Cannapages, volume 2, issue 1

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Cannapages, volume 2, issue 1
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Cannapages (Denver, Colo.)
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Denver, Colo
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volumes : color illustrations ; 21 cm


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Cj ! vjBj BIG 01 BUDDIES!

Vol 2. Edition 1
Bt£patd)e£ from the Highland
January 2015____________________
News from Cannabis City $4.20 Cents
Upcoming Events
Calendar, Page 33
Check out the recurring events for our community! Dont miss your chance to join other Cadets!
See Upcoming.....Page 33
Hail the Spectacular
5th Birthday, Page 7
Will you be there for the biggest party in Colorado? Dont miss your chance to say you were there for year #5!
See Birthday Spectacular. Page 7
High Times, Low Times Amsterdam, Page 12
When the November High Times Cup hit the fan in the city of Amsterdam, some said the once-proud Cannabis city was done-for. But what happened in Amsterdam, and is the city really to blame?
See Amsterdam......Page 12
About Cannapages from the Editors
Cannapages was founded in 2009 by medical marijuana patients in Denver, Colorado. Since launching the branded directory has been featured in three magazines, and the team is now known for industry media development, patient parties and giveaways. was envisioned as a place where dispensaries could share deals with patients, where feed back was honest and never computergenerated, where customers could depend on information from a local source. The editors of Cannapages are patients, volunteers, growers, and some, serving in current or past management at local establisments. This directory is to be used as a resource during this new era of regulated cannabis. Welcome to the Future.
CannaCritiques Page 35
Centerfold: Chunky D from Buddies Wellness- See Page 38
Featuring Photography by Ry Prichard of Cannabis Encyclopedia & Cannabinoid Testing by CannLabs
The Art of Acidity
ItspHat, Page 10
Expert advice on the joys of dialing in your pH. For every grower who wants to actually not kill a plant.
See Grow Advice.....Page 10
1st Time Specials
Full List, Page 16
Get the most out of your first visit to your neighborhood dispensaries!
See Full List..........Page 16
Epic Birthday Cake
Cousin D, Page 8
Cousin D treats us to the recipe for a cake that has fed hundreds at a time! Scaled down to fit your kitchen.
See Birthday Cake...Page 8
Camp Cannabis
So Mtn High, Page 10
Weekly CannaScopes
See Fortunes, Page 8
Addresses, Phone by Categories:
Glass Shops..................43
Grow Stores..................46
Find Full Colorado and National Listings or ORDER your copy of this guide online at Today!
The CannaSaver
Todays Coupons include:
Buy 2 Get 1 Free All Nutrients
21+ Tourist? Recreational Shops Listed on Page 20!

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j!\ispatcl)es from tl)e J!}igl)lanbs tn'l'lumV1J2015 News f r o m Cannabis C ity $ 4 .2 0 Cents THE CANNAPAGES COMMUNITY TURNS FIVE! E DI T ORS TRIMMING AROUND THE C LO C K F OR BDAY CAK E Upcoming Events Cal enda r Page 33 C heck o ut th e r ecurring C\'CiliS for o u r communi t }'! Don 't miss your cltan cc t o jo in o th e r Sec U pco mi ng ................... P age 33 Hail the Spectacular 5 th Birthday P age 7 Will you b e th e r e for th e b i gges t p a rt y in Colorado? D o n t mi ss yo ur c han ce t o say rou .,.,en. th e r e f o r rear S See Birthd ay S p ec ta c ular ..... Pagc7 High T imes, Low Times Amste rdam Pag e 12 Whe n th e Nove m b e r Hi g h T i me s C u p hit the fan in th e ci t y of Am sterdam, some sa id the o n ce-pro ud Cannab i s c it y w as d o n e-fo r !Jut what happen ed in Ams t erdam, and i s the cit y reall y t o blame? ..... .... P a g e 1 2 About Cannapages from th e Editors Canna pa gcs 'as f ounde d i n 20 0 9 b y m e di cal mariju a na pati e nt s in D e nv e r S in ce l aunching th e br a nd e d direct o r y ha s been f ea tured in three mag azine s, a nd th e team i s n o w know n for industry m e tfi a develo p ment pa tient parties and g i vca\'ays. Ca nnapage m was e n v i sio n e d a s a plac e where di s p e n s ari es co uld share d e al s w ith pa tients, f ee d b ac k w a s h o n es t and ne v e r "co mpu t c r gc n c ratcd,H w here c u s tom e r s c ould d e p end o n informa t i o n fr o m a lo cal s o u rce The editors of Cannapagc s arc patient s vo lur ll e e r s, g r o w e r s. a n d so m e, ser v in g i n curr ent o r pa s t man ageme n t at local c s tab li s me n ts. Thi s d i r ec t o r y i s t o b e used 3 S a r esource dur in g t hi s n e w e r a o f reg ulat e d c an n abis W elco m e t o th e Future. AN ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO THE BEST OF THE FRONT RANGE CannaCritiqu e s P a ge 35 Ce nterf old: Chunky D fro m Bud d ies Wcll nessSee Page 38 Featuring Photogr a ph y b y R y P rich a rd o f C annabis E n cy clopedi a & Cannab in oi d T e s tin g by C annla b s The Art of Acidity It s pH at P age 10 E xpe rt ad vice o n th e j o ys o f dial ing i n you r p l 1 For eve r y g r o w e r w h o want s t o ac t ua ll y n ot k ill a pla nt. Sec G r o w A d vice ................... Page 1 0 lst Time Specials F ull Li st, Pag e !6 G et the mos t out o f your fir s t v i s i t to ........ ............. ..... P age 1 6 Epic Birthday Cake C ousin D Pag e 8 Cou s in D treats u s t o th e r ecipe for a c ake th a t ha s f e d hundre d s at a time! Scaled dow n to fit your kit c hen. See Birth d a ) Cak e ........ ........ Page 8 Weekly CannaScopes See Fortun es, Pa ge 8 The CannaSaverM DENVER & BOULDER CANNABIS LISTINGS Addresses P h o n e b y Ca t eg ori e s : I Toda y's Coupo11s i11clude: $ 20 /g Premium W ax M e d and R ec Di s pen s arie s Docto r s G la ss S h o p s Grow S t o r es 20 I CAREG I V ERS FOR LIF E 33 43 S O % OFF 46 I An y D a b Rig or Bong ) 0 BLOW'S GLAS S F ind Full C o lorado and N atio n a l Lis tin gs Buy 2 G e t 1 Free All Nutrients o r OR D E R y our cop y of thi s g uid e I online a t Canna p m To day! H Y DRO PLAN E T 21+ Tourist? Recreational Shops Listed on Page 20! CANNASAVER COUPONS pg 49 +FIRST-TIME SPECIALS LIST pg 16