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SILLVR : streaming interlibrary loan video resources
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CU Libraries Summit 2020
Browning, Sommer
DiVittorio, Katy
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Denver, CO
University of Colorado Denver
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SILLVR is an innovative project that allows for ILL of streaming video for the first time. Dreamed of by Auraria Library staff SILLVR launched in January 2020 among Prospector libraries. This talk will share how this "unlikely" project became a reality putting CU libraries and CO at the forefront of resource sharing. Data from the pilot, project outcomes and challenges experienced will be shared.

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University of Colorado Denver
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Auraria Library
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SILLVR: STREAMING INTERLIBRARY LOAN VIDEO RESOURCES CU Libraries Summit, May 27, 2020 Katy DiVittorio , Collections Strategies Department Head, Auraria Library Sommer Browning, Associate Director of Technical Services, Auraria Library


In 2017, ILL moved from Access & Public Services to Acquisitions. Provided a different lens to view ILL Collection growth License permissions for ILL of electronic resources Opportunities to provide new services RE ORGANIZATION AT AURARIA 2


WHY DOES ILL FOR STREAMING VIDEO MATTER? 3 New collection types should not mean loss of services DVDs/VHS may become obsolete 28% of faculty are assigning videos for coursework 92% of students are using streaming video for classes Aligns with national and professional goals of providing access and digital inclusion


We ran a Qualtrics survey in 20 1 1 8 to determi ine perceived need for Streaming V ideo ILL Receiived 25i6 responses, m 1ost (88%) from1 Academi c librar ies. Demonstrated interes t and need for Streaming Video ILL-most responses predli c t ing1 'occas ional ' or 'very frequent' use of the servi oe. Whic h category best describes yom instit utio11? If your users could bmrow streaming video v i a ILL llo w often do yo u think the y would use thi s service? 2018 SURVEY RESULTS 4


ALA American Library Association ocLc ~LMS N DEMAND) DIGITAL EDUCATIONAL VIDEO 5




PARTNERS Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries Prospector for discovery and requesting InfoBase / Films on Demand Over 32,000 streaming videos Swank around 300 streaming videos at beginning, now around 1,400 7


Lord of war I Entertamment Manufactunng Company presents . a VIP Med1enfonds 3 , Ascendant Pictures, Saturn Films production, m assoc1at1on with R1smg Star, Copag V and Endgame Entertainment, producers Nicolas Cage [and others] , produced by Ph1hppe Rousselet, Andrew N1ccol , wntten and directed by Andrew N1ccol PN1997 2 L67 2005 '" summary Record ---------Not checked out Item Level Holds 139276661 Last Updated: 10-11-2019 created: 04-12-2018 Rev i s ions: 17 -----Bib Level Holds CO PY# :'== O =========~ INVDA c=-==i L OCATIO N = l i nbla=O=nli n = • -------~ ICODE1 0 IN LOC L OANR UL E O 1suPPREss .D1scENto1sLoc I #RENEWALS ~ • ---------~ STATUS ~I -A -v., LA -BL,-------~ .;:_::.::;;=!::::=======~ #OVERDUE INTLUSE O =--------~ OD UEDATE [ COPYUSE ~ • ---------~ IUSE3 r-:OALL T~Jl >.:Rlitem207 ) I MESSAGE ITYPE o De f ault PRICE $ 0 .00 OUT DATE RECA L DAT E [ efault O .;oc PASC 1 A 9 L 9Journals) O P ACMSG TOTCHKOUT Marmotmedia ) ~ armotm:f:f'J'graph ) YTDCIR C ic-TOTRENEW ( r'-,MOBIUSA~~irc LY CIRC LOUTDATE '-202 )MOBIUS~a~ERALCI StickyStatus ~--------~ MOBIUS ~~~-CIRC \ OBIUS T2~1T ) OUT LOC ,.-DUE DATE c=-PATROtl# ,.-LPATRON LCHKIN 1 1 0 -11-2 019 :AS CAL J20~5nals ) : rospectoJ 0~edia ) ~eque s l a~6b ) 1~~tt~~~ l~~rnri~liDmN,i~m,oclc,ornllo~i~r~rl=~tt~~:ll~i~it~lc~m~~~.~w~~~m~.~ e~~c~e~vemm~mm1~~1~~~~i1 i(o~~ectto ~tre~mi ~ ~ V i~eol i ~w~~~: ~tre~mi~~ v i~eo i ~ o~I ~ ~ v ~il~ol e to ~c~~emi c liomij ~~tro~~. from ~~olic liomij will oe mcelle~.~o~~I PREPARING FOR SILLVR 8


Sear ch: I SlllVI R Streamiing 1 Viii deo Resour-ces INow Avai"lable throu g h Pros1pedor Re1 port a n Issu e wi t h P rospeeitor Advari o e d S e a r d h Resu.Hs 1 -25 o f 1141 for S ]LL VR S o rt ed! b y Re l e v a nce I n a t , e I T i t l e I Aurttl o r Refine b y : El Found l l n 0 TIii e (41141) El Form a t 0 D V DJVideos (41141) El Lirnguage O Eng[ i s h (39672) O Spani s h (669) O F r e nch (160) O M u lli [ i n g u a l (86) Closer to the Divine / PBS Q , DVDNt d eos I 20 2!0 2 L ibra r ies h a v e this liHe Connec t t o Slre a m i11g V ideo Honse of the D ivine / PBS 0 DVDM d eos I 2 0 2 0 2 Li'brarte s h a v e this liHe Conn e ct t o Slre a m i11g V ideo Reques i Addi ional ac ons. Reques i Addi ional ac ons My IEm a c l List { O ite m s ) W orld G a t r&' 1M O B I U S 9


SILLVR ILL TERMS Lending Length: 21 days Renewals: Renewals will not be granted. Patron must re request Lending library maintains access to the video during the loan period 10




SILLVR STATISTICS Since launch on 1/6/2020 SILLVR has loaned*: 450 Films on Demand videos 20 Swank videos Auraria 161 FOD / 14 Swank UCCS 115 FOD Boulder joined as Swank lender a couple weeks ago . 95% of requests coming from public libraries *SILLVR lending was turned off from 3/16/20 4/1/20 due to physical libraries closing because of COVID 19 . 12


THE FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHT Generating interest from other libraries, consortia, and vendors FOD interested in expanding outside of Prospector Possible integration with Tipasa and Illiad Sets a precedent for other vendors to follow 13


llli REFERENCES Dixon, Jennifer A. "The Academic Seaman, J. & Seaman, J. (2018) Freeing the Mainstream: Streaming Video is Becoming a Textbook: Educational resources in higher Mainstay on College Campuses, but education, 2018. Babson Survey Research Discovery and Walled Off Content Create Group. Retrieved from: their Own Challenges." Library Journal , vol. 142, no. 14, 2017, pp. 42. rts/freeingthetextbook2018.pd 14