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First Generation Students/ Non-First Generation Looking at Their Test Scores Along With Preparation
Payan, Daniela
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I work with First Generation high school students and the programs purpose is to help them in anything they need specially when it comes to preparing them for tests. I want to see which students are performing the best and if First Generation has anything to do with it. Before just looking at First Generation it is important to look at Preparation, how students with free and reduced lunch are doing, along with race, and gender. Therefor I need to see if there is a correlation between these variables and test scores for each Math, Reading, and Writing. I am getting my data from Kaggle, under Education there is Students Performance in Exams .This lets me look at data from multiple students ( 1,000 observations to be exact), like gender, race, preparation, parental level of education, lunch, Math score, Writing score, and Reading score. In total there are 8 variables. The only variables that are numeric are the test scores, every thing else is words like male/female for Gender for test preparation we have none/completed. With this I hope to find if there is something that effects tests scores or correlates with them. Did they prepare and did they do well? Who does better males or females, or does that not play apart? Or does First Generation play a role? My response variables are the tests scores because what matters to me is who is getting the highest test scores. For my unique predicator I want to look into test preparation, gender, race, lunch, parental level of education, and then compare the test scores to each other. With these I will use a scatter plot and density plot, to begin with. The scatter plot will help with looking for correlation. I may even color code for male and female. What I do next depends on those initial graphs. With what is found or with more research, I hope this will benefit the education system when it comes to helping students whether it turns out to be First generation or not, or reduced lunch or not, whether it is through programs or rules set to help students be able to succeed and given the resources needed.
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