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West side recorder, April, 1972
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Volume 8 Number 10
Monthly Newspaper of the West Side, Denver, Colorado
April, 1972
The Denver City Council will hold a Public Hearing on the Westside Rezoning Proposal on Monday night, April 3, 1972. The Hearing will begin at 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers on the fourth floor of the City and County Building, located at 14th Avenue and Bannock Street.
Free transportation will be provided every Westsider who wishes to attend this very important Hearing. Beginning at 6:00 p.m. on the night of the Hearing, buses will depart from St. Josephs Grade School (6th Avenue and Fox Street), the Inner City Parish (9th Avenue and Galapago Street) and Auraria Community Center (12th Avenue and Mariposa Street), every twenty minutes. It is advisable that you go to the location nearest your house as early as possible, because many people are expected to attend the hearing, and after 7:00 p.m. seats will be difficult to find. If you cannot take one of the free buses, but would like to attend the Hearing, many car
pools are being formed. For information call the Inner City Parish anytime on Monday, April 3. Their nuumber is 244-2636.
Because of the importance of this Rezoning Application, a brief history of events leading up to Monday nights Public Hearing follows:
In May of 1971, the Westside Coalition submitted a proposal to rezone 26 blocks on Denvers Westside. Prior to submitting the application it was presented to the Neighborhood Improvement Board which voted unanimously to support it. The purpose of the rezoning, as stated in the application is to preserve the Westside as a residential community, and to prevent the construction of high-riseS which would displace the low to moderate income residents. The area proposed for rezoning from R-
3, R-4 (high-rise zones) and B-
4, B-8 (business zones; 7) to R-2 (medium density zone allowing only single and two family homes) is in the very heart of the Westside.
The zoning administration, to which the application was submitted, objected to the Coalitions attempts to alter the zoning, but the Denver Planning Office strongly supported the rezoning. They felt that the area should remain low density because of Denvers severe shortage of low and moderate income housing, and because the Westside is a living community which should not be destroyed by high-rises.
In September, the rezoning was submitted to the Denver Planning Board for review and they voted unanimously to recommend it favorably to City Council. After several delays in the zoning Committee of City Council, the application was presented to the full Council in November of 1971.
Mr. Gilbert Goldstein, a lawyer representing property owners opposed to the rezoning, requested the City Council to resubmit the application to the Denver Planning Board for a Public Hearing. He stated that a
Public Hearing was necessary because of the controversial nature of this rezoning.
In January of 1972, a Public Hearing was conducted at Baker Junior High School. Over 400 persons attended to hear the presentation of both sides of the rezoning issue. The Denver Planning Board weighing all the testimony, once again voted, without dissent, to recommend the West-side rezoning favorably to City Council.
The application returned to the Zoning Committee of Council which voted in March to submit it to the entire Council. On March 12, the first reading of the application was held and a Final Public Hearing is set for Monday night, April 3, 1972, at 7:30 p.m.
It has been a long, long fight just to get the City Council to hear this rezoning application. The chance for all West-siders to be heard will come on Monday; dont miss this opportunity.
According to Paul Cormier of the Denver Urban Renewal Autority, (DURA) a tenant who lives in Auraria must have occupied the unit hes living in for at least 90 days prior to the time DURA sends in writing the price of purchase to the owner.
For example, if DURA sends a letter to the owner on March 24th, the tenant must have lived there from at least Dec. 24th to qualify for relocation benefits. It is against the law for DURA to contact the tenant before they have reached the landlord but what the tenant can do is leave his name and address with Dave Acosta at the field office, 1108 Champa St., and he will let them know when a letter has been sent.
DURA will as much as possible try to accommodate each persons individual needs and people should contact DURA when they have any questions. The following men work for DURA and are the ones who can answer your questions.
Paul Cormier Relocation Officer 910 16th St., Phone 623-7114.
Eugene Gonzales Field Representative 1108 Champa St., Phone 892-0511.
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WEST SIDE RECORDER Basic Cost ^ $492
Archdiocese $600
American Lutheran Church 334
First Avenue Presbyterian Church 10
Germaine Aragon Family & Friends 1 q
First Bethany
Lutheran Church 10
First Mennonite Church 10
Inner City Parish 20
St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church 1 o
St. John's Lutheran Church 10
St. Joseph's
Catholic Church 20
Wesley United Methodist Church 10
West Side Coalition 10
Another one of our Community homes being torn down to make way for a parking lot.

Guest Editorial
During the past year Ive had both the opportunity and pleasure of working in this community. The time has passed so quickly, many friends have been made and numerous experiences shared. Coming from New York City, a very uptight place in many ways, I was amazed by the warmth and friendliness generated here on the Westside. The more acquainted I became with the community organizations and citizen groups fighting to preserve the neighborhood, the more firmly convinced I became that the Westside was indeed worth saving. I would like to take this opportunity to .share some observations and insights acquired over the past twelve months.
So often a community like the Westside, is coldly viewed in terms of population changes, housing conditions, crime and welfare rates, and the like, that the human fabric, the soul of the community, is overlooked, or even worse, dismissed. The tragedy inherent in such an approach is readily apparent. Many politicians and planners find it much more convenient to deal with numbers and statistical formulations, than with real live people. Numbers, you see, dont disagree and cant talk back, but people, of course, are far more complex and difficult.
The ease with which communities, like Westside, are written-off as slum, blighted, or down-graded, is a direct function of this tendency of the power structure not to deal with people. Working on the Westside, I know the diversity of human interests that this community represents. We are all concerned about the plight of the neighborhood, and whether it has a future*.
It is my opinion, that the Westside must have a future. The neighborhood represents too much humanity for any smug individual or group, to dismiss it as lost. While it cant be argued that the symptoms of physical decay are all about us, this should not be the sole criteria by which community vitality is measured. I know of no other community in this city where so many citizens are active in preserving and enriching their neighborhood. Regardless of any sanitized standards found in books by which a community is judged, the Westside is alive and getting stronger. You cannot allow your voices to go unheard, but must amplify your efforts to inform all who would rather not listen. It is only by raising your voices in unison that you can insure the future that is rightfully yours. I know: the Westside lives, now others must be told.
Sincerely yours,
Myles C. Rademan
On Monday night, April 3, the Denver City Council will be making the decision regarding the lives of many of us here on the West Side. At that meeting THE REZONING TO R-2 will be in front of the 13 Councilmen. The importance of this vote cannot be overemphasized.
The direction of the vote is not clear at this time. Therefore, it is imperative that all persons concerned about THE REZONING TO R-2 make their wishes known in two ways:
1. Be sure to write and call your Councilman and encourage him to vote for THE REZONING TO R2 for the benefit of our community. Tell him that you want what his residents want: a residential community no more and no less. Call your friends and encourage them to do the same, because this is not only a West Side issue this affects all of Denver. We are interested in making Denver a better place to live in. Ask the Councilmen to work with us towards this goal.
