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People's news service, December 12, 1970
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|||||i ■Hr'* siip^awaW* ^ i.«P»a»w re

Our’s ia a consplr&ey to survive outside the Seath crulture by buildlng a new nation, based ©a love, equality and the full, free developaent of every individua!, Gpening a ^Coiammity HouseK in Denver would, *by providing. a.ceator ©f educati ©n and coEffiunieation, fee a step toward building that nation.
The house vould be a eultural-political focal point for the cojasunity, where people eould drop in and rap, sr use the coffae house or library. Filas eould be rented and ahown free in the Xiying rocia, and saybe (it * a a pretty f&r ©ut idea) a bend eould play there froa tlae to time.
Part of the CoEsmmity House eould house offices of variou» organisatioas, suoh as thie nevspaper, the Peoplep Defense Coamittae, the Lawyers* Guild, and a free health cliaie, etc.
There axe a lot of possible outasight things we, th© ecswunity, eould do vith our Communi ty House. We 're only liaited by the sisse of the place ire get and the alse of ou& ideas and contjributiora to this proieet, If you ham ide&a or cosmsents or vaat to help eall 355-4794.
411 Pover to the Isegin&tioal

f ree Health clinic
St. Andrevg Ghurch and the Order ©f the Boly faadly have smmmc&d ibs opesdng' of the frse »e&ical and daatal clinic Iscated at B20 E. 22nd Ave. The clinic vili oegin f\3ncti©a±ag m ffenday evening, Bee. T4> and vili be opes 7 evcnings a weak fresa 7 to 9 p».
The clinic, vhIch «±11 b® operated by a staff e£
0 doctcrg, 7 mirses and several parsmedies, vili specialiae in the treatmant cf drug problsas* venereal disease, prenatel care, and aay eaergeacy. If hospitaliaatien ia requireds the staff vili aid in admittaaec on a notiassle basia. Ckmaaellng vili also be available. The clinic is supported totally fresa private donat loca, and needs the coaaRmity1» feelp to survlve. For further inforaation, call 825-5517.
As »ore and aore povairty progresse are cut by the iixon Msini strati on , the people 'in our coiamunitisa vdUX have: to depesd lacressingly on each other for survival.
Bight on ta the brothera and sistere vho serve the needs of the people I

ts its costiauiag iaaMlity to respondi to one of mui ba&ic aeeds - sholter. This is the first ±n a series of arhieles vhich vili irace aot only the* origine and develop-aent of this fa.ilwe but will also provide practical and theoreticaJ solutione to this urgent huasan need.
Eeeauee people oonfroat the problea of shelter on a eontinoing b&aia it is e3sential to iaitially diecuss the froblem in this conteri. To that ond this first artiele will sefc oui .the slight relief which exiating Coloradc iav afforda the tenent who felis victi» to the cft-whissic&l actione of a Xaadlord* M a caveat it should be noted that exiitia$ l&W draws stroagly en feud&l law ~ the Xei? wfeea a lendiord vas a land lord and the tenent vas a aerf Iperhsps not so different frcas the eocteaporary nrb&a anviroaaent). '■
Basieally a landlord say evici a tenent by giving hia a written nofclee at least ten days prior to the day that reat is aoraally due, if the tonant rents on a aoath io Bfonth basis. If the tenant hae a le&se for up to 6 saonths then 30 days «otice »ust be givea,‘ and if the tenant vmts oa a neekly b&ais then oaly 3 days notice is, reqnirod.

Thus notice of & shorter period is invalid and bfae tbhant? is alloved to stay until the landlord giVes notice of the proper 3 ength. Hcvever, if the landlord gces to court the tenant arust go tbo and assert this defense.
If ttu notice is vslid the tetani doea not have to saove ajosaed ja tely f He should not pay his rent the aext moatb, but rather wait for th» laa&lord to serve a written three day "Bes&nd for Rent 6r Posseselon*. The ienaat stili does not have to nove, he* cas «ait untll /he 3n served with & «Stoasess8 and "Coaplaint1'. This will require the tenent to appe&r in County Court on the date stated on the FSuot&jbs* to file an- ;*iasifer*« At this pointj cr oooner, the teneat shoold insediately oontact a lavyer.
(Legal Aid ia the best place to call first). Xdu should "teli the receptioniet tfcat you are beisg evicted ane nteed to see a lawyer as scon as possihle. This is iaportaat for tvo reasons. First the lavyer vili file an "Ancn&r'B for you asserting any defenses you my have. Secondly if youdotttb file an ^Asswer" the laadlord will probably obtain a default judgejsent for back rent'as - veli as posseg:ion of the property and have you evicted hy the County Sherif? after 18 hours.
Once you have contaeted Legal Aid the lavyer will do most of the Work. He often caa obtain aore tine for you to nove and/esr assert legal defenses vMch nay save you
noney and posslbly preveat your evietion. More isnportantly, by going to court you cost the landlord tiae and saoney vMch hopefully will have a deterring effect on a landlord,s usual hastiness to-evlct anybody he fsels is undesirable.
The following resources should be utlllzed in fighting any attempted evietion—
Capital MU Tenants Union, 1460 Pennsylvania, 825-2329 Legal Aid (Msdn Office), 1375 Delevare, 623-8251 Eastside Legal Aid, 2130 Dovnlng, 222-1806 Northside Legal Aid, 2243 W. 32nd, 433-8771 Southwest Legal Aid, 925 Federal, 292-6296 College Tiev Legal Aid, 2955 W, Asbury, 936-7327 Stapleton-Globeville Legal Aid, 4495 Orant, 222-3858

