How can we help patrons find our stuff? Improvements to discovery services

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How can we help patrons find our stuff? Improvements to discovery services
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CU Libraries Summit 2020
Gerber, Jessica
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University of Colorado Anschutz Library
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Presentation on improvements made to the Strauss Library discovery services, including custom images for equipment, eBook content type and custom eBook facet, and upcoming project on integrating our institutional repository into our discovery layer.

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University of Colorado Denver
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Auraria Library
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HOW CAN WE HELP PATRONS FIND OUR STUFF?: IMPROVEMENTS TO DISCOVERY SERVICES Presented by Jessica Gerber CU Anschutz Strauss Health Sciences Library


Strauss Library Discovery through Primo Strauss Library uses the ExLibris products: Alma for ILS and Primo for discovery Library staff working to build custom features in Primo since migration Primo Working Group meets every month to discuss Primo issues and improvements Started with out-of-the -box features for Primo Primo allows custom build in back end Use Primo sandbox to test Primo improvements Strauss Library does not use Primo VE Primo VE does not allow custom build


Primo Working Group Members of the working group: Kristen Desanto Emily Epstein Jessica Gerber Yumin Jiang Jeff Kuntzman Tina Moser Danielle Ostendorf Douglas Stehle Kevin Trice Kristin White Mix of Access Services, Collection Management, Education and Reference, and IT staff


Strauss Health Sciences Library UNfVEASITY Of COLORADO ANSCHUTZ MEDICAL CAMPUS Tweak my resul t s Sort by Relevance ,.. Other Places to Search "' Prospector WorldCat G Google Scholar Availability "' Available in the Library {965 ) Full Text Online (60 1 ) Resource Type "' Books ( 1 , 1 07) Journals (410) eBooks (127) Primo Integration with Prospector Migration from Millennium to Alma/Primo Millennium integrates with Prospector, not Alma Setup up custom server to deliver information to Prospector from Alma Developed ‘Send Search to Prospector’ function in Primo Listed in facets with WorldCat and Google Scholar Remembers search term when click link Used code from other Primo libraries (Lewis and Clark College) Now working in Primo search results Helps users request items in Prospector from Primo




New UI Development Used Primo CSS from out -ofthe -box Very basic, mostly white homepage Wanted to develop new search home page with a more interesting look Engage users when they reach the search home page Use better design for users to understand search options better Kevin, Web UX Developer, designed mockup options for Primo Group to review Group reviewed options and chose aspects to include in new home page Viewed examples of other libraries’ Primo homepages Finalized view in production environment Kevin and IT implemented new UI design Issues with CSS in Primo (multiple CSS)


#1b • =:-::-=-~~--" ... '. --. ----• ;==== :-.:;=:.. ~=-:=-~~-Sil;:;: _ _ _ _ .::. = -=-:::.::;:..-:.o==---=== •::---";:.':: . .:..-:.-o;==== =--===--..... -. , iii I I , '.:::: I • • • I •:=--:;,.=.-:."':.-=:-.,,:::,= •=---::.-;.:..-_-~=-:;,.=.--:.o="'"== •:--"::.~--~~~::_= "'="':"---Qi'.:';:'::__,--= •:--~ ::..-:.-9- •=-1----• -----..::,..., ____ .. ' .::::::-... :.:::..--.. rp ~-.~ I --~- •==-. 11-1111: "' r..::;:;:::~=-==-<,.--e,-._--------q II PRIMO UI MOCKUPS Sent to Primo Working Group from Kevin! Includes mobile view for each option


Primo UI Features New home page features tower image with logo Uses blue, gold, and black colors Tested for accessibility (color contrast) Kevin designed Microscope icon for search Developed Search Options and Icons sections Added Twitter feed to search page Rebranded SearchHSL to Library Search Primo Group reviewed catalog names of other libraries


