Cannabis product news, volume 1, number 1

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Cannabis product news, volume 1, number 1
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Cannabis product news
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Cannabis product news : business solutions for a growing industry
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Granite Bay, California
Apogee Business Media
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volume : color illustrations ; 28 cm.


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Editorial offices located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
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"Premiere Issue!"--front cover.

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Premiere Issue!
Business Solutions for a Growing Industry
Vaporizer Innovation
creating a Strain
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Best Practices:
Financial Management
Security and Technology Intellectual Property

Table of Contents
10 Products and Services Showcase
31 Calendar
150 mfi. THC Milk Chocolate
Premiere Issue Vol. 1, No. 1
1 8 Cannabis Strains: Real and Imaginary by Paul Lembeck
24 Patent Cannabis, and Trademark, Too by Tony Marshall and Jeremy Hanika
Best Practices
Cultivation: Making the Most of Your Grow
Security & Technology: Monitoring Marijuana
Finance: Critical Considerations When Starting a Cannabis Business
28 Cannabusiness Solutions
Edibles: The High Demand for Edibles
Hemp: The Vital Role of Hemp in the Coming Age of Abundance
Publisher's Message From the Editor
Product of Choice
1 2 Vaporizer Innovation by Chad Lott
Ending on a High Note
Success Story: Love's Oven
On the Cover
New advances in vaporizer technology have resulted in a number of improvements and new products.
See Chad Lott's article, Vaporizer Innovation, on page 12 to learn more.
Vaporizer Innovation

2 Cannabis Product News | Premiere Issue

Product News
Business Solutions for a Growing Industry An Apogee Business Media Publication
Mike Dumke
Associate Publisher
Dave Anderson
Phil Samuelson
Art Director
Brenda Cooke
Account Executive
Tony Collins
Contributing Writers
Diana Campos, Texas Jeremy Hanika, California Crystal Huish, Colorado Max Lavine, California Paul Lembeck, Colorado Chad Lott, California Karen Marker, Michigan Tony Marshall, California Brandon Pitcher, Indiana Bruce Ryan, Toronto Michael Schultheiss, California
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Cannabis Product News Volume 1, No. 1
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Publisher's Message
By Mike Dumke
Those who make their livings in the Cannabis industry aren't your average businesspeople. We thrive on adaptation, change, progress, and the excitement of knowing that we're helping shape an industry that is experiencing explosive growththe type of rapid growth that's unprecedented in nearly any other industry.
From my entrepreneurial background, I know all too well how challenging it can be to launch a business and succeed in a dynamic, increasingly competitive environment. As I became more involved in the Cannabis industry, the need for a product-driven magazine quickly became apparent. The constant advancements in products and services across all industry categories is proof positive that business owners need help staying current.
Cannabis Product News (CPN) promises to become the "go-to" magazine for Cannabis professionals. When product and service applications can provide answers for your business, you can count on us to keep you informed. This need for business solutions was instrumental in shaping the unique editorial style you will find in each issue of CPNa style that puts products, services, and business solutions in context with applications and management of a more successful business. Our team of experienced business-publishing professionals has been hard at work, armed with the knowledge that CPN will becomes a valued resource and contribute greatly to our readers' business sustainability and growth.
Those of us at Cannabis Product News value your opinions and encourage your honest feedback. We'll continue to adjust and refine our content to best serve your needs as we move forward in this dynamic, ever-evolving industry. Allow me and the CPN staff to welcome you to this premiere issue the first of many issues to come. We consider it an honor and a privilege to take this journey with you.
From the Editor
By Phil Samuelson
The magazine you're now reading reflects the vision and dreams of a small team of entrepreneurs and business-magazine professionals. Our background in print publishing and other lucrative ventures provided the necessary skills and experience to identify an important missing niche in the rapidly growing world of legal Cannabis periodicals. That industry niche is products.
There are many Cannabis business publications out there, but none are devoted entirely to promoting Cannabis-related products and innovations as well as the service providers who are so important and necessary for guiding business owners and driving our industry forward. Thus, Cannabis Product News (CPN) was born. This was a natural progression for me. My role as editor-in-chief of successful product-focused B2B magazines in other industries served me well during the launch of CPN.
The explosion of new product releases come from an ever-increasing number of companiesand this rapid influx shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. The products we'll feature will span the entire industry, whether it be indoor and outdoor cultivation, processing, extracts, edibles, smoking and vaporizer accessories, or lightingif it's a product or service related to the Cannabis industry, we'll feature it. Consulting service-providers fill a valuable role for both established and emerging companies and retail businesses, as well, so you can depend on us for solid information in the areas of law, financial management, real estate, marketing, and branding.
The Cannabis Product News team eagerly anticipates growing with the industry and serving you, the reader, in your quest for the latest products and services information. Whether you're a grower, manufacturer, or retailer, CPN will keep you informed about the latest product-driven business solutions and inventory to keep your businesses on solid ground. We look forward to having you joining us for the ride! 3

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Pre m i e r e Issue Vol. 1 N o 1 Business Solutions for a Growing Industry Vaporizer Innovation "ON 1!1<::13d ;;o O lt