2. On the evening of April 3, make it a point to be present at the City Council hearing so that we can show the City Council that we are IN FAVOR OF REZONING TO R-2. If you feel you have something to say, sign up and be one of the persons to be heard at the City Council meeting IN FAVOR OF REZONING TO R-2.
Dont forget to contact your Councilman and reserve Monday for the REZONING OF THE WEST SIDE TO R-2.
Baker Students On The Job
from Marv Clemons, Teacher,
Baker Junior High
St. Josephs Grade School Varsity Basketball team, the Bulldogs proved to be
champions all the way by succeeding in conquering first place in the Central Division Parochial League.
The Bulldogs were able to take on each team in the Central Division \with scores higher than 50 points in each of the seven
games. The Central Division Championship game proved that the Bulldogs were tough when they went on to beat Presentation 49-32.
The Bulldogs went to the Parochial City Tournament with much fight and determination. It wasnt until the final game of the tournament that the Bulldogs lost
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Again this year, under the direction of Marv Clemons, there are many Baker Junior High students holding down part-time jobs in the community. Through a joint effort between the Cooperative Work Experience Program, and the regular Work-Study Program, students are working in Head Start Centers, Elemontary Schools, and local businesses.
The students working the Head Start Centers and Elementary Schools work two hours per day and are paid one dollar per hour. The students working in local businesses are paid between $1.25 and $1.65 per hour. All students who successfully complete a full semester of on the job experience receive fifteen hours vocational credit for their half-day work experience which is applied toward their high school entrance requirements. Students participating in the program this year are as follows: Carol Archuletta (Casa Allegre Head Start), Tina Carrasco (Las Casitas Head Start), Vivian Casados (North Lincoln Head Start), Debbie Chavez (South Lincoln Head Start), Bill LaComb (Auraria Head Start), Kevin Lontine (Auraria Head Start), Kathy Maestas (South Lincoln Head Start), Joan Martinez (South Lincoln Head Start), Bonnie Romero (Sun Valley Head Start), Joyleen Romero (Sun Valley Head Start). Virginia Sanchez (North Lincoln Head Start), Delores Sandoval (Auraria Head Start), Francis Sedillo (Sun Valley Head Start). Also Alice Baca (Fairmont School), Carla Lucero (Fairmont School), Sandra Manzanares (Fairmont School), Mario Quintana (Elmwood School), George Maes (Sheldonham School), Hank Orge (Sheldonham School), George Salazar (Elmwood School), Margie Heredia (Auraria Community Center), Lillian Trujillo (Fairmont School), Timothy Aragon (Dees Transmission Repair), Joe Cruz (Medger Refinishing & Repair), Rudy Hernandez (King Sooper), Marinda Bear (Brown Palace Pharmacy), Paulette Smith (H & I Cafe), Sharon
Valles (Scottis Drive In), and Jeff VanVelkinburgh (United Materials).
Besides the students employed outside the school, many more are employed in the school as hall monitors, sweeper boysr
audio/visual assistants, office messengers, lunch room assistants, and teachers aides. This work experience program is
another way Baker Junior High is trying to meet the needs of the West Side students.
Baker News
The Baker Semantics classes, under the direction of Virginia Selte, have done a fine job for their school this year. They have participated in four practice Spelling Bees with other Denver junior high schools. At each meet, Baker has had at least one speller in the top ten contestants.
Our best showing was March 22, at Place Junior High School. We competed with Cole Junior High and Place Junior High. Lourdes Delmendo placed third out of twenty-nine spellers. Frank Correa and Brenda Benavides were in the top ten.
Baker will host the City Wide Written Spelling Test on April 12. All junior high schools in the Denver area will send 10 contestants to compete for the State contest to be held May 6,1972.
Baker students who have taken part in the practice meets are: Frank Correa, Robin Lopez, Jack Natterman, Teresa Quinones, Bill Trujillo, and Bobby Valdez of the 7th grade and Brenda Benavides, Lourdes Delmendo, James Evans, Douglas Martinez, Yasmin Rivera, and Leroy Valasques of the 8th grade.
Mrs. Thelma Maulers second period Homemake Class at Baker Junior High planned, cooked and gave a brunch for 32, March 16. The following guests were present: Mrs. Doris Bartlett, Mrs. Elizabeth Columbus, Mrs. Marie Sisneros, Mrs. Vivian Vigil, Mrs. Sally Tofoya, Mrs. Patricia Valencia, Miss Pamela Valencia, Mrs. Theresa Fumbaga, and Mrs. Karen Fay.
Letter To Editor
Pot & Politics
Dear Editor,
I have a personal pot problem. Ive been apprehended twice for illegally possessing marijuana. If and when I would be apprehended again for the same offense, I would expiate the crime for a sentence of no less than two years.
So, you ask; Why do I continue taking the risk of being brought to justice again for the same crime. Well, Ill tell you. Why do most people take an Anacin for their headaches? Let me elaborate on the subject matter. I see drugs in general as a crutch. People use drugs to cure a problem. Marijuana when smoked mitigates any tension and relaxes the smoker to a state of euphoria. Please, I wish not to encourage or convince anyone that marijuana is an ideal drug. I merely state the fact that this drug is not nearly as harmful as non-smokers think.
This is why I urge this offense to be equivalent to a drunk charge. Jail has little if any means of reformation to a drug user. Although I do not urge any legalization; I favor it, since legalization is because of the fact that cruel and harsh penalties for possessing the drug engenders alcoholism, which is in its lethal drug category by itself. People who fear the severe penalties turn to alcohol for their kicks or fun and in turn many become alcoholics. Believe me, I have watched the drug scene and have made observations which in my opinion are clearly plausible. A
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WEST SIDE RECORDER Founded May, 1964
Office: 910 Galapago St. Denver, Colo. 80204 Telephone:
244-2636 266-1445 Sponsored by WESTSIDE ACTION MINISTRY Member Churches:
First Avenue Presbyterian First Bethany Lutheran First Mennonite Inner City Parish St. Cajetan's Catholic St. Elizabeth's Catholic St. John's Lutheran St. Joseph's Catholic Wesley United Methodist
Editorial Advisors:
Waldo Benevidez Jerry Garcia Don Schierling Managing Editor:
Rachel Guedea Staff:
Germaine Aragon Alberta Crespin Rich Castro Anna Flores Father Franciscus Becky Garcia Barbara Karr Kelly Lovato Anna Padilla
Adrian Duran Jeannie Jimenez Eleanor Lucero Sherry Sweetnam Jean Jackson Albie Gonzales John Gallegos Joe Hodge Officer Gilbert Ortiz Advertising Manager and Photographer:
Joe Romero

Community Profile Manuel Martinez
Tile on the floors in the housing developments has become a reality in the first phase of the Denver Housing Authoritys Modernization Program, as tiling began in March in three developments.