J OU R NA L SEA R C H JOU R NAL S B Y SUB J ECT Enter search terms here Search Opti ons New Search Start over on this web page . Journal Search Search and access a j ourna l by tit le, o r browseA-Z. Journal by Sub j ect -Use BrowZi n e Library to browse j ourna l titles by subject . Databases -B rowse and access l ibrary d atabases by title o r by sub j ect. ~gn I n -S i g n in to renew items, p l ace h o l ds on i tems , an d access any saved favorites within Library Search. Icons Show More View all me n u opt ions w ithin Library Search , from New Search to Browse. Favorites -V iew items yo u have marked as favorites. Search History -View sear ch h istory w ithin this sess i on . FIND DAT ABAS E S AZ C I TA T ION LINKER ASK U S Search For: J ourna l Arti cles • Books and E Books Videos Streaming Con tent Laptops for Checkou t Anato m i cal Mode l s And more ! Tweets by @CUHSL 1 brary Strauss Hea l th Sci ences Lib @CUHSLibrary COVID-1 9 Topic s in DynaMed hslnews.wordpress .com/2020/05/19/cov .. CO VID19 To pics i n Dy naM ed Oyna Me d has de v e l o p e d top i. .. hslnews . G) I NEW PRIMO HOME PAGE




REQUEST/HOLD SEND TO DETAILS LINKS TAGS OTHER MacBook Pro Laptop PLACE App le, I nc. 2017 ll!i Availab l e at University of Colorado Health Sciences Library Service Desk 1st Floor a n d other l ocat i o n s > Request /Hol d To place holds on ph y sical items. . . -E) S i gn in REQUEST OPTIONS: Year All Volume All Description All University of Colorado Health Sciences Library > Serv i ce Desk-1st Floor University of Colorado Health Sciences Library > Serv ice Desk-1st Floor Send to f;} ENDNOTE {RIS) EXPORT " CITATION c9 ff PERMALINK PRINT I:::'.] E-MAIL Integrating Custom Images Some catalog records in Primo have standard image for content type Books and journals use ISBN or ISSN to pull title image Other records have no image since they have no ISBN or ISSN Standard file icon instead Add images to catalog records for items with the standard image for easier browsing and searching in Primo


Steps for Custom Images Primo uses normalization rule to pull image based on ISBN Not based on individual images, rule for all bib records Contact Ex Libris support about possibility to edit individual record to change image Add custom field to record Custom field includes text ‘Primo image’ Then link to static image URL ( NEED URL TO IMAGE ) Load images for records into Drupal for stable URL Ex Libris support helped write new Primo norm rules to find field and use image link in custom field Test equipment object in production environment Re normalize data for test (no custom data in production) Show Primo staff test objects


TOP REQUEST/HOLD SEND TO DET A ILS LINKS TAGS OTHER Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 Microsoft Corp. Unknown M icrosoft Corp. date unknown 11!1 A v ailable at University of Col ora d o Health Sciences Library Service Desk 1 st Floor Request / Hold To p lace holds on physical items... ,E) S i g n i n REQUEST OPTIONS: Year All Volu me All Description All University of Colorado Health Sciences Library Service Desk• 1st Floor 1-1 of 1 Records BARCODE TYPE POLICY DESCRIPTION STATUS 3 1 234003244116 Laptop Loanable Surface laptop 2 with Pen Item in place ( 0 requests ) OPTIONS Equipment Images in Primo Test objects for equipment Used images for equipment from equipment webpage Gadgets for Checkout checkout Loaded image into Primo using custom field Got feedback from Access Services Laptop with custom image in Primo


TOP REQUEST/HOLD SEND TO D ETAILS LINKS TAGS VIRTUAL BROWSE OTHER The human brain 3B Scientific. Hamburg, Germany. : 38 Scie ntific 2016 l.!J Available at University of Colorado Health Sciences Library Reserve -1st Floor (WL 300 H918 2016 ) > R e qu e st/Hold To place hold s on physical items... Sign in REQUEST OPTIONS : Year All Volume A ll Description All University of Colorado Health Sciences Library Reserve -1st Floor WL 300 H918 2016 1 -2 of 2 Records BARCODE 3 1 234003228952 3 1 234003228838 TYPE POLIO Book Loanab l e Model Loanabl e DESCRIPTION STATUS manual Item i n p lace ( 0 requests ) model I tem i n place (0 requests) OPTIONS Anatomical Models in Primo Library has collection of anatomical models for checkout Want to add images for anatomical models Used images from Anatomical Models webpage: models Brain model with custom image in Primo


