West side recorder, June, 1971

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West side recorder, June, 1971
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Volume 8Number 2
Monthly Newspaper of the West Side, Denver, Colorado
June, 1971
Halls Move to California on June Sixth
Lora, Jim and Jimmy Hall
The West Side will miss Jim and his tireless efforts in its behalf. The Recorder Staff will particularly miss his guidance on the paper. We can best show our appreciation for all his help by continuing to carry on on our own those projects he has helped with in the years he was here.
Since 1967 Jim Hall has been the pastor of Wesley Methodist Church at 5th and Galapago. For many"'seminarians this would
have involved a simple task within the church. From the beginning Jim realized and believed that the work of the church did not end within the walls of the building. Even with criticism from the congregation and with the extra load of school he continued to seek to make the gospel relevant.
In the spring of 1968, Jim helped to start the West Side Action Ministry to help serve the West Side, and keep the West
Action Council Annual Meeting Everyone Welcome
The West Side Action Council and the West Side Action Center staff are very busy these days in preparation for the Annual Meeting to be held on June 27, 1971, between 2:30 and 6:00 in the afternoon. The plans at this point indicate that the meeting will be held at the Lincoln Park, if they can get permission from the Denver Parks and Recreation Department. Hopefully, Mr. Ciancio, manager of Parks and Recreation, will lend us his cooperation. Going to press, Mr. Ciancio had not been contacted.
There is also a big undertaking for this year's council elections. The last elections held were on a cold, wet day in October of 1969. This;.-Is part of the reason for selecting an earlier date this year. The elections are being scheduled for Friday, August 20, 1971.
There will be 24 vacancies from the five census tracts and two vacancies from the youth representatives. The two youth representatives are to be elected from the total target area.
Those persons who are interested in running for a seat on the West Side Action Council are required to live in their census tract and to get a petition which will be available at the West Side Action Center. The petitions must have 25 signatures of fellow neighbors who also live i'|Y: the same tract.
The West Side Action: Council and the West Side Action Center? staff feel that, with the cooperation and efforts of the residents of West Denver and the people who work in the various agencies, the elections for Council in 1971 will surely surpass the over 1,000 votes received in the last election of 1969
We ask for the community support. We ask for their help, their ideas and invite them to join this effort to avoid loosing services by this agency. Can we all pool together?
Part of the business of this Annual Meeting will be ammending the ByrLaws of the West Side Action Council and receiving reports of activities and programs. There will also be refreshments and entertainment;.
To Upgrade West Side
An application for rezoning has been submitted to the Zoning Der partment signed by many residents of the area. It was submitted by the West Side Coalition (an organization composed of twelve active organizations on the West Side).
Besides the homeowners and residents who signed, the majority of/ churches who own property in the area also have signed.
The rezoning effort is part of a total comprehensive plan for the West Side for the future total development and conforms to the plans of the present newly formed CRP (Community Renewal Program) board which also is doing a study of the needs of the community for future development.
This rezoning effort has the support also of many city agencies who feel that if the West Side is to remain a residential area, that certain steps must be taken, rezoning being one. Other steps include street patterns and more open green spaces such as mini-parks. These measures are stop-gap measures so that a fully comprehensive plan, which would include shopping facilities, recreation area, etc. can be developed.
Side Recorder from folding. Not only was Jim a charter member of the West Side Action Ministry, but he was also convenor of the ministry for 1968.
At first Jim worked on the financial end of the paper. With Jim Hall, Rachel Guedea, and Pat Geddes leadership the paper has emerged as a voice for the West Side as it relates to the immediate issues of West Denver. In January 1969, he assumed responsibilities as advi sor for the Recorder. Through this direction a larger core of community people have become involved. Also in January 1969, Jim worked with Waldo Benavidez and other Wept Siders in setting up and starting the West Side Coalition. Jim served as an officer during the first year of the organization and spent many hard hours in helping get it off the ground.
In June of 1970, he joined the staff of Inner-City Parish and assisted in giving direction to the ministry of the community.
Jim has also been involved in the West Side Improvement association, and ran the community-wide vacation church school for the Action Ministry last summer.
The various agencies wish Jim, Lora and JJimmy much happiness -m theirnew home-in Southern California.
Due to matters beyond our control, much of the type in this months RECORDER is in smaller type than we normally have. Please bear with us.Ht will be corrected in the next issue of the paper, which will come out the last of July or the first of August.
