Mile-Hi Notes, Volume 3, Number 3

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Mile-Hi Notes, Volume 3, Number 3
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Vol. 3 No. 3
3946 W. Iowa PI., Lakewood, CO 80226
April, 1987
The Mile-Hi Chap-
ter had their 1987
Installation Oinner
on march 7th at the
Regency Inn. As
part of the program,
Past Presidents of
the Chapter were
recognized and ho-
nored. Shown at
left are the 15 past
presidents who were
able to attend. In
the back row, left
to right, Bob Saka-
guchi (1986-87),
Yutaka Terasaki
(1951 and 1961), Henry Tobo (1966), Don Tanabe (1965), Marge Yamada Taniwaki (1973-74), Bill Kuroki (1963), John Saka-
yama (1956), John Noguchi (1953), Kiyoto Futa (1975079), front row, Tom Masamori (1985), Roy Mayeda (1952), Dr.Shimpei
Sakaguchi (1938-39, Charter President), John Masunaga (1958), Bob Uyeda (1959) and Tosh Ando (1949-50). Of the 31
individuals who have held this office, 4 are deceased. Dr. Shimpei Sakaguchi who headed the chapter during its forma-
tion is the uncle of the current president, Bob Sakaguchi. The entire roster of past presidents and their terms of
office are listed elsewhere in this newsletter. Bill Hosokawa was the principal speaker for the evening and spoke of
his experiences during his recent trip to Japan with Governor Romer's group. Bill emphasized that the state of Colo-
rado needs to change their attitude and approach if the state is to attract a favorable trade relation with Japan.
Following Bill's talk, Tom Masamori recalled the past presidents and presented JACL pins to the past presidents at the
dinner. The dinner was very successful with 70 JACL members and friends in attendence.
Mile-Hi Chapter Regular Chapter meeting Thursday,
April 2nd, 7:30 pm at the Nisei Post. Members and
friends are welcome. The meetings in the following
few months will be very critical because of the forth-
coming Tri-District Convention in August, 1987.
Japanese American Community Graduation Program Monthly
committee meeting,Wednesday, April 8th, 7:00 pm at the
Nisei Post. Primary topics will be the scholarship appli-
cations and the preliminary screening.
Denver Central Optimist Regular club meeting, Thurs-
day, April 9th, 7:00 pm at the China City Restaurant.
Guest speaker will be Mary Sue Hyslop who will talk on
the "Power of Thought to Control Weight".
Nisei Post 185 Regular Post meeting Tuesday, April
9th, 8:00 pm at the Nisei Post.
MIS Veterans Club REgular club meeting, Wednesday,
April 15th, 7:30 pm at the Nisei Post.
Kansha-no-Hi Committee Chairperson, Terry Sato has
set the April meeting of this committee for April 20th,
7:30 pm at the Nisei Post. Participating organizations
should have their representatives or alternates at this
meeting because application forms for nomination of in-
dividuals for recognition will be provided.
Denver Central Optimist REgular club meeting, Thursday,
April 23rd, 7:30 pm at the Clements Community Center, 1580
Yarrow, lakewood. This will be an after-dinner meeting with
refreshments. Members and friends are invited.
Simpson United Methodist Church Annual Spring Bazaar,
May 2nd at the Church, 6001 Wolff St., Arvada, CO. Oriental
foods, eat-in or take-out, 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.
KANSHA-NO-HI The first organizational meeting for the Kan-
sha-no-Hi committee was held on March 22nd. Representatives
from most of the participating organizations attended this
meeting. There will be 10 participating organizations this
year with the addition of the MIS Veterans Club. The other
organizations are: Denver Buddhist Temple, Simpson United
Methodist Church, Brighton Japanese American Association
(BJAA), Brighton Nisei Womens Club, Denver Central Optimist
Fort Lupton JACL, Mile-Hi JACL, Japanese Association of
Colorado, Nisei Post 185 and the MIS Veterans Club. Future
meetings for the committee have been established for April
20, May 18, June 15, July 20, August 10, 24 and 31. The
due date for nominations this year will be July 20th. Any
Nikkei organization or indivdual may make a nomination for
consideration. Nominations are in recognition for community

