Denver JACL Bulletin, Volume 1, Number 1

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Denver JACL Bulletin, Volume 1, Number 1
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Denver JACL Bulletin
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Yol, 1, Deny ex, Colorado
Max IS. 1946
Appreciation. oF
A successful dinner
was given to the officers
of the VRA in apprecia-
tion of their beneficent
wort, Tuesday evening,
March 30, at the Manohu
Grill. Greetings and a
word of gratitude was
expressed by JACL Pres-
ident Takashi Mayeda,
More than thirty persons
were present at the din-
Eredl. Zalhara, edi-
tor 'of the Colorado Ti-
mes, spots in behalf of
the Issei people present
in thanking the WBA for
all it had done,
Everett Lane, head of
the regional WRA office
and James H. Ourtie, of
the Denver WEA office
spoke to the group. Other
guests of honor included Ivlr,
end Mrs, A, Girardo and Mr,
Leon Anderson,
Evidences of discrimina-
tion in issuing business li-
censes to members of minority
groups brought action in the
form of a proposed ordinance
by the Denver Unity Council,
The ordinance, however, was
The Denver JACL Chapter
offered their help by trying
to looate cases where appli-
cants were definitely discri-
minated against.
The proposed ordinance
would have prohibited the den-
ial of issuing business lic-
enses to people on grounds of
race, color, creed, or nation-
al origin.
* *_*_*_*
Mr, Ralph L, Carr, former
governor of Colorado, was
guest speaker at the Nation-
al JACL convention banquet,
March 3, at the Cosmopolitan
The Denver JACL Chapter
began an extensive district
membership drive May 1 and
will continue until the end
of May, Miss Yoshiko Ariki
is in charge of the drive.
Participating in the acti-
vity are the JACL cabinet
members and specially selec-
ted recruiters from various
Denver districts.
Recruiters who have been
contacted for the various
areas are:
Northside Mrs, The Una
Pujii, James Nakai, George
Ohashi, and Miss Betty Kane-
Southside Yoneo Honda,
('continued on page 4)
JAFl fknz D/nner
For AFsci j4terM
Colorado Nisei ser-
vicemen and veterans
will be feted at an ap-
preciation dinner some
time in June, it was
announced by the Denver
Chapter of the JACL, The
Denver Buddhist church
and the California Str-
eet Community Church are
cooperating with JACL in
presenting the dinner.
Prominent speakers
have been-contacted for
.the occasion, which will
bring about 600 partici-
pants*both servicemen
and civiliansfrom all
over Colorado,
A representative plan-
ning board has already
selected committees to
commence work on the din-
ner. Heading the board
from the JACL contingent
are George M. Kaneko, Dr,
T. Mayeda, and Minoru
Yasui, The Buddhist
(Continued on rage 4)
* *
Ex-Governor Carr Will Be
Honored At Special Dinner
Planned By JACL
Although complete plans
have not yet been made, a
dinner will be held sometime
in early May in appreciation
of ex-Gov. Carr's interest in,
and work done for, the Japa-
nese during hie period in of-
fice as governor of the state
of Colorado,
Miss Bessie Matsuda, chair-
man of the dinner, is making
all arrangements with the com-
bined help of her committee.
Advisors for this group are
Mr, T, Kako and Dr. K, K, Miy-
amoto ,

May 15, 134.6
Published monthly by The Denver Chapter of
the Japanese American Citizens League
615 B & 0 Bldg.
Denver, Colorado
CH 5990
This newly initiated monthly news bulle-
tin of the Denver Chapter is our new "Baby"
----please regard' it kindly, treat it-gent*
ly in your criticism, and encourage, its
growth so that it might serve you well.
In recognition of the need to keep in-
formed the general membership of the acti-
vities of the Chapter, instead of keeping it
a "secret" among the cabinet officers,, this
is~an effort to stimulate interest and to
encourage activities among the members*
We hope that you will feel free to let us
know your ideas and criticisms, because this
is primarily designed to serve you, the gen-
eral members*
- o 0 o -
In the past two weeks, a matter of consi-
derable importance concerning those of Japa-
nese ancestry has been brought before the
City Council of Denver, An ordinance intro-
duced by the Denver Unity Council to prohib-
it discrimination in the issuance of busi-
ness licenses on the grounds of race, color,
creed or national origin has been having a
little tough sledding.