Survey Of West Side Buildings
The Community Renewal Program has set up a neighborhood office on the West Side, located at 11th Ave. and Santa Fe Drive (2nd floor of the old Santa Fe Hotel). The office is staffed by a planner, Myles Rade-man, and a secretary, Bonnie Arroya. The phone number is 244-0026, and the office will be open daily from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.
At the present time, the West Side Office is conducting a structural survey of every building in the neighborhood. Two men specially trained for this job, Ray Trujillo and Harvey Strange, are out in the neighborhood examining the exterigg or of each building. They are marking the results on forms designed to aid in 'future planning for the West Side.
The Neighborhood Improvement Board, composed of eleven West Side Residents, and which gives citizen direction to the CRPs Planning Activities, met on Thursday, May 6, at the West Side Action Center. Of primary concern was the proposed Greyhound Bus Terminal to be located at Mariposa and Colfax Ave. Also discussed was the plans of The Denver Public School Board and how they effect the West Side.
Please note Even if you voted on May 18, you need to vote again on June 15. This is a run-off election and everyone needs to vote again. Also remember that you need to vote again for your candidate even if he is in the run-off election. For instance, if you voted for Father Garcia or Dale Tooley, you need to vote again for them because your vote on May 18 will not count for the nin-off election.
Basic Cost $800
Evelyn Elfstrom 10
First Avenue Presbytei ian
Church 10
Germaine Aragon
Family & Friends 10
First Bethany
Lutheran Church 10
First Mennonite
Church 10
Inner City Parish 20
St. Elizabeths
Catholic Church 10
St. John's Lutheran
Church 10
St. Josephs
Catholic Church 20
Wesley United
Methodist Church 10
West Side Coalition 10
Final consideration was given to Council #190 at a public hearing of City Council on Tuesday, June l.The bill, introduced by CounciImen Scavo, Hentzell, and Caldwell, was passed by a vote of 8 to 1 with only Councilman, ErnestMaranzino opposing. The bill prohibits inter-city terminals being located in areas which are zoned B-4. With passage of this bill, Greyhound Bus Lines will not be allowed to have their terminal at the proposed site which was 1100 West Colfax.
The West Side Coalition would like to thank every individual and organization who helped in opposing the proposed bus terminal.
Father Langton Sent to Chicago
Father Edmund Langton, pastor at St. Josephs Catholic Church has been selected to serve as Provincial Consultor of the Redemptorist Fathers in Glenview, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. He left this week for his new posT.-
He has been at St. Josephs for about 2Vi years. The West Side will miss him very much, not just his church, but all of us who have been associated with him in any way. This staff member will particularly miss his familiar figure walking in the neighborhood on his way to visit parishioners. A new pastor for St. Josephs has not yet been named.
West Side Family Evicted
John Murphy and his family were evicted on May 5 from their home at 900 Mariposa St. Mr. Murphy stated that he believed that his landlord had them evicted because he believed that the Murphys had reported the unfit conditions in the house to the Department of Health and Hospitals.
Mr. Murphy stated that neither he nor his family had done this. However, the landlord has previously been reprimanded by the health department for neglecting to make necessary repairs on the house. It appears that the landlord thought that it took too much money to re-
pair the house, but he thought nothing of taking the $125 for rent. He also required the Murphys to pay the water bill, which to our understanding is illegal.
It rained while the Murphys and their furniture were out on the sidewalk. Did it bother your conscience at all, Mr. Absentee Landlord? The landlord at 900 Mariposa St. is known to be Mr. Benjamin Naiman, also known as Jingles, of 166 South Sherman St. If it doesnt bother you, Mr. Naiman, please be advised that it bothers us, all of us who call ourselves West Siders and who care about our neighbors.
The Murphy family furniture sits on the sidewalk after they were evicted from their home at 900 Mariposa St.

Letter To Editor:
am glad to have had the chance to know so many people. My best wishes for the West Side and for the Center.
Dear Sir:
Sincerely, Marylou Morgan
It is with some regret that I have submitted my resignation as a social worker at Auraria Community Center effective June 25.