Fesr ibIqub raasocs mS.%uts war preaent d*y aociety, aaaty p«e»la fre«s our coamamity h&vs been seni io penal imsiltuticas. fbey are allowed vinita by ralafeives, loved ossa, and friends. Itay of these people caanot m&ke & trip id sey, Canon City (Colorado State Psnitentiary), without feelp. The Orgaais&iion for Solidarity and Praedo» has a WEB TRANSPORTATION PRGGBAK going here ia Descrer, and saeks to provide transportatio» for many more 'people. Gre&tar coamuaity lnvolveaent is important because erery priaon irraate is from the oomasanlty and vili one day retura to it* Therefore if the prooess of development ia the priaon inmaie is to be more constructiva, thea ha wmt have a greater understaading of the forces at vork In the csomaunity, so that he caa haadle feima^If more effectively within this soaiety. Greater eoammity iatereet and wiXI increase the chancea of a more positive and promiaing attitude in the dsVelopaent of the ptimrx inmate. Flease aupport our FREE TRANSPORTATION PROuRAM. Xt is a program to seet an iiame elate need of the coamoaity and is an esaential pari in the prooess of social developmeat of the prison iraaate. If you wish to 3npport this program, need transportaiioa, or vould iike more Information, call the ORGAMIZATIOff FOR SOLIDABIT! AND FREEDOM at 623-376A.
The Orgaaisation for Solidarity and Preedoa FREE TRANSPORTATION PRCGRAM -Ua&tsr Rrooke, Coordinator %m £* 33rd Ave*

On August 24, 1970, farmvorkers i& o fcarvest lottuee ia the fields of California and ktlzow straek for unio» recognitio». Thaso workers had caoso»;f.?.^-iO.C*' as their bargaialag agent. % the eai'©f ^eftp^-aer, tu» of the large st growors had recogolzed U.F.W.O.C. aad signod contracta* ait one largo grower, BUD ASTLE stili refossfi Isis workers the right io & imioa of thsir choica.
B§L ASTUI isno saall lecal grower. His operatioa ie controlled by Lfaa massive capital of DOW CHEMICAL.
Oa October 6th the BOW-ANTLE axis with the aesisiance of growar controlled ceurts, enjoined B.F.W.O.Cr froa boycotting BUD ASTLE.
Oa December 4th, OSSAE C3JAFEZ faced a conteapt of cotsrfc eharga in these ssme grower coatrolled courts. He wes fouad guilty and was inprisoned untll the boycott of D0W-ASTL3 lettujoe and other products ende» He has committed the criffl» ©f asking eoaceraed dLtizeas to help farsnworkers via their rights by ©aly bayiag lettuca vrlth the farmworksrs uaio» labei. As he was beiag led off to jail, 0ESAR said «boycott the hell cmt of thea”.
Aztec Suntan Lotioa, Toach of Swedea hand lotio», Sara» Wr&p, Haadi-Wrap» Dow Ovea deamer, Dow Bathrooa Cieaaer# 2iploc food storage bags, Dow Brake Fltdd, Dow Coalant toti-Freeae, Dow Carbareter and Choke Cleaaer, Dow Spr&y-oa liquid Tire Chaia, etc.

Waat Xifted us to cur feet arsd drew us blood-braviagj tsut-vlungod, intp ertresta warvex- of o«r ova ch&rting? Before ib* ir^stb bacessa diff icalt io myf lapoasibla %$ $mr,
ve should |Mt t&at ve didn't elmys kaow ve vere everythiag:
That no cbiXd myb-here sbould 8terve#
That m om nfornld have too nuch vhile Ejost people havo too little
fh»%, mmf %009 praciice
protecti^ %k& m&my and property of the rich
trmi iham dying in vant is heretoy invalid *
fte&t cfixr vfctat and skies, our earth and saa,
«m m Im&ftot be the eesspool in which the vastes of the vesilfcgr are dnsaped to poison u® vhlle tfcsy aH» on the yaehte of profit orer the pS*®:@t, tfeey ars mirdering,
COBraittjtog $hP miioids for us vltkoni oar permissio»,
Tbat, wa vili «ot be ligrted on cards for ehimspt to our loeal coaeerstratiori camp. lying ii» vmMmm near Allscvood, Feansylvania, wfcieh can he fillod at the stroke of the Fresi&eoi*« psn, deel&rlng w * dengjar to domeetic posce vhlch ve are —» : fpr dmmUzig ibat the geods of the earth be possessed by the paopl® of the earth evarywhera — vhich they thoold.

