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Linked data for production cohort report
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CU Libraries Summit 2020
Moeller, Paul
Long, Chris
Kalwara, James
Radio, Erik
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Boulder, CO
University of Colorado
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Paul Moeller, Chris Long, James Kalwara, and Erik Radio will present on Boulder's participation in the LD4P2 Cohort. The presentation will touch on the LD4P editing tool (Sinopia), LD4P2 working groups, and the associated SHARE Virtual Discovery Environment (SVDE) project

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University of Colorado Denver
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Auraria Library
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Linked Data for Production Cohort Report CU Libraries Summit Innovative Practices Showcase 2020 Paul Moeller, Chris Long, James Kalwara, Erik Radio University of Colorado Boulder


LD4P Linked Data for Production (LD4P) 2016/2018 Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, LC, Princeton, Stanford Piloting the production of linked data for library resources Standards, workflows, extending BIBFRAME ontology Linked Data for Production: Pathway to Implementation (LD4P2) 2018/2020 Begin the implementation phase of cataloging community’s shift to linked data Cornell, Harvard, Stanford, Iowa LIS School, and 17 PCC libraries Build data pool, develop cloudbased editing environment for creation and reuse of linked data, develop supporting policies/techniques, enhance discovery, build community


CU Boulder/Alliance proposed participation in the cohort Contribution of MARC bibliographic records as expressed in BIBFRAME via the Alliance Gold Rush tool to the RDF data pool. Enrichment of its records with URIs in subfield $0s and $1s. Build processes for transforming MARC records and testing of a spoke and hub model for Alliance member libraries’ contribution of records to the data pool. Contribute original and copy cataloging of various formats. Engage in joint evaluation/development of tools and workflows.


Sinopia Sinopia is a linked data creation environment where libraries can: create metadata in a linked data environment without having to set up and maintain tools learn best practices related to linked data creation explore the idea of cooperative cataloging (linking to shared descriptions and identifiers) in a linked data environment Inspired by LC’s BIBFRAME Editor not restricted by specific vocabularies; a more general linked data editing and publishing platform Stage vs. Production Stage = development, testing, data may not be saved Production = data is guaranteed to be saved


Creating descriptions in Sinopia Choose a resource template resource templates control what kind of data can be in a particular description cover a variety of formats: monographic, sound recordings, cartographic, notated music, rare materials, etc. general purpose templates (based on LC BIBFRAME Editor) institution specific templates


LINKED DATA EDITOR Resource Templates Load RDF .t, Import Profile I Resource Template SINOPIA v2.0.22 kingclong Profile Editor Help and Resources LogoutFind a r esource template Enter id, label, URI, remark, or author Label/ ID Resource URI Author Date Guiding statement Download Cartographic Instance (BIBFRAME) http :// I LD4P Aug 19, 2019 based on L C template ld4p:RT:bf2:Cartograp A ld4p:RT:bf2 :Cartographic:Instance nstance hic:lnstance Cartographic Work (BIBFRAME} LD4P Aug 19, 2019 based on LC template ld4p:RT:bf2:Cartograp A ld4p:RT:bf2 :Cartographic:Work Work hic:Work Monograph Instance (BF2) Un-Nested http :// LD4P Aug 19, 2019 based on L C template ld4p:RT:bf2:Monograp t. ld4p:RT:bf2 :Monograph:lnstance:Un-nested nstance h:lnstance Monograph Instance (BIBFRAME) LD4P Aug 19, 2019 based on L C template ld4p:RT:bf2:Monograp A ld4p:RT:bf2 :Monograph:lnstance nstance h:lnstance Monograph Item (BF2) Un-Nested LD4P Aug 19, 2019 based on LC template ld4p:RT:bf2:Monograp A ld4p:RT:bf2:Monograph:ltem:Un-nested em h:ltem


Creating descriptions in Sinopia (cont’d.) Nested vs. un-nested templates Nested: Work, Instance, and Item descriptions are done within the same template; one URI Un -nested: Work, Instance, and Item descriptions are done in separate templates and can linked together by URIs Nested templates can be easier for catalogers (one -stop cataloging) but descriptions are less reusable by other catalogers because they are “welded” together