WM , . Senior Citizens9 Club
One or my goals over the tour
years has been to increase the num- 0n April 15th., twelve members
ber of neighborhood residents in of the Lincoln Park Senior Citizens decision-making, both at the Center Club with fifteen *residents of and in the wider community. We Hirschfeld Towers, the senior have started in this direction, citizen s hi-rise at 333 W. Ellsworth particularly on the Board, and I Ave., made up a party to attend would hope that more and more fhe evening performance of the Ice residents become involvedin pro- Capades at the Denver Coliseum, gram activities, in Board meetings, Transportation was arranged for by in community organization. Only Mary Lou Morgan
tf the Auraria
through a broad base of participa tion can the West Side gain its share of the city's resources.
My decision to leave the Center is independent of the changes that have occurred at the Center this past year. I will find it difficult to leave the many youngsters, teens, and adults that I have known but I
Community Center; she also secured the tickets. The Lincoln Park Seniors made their reservations through their club, while Mrs. Sue Wonner, a long time resident of Lincoln Park Homes, but now living at Hirschfeld Towers, was responsible for making the arrangements for the group from her building. The entire party had excellent seats and enjoyed the spectacular performance very much.
WEST SIDE RECORDER Founded May, 1964
Office: 930 W. Ninth Ave. Denver, Colo. 80204 Telephone: 266-1445
Member Churches:
First Avenue Presbyterian First Bethany Lutheran First Mennonite Inner City Parish St. Cajetan's Catholic St. Elizabeth's Catholic St. John's Lutheran St. Joseph's Catholic Wesley United Methodist
After all the votes were counted in the May 15 election, we have a run-off for the council seat for District 9. The two men in the runroff are Gene DiManna and Father Pete Garcia. Most of the other candidates including, Paul Sandavol, John Zapien, and1 Dennis Campbell have endorsed Father Pete for the council seat. They have joined together to hopefully elect a West Sider and a Chicano to the council. The West Side has long needed direct representation on the council and hopeful ly Father Pete can be that man to help the West Side on the council. The run-off election will be June 15th at the regular polls. If you are going to be out of town or can not get to the polls to vote, you should call Jerry Garcia at Inner City Parish, at 244-2636, for absentee ballots. For goodness sake let's elect a West Sider to the council!!!!
a a a
Sunday8:009:1511:0012:15 Dally-8:0012:155:15 Holiday7:008:0012:155:15
Daily 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Saturdays 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
7:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Each Monday at 7:00 p.m.
4th Sunday of Month at 1:30 p.m. Mass
Tuesdays at 8:00 a.m.t 12:15 p.m.,
5:15 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Fridays at 8 a.m., 12:15 p.m. and 5:15 p.m,
11th and Curtis Sts.
Page 2 WEST SIDE RECORDER, June, 1971
Managing Editor:
Rachel Guedea
Staff: Germaine Aragon, Joyce Lacarra, Lelia Romero,
Waldo Benavidez, Alberta Crespin, Anna Flores, Jerry Garcia, Barbara Karr
Contributors: Sam Abeyta, Gil Martinez, Joe Baca, Ed Gallegos
Advertising Manager:
Ruperto Guedea, Jr.
Summer is here again and our thoughts return once again to the need of green spaces on the West Side. Last year efforts were made to get mini-parks on vacant lots throughout the West Side. So far, mini-parks have been at the planning stage and hopeful ly can become a reality this summer through the various organizations which are interested. The West Side Coalition will be making efforts to obtain
suitable lands for mini-parks.
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It is with much sadness that I say farewell to the West Side. I have worked here for the past four years, and my wife and I have lived here for the past two and one half years. There will always be a warm spot in our hearts for the West Side. We have made many wonderful friends here.
If there is one short message that / have for you, it would be to follow your own leaders. During these four years / have been very impressed with the community leadership that has developed. I am also very happy with the agency leadership that we now have on the West Side. You have to go a long way to find better people than, Gil Martinez, at the Action Center, Willy Montoya, at Auraria, Ramiro Cruz-Aedo at Inner City Parish, Waldo Benavidez with the West Side Coalition, Betty Benivedez, as State Representative, and Father Peter Garcia who is running for City Council. These people are all hard workers with the concern of the West Side in their hearts.
I guess that it is the real community people, who have lived hereall or most of their lives who's growth and leadership ability impress me the most. People like Jerry Garica of Inner City Parish, who along with Don Schierling of the Westside Action Ministry, and Waldo Benividez of the staff will be replacing me on the Recorder. Jerry leads a long list of West Siders, such as Ruben Leal, Josephine Perez, Carlos Padilla, Anna Flores, Germaine Aragon, Joe Giron, Manuel Martinez, Rose Rogers, Henry Maestas, Tito Guedea, and Vi Medrona, who have really put alot of work into the West Side during the past few years, and are growing community leaders.