Yea, something br&ced *us evea the»
with the knowledge that thoae wiio ovn «6 :v #
would not glvo us feack our Praedo® penaefully , nenvid^k^ It would h&ve to be fought for, wreSted free, our struggle Isea violent than tha daily sseas ia»r4si*s ’ they flnd it necessary to Infllei here and ahroad jaerely to mlntain tkttsgs aa they unjustly are,
«ad look, the smoke risita to seorch oui* lung*
bullata to vent cataracte of our biood, '<
but what buras avay ia our servitudo
and what slides free is a river
in vhich the nm age will miah av&y
ali wurderous differ esces between oae child and «psibther.
Brothers and eisters, it‘a only humn to ba afraidU How rsice it would be to live in that tiise, not thie> the aflertaste of our age already spat out, bitier, ob those vho buy and aell our life ia the name of what ve call greed and they call profit.
But fear is aot our only reeource; tbere is sbaring, braving, loving, and every raised fist now
Is a testaxaent ag&inst the tinus, sooa, hosnorroiwu.
when words are no longer porspitted to prixxb
the fects ve know in our gut,
every fist an emblem of
the wordleas deflanee we will need th&n
vhen the silesce descende against a ii we know
&M our dyiag bodies are the only l*s«uage left ns.
â– V: Kean&th
ffriM jJwafen. 7ft

^ 'J * !'' w&Nijg *jr ^ 'w W ^ ^
The aesa for aa alternative ia education for ali peoples, ha». wm£faate*&. itself ia tb» reeeatly orgaaized Slrewberry fielda £re* aehool. The Sfcrawfcarry Flelda school is dssigned to Xet e&ch ehlld devslop at his cvn rato and accordlng to Ms bwn iaterests. Ii is fouaded oa a beli®f th^t a cooperative atiltude in the le&raing processa aay be aa answer to raany vorld problema, ia contrast with oldaiyle coapetitive ©ducat ion. The latter has, as many of us ha ve esperlenced, proved ita irrelevaace as cur iaterests hnaanly devl&ted froffi adadnistration cmrri culme»
Strawberry Flelds feela the right to educate and participate ia the educ&tion of their children beloags to the people. It also believes that gr&des, or classifi-cation is unaeceesary ia the educatione! process and that any grouping should coste aboui srnly through siailarities or iaterests of any of the participatisg childrea. The people at Strawberry Flelds waat to ealighten -everyoae to the educatioaal potenti&ls of everyday activity and for parenta as veli as childrea to re&liae that lifa is education.
Strawberry Flelds is now opev«, but as it has aot yet found a permaneat building that aeets with building -eode regiM.t^wi.oas, it is now working frcm the teachers’ eo-op at 1101 Stout, but that is very teaporary.
This may be where the comnaity can help. People can keep alert for vacancies of large buildings that may be used as a school buildiag, and also contrubute aeaey wb.enever possible.
The school already had fifteen childrea and would like to enroll fifteen more, betveen the ages bf 5 and 11.
The tuition for Strawberry Fields is «ay&hers from fi ve dollars to 75 dollars a month, dojH&n&ing upcn faa&ly finaacial status. However the 75 dollars tuition falis oa very well off faadlys only.
We belisve that even thoee of us without children now, should help sapori ibis school and oihers aaybe to follcv. Sducatlon is a very important organ of the community and any stride now is one for the future.
If interested please call 255-0319 and ask for Mane Fish.
Saa and Caria Garcia

(reprinted ttcm Suhdance) HEW YORK, JtFhY 25
lippiri deaonstraied outside Msdison S M«ll the protestora here should go there and see what it*3 iike and theysd never comp i a in ag a i n’;. The yipptes also vare pretesting a 'pl&tmed "benefit" BS< was arranging with other rock greups for Seat scholarships funds, When asked if there vas a«y ineonsisteacf with aetting up 4 scholarships in taeisory of students who died trying to deae'the schoot, BS&T replied,
!'Oh., ve 11, they* 11 open the sehool in the fall and so«e deserving kxds ahould replace those that vere kllledSe ver a 1 yippies got inside the garden and shouted out "lultahitl Bullabit!" when the group appeared. There were acuffies vith police but no arrests.. ht & press conferettce, a apokesaan stated thae the Youth International Party vas diagusted wifh the fact that a rock group could openly cooperate with the CIA vhose sole putfom is to spread bullabit lies about what goea on here and instigate the overthrow of gowrubent# that «sm peeple» Blood, Sveat and Bullshit is syss&olte «f bew sophisfcfcated segmenta of the econovy and govemaest rip of £ the yeuth culture, The greup called on Yippies sveryvhere to boycoft or disrupt the group * a concerta and plcket Stores that carry theIjr recorda. They also suggested that the «easbers of the band cu£ their hair like the other straight pigs in the CIA.

Jfeay hip Stores throughout Deriver, but aore iaportaa&, vithin our ova co&aimity, look very progressive froa the outside, and very often froa the inside too. hteny or ali of these Stores earry all the parapb&aellia needed to fit the sufface requireaents for a far-out he&d-shop, but because of the lack of participatio» by and for the people, aaay of U8 have fotrnd ourselves buying our ovn culture at capitalist prices, Many of us have been villing to sell our ovn vorh at re&sonable prices, but because of un-CO-OPer&tive profit n&eedsK, Mgh consignaent sends these iteas into the s&ae uejust price range.
One exaaple of these Stores is ^ADQUABTERS, the store vith the profound stateaeni abovo the vindov facing Marion at Colfax, nBy the People, For the People55. At this store, tfith this heading, I begin to vonder just who these '‘people8 axe, for a coasignaent hike-up plagues the whole establishjaentj X do not vaat to criticise frc® any point of view otber than hov this store relates to us, the corammity, for saaybe their word people55 actually vas aeant to ‘reter to these people vho can pay their ridiculoua prices. Maybe they actually sean that the •‘people55 they are by ara the capitalist dealers froa the east coast that they aov deal vith. (These dealers are capitalist culture vultures, geered to take ccaamunity aarkets for Mp cultural aerchandise coatpletely out of cosaunity fcaads, until it is timete t&Jso our aoney.)