Table of Contents Premiere Issu e Vol. 1 o. 1 Features 18 Cannabis Strains: Real and Imaginary by P a ul L embec k 24 Patent Cannabis, and Trademark, Too by T o n y Marsh a ll a nd j e r e m y H a nik a Columns 4 Best Practices 28 Cultiva tion: Makin g the Most of Your Crow Securit y & T ec hn o l ogy : Monitoring Mariju an a Finan ce: C ritical Con s i d e r a tion s Whe n Startin g a Cann abis Business Cannabusiness Solutions Edibles: The Hig h D e m and for Edibles H e mp: The Vit a l Rol e of H emp in the Comin g Age of Abundance Departments 3 Publisher's Message 3 From the Editor 1 0 Products and Services Showcase 31 Calendar 32 Ending on a High Note S uccess Story: L ove s Oven 2 Cannabis Product News I Premiere Issue On the Cover ew adva nces in vaporize r t ec hn o l ogy h ave resulte d in a numbe r of improve m e nt s a n d new produ cts. See Chad L ott's a rti cle, V a pori ze r Inn ovat i o n o n page 1 2 to learn m o re. 12 Cann PrOOuct t-iws;, .. Vaporizer I nnovation ..... ....... n ... .. ... .... .....


Product I\ews B u siness Solutio n s f o r a G r owing Industry A n A pogee Bus in ess M e di a P u bli catio n Publi sher M ike Dumke Mike @ CannaProductN ews. com A ssociate Publi sher Dave Anderson Oave @ CannaProd u Editor P hil Samuelson Phii @ Art Director B r e nda Cooke BCooke @ CannaProd u Account Executiv e Tony Collin s TColli n s @Cann aProductNews com Contributing Writers D i a n a Campos, Texas J e remy H anika, Californi a Crystal H u i s h Co l orado Max Lavine, Cali fornia Paul Lembeck, Co l o r ado C had Lott, Cali fo rni a K a r e n Marker, M i chigan T o n y Mar s h all, Cali forn i a B r a ndon P it c her, Indi ana Bruce Ryan Toron to M i c hael Schul t h e iss, Cali forn i a Advertising Please contact Dave A nderson Oave @ Can n aProductNews com (800) 6519392 Corporate Office Apogee B u s iness Media, Inc. 4 1 20 Dou g las B lvd, 11306147 Granite Bay, CA 95746 T el: (800) 6519392 Editorial & Product Submi s sions Cannabi s Produ c t News P.O. Box 88421 Col orado Springs, CO 80908 8421 T e l : (800 ) 6519392; Admin@CannaP rodu Subscription Inquirie s ( 800) 6519392 Ca nn a bi s P r o du c t N ews V olume 1 N o. 1 C annabi s Pro du c t News i s publis h e d b y A p ogee B usi ness M e dia, I n c. P os tm as t e r : Se nd a ddr ess c han ges to Cannabis Pro du c t Nev 1 S 412 0 D o u glas Blv d. ; 3 0 6-342 G r a nit e Bay, CA 95746 S ubscriptio ns: The r e i s n o c h a r ge fo r s ubscription s t o qualifie d read e r s in the U nit e d S t a tes. F o r a s ubscripti o n please v i s it CannaProduc t, e m a il: Admin@, m a il to : Admin@ Canna Produc/ o r call ( 800) 65 1 -9392. s ubscri ptio n r a tes: s in g l e issu e : $7. 00; o n e year : $48.00 Can a d a & Mexi co: 555.00. A ll ot h e r countries: $75 F o r c h a nge of a ddress please e m a il y o ur compa n y n a m e new address an d o l d address. Copy ri g ht 2015 b y A p ogee Bus i ness Media, Inc. A ll rig ht s reser ve d. Nothin g i n p u b licatio n may b e cop ie d o r r epro d uce d w ith o ut pri o r w ritt e n p e rmi ssio n of th e publi s h er. A ll ma t e ri a l i s compile d from sources b el i eve d to b e r e li a bl e, b u t publi s h e d with o ut resp ons i bi lit ) fo r e rr o r s or o missi o n s O p i ni o n s ex pressed i n Cann a bi s Produc t News d o n o t refl ec t t h e op ini o n of t h e m agaz in e s edito r its manageme nt o r its a d ve rtisers. Canna bis P r o du ct News ca nn ot b e h e ld r espons ibl e for t h e o pini o n s ex pressed o r fac t s supp l ie d by i t s a uth o rs. Publisher's Message B y Mike Dumke T h ose w h o make t h e i r li v ings i n t h e Can n a b i s in dustry a r e n t yo ur a ve rage bus in esspeop le. We t hrive o n adaptat i o n c h a n g e p r ogress a n d the exc it eme nt of k nowin g t h a t we' r e h e l p i ng s h ape a n in dust r y t h at i s expe ri e n c in g exp l osive growth t h e type 'of r ap i d g rowth t h a t's un precede n ted in n ear l y a n y ot h e r in d ustry. F r o m m y e n t r ep r ene uri a l backg r o un d, I k now a ll too w e ll how c h a ll e n g in g it can be to l a un c h a b u s iness a n d s u cceed in a dy n a m ic in c reasin g l y competit ive e n v ir o nm e nt. As