Sinopia features Lookup tables – Questioning Authority (QA) Pick lists (e.g., types of illustrations) Reusing metadata copying descriptions can’t simply add your institution to another’s description


l C Primary Contribution + A d d ano t he r v Primary Contributor (only one per primary contribution node!) 0 IDJ Person v Name of Person IDJ LOC all names (QA)f ; Hopkins, Patrick Ty12e: httg:// /v1#Authorit~, httg:// /skos/core#Concegt, httg:// /mads/rdf/v1#Persona l1Name JI Hopkins, Patrick E. h12e: httg://www. /v 1#Authorit~, httg :// /skos/core#Conce12t, httR:// /mads/rdf/v1 #Per sona lName Hopkins, Patrick D. -+ Ty12e: httg://www.loc .gov/mads/rdf \I Work Title + Add ano t her + Ad d Preferred Title for Work + Ad d Part number + Ad d Part name + Ad d Note Work Title Variation + Add ano t her + Ad d Var iant Titile for Work + A d d No t e C


More work needed Resource templates sometimes don’t work Uneven QA performance Lack of best practices nested vs. un -nested? duplicate entry of data – does it go in Work, Instance, or both? Learning more about Library Reference Model (LRM) and Resource Description and Access (RDA), suppressing MARC brains Our involvement has made clear the challenges of collectively storing and sharing linked data descriptions Experiment yourself by registering at:


LD4P2 Working Groups and LD4 Affinity Groups Working Groups: consist of LD4P2 Cohort members focused on project -based goal to complete within specific time frame Affinity Groups: consist of Cohort members and representation outside of the Cohort focused on exploring various topics and collaborations around library linked data practices and tools for this grant cycle Sinopia User Group Profiles Working Group Discovery Affinity Group Non Latin Script Materials Affinity Group Rare Materials Affinity Group LD4 Wikidata Affinity Group Ethics in Linked Data Affinity Group Serials Affinity Group


NonLatin Script Materials Affinity Group Primary directive: Explore different methods/models for handling native scripts (Russian, CJK, Arabic, Greek,Hebrew, Bengalis, etc.)) in Sinopia Linked Data Editor Primary directive: Work towards creating shared cataloging practices for nonLatin script materials in linked data environment (Sinopia) Project: Evaluate the value of romanization/transliteration cataloging practices for linked data environment Administered a survey: included both library and non-library field participation Generated survey report: Survey on Romanization Analysis See affinity group page for more info General info on groups can be found here


_Monograph Instance (BF2) Un-Nested URI for this resource: ICopy URI Title Information* Instance Title + Add another .., Main Title iiii Main Title 3am1cK1,,1 06 Y)KeHbe pb16b1 >< I Edit 11 Language : Russian I + Add Subtitle + Add Part number + Add Part name Title in native script + Add Note Transliterated Title + Add another .., Transliterated Tit l e iiii Transl iterated TIiie Zapi ski ob uzhen'e ryby x [ Edit ]ILanguage: Russian I + Add Transliterated Subtitle Statement of Responsibility~ iffi Statement of Responsibility SergeT Aksakov ; illiustrirovano proizvedeniiami russkoT i m irovor X zhivopisiIEdit I[~ L a -ngu -ag_ e _: R u s sia n ~ ] Cepreiil AKcaKOB ; "1IlnlOCTp"1p0B8HO npOIIIJBe,QeHll!~Ml,,I pyccKoiil Ill X M"1poaoiil )l(l,,IBOnll!CIII I Edit 1 1 Language: Russian I 0 Statement of responsibilty includes both forms (no best practices) Title in transliterated form


Wikidata Affinity Group NSIDC Women Poets of the Romantic Period


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Share-VDE Shared Discovery Environment for Linked Data Aggregates authority data from a variety of sources (LC, VIAF, Wikidata) Serves as a switchboard for linked data identifiers that can be used in BIBFRAME data Further integration with Sinopia for identifier look -ups


LD4P3 and Next Steps New Grant started April 1, 2020, lasts two years. Goals include: Sinopia: improve cataloger experience; develop API based integrations with other data sources and systems such as ShareVDE; improve performance and scalability Questioning Authority: improve sustainability and performance; add additional sources; collaborate with vocabulary owners to improve interoperability Discovery: enhance Blacklight to demonstrate power of linked data Expansion of the PCC Community Involvement: engage full PCC membership; integrate Sinopia with a PCC “data pool”. PCC taking over the role of the Cohort in current phase of the grant. Sustainability and Community: plan for longterm sustainability of business, membership, service, software, data and operations among LD4P3’s main stakeholders; shepherd growth of LD4 community