First funds to be released by HUD, $2,000,000 for the remodeling of the 13 developments determined tile and modern kitchens.
Residents have been hired to take part in the program. Tiler trainees from South Lincoln Park are Tom Lopez and Robert Maestas and from Lincoln Park, Albie Gonzales. Residents have been hired from each project to take part in the program and others will be hired as the-program is expanded.
The requirement of the Modernization Program is resident participation both in the planning and execution of the program. The funds are available only for the use of residents of the housing developments.
To leave this place better than we found it is the goal of the two men who founded Brothers Redevelopment Incorporated (BRI).
This place is the- West Side and one of the men working to rehabilitate it is Manuel Martinez of 732 Elati St.
Through BRI West Side homes and people are being renovated.
The idea came to me when I was visiting Canon City, he said, and a convict told me why he was there. It all goes back to the home environment so by improving peoples homes, we can attack many problems gXj crime, delinquency, broken homes.
The concept to BRI is to rehabilitate houses, listen to the familys problems and needs, and not only upgrade the house, but the whole family.
The only cost to the owner of the home is the cost of materials everything else is donated. There is a volunteer skills band from the building, trades electricians, plumbers and carpenters. These people donate their time instructing others and doing the renovation. They may commit themselves to a day, a week, even a half-day.
One of the carpenters is Elmer Brandt of Kansas who with his wife has been sent by the Conference of Mennonites to work on the project for three months. When asked why he volunteered, the experienced carpenter-builder replied, The young people were having all the fun of volunteering, so I decided to join them. It is hoped that other churches will become involved and perhaps adopt a house and family to rehabilitate under the guidance of BRI.
Another worker in the program is Otto Winter whose home was one of the first ones on the West Side to be remodeled. He in turn now works on others homes.
Manuels partner in BRI is Joe Giron who serves as president of the corporation. A civil service employee who works at the Martin Co., he first met Manuel at a Crisillos of Christianity conference.
Their mutual concern for people led to four years of research into how to best be of service, and eventually forming Brothers Redevelopment Incorporated a year ago.
This home owned by Westsider Wilma Drubowsker on the 1100 block of Inca was remodeled by Brothers Redevelopment, Westsiders working to improve the West Side.
Saturday night, April 1, 1972, there will be a dance at St. Joes gym, 6th and Galapago. Ernie Lee and the Knight Men will play. Admission is $5.00 per couple. Free beer, set-ups, and popcorn. Time: 9:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.
Consumer Education
(first of a series of articles)
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good majority of the so-called potheads do not associate themselves with other drugs other than a few beers. Probably the only criticism I have against the drug is that it seems marijuana has a somewhat ill effect on memory 9 temporary or permanent I dont know. Also, its unnecessary expense for the drug because again I do not influence anyone by saying try it youll like it. If a person has no desire for this drug by all means do not allow anyone to force it upon you. Youre probably better off without it.
Gratefully Yours, Gilbert Sena
Manuel Martinez works on a home on the West Side.
Other officers of the non-profit corporation in addition to Joe Giron and Manuel Martinez who serve as president and vice-president, respectively, are Don Schierling, treasurer, and Rev. Dick Magnus, secretary.
Four homes in the area have been renovated to, date. The group does not advertise and is ready to helpv any owner-occupant depending only upon the number of volunteers.
Until recently, Manuel said, they have been working with inadequate tools but recently a lawyer donated some fine equipment to them. We have to give, he added, we have had so much help already.
When asked about the attitude of people when they discover the cost of remodeling will only be materials, he said, They just cant believe it. But I tell them they can help someone else. I hope we can start a cycle.
In addition to BRI which takes all of his time now, Manuel is active in St. Josephs Parish Council, Elmwood School, the Inner City Parish and Westside Action Ministry. He speaks for the rezoning of the West Side where he has lived for the past 21 years. When asked why he bought in this area, he said, he only had $50 to put down on a house ten years ago. There were not many buyers interested in such a deal. Besides, he said, its enjoyable living on the West Side. He is very comfortable here.
Bom in New Mexico, Manuel has lived in Denver since 1950. He attended Lake Jr. High School and Opportunity School.
He and his wife, Virginia, have three children Manuel Jr. 12, who is a sixth grader at St. Josephs; Cynthia Lynn 10, who is a fifth grader, and Veronica Ann 5, in Elmwood kindergarten. BRI has office space at the Inner City Parish, 861 Galapago St., phone 573-5107. There are about 500 members in the corporation. Additional services include a Toastmaster Club, both in English and Spanish, and an Income Tax Service which charges only $2.00. Evan Santis-tevan, of 934-3011, is in charge of the tax service. The group also checks to be sure the title to each home they renovate is clear. At present they are only taking
You, the consumer, can get more for your food dollar by following a few simple rules. In addition, consumer organizations say that as much as 20%
can be saved on your familys weekly food bill through consumer education.
Adelante Community Supermarket feels that what is good for the West Side consumer is good for Adelante. Informed consumers will shop with confidence and pass the word on to their neighbors.
Here are nine tips which will make you a smarter consumer:
Casita Grows With Community
Casita Esperanza Health Station is growing with the community. Last year, more than 12,000 patients were seen by the staff. As a result, Casita is alive with activity.
The crochet group outgrew the station and now meets at Robert F. Kennedy Recreation Center on Friday afternoons from 1:00 to 3:00. The group hopes to begin doing other kinds of crafts in the near future. Child care is available to mothers who wish to bring their children.
Fylliss Sedarstrom, from Litchfield, Minnesota, has come to replace Marcia Desbien as Nursing Care Coordinator and Barbara Allen is the new Station Director.
The station will now have a new adult physician in the mornings; and Dr. Peggy Lewin, the pediatrician available every morning, is back from having a baby son.
Social and nutrition services as well as well-child care are available at Casita. Everyone living within the boundaries is welcome to use any of the services, and are invited to stop by and get acquainted with the station and the staff.
In May, the patients of Casita will elect a representative to the new city-wide health council. The staff of Casita is looking forward to working with this new representative and with the community through him.
718 W. 3rd Ave,
6:30 a.m.-7 p.m.
como siempre Hablamos Espanol
1. Buy products with private labels rather than national brands. This usually does not mean lower quality. "National brands generally cost more because their advertising costs are high.
2. Read the labels, especially when buying products that are packeged in such a way to deceive, confuse, or mislead the consumer. Get yourself the best possible buys.
3. Buy cheaper brands or grades. They have the same nutritious values as the higher grades.
4. Avoid impulse buying. The Kiplingers Family Buying Guide called Changing Times says, Almost half of all purchases are made completely on impulse and that this is so because two out of three shoppers never bother to prepare even a partial shopping list. Impulse buying is the quickest way to spend your paycheck and usually on things you dont really need or cannot afford.
5. Do not buy more food than your family can consume, especially perishable items. The average family throws away 3Vfc pounds of food daily through lack of planning of what will be eaten.