If this is tru©, thsn rnybe they axe not hypocrites, nsaybe they aro iaerely irreleveat to our cosjmunity, X vili also say that this is the time to stop the last paxt of their ppoeedure, and t&ke our aoney and gcoda to more eommadty conceraed shops, vhere wa vili be able to sell our ova prodacta at our ova prices and buy at prices vitfeia our reaeh.
1 fav examples of capitalist prices at the HEAD^-SHSSIS is an oil' paiating called the "HsroirTMdictB. The A.0%
Mfce-up raises tbe prise frc® $500 to #900. #400 profii for the store» One ile-dyed T-shirt costa up to #6.00 and ne leas than #4«00, vhen they v?ould have beezi #2.40 to #3.60 or leas before eonsigsoent.
Mithin our culture there gometimes seess to be the attitude that so long as a person or s at talus the ability to use hip vords, hip points. of intereat, etc., he or she vili be recognised by the oasmmity as being beneficia! to the neede of the community. This attitude hovever, is false, sinee maay of us can.see that our eoimaunity confronts nev necessities everyday. It is a growlng reality that to meet a progressive cojaaswnily^s, progressive methode arust be usod.
Saa^y Garcia


maurice mitchetfs *V*w n*ordPrfelit#*1
Dehver Salversity*s Ck&ncellor Maurice Mitcaeli launehed another one of Me fasoua genocide bonbs againat his students last week, but ii vas a dud.
OXd Miteb.ell, vhose thing is attacking stndects, tried to get 3 guerrilla theatra actors disiaissed fron school and a fourth actor thrown ia jail. The students survived l€.tcheXl*s anti-personcel boab after I 10 hour disciplinary hearing Monday night* Mitchell1» own haad-picked hearing feoard fouad the® aot gutlty at 3 a.». Tuesday aorning while 150 studente cheered» Nowadays MitcheUfs pigs wear blue ■ jackets bo they all loek like Las Vegas bellhops and about 8 of thea sat glum and gruntlng in the baek of the r-coa vhen the verdict vas announced.
The £roseeution vas planted. Tvo studente h&d aentioned to “sympathetic lis tenere” (deans) that they didnH enjoy the guerrilla theatra akit. Next thing these tvo knev they were takeu to a baseaeat rooa in the D»U» Security 'Building vhere they h& go through a stack of photos and slides to finger varieus radicals in the crowd scenes.
These tvo studente vere urged to write complaints to set up the prosecution. A typical Maurice Mitckall pig session-10 security pigs in a basement room, the spy-in-tbe-sky photo, and the tvo uswitting fellow student dupes.
The 3 studeats who vere found not guilty vere Ken Jones,
Hed Perkins, and Charlcite Mvitto. TMs is about the
third shit boaab Maurice has thrown at his enenies - - _ , '
the studente - - this year.
The cane e vas a Justice Bepartiaeat visit to the cascus *
The guerrilla theatre vas set up pot- to diarupt and it did*vt dlsrppt, Not nuch of a case for ©Id Mitohell — not a really Juicy Hayakawa deal — but a shit bo&b'» a shit 'bomb, rlghi? Aad studente are there tabe feoabed, - rlght?
•Tia Jfeore

^ w JjP .AAjAhmd :|Sp ^ |M
.fhfcty «jMMst «s# pareo&iof teievisio» i» torth wutehiag» for Ss^&sSf* 8®a« 1S si tO $sa c*a KliSA ©h&aael 6
"fwifw* %-te Iteofe *& tto» fw&.ly "
Dog* Sil* tfana<^%. Sssat&fsjl ta&jL 'Sfcm iMLiler . . â– 
BMiS» Ws|ii3NW* asl SaatsJia. aaas^fear ©jccsll^t ebaaael 6 sariat ©t1 j^&gra«ji it ealled n'Bm fraatitt® $ia£* Crying*5. ; - :
1 Chanml 6 is aoasomerciai aad rospeasl## i© paMle X opialoa. If you thiak 3orw>tM»g ycrn’?® seea oa KRM* shcmM bo repeatodj call the aiaticn et 244~3#99 exieasioa 66.
. .Peoples* Mews- .Service it a written, adiiad and- printad eallectivaly. It w±Xl t>& only as informative and iisagioative aa -tkose wha produc a it can smk-e it* W#. iieed ■phoiograp.hars,.Iartistsp%£it^ra* electrie-. typevriteiy and 30, to 50 iSBSlSE vsek ^.a corttritoutions (sinos at ||1|P papsr is frea and ite ae-c#pt na advertisiiig} * | H‘ soiaatMng you ilunk tha paper laeks*
■ & , £*. COA »J-?4vs i ■ ..... I
AU, «"s*

