came up the hard way and really appreciates the position that he has earned in the Denver Public Schools. His father was a miner, and was killed in a mine accident. His mother works as a dishwasher and tortilla maker in a restaurant to keep the family at a bare existence level. Don worked in the beet field and at odd jobs to stay in school. He knows what poverty is all about and how to handle it.
His college was interrupted by WW n. However, he went on and graduated from Denver University in 1949. He started teaching in the Denver Public Schools in 1950.
Mr. Genera has finished his
WEST SIDE CENTER OPEN FOR FOOD STAMPS Two staff members of the Action Center are certifying for Food Stamps again, which will be a big help to people in this area as well as the Food Stamp Office. Anyone that is interested in finding out if they are eligible to particpate in the Food Stamp program should bring with them their latest paycheck stubs, utility receipts,' rent receipts, and medical bills paid dating -back within the last 90 days; also signed identification cards such as drivers license, health care card, or any other valid identification contaning your signature.
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first year as principal of Baker, and is eagerly awaiting the start of his second year.
It is my firm belief that the best way out of poverty and discrimination for those of my ethnic group is through education and personal perseverence,' Genera says. Since coming to Baker he has helped start and supported a number of new programs. The Baker extension center at 1042 Santa Fe Dr., and the new fall programs slated for Baker are some areas where he has shown concern and leadership in acquiring for the West Side. We look forward to many fine years of leadership at Baker from this fine i man.
Bingo at Centro
Mexican American Political Association (M.A.P.A.) will be sponsoring bingo games starting September 9th at Centro Cultural, 935 W. 11th Ave.
Burritos, coffee, and pop will be served. There will be 12 regular games of bingo, 4 special games|, and cash prizes, plus the pickle jar.
2 Mexican Movies 2 Singing Groups
SANTA FE THEATER 974 Santa Fe Drive
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