6. Look for special sales, especially on canned goods that can be stored for future use.
7. Watch out for gimmicks. Products with houseware goods attached to them usually cost more than if you would buy each item separately. Tomatoes packaged in transparent cellophane cost more than if sold loose. Fancy gold and silver metallic wrappings on products makes the item cost more. Salt in ordinary pour-type boxes costs three-fourths less than salt in fancy shaker-type containers.
8. Do not think that trading stamps are giving you something for nothing. These stamps cost from $2 to $3 per thousand, and the store usually passes this cost on to you by raising the prices on food and other items.
9. Compute the cost per unit when purchasing items for you may be able to save money by buying something that holds a larger quantity.
TAX PREPARATION Personal Returns $4.50 and up Business Returns
$12.00 and up
Why Pay More???
0 Business Consulting
01 Income Tax Service
f440 WEST 12TH AVEJ 292-3210
Manuel Martinez lists as his two jP>^< ; ? -niain interests the education of 1
people and that everyone should i GEORGIE BOYS s
live in a nice house if thev want ^ m m H 1
to. His occupation and total ! MEAT MARKET j
commitment is to these goals.
Herman Juarez 1 STORE HOURS MON. SUN. 8:30 a.m. 9:00 p.m. |
OWNERS (1 1042 W. 8th Ave. 825-3857 1 y X
Hablamos Espanol i i
Mon.-Thurs. 7 a.m.-7:30 p.m. i §
Fri. & Sat. 7 a.m.-8 p.m. 11 P&OD STAMPS ACCEPTED 1
Sunday 8:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m. 200 Galapago L_. J

New Health Board Elections
Store Profile -
Chip Martinez
In May, a new city-wide Health Council will be elected. The Council will represent all the patients seen in the Denver Neighborhood Health Program and will advise the program about the needs and wants of the community.
The Council will be made up of one representative from each of the health stations, four representatives from each of the neighborhood health centers and three at-large representatives. The representatives must be registered, no-pay or part-pay patients of the station or center
Parish Moms
The Parish Moms, a group of young mothers at the Denver Inner City Parish, looks toward Spring with many plans and projects. Some of our projects for making pretty and practical thing? for ourselves, our children, and our homes include: patchwork, decopage, sewing Spring clothes, crochet shoulder bogs, decorative flowers, candles, stuffed animals, learning to knit, toy bags and curler bags, liquid embroidery, and learning to sew knits, underwear, and swimsuits. We also plan trips to the zoo and to the Museum of Natural History with our children. We plan a study for the drivers test and then a trip over to the license bureau to take the test to help some of the women get Learners Permits so that they can learn to drive. We will have discussions on the coming election, the candidates and the issues and will help women register to vote if they are not registered.
We look forward to warm weather with picnics, luncheons, and outings in addition to our more serious projects. Come and join us every Friday, 9:30 to 11:30, at the Denver Inner City Parish.
they represent and be over eighteen years old.
In order to have their names placed on the ballots, candidates must submit petitions containing twenty-five signatures of no-pay and part-pay patients of the health facility they wish to represent.
The petitions must be submitted to Denver Opportunity Election Committee no later than May 1, 1972.
For further details and information, call Don Chavez or Carlene Williams at 297-3411.
West Side Coalition Hires New Staff
At the monthly board meeting of the West Side Coalition March 15,
the board voted to hire Richard Castro, as director of the organization upon his graduation from
Denver University Graduate School.
Richard will be receiving his Master Degree in Community Organization this Spring and
hopes to become even more involved in the community after his graduation. He is currently
Chairman of the Board at Auraria Community Center and sits on the Board of La Academia Del Barrio, a community school
offered during the summer months here in West Denver.
Celina Garcia, a senior at South High School, was also hired as
office manager. She will be attending Colorado University Denver Center this Fall and
hopes to remain active in the community while persuing her higher education.
Young American Baseball League Auraria Community Center News-AZTECS
The baseball season is just getting underway and the P.A.L. Aztecs are just starting to find out what competition is really like. Our teams that have been playing practice games, and are taking it on the chin, but you can believe me the potential these kids have is like a stick of dynamite and when it goes off we will be winning our share of the
ballgames. The talent is there, it just has to be brought out.
The season begins on Friday, March 31st, and ball games are played on Fridays at 4:15 p.m. and on Saturday mornings at 9:00 a.m.. until May 15th when the season ends.
Come out and cheer!! Support the teams, Support the Aztecs!!
Community Easter Egg Hunt
Come one, come all! On Easter Sunday at Sloans Lake at 12:00 noon Northside, Southwest, Platte Palley, and Westside Action Centers are sponsoring an Easter egg hunt for the people in the community.
There will be refreshments, prizes, games, real bunnies, and just plain ol fun.
Transportation will be provided by the action centers and First Bethany Church on 5th and Bannock. Buses will leave promptly at 12:15 and 1:00 p.m. Please try and come.
A reminder of our Voter Education meeting at WSAC on April 17th at 7:00 p.m. Learn how to participate in district caucases. On behalf of our staff and amateur writers, we wish all our hente in the community a very, very happy and religious Easter. God bless you all, West Siders.
Chip Martinez has been a cashier at the Adelante Store since it opened. Born Anthony Paul Martinez he has lived on the West Side most of his life. He attended Regis High School and was graduated from Annunciation in 1965. He went to Trinidad Junior College for one year and then Community College where he was chairman of the MECHA Club. He plans to return to college in the fall and hopes someday to be the best Chicano lawyer in Denver.
Chip recently was married to Juanita Montoya and lives at 2812 W. 14th Ave. He is a member of the Marine Corps Reserve.
Chip Martinez
City Council
Will Vote on West Side Rezoning at a
April 3, 1972 7:30 pm.
Free transportation to and from City Council at these three locations:
1. Inner City Parish 9th & Galapago 244-2636
2. St. Joe's Grade School 6th 8t Fox St.
3. Auraria Community Center 12th Ave. & Mariposa
Buses will depart every 20 minutes beginning at 6 p.m. Come early to get a seat.
All Westsiders
are urged to attend
and voice their opinions
Task Forces on Criminal Justice Meetings
Captain Chris L. Herrera, Denver Police Department, invites the general public to attend the police and community relations task force meetings, of which he is a member. The general public is invited to these meetings and will become an Ad Hoc committee member. This will give the community an opportunity to have an input on the program that will be planned to reduce crime in the city.
The City of Denver has been chosen as a high crime impact city by the federal government and has been awarded $20,000,000.00 to devise and implement plans to reduce crime.
As an Ad Hoc (temporary) committee member, the general public takes part in the planning and decision making process of which is beneficial and welcome by the task force members and all members of the coordinating council.
Information for dates of future meetings can be obtained by calling Captain Herrera, 297-2378.

Colorado Conference On Juvenile Justice
Most people that went chose to listen to the Discussion on Social Justice. Social Justice to us means very much. In fact everything from education, housing, any kind of institution, means lots to us.
Social change is right now and always has meant everything to us the Mexican Americans. Because without social change it means the same life weve always had, second class education, second housing, in fact, second hand citizenship.
Esequiel Kelly Lovato from La Casa Del Barrio Cultural
Guisinger Flower & Gift Shop
240 W. 6th Ave. 222-6207 FLOWERS
... For All Occasions
Specializing in Wedding & Funeral Flowers and Dish Gardens
BankAmericard and Master Charge cards accepted here.
Center, 935 W. 11th Ave. was one that spoke on the panel along with Chuck Koehler, probation officer from Juvenile Court and Julio Gonzales from Juvenile Court, Germaine Aragon of La Casa Del Barrio and many other West Siders.
We insisted and demanded Chicanos on the panels at CSU in their meetings which before there had been none. We believe
we need Chicano representation and input. We came on somewhat strong but the fact remains we will not be left out any longer.
8-10:00 p.m. Mon. Thurs. 8-12:00 p.m. Fri. Sat.
Phone 222-7489
i \
Youngsters take steps to stop truck traffic on the West Side.
National City Bank's Trust Department can serve as executor of your will or as manager of your property and investments. A fuil-dme trust officer will consult with you whether your estate is large or small.
A good place to keep your Kitty
99 South Broadway
Getting It Together
The Westside Action Center is going full blast on the rezoning issue. A survey taken by the Westside Action Center shows 92% of the residents contacted in
rezoning area are in favor of rezoning. Meaning, simply, that the people concerned, do not wish to give up their homes for high-rises and parking lots.
Councilman DiManna mailed a questionnaire to property owners and residents of the rezoning area. The entire staff of the WSAC started a door-to-door campaign to get the people to
return these questionaires to Di-Manna.
After a few days of canvassing the area, WSAC found that the majority of the people concerned were confused about the meaning of rezoning.
Representatives from WSAC explained both sides and conducted their own survey. WSAC contactd as many people in the rezoning area as possible. Approximately 80% of the residents in the area were contacted and the results shown here completely contradict Councilman DiMannas results.
Base Survey Sample 275 (80%)
Resident owners Contacted 102 (85.3%)
Resident owners FOR 87 (85.3%)
Resident owners AGAINST 15 (14.7%)
Renters Contacted 170
Renters FOR 166 (97.6%)
Renters AGAINST 4(2.4%)
Undecided 3. (1.1%)
Inner City Parish Preschool
Spring vacation began on a high note of enthusiasm as 44 children of the Inner City Parish preschool and their families raced gleefully over the lawns of the Sunken Gardens Friday, March 23, looking for Easter eggs and other surprises. The Easter egg hunt and party was sponsored by the Parish Moms, a group of young mothers who are active at the Parish and in the Preschool.
Other activities which the children have enjoyed lately are weekly trips throughout the city, which reinforce the units which they have been studying. A trip to Fire Station No. 2 proved exciting as well as informative to the children, as were trips to the Botanical Gardens, the Denver Zoo and Phipps museum.
This year we have had a great deal of support and enthusiasm for our school coming from outside the community as well as within. This has given a new dimension to our classes and it has given us a chance for outreach into other communities as well as theirs to ours.
A weekly Yamaha program taught by Miss Sue McCarthy, at the Kolansky Music Shop provides the opportunity for the children to learn to read music and practice what they have learned on individual miniature organs. Songs and games teaching rhythm are widely used throughout this program and particular attention is paid to teaching the children Spanish as well as English words.
Dr. Edith King, University of Denver, has been sending us education student volunteers on a regular basis. The children enjoy this one to one relationship and many new friendships develop. Dr. King has also sent us some of the most recent resource materials in the early childhood education field. She will bring films and media materials that she has written and developed about children developing a sense of worldmindedness to our classes in a few weeks when we study children around the world. Dr. Oralie McAfee, author and one of the founders of the Nww Nursery School curriculum and school in Greeley, Colorado, has also given us much of her time and curriculum meterials. We are very fortunate to have her as a resource person, because her New Nursery School has earned national and international acclaim because it is one of the pioneers in the field of developing curriculum and working with the Spanish speaking child in early childhood.
Educators and parents are always welcome to visit our classrooms and we invite them to come in and share and swap
ideas with us. Were still hoping for more parent involvement in the classroom, and were happy to welcome Mrs. Victoria Casia and Mrs. Inez Basquez. They are now working with our staff in the classroom and on home visitations. Carlos Valejo, Terry Rogers, John Bettale, Margaret Sandoval and Rosalie Martinez from the N.Y.C. and Work Study programs comprise our hard working enthusiastic staff.
Church News
A special Communion Service will be held in the First Avenue Presbyterian Church on Good Friday evening at 7:30 p.m. The message will be Obedience To Death. The choir under the direction of Mrs. Nancy Murray assisted by soloist, Mr. John Norman Wilson, will provide special music for this service, as well as for the Easter day morning worship service at 11:00 a.m. The Easter day message will be Dont Be Afraid.
A union Good Friday worship service sponsored by the churches of the South Broadway Neighborhood will be held in the Broadway Baptist Church, 225 Lincoln St. from twelve oclock noon to 1:00 p.m. The speaker for this service will be Rev. Burl Krepps, Pastor of The Grant Avenue Methodist Church, on the subject, The Hail Is A Simple Machine. Pastors of the neighborhood churches will participate and special music will be provided by the choir of the Broadway Baptist Church. The participating churches will be: South Broadway Christian, Epiphany Lutheran, Grant Avenue Methodist, Broadway Baptist, and First Avenue Presbyterian. The offering will be for the benefit of the Inner City Parish. The public is cordially welcome!!!
Anne's Beauty Salon
Haircuts and Permanents Our Specialty
Open 6 days a week.
971 Santo Fa

General elections will be held at Lincoln Park and South Lincoln Homes on April 4 to elect officers for the resident councils.
This is the first time elections have been held in all Denver Housing Authority developments at the same time. Punch card method voting from the City and County Election Commission will be used.
Residents may vote in their management office from 9 a.m to 7 p.m. All .residents 18 years old and over who are on the lease are eligible to vote.
Candidates for office in South Lincoln Park are for president Kathamay Hart, Tom Lopez and Mattie Nixon; for vice-president Linda Aragon, Dianne Poindexter and Lillian Ramirez; for secretaryflp- Sue Lovato, Joyce Garcia and Louis Maciel, and for treasurer JoAnn Lujan, Elaine Bermudez and Raymond Gallegos.
Candidates in Lincoln Park Homes are for president Albie Gonzales, Stella Sailas and Edna Dayton; vice-president Dorothy Martin and Priscilla Delgado; secretary Bonnie Mills, Jerri Mills and Mary Robles, and for treasurer*1 Germaine Aragon, Antoinette
Gonzales and Laura Gregory.