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r .. _l !1 '. : ; , ,l 11!!........'1'..,_ vd 1 \ s;{J'Z. jjl: qec. {/.., iCflO 0


Ou:r 's .is a. conspiracy to survive outside the death culture by a new nation, based on love, e-.q,ua.l:tty UUld t.he full, :t"ree di')Velopment of every 1ndi Opening a •teolliDl'lUrl.ty House" :tn Denver would, -by providing. a center of educe.tlon and comtm.micatien, be a step touard building the.t nation.. The house 'llould be a cultural-poH.tieEZ.l focal point tor the communi t;;, vhere people could drop in and rap, o r use the house or library. Film. s could be rented Md show f : t'ee in the living room, at1d maybe {it's a pretty far out idea) s. baud play there from time to time. Part t')f th.a Comtlnni ty House could '.hcuse oi"fices of. various organizations, as this newspaper, the Defense Committee, th I.aayers' Guild, and a fr% health clinic, etc. There a. lot or possible ou-c.asight things we, the comllUJlity, could do wt t.h ou.r Community House. We *re only limited by the size of the place get and the of out :tde-..e.s and to this rr you have ideas or cor..mnente or 'WJ'.lt to help call 3 •)5-4 794 All to the


__ t7:-. ,_. -. ':"' ._,.., . ; -, free health clinic St. Churc h and the Order of the Holy Family bave announced the ot the .free medical and dental located at 820 E. 22nd Jive • . The clinic v:LU begin on Holiday uV>ellin&, Dec . 14, and vill 00. open 7 evar:U.ngs. a week trora '7 to 9 pm ... The clinfe, Wbich Will be operated by 8. staff' of a docto:re, '7_ n:tu-aea and s everal paruedics, will specialize in the of.' problettS' venereal disease' preD&tal care, ant .l any emergen cy. I t hoapita.lizaticn is, the staf'f will aid in admit ta.n c e on a no,..hassle btuds. Counseling will be available. 'The elinic is supporte d totally from private donationa, needs the c clift'l.mity's help to surv ive. For f'u.:rthe r information, call 825 -5517 . As more and more p ' n grmns -are cut by the Nixon tha people our communitiaa \o'ill hav e to d-epend incre&singly o n each for survival. Right on to bro.ther . a and sisters who serve the u<2eds ot the " . '! ., ___ : ;:. .,:",.'-f" ... ,....,.::.')'


\ ----"""1' \.._ . o . f .itlferican L! i t!S\ iJ:mbi1ity to respond t . c ot man t e bafiic ne ed:: -sb.olter. This is the first in a of 11:r-ttcles vh.ich vill trace not only tbo origins s.nd developof' th1 e but will also provide prs.etical and the-o :ratic:.t .. } so.l'utiox.< s to this urgent. need .. Bec a us e p e ople c-onfront the prob1tlm of shelter on a continuing it is easent.i&l t,o initia..lly the in r;blelll in this context. To that ond this first article will set out alight rslief vbich existing Coloradc la\>l the t.ensnt who f'alls 7ictim. to the ort-wbimsic&l act cf

, .. .. \" .(.. . '-1 . ,_,"; > , 'f ' . • . ...._ "-,f... I . ""'.J ,,-:-.-"""-'f • '. ... I ' /' ....... ' ' . -,......,.._ ' --.. ' ' ,. -:'I ., 7 H-. . r " 0 . ' I ''i I " " ...)-__ _..... _y -...: "' , : , 1Thu8 nqtlC!J_;' of. a is and ' , r },.o is t;o .. ,until the : nott_ee .or . the -r;:_ "( 1 prope r .\Rcll(eyer' , it court;-\ ::c tens;nt\mu$t go "\too' and ABB_Jrt this,' defetl!S$• : , ''" ' 'If th-. . :aoti'ce ia va.:ua tlia t'anant does not )tva 1to. 1 ./ He s-bculd not pay " hlii'-rent .... but''f9J' _thel@.tldlcrit to serve a '-' three day •Demand tor Rent or Posses-aiontt. The ,. ' ' nOt 1M'l!e to move, Waf.t, until {IS ..: with a u and, . u. This will req!lir;e t .. _ td appe&r1 in. County,-Cov.rt on date on the f:i;te an At this point:, c"" sooner, .sho"ld contact a: law'ye:t• Aid if the place t6 oo11 'f:trst). .Yt\u should Y?U ere being evicted nee d to see_, a • \