CC.A~ L EOLORAOO COUNCIL TOP VIEW ONLINE REQUEST/HO LO MORE SEND TO DETAILS LINKS TAGS VIRTUAL BROWSE BOOK Colorado Council of Medical Librarians Council Quotes Colorado Cou n cil of M e d ical[ Lib rari a ns. Aurora, C o l o r a do: Col orado Council of Medical Libra r ians 1 9 78-2009 ' Available at University of Colorado Health Sciences Library Archi 6' Online access 0 View OnHn e CCML Council Quotes 0 Request/Hold T o p lace hol ds o n phy si cal i te m s... 't] S REQ U EST O PT IO N S : Year All y V olume All y Descripti o n All y University of Colorado Health Sciences Libra r y Archives 3rd Floor 1 -2 of 2 Records BARCODE 312340 0 3242243 TYPE POLICY L oana b le DESCRIPTION STATUS B o x 1 Item i n Archives Images in Primo Other images added for archival collections Logo of organization or individual collection logo Talking to staff about adding images to other items in the catalog CCML archive collection with custom logo image in Primo




eBooks in Primo Books and eBooks integrated before in Primo Difficult to distinguish eBooks from Books Help patrons find eBooks better and use eBook collections Drupal webpage listing approximately 600 eBooks Added one by one separate from catalog Drupal page has high use by patrons Library has over 50,000 eBooks Make patrons aware of extensive eBook collection Drupal webpage not as updated as catalog Make eBooks more findable in Primo Need patrons to start using catalog instead of Drupal


Custom eBook Content Type First step of making eBooks visible in Primo is to establish custom content type Need to distinguish eBooks from Books Chose either to cleanup/edit all eBook records OR add custom field Decided to add custom eBook field (591 local field) Must make eBook bib records local (CZ records are not editable) Run jobs to add eBook field Export all bib records in an eBook electronic collection Import bib records with setting to unlink from CZ and add 591 field Chose to add eBook field for paid collections only Many more open access eBook collections


les ite Microbiology "Drs. Cohe n, Powderly and Opat three of the mostrespected names in infectiou diverse team of international contributor s to bring you the latest knowledge anc updated, the fourth edition inclu des brand -ne w information on advances i n dia1 C; managing resistant bacterial infections; and many other timely topics. An abu illUJstrations; a practica l , clinically-focUJsed style; highly-templated organization; content combine to make this clinician-friendly resoUJrce the fastest and best p l[., authoritative, current information you need" --Pub lisher's description. Series: ClinLcalKe_y. Amsterdam: E l sevier 2017 1 on line resource ( 2 volumes) : illustra t ions {chiefly color). Eng lish ISBN: 9780702063381 ISBN: 070206338X ISBN: 9780702062858 (hardcover) ISBN: 0702062855 (hardcover) 991001414959203421 991001538208003421 0lUCOHS_ALMA 0lUCOHS_ALMA ClinicalKey Includes bibliographical references . {OCoLC) 956951461 {CKB)37 10 0000008 24049 { EXLCZ) 993710000000824049 eBook. Elsevie r Includes bibliographical references and index . {OCoLC) 956951461 { OCo LC) ocn956951461 eBook. FoUJrth edition .. eBooks and Primo Norm Rules Need normalization rule in Primo Norm rule looks for eBook field in bib records If norm rule finds field, then changes content type to ‘eBook’ Test set with eBook field of 17 eBooks (EBSCO) After add eBook field, re-normalize data in Primo Then show content type eBook