A campaign party was held on Saturday, March 25, to introduce all of the candidates. There was food, concessions, live music and campaign speeches.
Many West Siders contributed their time and energy to making it a success.
New Elmwood School A Reality
By Ramiro Ci jz-Aedo We guess that you might know the good news. For the past I dont know how many years ago many people have been involved in the Elmwood project. Many more people have asked for a new school. That old dream is now a reality. The school Board has given final vote to build it.
The building will look like Mexican style you may see the prints at Elmwood. But we will have more than a new building; we will have a new school with new programs and a new concept of community use of the building. On behalf of all concerned about Elmwood, I want to thank all those individuals and groups who in their style helped to make his dream come true.
Sunday-8:00-9:15-11: OO-12:15 Daily8:0012:15-5:15 Holiday7:008:00-12:155:15
Daily 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Saturdays 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
7:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Each Monday at 7:00 p.m.
4th Sunday of Month at 1:30 p.m. Mass
Tuesdays at 8:00 a.m., 12:15 p.m.,
5:15 p.m
Fridays at 8 a.m., 12:15 p.m. and 5:15 p.m.
11th and Curtis Sts.
La Casa Del Barrio has been conducting a Home-Makers and Counseling class since April 31, 1972.
The purpose of this class is to go to Senior Citizens homes and try and make life more comfortable for the seniors.
The way we do this is to help them bathe if they cant, cook for them, shop or go shopping with them or seek agencies that are capable of giving this type of aid we follow through where the agencies dont.
So many of these Dads and Moms seem to be forgotten and by gosh, its time that something is done about it.
We aim to keep them alive in their own homes versus the old age homes. And why shouldnt they live at home if they want too. This is their right and no one should be forced to do otherwise. So many of these people because of their age are exploited by the agencies or grocery stores, it is a shame that it happens in our area. But it does.
Lets face it, these people are still around but, in sd many minds, they are forgotten.
The class ends in a few weeks, if you are interested you may contact: La Casa Del Barrio, 935 W. 11th Ave., Phone 572-1629. For more information when calling ask for they Homemakers Counseling Class.
Through the cooperation of several agencies in the Westside, a Chicano basketball tournament is being held at West High School on April 4, 5, 6, & 7th with first games starting at 6:00 p.m. The two game elimination tournament will have eight teams representing different agencies and organizations. Teams entered so far are Auraria Community Center, Inner City Parish; Ninth Hole Lounge; U.M.A.S., Boulder; Derby Auto, Commerce City; Denver All-Stars; and North Denver.
Trophies for first, second, and third place as well as ten all star trophies will be given away to the best teams and individual stars. Chicano referees are also needed on a volunteer basis with some expense money being furnished.
For more information please call Jim Vigil at Auraria Community Center, 1212 Mariposa Street, 534-7614 or Ben Berg at Inner City Parish, 9th & Galapago St. 244-2636.
North Lincoln Head Start News
We had a very enjoyable trip to the Botanic Gardens Thursday, March 9th. The kids were most excited to see real trees and real bananas growing before their eyes. We wish to thank so many parents for joining us at the center and volunteering their help in preparing for our trip to the gardens. And the great way they assisted us with the kids.
No one can ever imagine what a volunteer can do. Only 30 minutes from each mother once a week or a month before the season ends will be highly appreciated. And it really makes your child proud of him or herself. Ive tried it. We have a very wonderful person. A very young lady who comes into the center two or three times a week and is just beautiful with the children. Youll never know how happy and fond the children are of her. They are really relaxed and happy with her. She is a great assistant to the teachers and the center. Thank You Miss Tina.
North Lincoln Head Start celebrated Easter on the 24th of March. The North Lincoln Head Start staff attended along with Mrs. Sandoval, Mrs. Mossman, Mrs. Barela, Mrs. Headen, Mrs. Martinez, Mrs. McWhirt, Mrs. Vigil, Raymonds grandmother, and Freds grandmother. Beverly Conict and Christine. Beverly Conict assisted the kids with games the bean bag, egg and spoon game and other little
Sophie Hollis with Tina, a headstart volunteer, and Dimitri Headen and Camilio Aquillera on a recent trip to Botanic Gardens.
foot races. Each child received a Easter bag, sack lunch and an Easter basket. The grand event of all was the Easter Egg Hunt. Many happy children skipped happily into spring vacation. Thanks to all the mothers who donated eggs to the center.
On the 15th of March we had our coffee hour at Mrs. Barelas from 9:30 to 10:30. We discussed sewing classes and planned our Easter celebrating for Friday March 24th. We discussed dying eggs and easter baskets and entertainment for the kiddies. We also discussed the meeting and plan to attend the 22nd. And the Parent Meeting Wednesday at 7:15 p.m.
Schools Support Community
Community Support Schools
This is an important request. In the past, we have complained about the fact that our schools do not support the community they serve. Today, we have experienced a reverse procedure. The schools have become involved in the community. Individual teachers have been outspoken and involved in the community problems. Dr. Johnson, on behalf of other schools, spoke to the Planning Board on January 5th at Baker Junior High School.
Word has gotten back to us that teachers and principals have been receiving complaints and have been reprimanded because the teachers and principals
expressed their feelings supporting the rezoning. The time may come when we as a community will need to come out in support of those teachers and principals who have been active on behalf of the community.
Sam Carabajal will start teaching a pottery class on Monday mornings March 27, from 10:00 a.m. till 1:00 p.m. and from 6:00 p.m. till 9:00 p.m. at Auraria Community Center 1212 Mariposa St. The class will make items dealing with Mexican and Indian cultures.
Senior Citizen Beaten
Mrs. Mildred Paune was beaten very badly when two young men forced their way into her apartment. She said she had gone out into the parking lot to lock her car and coming back into the
apartment building there were two young guys knocking at the neighbors door. And they then came to her door and just as she was entering they asked for pop bottles, the other youngster said I want more than pop bottles,
First Mennonite
Kermit Derstine 430 West Ninth Avenue
Brice Balmer 892-1038
and forced their way in. The youngsters then ransacked her apartment demanding money and the dark one was constantly beating her with a vacuum cleaner pipe. Mrs. Payne said they never gave her a chance to explain that she didnt have any money. They tried to cover her face to hide their identity and choke her. They also tried to poke her throat with a knife.
This was a very sad thing for our senior citizens to go through. I hope all the buildings are kept locked in the future. And also the tenants should be more cautious. You can dial 911 for police if anything this severe is happening. It isnt necessary to give your name if you do not wish to do so, but to save some old ladies or anyones life. Please call for help if you hear anything out of the ordinary going on.
Mrs. Payne received hundreds of cards and letters and many beautiful flowers. She is a kind person.

Spring is Here 7sf Bethany Community Center
Girls at 1st Bethany Community Center enjoying bottlecutting.