/ . \ l:...-\ .. : -...., ' (_ ---' ._ --.f . ,, . . SOL!DAR.IT ' f JUW FPJ?!EooM . .....___,, Fil.EK ,..-Fi:J)G:!?.AM ;; : r ---? . c ; {. ,-/, .. __ fM" our oormnuni ty sat to: p _eni.J: / th&1 m;e dsits by relative-s, toye d ,;'l:t\e s , _an'-' frit!fuds. ot -these people a:--t r i p to Canon City (Colorado State The Or-ganlza :tion for SQlidaMty and has a FF.EE TiU.N'SPOR'l'ATlON PaOORA .. 11 geing here in Denv•r, Md _seeks to prov1 .. d e tral'lSporta ticn tor m.ailJr m ore-people. Greater_ every pr:1son).:omate from the.-comll1Ul11ty and Will ana day U. it., , it th. e process ,of davelopment : -: t n the pril$on : .tnmate is ;to be mora va, then he have a grea: t ,ar underatandlng of the fo-rces a.t wox>-k : i n the oommmi.ty, so b.e can han dle more e ffectivelt v.tthin this Grea ter eof!UUUlrl.ty t l. e n will ine:rease the cb.sonc&s of a more c.: _ pos;itiV& o:., omisill$' attll:.ude in the de'telopment oi.: the . inmate. Please supporl our FREE Tiili'iSPORTA.!ION_ P.RQGRJlM .. It i s a program to meet an l..rmnediate need or t . h e col'll1'!n'mlty a."l,d is an essential part in process of social of tha. prison inmate.. T;:. you wisn: -to support. . this _ program, need or. -would lik$ mart': in.fol"lnation, call the ORGMITZATIO_N FOR SOLIDARITY . AND FREEDOH a t -l'l9lt: . -, ' . '" I r _....... ' . r • r' , { ' •' '' ,"_ i ... __ ,. / ""-, ... .... -. . / . ' ... ....,-r-,:. :..-( ...,


\ , l /, ... .. ..., f \ ... / 'im-24, 1970, . !'al!JlWorke:rs wLQ -J ] ' _. ,,_ -in the field5 of 'California and Arizor.w . a t ri!ck for union . ....: recognition: worker-s nad _as Pit tl\e ot U. of __ ,:"' -., largest ' growers bad recognized--uti < . But one largl'3 grower, BUb, ANTLE st_ill rei'Us•tt his the right to a iulio n or th.@il" choice. ,_ Bfm ANTLE is nv -small l&Ca.l grower. oparatio , 1 is controlled by the m.assi-va:capital of OOW CimflCAL. On October 6th the DO\v-AN'I'LE axis the assistance o f: grover controlled courts, enjoined .. c .. from -BUD ANTLE. . / . ' On December 41-h, CESAR CHAVEZ faced a contempt of .?O'urt charge inthese same grove r controlled He was 1:ou:nd _ guilty and vas _fmprizoned until the boy cot t of and other He has committed c rime of asking conc.;;rned <:1 tize:ns ''to help farmworkers Vin their :rights by only buying lettuce \d th the t'armworkers uiu.on label. As. he vas -being led off to 'jail, CESAR said "boycott-tha o u t of them". .= ' ONE PHONE CALL DOW CAN STOP A.NTLE -coURT PROCEEDINGS! SEND _TELEG..W-13 MID LE:l'TERS TO: RERB-ERT OOAN, PRES. J)()ll G11EMICAL CORP.MIDLAND_, MICH.. 48640. BUD INy_ • . SALINAS; CALIF. _VOICE YOT:JR DISAPPROVAL TO LOCAL Dm.J CIIEKtCAL OFI•'ICES • . ' OOYOOTT DOW PRODUCTS: Aztec SUntan Itition,< Touch of' SWeden .-, hand lotion, Saran ... 'Wrap, U F .aro ,. Dow oven . Dov Bathroom '-YV ' . . Gleanel"; Ziploo food s.tora-ge begs, ') Dow Brake Dow. C'.oale.nt Anti-, -/Freeze, Dow Carbtireter a:nd Choke -Cleaner, Dow, liquid Tire Chain, etc • . -_I • . • ) •• / ') -...;:._,-' -..


i \. ' { ... r' -.-:' .i. lift: .. to, our tae:t and drel UfJ bloocj..:brailiPg • intQ of' o .tlr ovn ' difficult to say, we should . t ,hat V.0 dido.' t kn, l v we ){f;)re Tb,at n o shpuld etiu"Ve" 'l'hat n n o• have t.oo IrfUCh vhile ntOst pegple ha:'fe too llt'tlet T.' b,at l1zoactice ._ &nd p roperty of :r.icb. Wt ie hereby i,nv .tMiJ, . OlJ:r •••" $da;s,. our earth an!i v:O.l . _ . . , . oo t .he in vhich the wastes / of tl:t(;.) are, dumped to polaCln ua while they on tho Jl1lehts of Q'Ver tt.t. ( th$.y a:re \' for us without o:xr That we wtU lii$ted on -w ;pu;r oc;tnccntr-ation lying u AUenwooG!, Which c-.n 'k ;fi),led 1\\t stroke of t-he declaring u a 'ttl peace --... wh1ch a:re for tU.t t.h41 goods of the . earth . be by the p:oople of the earth everyWhere wb:!d h . tbty . eh0ul4e -.,. ( ,.....: ' \ '• I