eBooks in the Future Library staff are currently working on ways to improve finding eBooks via Library Search . You may see eBooks as an option under Resource Type in "Tweak my resu lts" (image below not clickable). However, this is still a work i n progress and does not show all eBooks avai labl e to our users. Resource Type "" I Ebooks I Articles Reviews Books Patents Show More If you encounter any issues when trying to access eBook please fill out our Report a Pro b le m form. I Results of eBook Content Type Testing in production environment Added most popular eBook collection first: ClinicalKey Users started noticing eBooks in Primo Took down Drupal eBooks and replaced with eBook instructions Since only content type, added specific instructions for searching in Primo


Tweak 111y resul t s Sort by eleva nee ,.. Other Places to Sear ,ch -" Prospector .b'-j Wor ldCat Google Scholar Availabirty A Availlable in the Library ( 9 ) Fulll Text Online ( 2 60) Resource Type -" eBooks (258) Books (17) Datalbas,es. ( 2 ) [ s l 0 se{ ected PAGE 1 260 Resu lts He) 2 versions of this record exist. See all v e r s EBOOKS Infectious Diseases J Cohen (Jon), 1 949-editor..; WilHam G. Powd ; Amsterdam : E lsevier 2017 & 011line access EBOOKS End oso nograp hy Robert H. Hawes editor.; Paul Fockens editor. Philadelphia, PA: Elseve r 2019 & 011 line access MULTIPLE VERSIONS Consultative H emostasis and Th rom b era ig 5.. Kitchens editor.; era ig M . Kessler edt edit or. eBooks in Primo ‘EBOOKS’ content type showing in search list Limit search results by eBooks ‘eBooks’ resource type


New eBook Facet? Once content type working in Primo, can build facet Added 19 paid eBook collections to content type Considering if other collections should be added Planned to create custom eBook facet Facet would be used to create eBook A-Z list (similar to A-Z Journal List) Issues with setting up facet Ex Libris support tickets in progress Wanted to add eBook into scopes Now considering pre-filter option for search Use norm rule developed for content type for pre filter


N E W S E A R C H J OU R N A L SEAR C H JOUR N ALS B Y S UBJECT Enter searc h terms here Search Options New Search Start ove r o n th i s web page. Journal Search Sea r ch and access a j ournal by t i tle, or browseA-Z . Journal by: Subjed Use BrowZine Library to b r owse jo u rnal t itles by subject. DatabasesBrowse and access l ibrary databases b y title o r by subject . ~gn..ln -S i gn i n t o renew items, p lace holds on i t ems, and access a n y saved favorites w i th i n L ibrary Search. Icons Show More -View all m enu options w i thin Library Search, from New Search to B r owse . Favor ites -View items you have marked as favorites. Search History -View search his t ory with i n this sessi on. F I ND OAT ABASES .., CITAT ION LINKER Search For: ASK US Jou rna l Articles Books and E B ooks V ideos S t rea m i n g Content Lapto p s for Checkou t Anatomica l Models And more! T w e ets by @CUHS L , brary Strau s s Heal th S ci ences Lib @CUHSUbr ary COVI0-1 9 Topics i n D y naMed hsl n e ws. word p r ess . com/2020 /0 5 / 19 / cov .. COVI 0 1 9 Topics in DynaMe d Oyn aMed has deve l oped t opics r e l a t ed t o C O VID-19 and specifi c hsl news . PRIMO PREFILTER VIEW From Primo Production Environment


Possible Integration with Institutional Repository Plans to build pipe from Mountain Scholar to Primo Help from CSU: already working on similar pipe Pipe retrieves data on a set schedule Build custom crosswalk for the records imported from Mountain Scholar Transform Dublin Core to Primo XML Can start with small subset of Mountain Scholar as a test Plans put on hold with upcoming Mountain Scholar migration


Questions and Comments What are other libraries doing with their eBooks? Anyone have a searchable list of all eBooks? Anyone maintain a separate eBook webpage outside of their catalog?