Q: Can I submit images of graffitti?

A: This is a complex question, but the simple answer is: probably. While we are not interested in graffitti or tagging associated with active gangs, we are certainly interested in graffitti with artistic intent. Naturally, this is interpretable. Curators of the Denver Urban Art Directory will approve and deny submissions at their discretion.

Q: Can I submit more than one image of the same work of art?

A: Yes! You can submit multiple images by uploading a ZIP of all the images you want to include. Creating ZIPs for Mac and Windows.

Q: Where do the images go?

A: The images will be stored in the Denver Urban Art Directory, a collection within the Auraria Library Digital Collections. By going to the Denver Urban Art Collection page, you can browse or search for images by title, keyword, or author; or you can browse by scouring an interactive map. We will also keep backup copies of the images in an Amazon Glacier-based cloud storage system. 

Q: Do I have to give up copyright of my images?

A: No! By submitting your image to the Denver Urban Art Directory, you are simply allowing us to publically display and share your image. At no point will Auraria Library or University of Colorado Denver ask for you to relinquish copyright of your image. Your image will forever remain your property. If at any point you decide you no longer wish to participate in this project, you may ask us to remove your image(s) and we will do so without question.

Q: Will I be credited for my image?

A: Yes! Your name will appear as "Author" or "Creator" in the image's record.

Q: How do I find GIS coordinates for my image?

A: This is very important! GIS coordinates help us enrich the project experience and make it interactive. Generally, if you are using your smartphone to take pictures and its location services are enabled, each photograph will come with geographic coordinates, which you can view in the each image's settings. Regardless of what you use to take photographs, you can use your smartphone to determine your exact location after snapping a picture. This is most easily done with Google Maps, which provides clear instructions for a variety of devices.

Q: Do you have some examples of the kinds of thing you're looking for?

A: Yes! If it's currently in the Directory, it's just the kind of thing we want. After a few minutes of browsing, you will get a feel for the kinds of images we want.

Generally speaking, though, there are a few things we're not interested in:

  • Black & white Images or those with filters:

  • Tags with little or no artistic intention / associated with gang activity: