Mile-Hi Notes, Volume 2, Number 6

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Mile-Hi Notes, Volume 2, Number 6
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5946 W. Iowa PI., Lakewood, CO 80226
June 1986
Vol. 2 No. 6
The Graduation
Program Committee at
one of its regular
meetings. Back row,
left to right, Brian
Asano, Kent Yoritomo,
Paul Yokota, Tom Sera,
Lorraine Hisamoto,
Mike Shibata, Aileen
Okimoto, Chris Itano,
Joyce Mizunaga, Cindy
Kondo, Naomi Hisamoto, Charolotte Namba and Ruth Kawamura. Front row, Bob Sakaguchi, Gwen Kiyotake, Dennis Ioka,
Chairman Mike Nakamura, Ann Nakamura (with Christopher), Nancy Miyahara, Carolyn Takeshita and Carol Tsutsui. Not
shown, Tom Masamori, Pat Hayashi, Linda Yamamoto,Wayne Itano, Jeanne Nozawa and Jinko Yamaguchi. This committee has
been meeting regularly since January of this year to plan and carry out the community scholarship program which cul-
minates in the annual Graduation Banquet, June 14th at the Sheraton Inn-Lakewood. Fifteen community scholarships
will be given out to deserving High School graduates at this banquet. Tickets for this banquet are $22 each, $18
for full-time students and Senior Citizens (65 years or over). For tickets, contact any one of the committee mem-
bers by June 11, 1986.
Mile-Hi Chapter Regular Chapter meeting, Thursday,
June 5th at 7:30 pm at the Nisei Post.
Community Graduation Program Committee Regular
meetings, Wednesday, May 28, June 4, June 11 and
June 18 (Post Mortem), 7:00 pm at the Nisei Post.
Sakura Festival Saturday and Sunday, June 7-8th,
Denver Buddhist Temple, 1947 Lawrence St. Oriental
foods, demonstrations and crafts.
Denver Central Optimist Annual Garage Sale, Satur-
day and Sunday, June 7-8th, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at the
Denver School of Judo, 5418 N. Federal Blvd.
Nisei Post #185 Regular Post meeting, Tuesday, June
:| 10th, 8:00 pm at the Nisei Post.
I Denver Central Optimist Regular meeting, Thursday,
June 12th, beginning at 7:00 pm at the Cathay Post
j Restaurant, 2015 Market St. Dinner cost-$6.50 each.
MIS Veterans Club Regular club meeting,Wednesday,
June 18th, beginning at 7:30 pm at the Nisei Post.
Denver Central Optimist Summer picnic, Saturday, June
28th. Pot-Luck picnic will begin at 1:30 pm. Visitors
are welcome. Picnic will held at Bear Creek park, from
Sheridan Blvd, east on Dartmouth, turn right at Raleigh.
Park is south of Hampden Road at the end of Raleigh.
There seems to be a reluctance on the part of some of
the Mile-Hi family of members to renew their membership.
The Pacific Citizen will continue for about a month past
renewal, then the subscription will automatically cease,
so if your paper has stopped please check your records
and your mail and see if you have sent me your renewal.
I am awaiting some renewals from February, march and April
I try to send out renewal notices a month before they are
due so that by the time we gather enough of them together
to mail to National Headquarters, a delay of a week or so
will not effect your subscription. Also remember that
each member is also a recruiter for new members. Please
let me know if you meet anyone who may be interested in
becoming a member of Mile-Hi. You can reach me at
(237-3041) or send me a note at 2010 Lamar St., Denver,
CO 80214.
Community Graduation Banquet Saturday, June 14th,
cocktails and mixer at 5:30 and dinner at 6:30 pm.
Sheraton Inn-Lakewood, 360 Union Blvd. Adult tickets,
$22 each, Student and Senior Citizen, $18. Contact Bob
Sakaguchi before June 11th for tickets and seating arrange-
ments (469-4337).

Well, here it is the 1st of June, your flowers should
be potted and the garden planted because it's the good ole
A couple of activities are scheduled for June that we
should all get out and support. June 7th and 8th is the
Sakura Festival followed by the Community Graduates ban-
quet on June 14th.
At the May meeting, delegates for the National JACL Con-
vention were selected. Yours truly and Jim Hada will at-
tend as official delegates. I look forward to participa-
ting in the convention. The undesirable part of the sche-
duled event is that it's being held in Chicago in July!