I beca m e mor e in vo l ved in the Cann ab i s i n d ustr y th e n eed for a p rodu ct driven m agaz in e q ui ck l y beca m e appa r e nt. The co nstan t adva n ce m e nts i n p r od u cts a n d ser v ices ac ross a ll in d u s tr y cat ego ries i s p roof pos i t i ve t h a t b u s iness own e r s n eed h e l p stay in g c urr e nt. Cannabi s Prod uct News (CPN) p r omises to beco m e t h e "go -to" m agaz in e fo r Cann ab i s profess i o n a l s Whe n p r od u ct a n d ser v i ce app lica t i o n s can prov i de a n swe r s fo r yo ur b u s iness, yo u can coun t o n u s t o k eep yo u in fo rm ed. Thi s n eed fo r bu s iness solut io n s was instrum e ntal in s h ap in g th e uni que ed i toria l s t y l e yo u w ill f in d in eac h issu e of CPN-a s t y l e t h at p ut s p rodu cts, ser v ices, a n d b u s iness soluti o n s in con tex t w i t h app li cat i o n s a n d m a n age m e n t of a m o r e s u ccess ful b u s iness. O ur team of expe ri e n ced b u s iness-p ub li s hin g p r o fessi o n a l s has bee n h a r d a t work a rm ed w i t h t h e k nowl edge t h a t C P N w ill beco mes a v a lu ed r eso u rce a nd co ntri b u te g reatly to o ur r eade rs' b u s iness s u s t a in ab ili ty a n d g rowth Those of u s at Cannab i s Produc t News valu e yo u r opini o n s a n d e ncour age yo ur h o nest f eedbac k We'll continu e to adjus t a n d refin e o ur content to best se rve yo ur n eeds as we m ove fo r ward in t hi s dy n a mic, ever-evo l v in g in d ustry. A llow m e a n d t h e C P N s t af f to wel co m e yo u to t hi s p r e mi e r e issu e t h e first of m a n y issues to come. We co n s i de r i t a n h o n o r a n d a priv ilege to tak e thi s j o urn ey w i t h yo u Fro m the Edito r By Phil Samuelson The m agaz in e yo u r e now r ead i ng r ef lec t s t h e vi s i o n a n d dream s of a s m a ll team o f e n t r ep r e n e urs a n d b u s iness-mag az in e pro f essio n a ls. O ur bac k gro un d i n p rin t p u b li s hin g a n d o th e r lu c r ative ven t ures p rovi ded t h e necessar y skill s a n d ex pe ri e n ce t o id e n tify a n impor t an t mis s in g ni c h e in t h e r ap i d l y g rowin g world of legal Cann ab i s period icals. Tha t industr y ni c h e i s produ cts The r e a r e m a n y Cann ab i s b u s iness p u b li cat i o n s o ut th e re, b ut n o n e a r e devote d e n t ir e l y t o p r o m o tin g Cann ab i s -r e l a t ed pr od u c t s a n d inn ovatio nsas well as th e ser v i ce p r ov i de r s w h o a r e so im po rt a n t a nd necessar y fo r g ui d in g bu s iness own e r s a nd driv in g o ur in d u s tr y fo r wa r d Thus, Cann ab i s Prod u c t News (CP N) was born. Thi s was a n a tural p r og ressi o n fo r me. M y r o l e as ed it or-i nc hi ef o f s u ccess ful p r od u c tfoc used B2B m agaz ines in ot h e r in d u s tries ser ved m e well during t h e l a un c h of CPN The exp losi o n of new prod u c t r e leases com e fr o m a n eve r-in c reasin g number of companies-and t hi s r ap i d in f lu x s h ows n o s i g n o f s lowin g down a n y t i m e soo n The p r oducts we'll feat ur e w ill span th e e ntir e in d ustry, w h eth e r it be indoor a n d o u tdoo r c ul t ivat io n p r ocess ing, ext r ac t s ed i b les, in g a n d vaporize r accessories, o r li g h t ing-if it's a p r od u ct o r ser v i ce rel a t ed to th e Cann ab i s in d ustry, we'll featur e it. Co n sulting serv i ce provide r s f ill a valu ab l e r o l e fo r bo th estab li s h ed a n d e m e r g in g co mpanies a n d retail b u s i nesses, as well so yo u can d epe n d o n u s fo r soli d in for m at i o n i n t h e a reas of l aw, fina n c i a l m a nagem e nt, real estate m a rk et in g and bra n d ing. The Cann ab i s Product News team eage rl y anti c ipates growin g w i t h t h e in d ustr y a n d ser v in g yo u t h e r eade r in yo ur q u est fo r t h e l a t est p r od u cts a n d ser v ices i n fo rm at i on W h et h e r yo u r e a g rower m a nu facturer o r r e t a il e r C P N w i II keep you inform ed abo ut t h e l atest p r od u ct-driven b u s iness solu t i o n s a nd inven tory to keep yo ur b u s inesses o n soli d gro un d. We l ook f orwa r d to havin g yo u j o inin g u s fo r t h e r i de! 3