How are we doing? Developing assessment surveys as a tool to improve instruction

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How are we doing? Developing assessment surveys as a tool to improve instruction
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CU Libraries Summit 2020
Vetter, Cecilia
Kennefick, Sam
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University of Colorado Anschutz Library
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In January 2020 the Education and Reference Department of the Strauss Health Sciences Library at the Anschutz Medical Campus implemented an assessment project that spans the library’s various instructional service points. The project tracks how implementing assessment for consultations, classes, and reference services changes the perceived value of a service. A survey was created for each of the three instructional service points with both standardized and service specific questions using a Likert-type scale and free response questions. Our presentation we will discuss creation and implementation of the surveys in the hope that it will encourage others to conduct multi-service assessment.

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How are We Doing? Developing Assessment Surveys as a Tool to Improve Instruction Cecelia Vetter and Sam Kennefick CU Anschutz Medical Campus


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Survey -Survey Select form elements from the left and drag them into the "Form Workpad" area. Customize the properties of each element by clicking on it, then editing the "Properties" area. Save Changes Share/ URL View Reports Survey Options Fields Bank Basic Info Title Teaching Survey 15/256 Fr i endly URL 0/256 Wiew P.atron resP.onses and download as .csv fori analY,sis Workpad Content Area Previewc? 0 View "Welcome Screen" View the message that the user will see before the form lreate "rules" •so .., 0 ., • '.J----1 .----------, Mystatusis Certain QUeStiOnS• ~-1-Myi~ 1ffir -~-------~are onl~ ~isible~----~ -I attended ----when aP-P.liCable to ~-2 -I att1 1ffir tht f in dividual rP.atron 0 My class was taught using a '" ~-3 -My<~ 1ffir Survey Design Tools


DEC 16, 20 9, 9:59 PM J cpiper Teachin1g Assessm1ent 74b313a bitly/HSLc ass [ COPY ] [ SHAR E ] [ EDff ] 3 ,90, .• 1 ... TOTAL CLICKS II. -\PR 16 APR22 APR28 MAY4 MAY10 MAY16 -MAY22 15 10 5 -DATA IN UTC Using a patron-friendly URL


Hea l th Sc i ences ! Library UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO ANSCHUTZ MEDICAL CAMPUS Thank s for attending class! Please help u s by filling out thi s short s urvey about your expe r ience tod ay. Handout for in person classes


Plans for our data • Data analysis will be complete in early June • Statistical analysis for Likert -type questions • Latent Dirichlet Allocation natural language processing for free text fields • Department head will determine improvements to service points • Data collection continues in the Fall semester


Questions? Cecelia Vetter – Sam Kennefick –