Two fund raisers were also discussed for the Mile-Hi
Chapter. One is being planned for late September and the
other for November. Details of each will be provided in
the Mile-Hi Notes over the next few months. These aren't
the traditional fund raisers that we've grown accustomed
to over the many years. Believe it or not, we're not
going to be selling teriyaki chicken wings! However, if
your palate is inclined for such, please contact me and
I'll personally take care of that need. Remember to check
your future issues of the Mile-Hi Notes for additional
In the May Presidents Comments, I discussed the possi-
bilities of hosting the Tri-District convention with the
Mid-West District Council (MWDC) and the Eastern District
Council (EDC) late next summer. The idea was initially
proposed to the Mountain Plains District by the MWDC and'
EDC l&st year at the Tri-District Convention in Milwaukee.
I further noted in my remarks that if anyone had any strong
feelings one way or the other that they should come to the
meetings and talk us out of undertaking such a task.
Since there was no opposition, those present at the last
Chapter meeting unanimously agreed to host the Tri-District
Convention in 1987. This implies a lot of work on the
part of the membership, therefore, I'm asking for your
help and support in organizing and planning for this event.
I would' like to think that if we can do a good job on this
convention that a similar effort can be made in soliciting
for a National Convention.
One additional item, on Saturday, June 21st, there will
be a dedication of a Memorial at the Heart Mountain Reloca-
tion Center in Wyoming. The dedication will be at 2:00 pm
followed by a banquet at the Holiday Inn in Cody, Wyoming.
For further information, please contact me at 469-4337.
I'm sure that I'll be seeing you at one of the events
if not at the REGULAR MEETING. Have a nice summer, stay
cool and sober. Till July, SAYONARA!
Nisei Post #183 Annual election of officers for the
Post was held May 13, 1986. Officers elected were: Com-
mander, Tom Masamori, Sr. Vice Commander, Kent Yoritomo,
Jr. Vice Commander, Florence Miyahara, Adjutant, Jay D.
Vise, Finance Officer, Joe Sakato, Historian, Paul Yokota,
and Chaplain, John Tezak. Installation of officers will
be held July 15, 1986, 7:00 pm at the Cathay Post Dining
Room. Post members should contact Edwin Shimabukuro at
477-7171 for reservations. Reservations must be made by
July 10th.
Denver Central Optimist Club The slate of new officers
for the club are: President, Frank Yoritomo, Vice-Pres.
Tom Sera and Noboru Wakumoto, Secretary-Treasurer, Nobuo
Furuiye. Committee Chairmen are: Publicity, Tom Masamori,
Youth Activities, Calvin Hada, Community Service, George
Hishinuma, Membership, Russ Sato, Program, Art Moriya,
Finance, Frank Hara, Fellowship, Sus Hidaka, Fund Raisinf,
Kent Kuroda and Scholarship, Henry Okubo. Project Chair-
men: Garage Sale, Tom Tanaka and Yukio Furuiye, Fruit
Baskets, Kent Kuroda, Country Western, Jim hada and Sus
Hidaka. Installation Dinner will be held on October 4,
1986 at the Copper Kitchen Restaurant, Colfax at Gray.
Cocktails at 6:00 and dinner at 7:00 pm.
Nikkei Singles Club This newly organized club meets
on the first Sunday of each month at various locations.
Current officers are: President, Kiyoto Futa, Vice Presi-
dent, Yo Yamasaki and Secretary-Treasurer, Oick Yanase.
For membership contact Dick Yanase (935-3038). Annual
membership dues are $10. The club currently has 20 mem-
bers with an expectation of about 50 members by the end
of this year. The club anticipates various activities
such as camping trips, trips to Las Vegas, Mushroom
hunting and dancing classes.
Over the Memorial Day weekend, I had occasion to join
the Optimists and the Nisei Post members on a visit to
the Amache Memorial and also to observe the dedication of
a Veterans Memorial in Lamar, CO. After the dedication,
I struck up a conversation with a Caucasian veteran from
Lamar. I assume that he was trying to be friendly and to
show how broad minded he was but he started his conversa-
tion by saying that 'he had fought in the Pacific'. He
then related an experience that he had with some Nisei
soldiers from Hawaii. He ended his remarks by saying
that he realized that 'they were the nicest people'. He
obviously does not realize that he was showing a deep-
seated bigotry by his attitude and his remarks. These
incidents are particularly offensive to us. Suppose now
that the remarks had come from a Nisei veteran of the
100th or the 442nd, and he started by saying that 'he had
fought in Europe'. Then having met some US soldiers of
German or Italian extraction he would remark that they
were the 'nicest' people. These words would sound utterly
inane because there is a big difference between a national
entity such as Germany, Italy or japan and people of their
extraction living in the United States. And yet, it is an
all too common occurance for us to be faced with the lack
of understanding that an American is an American regard-
less of his or her ancestry. The Lamar veteran's remarks
are even more insensitive because he obviously did not re-
cognize the irony in that 31 of the 100 WWII veterans who
died in service and in whose memory we had just dedicated
the Memorial were' some of these 'nicest' people! If you
have ever wondered why there is a need for an organization
such as the JACL, these occurahces should bring home the
unfortunate fact that bigotry and prejudice, intentional
or unintentional exists now among us.