The Westside Improvement Association is spear-heading a paint-up, clean-up period for the month of April.
Spring is here, time to get out and clean up yards. This is a time to improve the appearance of your home by: repairing fences, painting houses, painting
porches and anything else that would help.
Appliances such as refrigerators, washers, stoves,
mattresses, and springs should be put out in the alley where the City trucks can pick them up. If you are unable to get them to the alley, call the W.S.I.A. at 244-9096 and I will make arrangements to have it picked up. And please place your trash containers in the alley so they can be picked up regularly on trash day.
The Westside is trying to save our homes, so that we can have a place to live and be proud of. So, if you like living on the West Side prove it. Show the pride we have, or are supposed to have, by improving the appearance of our community. With a little effort
1. Mary Lucero 623-4096
2. Germaine Aragon & Agapita Sandoval 534-2752
3. Wilma Dabrowski 244-9096
4. Waldo Benavidez 623-0737
Westside Coalition 534-5088
5. Leona Partney 825-8829
6. Vera Lucero 292-9690
7. No Director call 244-9096
8. Elmer Haviland 244-2553
9. Benita Clark
10. No Director call 244-9096
11. No Director call 244-9096
Dear Parents,
This is a note to inform you about some of the activities involved in the Denver Public Schools Community Drug Program.
Once a week we go to the classrooms for an hour to have discussions, watch films, or take part in other projects concerning drugs.
We also have some after school activities such as, Roller skating, recreation at the neighborhood centers, going to see a movie, or just playing baseball. Also on Tuesday nights frqm 5:30 to 7:30 we go swimming.
This is a new program, and for you to learn more about it we would like you to attend a meeting:
Arapahoe Glass
Need a Windshield?
We install windshields at your home. We work with all insurance companies.
Free pick-up and delivery service. Complete Storm Door Service With Safety Glass
Glass of All Types 45 W. 1st Ave. 722-5125
we can make it a beautiful place.
Lets show our City Fathers even though we are low-income people, we have pride. I don't believe any landlord would object to you cleaning up your yards and home. Ask him or her for a little paint. And if you need some help contact Manuel Martinez at 861 Galapago or call 534-5107. All we ask of you is that you provide the materials, and Manuel will do the rest. To prove it drive by 1114 Inca. This is Mr. Manuel Martinez, and his volunteers work that was done on this house. I can't express enough appreciation to Brothers Redevelopment Corp. Lets get busy and put this Corp. to work, because this is what they organized for. They want to help those that cant help themselves.
All Mr. Martinez is asking for is a Prayer and that you show your pride in the Westside.
If you should need any additional information call your representative of your area, or the W.S.I.A. by calling 244-9096.
BOUNDARY LINES Mariposa W. 12th Colfax -Speer Blvd.
Housing Project (white)
Housing Project (red)
Santa Fe W. 12th Speer Blvd. -W. 8th Ave.
Santa Fe W. 8th Ave. W. 12th Ave. R.R. tracks W. 5th Elati W. 8th Ave. -Broadway
Santa Fe R.R. tracks W. 8th Ave. W. 5th Ave.
W. 5th Ave. W. 3rd Ave. Elati -R.R. tracks
W. Ellsworth W. 3rd Ave. Elati to fi roadway
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Date: April 17,1972
Place: Inner City Parish (910 Galapago)
We would appreciate it if you would come and help us out by bringing some new ides to make it a better program.
Thank You,
Terry Lopez, Sonya Gonzales, Diane Acevedo and the Drug Ed. Program Youth Counselors
Bottlecutting, macrame, beads, study trips, swimming, clay, music, puppets, Christian Education, model building, games and puzzles, painting, sharing, collage making, parties, roller skating, fun in just finding meaning for LIFE.
Our philosophy is to help young people find meaning to life. We attempt to do this with special emphasis programs. All our programs have specific objectives such as tutoring, group sharing, individual friendships, teaching of special art skills, etc.
We attempt to gear our programs to individual needs.
Our staff: Director. J. R. Hushman, Sandy Trujillo, Barbara Suzo, Karen Deyo, Jeanne Sepulveda. William Lacomb, Kevin Loutine, Gladys Licon, Pat Valdez. Ernest Vigil, and Sandra Alire.
We have over 125 children ages 3-12 taking part in our programs weekly; if you are interested in having your child enrolled in a special program, please call us at 825-4862.
Youth Lounge on Sunday evenings is open to all junior high school youth from 6:30 to 10 p.m. Between 15-35 take part in chess games, pool, ping-pong, and other table games; some just come to enjoy the fireplace or to listen to the music.
Special Fun Programs for children are held during Christmas and Easter Vacations and during a 10 week summer program. The main schedule of events is:
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to St. Peter and Paul 56-37. Thus the Bulldogs brought home a second place title in the Class A city-wide tournament.
Members of the team include: Tom Garcia, Jack Leyba, Mike Rodriguez, Aldo Sanchez, Sal Gonzales, Ray Candelaria, Mike Bruning, Eddie Maez, David Romero, Gerald Romero, Steve Martinez, Eric Duran, Vincent Crespin, and Danhy Jimenez. The Varsity Coach for the Bulldogs is Tom Martinez.
Mondays: Arts and Crafts from 2:30 to 5:00 p.m.
Tuesdays: Boys' Club from 2:30 to 5:00 p.m.: Study Hall from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.
Wednesdays: Center Closed
. Thursdays: Girls Club from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.: Study Hall from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.
Fridays: Special Interest Junio. High Groups
Saturdays: Trips
Sundays: 9:00 a.m. Special
Tenants Rights
(Continued from page 1)
Dave Acosta Field Representative 1108 Champa St., Phone 892-0511.
The field office will open April 3rd and until then any of the above men can be reached at 623-7114.
If your landlord is trying to evict you before he receives a letter from DURA, contact the Tenants Rights Information Center, 1312 Santa Fe Drive, 534-5141 and we can try to help you. Make sure you get your rights!!
The Lowest Priced Thrift Store In Denver
Open t/lon.Fri. 9A.M. to 6P.M. Sat. 9 A.M. to 5 P.M.
Expert Alterations & Repairs Available
Mon.-Fri. 8:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
Sat. 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
260 Bannock St.
Christian Education Programs: 6:00 10:00 Youth Lounge
Saturday Eve: 6 p.m.
Sunday Morning: 6 a.m.
7 a.m., 8:30 a.m., 10 a.m. & 11:30 a.m.
605 W. 6th Ave. 80204 Phone: 534-4408
STAFFED BY Father P. Sullivan -Pastor Father R. Rebholz Father D. Jacops Father H. Costello Father T. Fransiscus
St. Josephs Grade School Sr. M. Canisius Principal 622 W. 6th Ave.
Phone: 534-4558 St. Joseph's High School
Father D. Dwyer Principal 621 Fox St.