-. ' •-' ;/ . -., fl. \I_ .... 1::'-r-_,;P J)t'tfAht'"'f . . -, ,,. ' > ( braced ' !"' even t:tle:ll \ ' .:.. .. '1 .... . --' : 'W'i th the kn.ow:ledg . e t4at thqse .ownUei_ . , :'-_ vould. n<:rt rQ.vli? us, back our ( it. vovJ.d. havfJ . to be fought for 1 ' , . . ,. dtu stTUgglEl leas violent. tban t.he daily , .• i .. ;, J).t • t ., t ' ,.1 .• • "-"" 'i..-.i• L.;,ey f o. :.,nt. :te\1 •1 1_ to maintain thi.tags unjustlr are; and. look, the smoke rl.sit'lg to $Cort;b o').U'" , to vent cataracts of our blcodp -but whe;t bt:u'1la avay ie o u r and what s.lides •tree is e. riv-er in whi .ch the _age Will Wash . away ' i &11 murderous differences betveen one Brothera and itE s only to Hqw nice-it would be to live in that .time, npt the td'tertaste' of O'l1l" age Sptitt. ov.t, OP 'thoae and aell our lite I ! _ in the of wlmt-w e cal l greeq > ' they cs,ll profit. fear is not our only reaauree; c is sharing, bra.vitlg, lovillg, and raised fist now .-\ , I 1 ' is a _ .testament agairist the time, soon, . v wheJl words are no longer to :pr.:i:l:ni we in our gut, ' ./ e v-ery fist an. e:nblem or J the wordless ve Will nee the!) . i; . ' whet:( the silane e doscenCis qa$DSt atl ve.Jwott J Qd our are the only lffA .,. . -/ • • Kearr.e!d\ ) I , fR:t'4 ... 'v. / I ' I, r .r; -/ .. /" /,. _.o;o\, :::. / I -'ti' . ' i_ ( \ I /"I \ < \ ,. I ' ) .,... I;


,. .. -\";. -' /" -, / .. i' ;f i: '", L> ' :C ;:'_< 1 \".N tw_... 1l'' '<•'"'' • -,-Tha IJ.etJd tor 13.4 alternative in tor all peoples, • itaeUt::t thl :z.-eoentJ}f ild4a ---'!he Fields school is d esigned t .'lM M4 QbUd develcw -at hi$ o'A rate and according to .intei-ests. I-, is on a belii\lf tb.E.\,t a . eoop -erative attitude in the pro c* aa may be-an answer to many world proble!118, in contrast with old . s-tyle competitive education. The latter h!w, as Dl8llJ' of US_ have 9Jq>eriencad , prov$<1 its irrelevan-ce as _our interests hnmanly . admi-nistration . F.ialds _resls the r ight t o e4ueate participate in the education of their childron belongs _ to the people .. -It also believes t.ha t , grt?.d:es, or classification is unnec e sBe.ry tri the e d u ce .tional process and that any grouping should come about o:n1y through. s i.milari tie-s .. Or int-erests of any of the parti c5.p&ting The people at Strawberry Fields w ,flllt to . .ghten . eveeyon,e _ to_ the educa:t:lonal potenti&ls o f eYes:y'di.l;}-sct.i vi ty_ ang fm:parents as w-el_l as children t o 1•ut"J.ize li.fa is • . , St-rawb&rry l<'ields is now op<:m , but a.s it b.fw not yet f o untl l!l. permanent building that meet s i-r-1. th building cede it is now working f'rt.'nt the t . a acher:'! 1 co-op at 110 1 Stout, -but that is vsry This may be where the com1m:mi t y c:::an. help. People can keep alert for vacancies of la.rge buildings that may be used as a. s chool building, and e J.a o oontrubute money ' wb.enever p-ossible.. _ so!wol already had fiftee n children and wo'Uld like t o enroLl mqre, b&tll9en the or 5 and 11.. -1"he for Stra:wbarr y olly<.there from , fi \"'6 dqllars to 75 . dollars a w.onth, dopanding upcn family :f'ina-Aeia l status.. HoW-ever th.e 75 dollar a tuition f'alls 'ot.l_ ve,ey ,well arr tam.:tlys only. . -We believe that even those of us -without children 'now, ahcruld > help support this school and others. \ rollow. iduoa.t:f.on is a. very._ :important organ-of the community. and a.n,_y s tride is one , , -, If intel."'e s ted-please call 2 5 5..0819 and ask tor Di, Fish4 • --/'-'\ ., " --.......


._.:; , .... ........ . . . , (reprinted f:-om Sundance) NEW YORK. JUT/I 25 Yippi:aJ .rn .:t s Y..adi:;on Squa 're 'Garden 'iast night :;t the concert o f Sweat and Th-ey hug e white and blue signs that said "t1ood Sw-eat & dumped twenty po\J.f.1<.'L o t ruanure in front of the \!!.

,. ' fA VUL:TURES !-iuly hip stores throughout Denver, but more vi thin our own COli!J.tlUlli ty, look very prograsel ve trom the outside, and very often from the inside too. fimy or all o these stores all the parapbA.tJ.ell ia. nGeded to fit t.h e surface requirements f'or a far-out head-shop, but because !Jf the lack of participation b-; and :for t:t.e people, many us have fo1md ourselves buying our culture at capitalist prices. Many of us have been villlng to sell our ow "Jork at rea$lonable prices, bu t because of 1m-CO-OPerative profit.. consignment sends these into the same unjus t price range. One example of' stcres is the store v i th the profound statement t h e vindow faciDg lkrion a . t Colfax, "By the People, For the People no At this store, 'tti t h thiili heading, I beg:i.n to wonder who these ttpeople n t t t e, to!' a 4(1/. consig:n;nont hike-up plagues the whole tabl ishro.enU I do no t to cri tici from any point. of viev other t.han ho w this store rele.tes to ua, the cornm:turi ty, for :maybe their '"Ol-d 1'people" actually was meant t n refer to thOse people 'Who can pay their ridiculou s _prices. Maybe they actually :mean that the ttpeople 11 they are by ara the capltalist dealer s from the east coast tJ:a t they :now deal l:i th. (These deal. era ca. pi t-....liet cu .l tm""e ' itul.tuxes gett>.re