Despite urgent notices, in the vernacular
newspapers in Denver for support, response
by the Nisei has been disoouragingly small.
May Sato, the office secretary of the JACL,
and Mr. T. Kako, and a few others have been
attending council meetings to give moral
support to this measure.
by dr. takashi mayeda
Aitho having undergone an organizational
baptism under fire in the National JACL con-
vention, it is still with some trepidation
that I earnestly strive to give leadership
to the activities of the Denver Chapter of
the JACL. Consequently, in this first issue
of the Bulletin, I would like to appeal to
all members for. their continued support and.
cooperation in chapter activities*
There are big tasks still confronting ua
We shall^need the thinking and the active
participation of everyone if our program for
the year is to be a success.* Towards this
goal, I have pledged. But we heed member-
ship participation. Because of this, we are
endeavoring to spread responsibilities and
to delegate authority among.'the general, mem-
bership, In this way, we feel that more
members will come to feel that the. Denver
Chapter is actually their organization, and
not merely the creation and vehicle for
self-advancement of only its officers*
. Under the sponsorship of the Denver Unity
Council, prominent Caucasian community Lead-
ers have been strongly supporting this pro-
posed ordinance. When non-Japanese, are
fighting our battles for us, certainly we
should have enough interest and concern a-
bout our own welfare to give at Least our
moral support.
Eellow Niseis! We claim to be good, Loy-
al American Citizens. Let us not only de-
mand our constitutional rights and fight for
equality, but Let us also shoulder our full
share of civic responsibility and assume the
obligations of citizenship. To do less
would make us a little less than worthy cit-
- o o -
Miss Yoshiko Ariki is heading the member-
ship campaign to match the Chicago Chapter
in a contest for the honor of being the
largest JACL chapter in the United States.
Mr. George Euruta is.masterminding our fin-
ancial drive to fulfill our regional quota
of $8,000.00 to maintain our local offices
and to give supportto the National Headquar
ters for our national'programs.
In al> these activities, we shall be need
ing your active support and help. As your
duly elected President, I you all
to pitch in and make 1946 the biggest and
best year of the Denver JACL.
You are welcome to drop in at our office;
for information or help. Make the JACL of-
fice your office. Your participate on1 will
be more than welcome.

Candid shot at the National JACLConvention Farewell Ball* Left to right; Mrs* Mae
Furuta, Card Yokeo, Mrs. Minnie T3uji, Mrs. Beatrice Mayeda, Ben Zuroki, Mrs. Rosa
Higashi, Masao Satow, Mrs. Merijane Yokoe, and Larry Tajiii.
Denver Bulletin
Page Z
May 15,. 1946
Led by George Furuta,, cha-
irman, and Jack No da, Treasur-
er, the JACL financial drive
is being conducted by the lo-
cal office. It has been an-
nounced that the financial sit
uation of the local office is
deplorable. Volunteer workers
are needed for the Nisei dri-
ve. Interested parties are
asked to contact the JAOL of-
At the last national JACL
convention, Denver was asked
to fill a quota of $8000.
The Issei drive, conducted
by T. Kako, has collected
- o 0 o -
JACL participated in the
Nisei Intermountain Collegi-
ate conference by assisting,
with the program, use of the of the office, as-
sisting with the drafting of
the constitution, and making
A memorial service will be
held in honor of the Nisei
boys who lost their lives in
the service of their country.
The plan was proposed by Dr.
K. Z. Miyamoto and T. Zako,
prominent Issei leaders. Me-
morial day has been set as a
temporary date for the serv-
Joining the JACL in pres-
enting the service will be
the California Street Commun-
ity Church and the Denver Bu-
ddhist Church. Everyone is
invited to attend the service.
This .memorial service will
be the of its kind in
the state tf/ith both churches
participating in the activity,
- o 0 o -
other arrangements.