You add to this list the longtime leaders, who in one way or another have been working for the good of the community for more than the four years that I have been here, people like Otto Winters, Leona Partney, Rachel Guedea, Carmen Hodges, Helen Lucero, and all the others.
If all of these people can get together and work together along with the other people on the West Side Coal ition, in the Action Center, and on the Action Council, in the Action Ministry, and in the Inner City Parish, lust think of the strength and unity the West Side would have.
In closing, I wou.ld just say that I hope that the Action Ministry will continue to run the Recorder for the community. I can think of no better ministry in this day than that of honest, open, and fair communication among people.
May God Bless you al
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Joe and Cecilia Trujillo
The Joe Trujillos, who operate Empire Cleaners on Bannock, are Model Citizens who are doing their part to make the West Side a Model Community.
They have had their business at 260 Bannock St. for the past three years. It is a small neighborhood-type family business, friendly and warm, the kind that is quickly being replaced by large impersonal commercial enterprises.
Mrs. Trujillo says that it is so friendly she sometimes finds herself worrying about her customers problems.
They keep their property in immaculate order and are will-
ing to work to help and encourage other West Siderstodothe same. Mr. Trujillo suggested clean-up crews of kids to pick up litter in the neighborhood.
They rent their home at 363 Cherokee St. and had nothing but praise for their absentee landlord. They said he keeps the property up, repairs and replaces things as needed, and is interested in maintaining it even though he doesnt live here.
The landlord and tenants have to work together though, said Mr. Trujillo, who admitted that they did some of the painting and keeping up themselves.
The Trujillos are opposed to heavy industry and warehouses moving into the West Side. They would like to see it stay residential, with good small businesses like theirs.
They have lived in the area for the past nine years, coming to Denver from Taos, where both agreed it was difficult to make a good living.
They have a daughter, Theresa, 17 years old, who attends w
St. Josephs High School where Readin
Summer Activities At BakeF
With the ringing of the bell at Baker Jr. High is very anxious 3:45 P.M. on June 11, school will to help all Junior High Students in be over for many Denver students, the West area. If you wish enroll* However, approximately 300 Junior 'ment forms or have questions, High students will be able to attend please call Mr. Ed Gallegos, the a variety of summer programs at school Coordinator (222-9718). Baker Junior High School (two The City and School Recreation outstanding Biology students Program will continue as in past Cynthia Mayberry and Penny Clark years, will attend seminars in Ecology and Botany at the Botanical Gardens.).
The two major summer programs II be the ESEA Education-Exprogram and the EAAC g Improvement program.
she was recently elected vice-
Both activities will begin on June
. ft - ... 21 and end on July 23. Students
president of the National Honor enrolled in the Education-Excursion Society. program will attend school from
I J SHh t --ii 8:00 A.M. to 12:00 noon daily and
Joe and Cecilia Trupllo are wi be gjven the opportuni{y to
active members of St. Josephs review and improve their skills in Church and of the PTA. He is a| English. Mathematics or Social , t ... e. , Studies. Ten hours credit will be
member of the West Side Coali- given to thOSe 7th and 8th graders
tion, the Veterans of Foreign who satisfactory complete the Wars, and the advisory board at As added enjoyment,
Baker Junior High School.
They admit to being well-settled and
are wi good place
on the West ling to make to work and
one day each week the students wi l be treated with an excursion. Two very excursions of special interest are; I an overnight stay at a luxury-type Mountain lodge in Estes Park and a lunch at the Country Dinner Playhouse. There will be no fees or tuition for the student since all expenses are paid by Title I, ESEA Fed era I funds.
it a live.
New PTA Officers At Fairmont School
New officers for the school year of 1971-72 were elected by the Fairmont PTA. They are: President, Priscilla Peters; First Vice-President, Jerry Jean Moore; Second Vice-President, Kenneth Goff; Third Vice-President, Lucy Rivera; Secretary, Darline Bernadino; Treasurer, Mary Jane Hulan; Historian, Josie Castillo; Parlimentar-ian, Louise Arellano; and Spiritual Life Chairman, Zelma Morris.