Phone: 534-2331
Come To Spring Festival April 8-9
Also report junk cars.
God helps those who try to help themselves.
Drug Education Program

N eighborhood
Rose Valdez of 1219 W. 19th Ave. was in Mercy Hospital earlier this month. Rose is also ready to continue embroidering and crocheting dishtowels and pillowcases. She does beautiful work. She had discontinued because of illness, but she feels fine now. Anyone interested in buying this beautiful work, call Rose Valdez at 255-0989.
Now seems to be the time for flu and what have you. Mrs. Emelia Jacques of 1332 Lipan St. was down with the flu and is still cooperating and in bed. Emelia is 80 years old. A former teacher, she taught in Del Norte and around San Luis Valley. Governor Billy Adams was then governor. She attended Teacher College at Greeley, which now is University of Northern Colorado. Once upon a time, she owned three ranches in the San Luis Valley. She recalls traveling to school by horse-drawn carriages. She has had tremendous influence on her sons. Pat taught in Greenlee Elementary School here in Denver. Joe in San Luis, Ed in Fort Garland and Don now teaches in Westwood. Mrs. Jacques likes it here in Denver and hopes that the West Side stays a residential area.
Did you know that Erma Jean Harris of 1320 Osage used to be Editor of the West Side Recorder a long time ago?
Sanaida Griego thanks all the many people that prayed and were concerned about her grandson, Clemen McKay. He had been missing in Viet Nam. He finally was found. Mrs. Griego lives at 1416 Osage St.
Did you know that Mike Anaya has been a counselor at Metro State College? Anyone interested in going to week-end college, call Mike at 266-0516. Come on, guys and dolls 18 80, you can make it. No time to give up, no time. Someone would like a visit and a little company. He is 83 year old Felix Alire of 1410 Mariposa. A resident of the West Side for many years and not many
relatives left. He would appreciate visitors or cards. He has the most fantastic stories (real ones) to tell of when he lived in the San Luis Valley and walked many miles to school, etc.
Going back again to see his son who is a patient at the Colorado State Hospital is Mr. Mariano Ruiz of 1066 Osage. Mr. Ruiz urges anyone that has relatives and friends at the hospital to please go see them because these folks are often forgotten. A visit means a lot to these folks.
A visit from Security, Colorado, surprised Mr. William Wheeler. He has his son Morey Wheeler and daughter-in-law Magadene who live there.
Arlington Grill wants us to know that good living and using snuff has kept all his teeth (except one he had extracted a few weeks ago). He is 84 years old. A little whiskey once in awhile, but common sense living will do it, and one wife.
And a very, very important thing, and a humane one, let us write to the fellows and visit them at Canon City Penitentary. Let them know we care for them and remember them.
Scotty American Horse, 1306 Mariposa St., has finished part of his training at Colorado University Denver Center and also at Wazee and as he is training to become Community Alcoholism Counselor he is taking his second end of training (Internship) at Phoenix, Arizona. We wish you luck, Scotty.
Recently, Ramona Eli of 964 Inca, took an out-of-city trip. She has many relatives and when Ramona feels like visiting someone, she ups and goes. More power to her!
Joe Franco, lately of 1276 W. 11th Ave., passed away recently. Joe, a young man still in his 30's, died of a heart attack. He leaves his wife Nancy and three children. We offer condolences. James Evans, 1225 W. 9th Ave., won 2nd place in a Basketball Tournament on March 9th, 1972.
He won a 2nd place trophy.
Tony Redwone, 11 years old, the granddaughter of Mrs. L.E.E. Williams of 1433 Mariposa, is home after a week in the hospital with a bad case of the flu. Tony was admitted to Beth Israel Hospital under Dr. W.S. Pren-zlair. Welcome home Tony, I hope you feel better.
The Mothers have Wednesday from 9 to 12 for Mothers Morning Out. This is really a relaxing day. We all look forward to it. We all have our own babysitter provided at the Auraria Community Center for all our mothers.
Last Thursday we had a very special day. We took a trip to Arvada to Joans Ceramic Shop. All kinds of beautiful ceramics are on display. We are so grateful to John for having the heart and also sparing the time to spend with a group of ladies. And John also provided the transportation to the shop. Jobn is a very good driver, and we had a joyful time. Ladies from the class that went on the trip included our instructor Judy, Mrs. Jean Jackson, Mrs. Dorothy Martin, Auraria representative, Mrs. Bonnie Mur-liage, Mrs. Mildred Brown, Mrs. Dorothea Brouse, Mrs. Patsy Fresquez, Mrs. Martha Ortiz and our driver John. We would also like to thank Jim for all the help he gave us in getting organized for the trip.
On Wednesday March 29th the class will have instructor Mrs. Price to show us the different techniques in craft painting. We also have our Easter Pot Luck Dinner. Each mother will cook a special dish. For more information you may call Auraria Center and representative Mrs. Dorothy Martin will assist you. More than 50 youth gathered at Lincoln Park on a sunny Saturday to see how much litter they could collect.
Prizes won by those collecting the most were first place, Anna Martinez, Harold Stancil and
PHONE 572-1567 FOR:
, box Lunches, Delivery Parties, Hor D oeuvres
WHOLESALERS OF: Frozen Burritos, Green Chile with Pork, Chile Rellenos
PHONE 572-1567
Jody Duran who won bicycles and Grover Albert who won the camera outfit and film.
Second place winners Revia Lehman, Mosies Avial, Victor Archer, and Frank Wader were awarded toys.
The project was sponsored by Joe Hodge, William Nielson, and Dick Takata of Youth Coalition. Prizes were donated by William Coker, manager, Lincoln Park Homes, a basketball Lee Markeley, regional director, % Fotomat, a camera outfit and film Officer Gilbert Ortiz, Police Storefront, three becycles and toys ^ Officer Robert Baltz, Police Community Relations, and Bemie Vigil,
manager Adelante Community Supermarket, candy.
A study recently completed by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) found there are 60
state legislators of Spanish descent in the United States -
including Denvers Betty Benavidez. She is the first woman of Spanish heritage in Colorados history to serve in the legislature and the only such woman in the country. She was in Washington meeting with the arrangements committee of the DNC, which is making plans for the national convention to be held in Miami in July.
OPEN SUNDAYS 10 A.M. to 6 P.M.
Specials for April 5 thru 9, 1972
Pork Chops, V* Loin 750
Rath Bologna 690 lb.
Homemade Chorizo 750 lb.
Sigman's Sausage 650 lb.
Requeson 890 lb.
Ground Beef 630 lb.
Lamb Shoulder Chops 890 lb.
Boneless Chuck Roast 950 lb.
Steele's Hominy, Ellis Vienna Sausage Keebler Cookies Debbie Dishwashing Detergent Ollies Tamales Shurfine Jello 8 .00 4 ra/K1.00 3 100
(Formerly National Brands Store)