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The effects of the Tuition Assistance Program
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Ahmed, Muzen
Xu, Yushan
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The Tuition Assistance Program (TPA) is a financial aid program that aims to help students who attend post-secondary educational institutions. The program has given financial support to a large number of students from higher education institutions in the past years. To examine possible future improvement directions for the program in terms of TPA recipients dollars, we collected relevant data of 2019 academic year of the TPA. The data included several variables such as recipient's age, financial status, income, and level of study, etc. We intend to answer the following questions: what are the main factors that influence the amount of the grant from the available data and, in particular, whether the amount of the grant is related to the economic status of the recipient and whether the latter has significant characteristics. Through numerical summaries and graphical analysis, we examine the age groups, study years, and other characteristics of recipients and conclude the main features and variations of the award money. Based on our findings, we propose the following recommendations that will improve the Tuition Assistance Program.
Collected for Auraria Institutional Repository by the Self-Submittal tool. Submitted by Muzen Ahmed.
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