Students who wish to improve reading skills may enroll in the Reading Improvement Program. Instruction sessions will last two hours thus giving a student 5 hours credit. Two class sessions 8:00 A.M. 10:15 A.M. and 10:45 A.M. -1:00 P.M. will be conducted five days weekly in Bakers Reading Laboratory by Mrs. Shirley Bruns and Mrs. Sarah Hays. Since this program is funded by the Educations! program is funded by the Educational Achievement Act of Colorado, fees or tuition will not be required.
Elmwood News
Elmwood School Mothers Club had a picnic at Sunken Gardens Park on June 6. Parents, teachers and families all attended. New officers voted in for next year are: President, Mrs. Juanita Valadez; First Vice-President, Mrs. Kathy Hernandez; Second Vice-President, Mrs. Helen Martinez; Secretary, Mrs. Vangie Sena; Treasurer, Mrs. Annie Olivas; and Refreshment Committee Chairman, Mrs. Armida Zamora.
Summer Program At the Parish
As the schools close, so does the Parish but not for long. The week of June 14-18 the Parish building will be closed. The week of June 21-25 the building will be open, but the staff will be involved in Summer Orientation. Summer programming begins June 29th and ends August 20th.
The Preschool this summer will only have morning sessions*- for children who are old enough for kindergarten this fall. Preschool will open on June 29th and the last day will be August 13th. There will be recreation for all age levels such as week-end camping trips.-The adults will have their year round programs sewing class, mothers group, worship service, etc. and some new and special events.
There ought to be something for almost everyone, so stop in this summer to see what's happening and join in!
Mayor of Denver
The following is a partial list of the many West Siders who are supporting Dale Tooley for Mayor:
Mary Aguirre Videlia Medrano Anna Flores John Flores Ruben Leal Jim Hall Jerry Garcia Ramiro Cruz-Aedo Max Sanchez Charline Francis Adolph Gomez Elaine Snyder Josephine Snyder Marcello Cabus Vina Cabus Germaine Aragon Rachel Guedea Ruperto Guedea, Jr.
Carlos Padilla Arthur Valadez Theresa Valadez Virginia Martinez Isabel Castellano Fred Pollard Waldo Benavidez State Rep.
Betty Benavidez Alberta Crespin Manuel Lara Rose Lara Ethel Coleman Clifford Partney Leona Partney Jo Ann Lara Fr. Franciscus Don Schierling
WEST SIDE RECORDER, June, 1971 Page 3

Gilberto and Dolores Contreras are students at the Baker Adult Reading Classes. They and their children are from Coahuila, Mexico and live at 2485 W. Ninth Ave.
Manuelito R. DeCastro is in St. Anthonys Hospital. She had major surgery. Of her 90 years, she has lived in this neighborhood about 20 years. She and her son, Anthony DeCastro, live at 1014 W. Ninth Ave. Manuelito belongs to St. Josephs and is a member of G.A.O.
Another West Sider will also travel out of Colorado. William E. Wheeler of 1044 W. Colfax Ave. will go to Los Angeles in hopes of finding his brother who he has not seen for 10 years.
David Flores of 1252 W. Tenth Ave., Mike Carabajal of 1080 Navajo St., Monica Rivera of 947 Kalamath St., Holley Guevara of 1262 Elati and other students from West Side Street Academy at 1717 W. Federal Blvd. are attending workshops being held at the Oxford Hotel. They meet and hold open discus* sions with a group of professionals consisting of doctors, educators, judges and others. Both groups are seeking better understanding and communications.
Mrs. Gertrude Powers of 1319 W. 13th Ave. suffered the loss of her only brother who passed away in May. Our sincere sympathy to Mrs.. Powers.
Evelyn Ruiz, 334 Fox St., Gloria
Vallejos, 294 Galapago St., and Inez Basquez, 826 Fox St., all Inner City Parish mothers, visited with Park Hill area mothers intro* duced by Carol Cruz*Aedo. They enjoyed discussions on various subjects and a lunch.
Pansy N. McKenzie was born October 4, 1891 in Lakewood,
Colo. She attended Ben Franklin Grade School which has been re* placed by Green lee. She was married to Robert L. McKenzie who pre-ceeded her in death in 1938. They had one child by adoption, Emmett C. McKenzie. She is survived by her son and his wife and three grandchildren, Ruth, Robin, and Rebecca McKenzie. She was a resident of the West Side for 43 years. She lived with her husband, son, and mother at 953 Kalamath. After the death of her husband and mother, she lived at the same address until a hip injury in May of 1970 made it impossible for her to live alone. For the past year she resided with her son and daughter-in-law in Jefferson County. She also was employed by the Imperial Cap Co. of Denver for 35 years.