Shown above, Kansha-no-Hi committee members at a recent
meeting. Front row, left to right, Youko Yamasaki, Dorothy
Fujino and Rose Tanabe. Back row, Don Tanabe, Dave Tagawa,
Chairman, Bob Sakaguchi, Kent Yoritomo and Jim Hada. Not
shown, karen Tagawa, Secretary, Tom Masamori, Vice Chairman,
Dennis Ioka, Treasurer, and George Hishinuma.
The Kansha-no-Hi awards ceremony will be held this year
on September 20, 1986 at the Denver Buddhist Temple begin-
ning at 4:00 pm. Member organizations are reminded that
nominations for the awards are due July 28th. In contrast
to last year, the age criteria has been eliminated such
that younger community volunteers can be nominated.
Shown above, Mile-Hi Chapter member Jim Kanemoto with
Rep. Norman Mineta (D-CA) and Rep. Tim Wirth (D-CO) who is
a candidate for the US Senate. Many members of the Mile-
Hi Chapter attended this benefit luncheon held April 4th
for Tim Wirth. Wirth is a cosponsor of HR 442 (Redress).
Below, Min Yasui with Dr. Charles Fujisaki and in the back-
ground, Ben Murakami. All are members of the Mile-Hi Chap-
ter and attended the luncheon for Tim Wirth.
Above, Rep. Mineta with 'Y' Tsuchimoto of the MEM
Travel Agency sponsors of the May issue of Mile-Hi Notes.
'Y' is also a member of the Mile-Hi Chapter and an active
supporter of Chapter functions. Below, Bob Horiuchi, Bob
Uyeda and Yutaka Terasaki, all with our Chapter. Bob is
the current Vice President for Redress.
Above, Eichi Yamada and Dr. George Takeno. Mr. Yamada
is the publisher of the Rocky Mountain JIHO. Dr. Takeno
is a member of the Mile-Hi Chapter and a long time sup-
porter of the JACL. Below, Mrs. Fujisaki and Marge Tani-
waki at the luncheon for Tim Wirth. All photos courtesy
of Tom Masamori, Past President of Mile-Hi and current
membership chairman.

At left, members of
the Nisei Post #185 and
Military Intelligence
Service (MIS) veterans
who attended a dedication
of a memorial for veterans
who died in service.
From left to right, Frank
Yoritomo, Tom Masamori,
Jinko Yamaguchi, Nobuo
Furuiye, Ken Aiba, Sus
Hidaka, Ben Murakami
(partially hidden), Kent
Yoritomo, George Yoshida,
Tom Tanaka, Jim Hada
(hidden), John Oya, Russ
Sato, (unidentified), John Noguchi and Post Commander,
Edwin Shimabukuro. This monument contains the names of
veterans who died in service during WWII. 31 of the
names are of Nisei who were interned at the Amache Re-
location Center. At left, Commander Edwin Shimabukuro
and Mrs. Sadako Tsubokawa, Vice^ Resident of the Colo-
rado Japanese Association present^a wreath from" the
association. Nearly,-50 people frogi the Denver metro-
politan area went to Lamar for th^dedication. Organi-
zations represented were? Nisei f^Sst #185, MIS Veterans
Club, Denver Central Optimist Club, Japanese Association
of Colorado, and the Mile-hi Chapter JACL. The Denver
residents also visited the cemetery at Amache for a
Memorial Day observance.
The sponsor of this newsletter for the month of June is
the Tagawa Greenhouses, Inc. Tagawa Greenhouses with two
locations is one of the largest greenhouses in Colorado.
Tagawa Greenhouses specializes in flowers such as roses,
carnations, foliage, flowering plants and seasonal bedding
plants. The Brighton location is limited to commercial sales
whereas the parker location handles wholesale and retail
sales. Our thanks to Tagawa Greenhouses for their sponsor-
In the May issue of this newsletter, we inadvertantly Mile-Hi Chapter JACL
left out the identity of the members of the MEM Travel 5946 W. Iowa PI.
Agency, sponsors of the May issue. Members of the staff Lakewood, CO 80226
at MEM are: Elaine Tsuchimoto, Gloria Gotto, Yoshito
Tsuchimoto, Miki Tsuchimoto and Kristie Becker, Manager.
Thanks again to MEM for their sponsorship.
Above, members of the Community Graduates Committee at
work. Left to right, Dr. Wayne Itano, Tom Sera, Kent Yori-
tomo, Paul Yokota, Ruth Kawamura and Carolyn Takeshita.