If this is tr.1e1 then tllll.ybe t hey are not hypocrites, m ; oo they are . msrely irrelev.cnt to our co:!ml'!lmi ty. I wiD. also say thAt this is the time to stop the last psrt of. thd.l' procedurE:' and 0ilr Lloney and to more con; ;er-.ue d shops, 'llhere we Ji.J.l be able to seJ..l our own r rc:JS oe rore cons gmneur,. H .:i.thin our cul tt:tre there sometime s seB1 \ 1 S to be the. ;go.ttitu de that so l ong ae a person cr buainesf) the ability to usc hip uor-de, hip po ints of e te., he or she will be r , ::cogni:<:ed by the cor:mnmity as b eing b:tneficial to the news of tho C01l.l'r.!i!1.ill..;_ty. '!'hi s attitude however, :i.s falst:: , since :ma.n.y or us can s-s& that comtit::ni ty confronts new necessit.ies It itt a growing :reality tha.t to IDJ3et a prc.grsssivs pro gressi-ve methods must be useda I'"""" . . Sammy. Garo1 a ;/ .......


. i'.\ '.) / . / j ""'1 '>:.;..:...._ _ : . •,.;.:::. i:l""' t. a gL .:;'4• f l i , th&y a new aJld 1in a of They !!JF.J.Y that th.ts deseu& dflst:fof$ le0) doctors -found that speed (all ty-paa or damaga to the hem, llvoo:, kidney$, and l.rrt;es+:..!nes G C a group or who were observation out of ot 50, 30 . o:t v.ill d:i.(h lfow the pigs to, and are, gi1.ring our child.ran P'..idilin .m_d other eo tbey learn and a go od. aducs.tio.a.. ml d die oof.ore the7 can U$9 it. 'ihen -children, given s!-:-.7:. t lik" speed frQm pigs' and the pigs thea to tua it and thay st6.!"t whaJ:.te-ping to Have you speed fr.ttak? that . what. we wa,nt o lt.r t;o be 1 in tbat. shape? Do and ... -a. f.$.-vor, . -..... •l ,_ ...


/0 mitehellk d.u. 'law w ordt'r . folafes' i:>en\'"flr lliiivereityts Cb&ncellor l.faurioe Mitchell launched anot.her one or his famous g&nocide bombs against his students last week, but it vas a dud. ' Old Mitchell, thing is students, tried t o g&t 3 guerrilla theatre actors dismissed from school and a f ourth actor tbr{)W in jaiL The studenta su.rvi ved Mitchell's anti-personnel bomb after a 10 il-:>ur disciplil'l!ll"Y hearlng M:>nda.y night.. M1 tohell 's own hand-pi cited hearing board found th$ not guilty at 3 a.m. Tuesday morning while 150 stUdents Nowadays Mitchell's pigs wear blue -jackets so they all loOk like Las Vegas and about S of them sat glum and grunting in tha back of the room the verdict was announced. The jrosecution v as planted. Two students had mentioned tc• "sympathetic listeners" (deans) that they didn't eaj o y tile guerrilla theatre skit. Next thing these two knev t.b,ay were taken to a basement room in the D , U , Secu:ri ty !\.rl.lding where they had to go through a stack oi' photos and slides to finger various radicals in tha crowd scenes. two students vere urged to write complaints to set up the prosecution. A typical Maurice Mitchell pig sessiou-10 pigs in a basement room, the spy-in-the-sky pb.oto, and the t\10 un' te1lov. student dupes .. Tbe 3 students who vere round not were Ken Jones, Ned Perkins, and Charlotte D:tvitto. This is about the third shit bomb Ma1.ttice has thrown at his enemies the -this year. The cause was a. Ju..etice Deparenwnt viai t to the eampt:uh _ The ' guerrilla theat-re vaa s&t up ll.Oii to d..taru;pt and ! t. didrt.• t disrupt& Not much of a tor old MitoheJ.l-not a reallY. juicy Hayakaw. deal-but. a bomb1a a shit oo mb, right? And studen. t.s art'! there to be bombed,. 1"1-ght? . . \


Oaly sl;H:)'ttt cre of' ia wol"t.l:l Fox-, Dec.. 1) P.JL 10 :p'.n on KPMA aba.mlel 6 ttfut..,.• dll,. et thflt .5'$-,ily Dogtf tdt\t Ah,ltm'61 b'ttr'ltts MUlGr &.:nUX' and ho;.r th\1 fashion indust;ry exploits it,. Dec. 22 the aubject i."ill 'be rtLauelrl.Dg . 6 is noncommercial .SJl{i pu.ellc opi.l'j.on., If you thi:n.k>g yn'1.. see.n on lh:ould bo repeated, call the at 6b .. /