Lack of support caused a
termination of the fight to
get equal rights for Isseis
in connection with the state
game and fish licensing act.
H, Lawrence Hinkley, state
attorney, ruled that aliens
shall be given game and fish-
ing Licenses, but a decision
provides that no unnaturali-
zed foreign-born alien may
own, possess, or use firearms
for the purpose of hunting
small game, including all
living creatures except pla-
nts. He contended that fish-
es were in this category,
and since they could not car-
ry arms, the same applied to
This fight has now been
referred to the legislative
committee of the Denver Uni-
ty Council 7/hich will carry
on the fight,
- o o 0 o o -

Denver Bulletin
' -FM*e 4
AIE MAH WITH TWO ANGELS----Ben Kuroki envel-
ops two gorgeous angels under his spacious
wings. Angels? Oh yes, Mrs* Merijane Yokoe
and Miss Atsuyo Sakamoto, left to right.
. I, 4^,'j
, Dimout scene taken at the National JACL'
Convention farewell Ball at the Silver
(Continued from page 2)
Robert M. Horiuchi, and Mrs.
Michi Ando.
Seeking members in the ea-
st-side section of Denver are
Mrs* Merijane Yokoe, Miss
Ruth Kawakami, Hiroshi Wada,
Miss Mildred Doi, Albert Uji,
George Fujimoto, Mrs. Matilda
Taguchi, Prank Hiraoka, Sabu-
ro Tani, Miss Bessie Matsuda
and Miss Katherine Kawamura.
John Kurachi, George Masu-
naga, Harry Sakata, Miss Emi
Katagiri, Jim Im&tani, and
Shedo Murata are representing
the Brighton Group.
Littleton will be combed
for prospects by Harry Ida
and Harry Motoyama. Students
of the University of Colorado
will be Ted In-
ouye, Miss Helen Tomita, and
Miss Mariko Suzuki while Den-
ver University will be cov-
ered by Mrs. Masako Sato and
Miss Mami Katagiri.
The Denver Chapter of the
JACL has set up the following
program for 1946; 1. Impro-
vement of the cultural, soo-
ial, and economic status of
persons of Japanese ancestry;
2. Dissemination of informa-
tion concerning Japanese-Ame-
ricans to the public and to
interested local groups; 3.
Abolition of racial discrimi-
nation; and 4. Defense of
civil liberties and minority's
rights of American Japanese
- o 0 0 o -
(Continued from page 2)
Church has selected Floyd
Koshio, Rev* N. Tsunoda, and
Harry Yanari^to represent
their grouprand Mrs. Amy
Miura, Mrs. Mary Nakamura,
and Rev. X* Sasaki will rep-
resent the California Street
The appreciation dinner
committee consists of; Min-
oru Yasui, general chairman;
Miss May Sato, corresponding
secretary; Mrs* Amy Miura,
recording secretary; Barry
Yan&ri, program chairman; Dr,
T, Mayeda, speakers chairman;
Miss Yoshiko Arlki, Invita-
tion ohairman; and Mrs* Mary
Nakamura, publicity chairman.
Representatives from var-
ious Colorado districts are:
Denver-Mrs. Ruth Kodani, Mrs.
Michi Terasakl, Mrs. Merijane
Yokoe, Mrs. H&ruko Kobayashi,
^* JCako, I. Oyama, Fred I. .
Kaihara, and Dr. K. K. Miya-
moto; Brighton area-George
Masunaga; Ft. Lupton-Floyd
Koshio; Keenesburg-George Ma-
tsu oka; Greeley-Bright Hoshi-
ko; Longmont-James Kanemoto ;
Littleton, Englewood-Harry
Ida and Harry Motoyama; Pue-
.blo-Hamanosuke Shigeta; Colo-
rado Springs-Fumio Nakai;-Ar-
kansas Valley-Rev* Eizo Saka-
moto; San Luis Valley-S. Yor-
itomo; Grand Junction-T. Hay-
ashi; Lowry Field, etc.-May
Sato; CClleges-Ted*Inouye;
and Vets. A dm.Draft Board-
- o 0 o -
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