Mr. and Mrs. Marcos Martinez, 118 Fox Street, received recognition for completion of their fifth year as foster parents.
Manuel Basquez, whose birthday party we reported last month, was 5 years old, not 4. Sorry Manuel!
Rose Ann Barros and Charles John Leo Gallego exchange. vows onApril 19at Sacred Heart Catholic Church. The reception and dance was held at the American Legion
Hall on Santa Fe Dr. Rose Ann is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Barros of 1217 Tenth Ave.
Viola Mossman and Jeffery Scott Simmons were wed in a double ring ceremony on May 20. Viola was raised on the West Side. She attended Greenlee, Baker and St. Josephs schools and is a graduate of Central Business College of Denver. Mr. Simmons is from Baltimore, Maryland and has served in the Navy. They plan to live in Denver for a whileandthen will make their home in Anchorage, Alaska. They are presently residing at 1014 W. Ninth Ave.
From Cuidad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, are Jesus and Maria Teresa Arguayo and family. They are temporarily residing at 1485 W. Tenth Ave. The Arguayos are badly in need of a house. Anyone who can help them, please call 266-0207. Thank you.
Tomas Aragon of 1310 Navajo St. and his uncle, Victor Ruiz, formerly of 1066 Osage St. went to Wyoming to visit relatives. They found the prairies and ranch lands interesting and hope to make a return visit.
Mr. Frank C. Herrera of 1319 W. 13th Ave. plans to visit his home town of Taos, New Mexico the first week of June. Mr. Herrera has not been to Taos in 31 years. He will visit his daughter, Mrs. Julia Trujillo and family and his son, Eli.
Remember to Vote
Dale Tooley was front runner in the May 18th Municipal Elections. Out of a field of five Mayoral can-dedates, Dale Tooley polled the most votes. Not having gotten a majority of the total vote, Dale will now face Bill McNichols, who* was the runner-up in the runoff election which will be held June 15th.
Our duty to vote is not over until June 15th. Therefore, do not forget to vote. If you are unable to vote because of disabilities or will be out of town, you can obtain an absentee bal lot at the Auraria Community Center or by calling 534-7614.
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JUNE 15th
Graduation for Headstarters
Elati Head Start children graduated complete with diplomas and hats on June 1. The parents, families and friends had a potluck supper and presentation of the diplomas at St. Josephs Parish Hall.
Councils Elected by Tenants
Resident Councils have been organized in Lincoln Park and South Lincoln Park Homes so that the residents will have a say in the proposed modernization program announced recently by the Denver Housing Authority.
Elected by the tenants of Lincoln Park are Manuel Martinez, president; Elizabeth Vigil, vice-president; Mary Robles, secretary, and Penny Nielson, treasurer.
Counci I members are Vi Medrano, CleoAcosta, Leonard Vigil, Manuel Martinez, Mrs. Martha Olsen, Jesse Gibbs, and Willie Mae Stancil.
Temporary council members elected by the residents of South Lincoln Park ore Carol Regan, Mattie Nixon, and Kathamay Hart.
Resident councils will also attempt to solve problems and improve the living conditions in the housing developments.
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Something for All Youth At Youth Coalition
Westside Youth Unite:
Model Cities Youth Coalition, a youth serving organization, spon-sered by the YMCA, has now moved into West Denver. Joe Baca, a West Sider for some twenty years, has been hired as the West Sides Youth Organizer. The Youth Coalition is here to help youth between the ages of 13 and 22.
If you feel that your area needs a certain activity of any nature contact Fred Viarrial, your Youth Coalition Board Representative, at the West Side Youth Center of Greg Robles. Greg is Joes assistant.
Programs to start next week are Old Timers, ages 8-9-10. If you are interested in playing baseball in this age group, contact Jim Vigil at the Auraria Community Center. Ages 13-14 contact Leonard Vigil at the Youth Center. If you cantreach them, contact Joo Baca.
Joes office is at the West Side Youth Center, 1438 Navajo. He can also be reached by calling 534-7522.
Joe hopes that anyone who wants to rap about anything will come.up to see him. Now is the chance for youth to unite, so lets get our thing together.
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Page 4 WEST SIDE RECORDER, June, 1971