Thanks to those who attended the 1987 installation din-
ner. It was not only a tremendous success but it proved
to be very historic. I was pleasantly surprised to learn
that my uncle Shimpei was the first Chapter president. I
hope that not only my uncle, but the other past presidents
as well, under the leadership of Tom Masamori, will be
able to assist the Chapter in developing new programs.
Their experience, leadership and knowledge is a valuable
resource that has been overlooked for too long.
Thanks to the 1986 cabinet for their help during the
past year. Without people like Kent Yoritomo, Jim Hada,
Tom Masamori, Dennis Ioka and George Johnston, I would
not have made it. There's one other person that deserves
a special thanks, sometimes I take her for granted because
shes always there to help out when she is needed. Sumi
Takeno, has for for so many years dedicated much time and
talent to the organization. Sumi, please accept my spe-
cial thanks for all that you have done for the Mile-Hi!
The year has started off with a bang and it doesnt
look like it will lighten up in the near future. A lot
of help will be needed over the next few months as we
approach the Tri-District Convention which is scheduled
for Autust 5-9. If you can spare some time please give
me a call. We need your help!
Thanks to the Fort Lupton Chapter for allowing Kent
and Chiyoko Yoritomo, Roy and Sumi Takeno, and Linda and
myself the opportunity to participate in their Chapter
appreciation dinner. This event was the Chapter's way of
thanking the membership for all their help in the many
Chapter sponsored activities. Based on the attendence
that I saw at this dinner, it appears that Gene Watada
and his cabinet have done a great job at the Chapter. I
also took this opportunity to once again show the docu-
mentary 'Yankee Samurai. I felt that the audience truly
enjoyed the video and it was gratifiying to see so many
youth there.
The Mountain/Plains District Council meeting will be
held in Albuquerque on April 3-5. I and a group of
Mile-Hi members hope to attend this important meeting.
The Tri-District Convention will be among the topics to
be discussed because our District is hosting this con-
vention. Among the items to be resolved will be the JACL
oratorical contest for which we hope to have Tri-District
competition in August.
I look forward to serving as the president of the Mile-
Hi Chapter during 1987. Thank You!
At the installation dinner, Kathrine Sakaguchi, Mrs.
and Dr. Shimpei Sakaguchi and Kay Sakaguchi. Kay and
Kathrine are Bob's parents.
Above, Bill and Alice Hosokawa, and Yutaka and Michi Tera-
saki. Bill was the principal speaker for the evening and
Yutaka was the installing officer.
Sam and Sara Terasaki with Dr. Charles and Rose Fujisaki.
Gerry and Ben Murakami with John and Kimi Noguchi.
Kathy Ito, Don Lim and Henry Tobo. Don is the president of
the Organization of Chinese Americans.

Newly installed officers of the
Mile-Hi Chapter. Standing, left
to right, Kent Yoritomo, Secretary,
George Johnston, VP for Jr. JACL,
Jim Hada, VP for Programs, and Tom
Masamori, head of the newly formed
Past Presidents Group. Front row,
Kiyoto Futa, VP for Singles, Dr.
Wayne Itano, VP for Scholarship,
Bob Sakaguchi, President and Dennis
Ioka, Treasurer. Not shown, Terry
Sato, VP for Membership and Bob
Horiuchi, VP for Redress. Officers
were installed by Yutaka Terasaki,
Past President (1951 and 1961).
Mile-Hi Chapter JACL
The Mile-hi Chapter JACL, then known as the Denver
Chapter was first organized independent of the national
organization in 1938. Inactive during part of WWII, the
Chapter has been in continuous existence to today, past
Presidents and their terms of office are listed below.
Presidents Term of Office
Dr. Shimpei Sakaguchi 1938-1939
Charles Suyeishi 1940
Chapter Inactive 1941-1943
George Kashiwagi 1944
Taki Domoto Jr. 1945
Dr. Takashi Mayeda 1946
George masunaga 1947
George Ohashi Bessie Shiomura 1948
Tosh Ando 1949-1950
Yutaka Terasaki 1951
Roy Mayeda 1952
John Noguchi 1953
Sam Matsumoto 1954
Harry Sakata 1955
.^John Sakayama 1956
Leonard Uchida 1957
John Masunaga 1958
Rober Uy-eda 1959
Oski Taniwaki 1960
Yutaka Terasaki 1961
Mike Tashiro 1962
Bill Kuroki 1963
Dave Furukawa 1964
Don Tanabe 1965
Bob Horiuchi Henry Tobo 1966
Sam Owada 1967
Harry Harada 1968
Dr. Koji Kanai 1969-1971
Dr. Takashi Mayeda 1972
Marge Taniwaki 1973-1974
Kiyoto Futa 1975-1979
Dr. William Y. Takahashi 1980-1984
Tom Masamori 1985
Bob Sakaguchi 1986-1987
Preliminary arrangements are rounding into shape con-
cerning the Tri-District Convention. If the members get
the feeling that the cabinet are somewhat preoccupied by
the convention, they are right! In fact, we are running
scared most of the time. Hotel accomodations for rooms and
facilities have been finalized with a contract with the
Marriott Southeast. The Wellshire Golf Course has been re-
served for August 5th and arrangements are being made with
the Celebrity Sports Center for bowling and the Monaco
Racquet Club for tennis. We have not located a good volley-
ball facility. Perhaps some of the members can suggest a
good source. Many of us are going around taking photographic
slides of Nikkei business establishments and organizations
for the 'Mile-Hi' presentation for the convention opening.
So please don't be surprized if Tom, Bob, Jim or I show up
with a camera. Another project which is for the convention
but which will also have general community application is
a Nikkei business and organizational directory which we hope
to put together. My initial thought is to have a separate
booklet which could be inserted in to the convention book-
let but which could also be printed as a separate issue for
general distribution. As Bob has stated in his comments,
we need help on this and other projects. We also plan to
sell ads in the convention booklet which will help defray
the cost of the convention. We will need nearly 200 people
registered at the convention to break even.
Bob mentioned our visit with the Fort Lupton Chapter.
I was particularly impressed by the attendence and the age
groups represented. There were Issei's, Nisei's, Sansei's,
and I'm sure some Yonsei's! This was a good example of
what an active JACL Chapter can do for the community. The
JACL has the widest charter because we are not limited by
age, religion, political affiliation or fraternal interests.
Gene Watada and his officers are to be congratulated for
their fine community efforts. If we can encourage the
Arkansas Valley Chapter to participate in our activites,
then Colorado will have three active chapters to carry on
the work of the JACL.
Please call us and let us know that you are willing to
help in the work of the Chapter. My number is 936-4362,
Toms number is 237-3041, Jim's number is 237-2159 and
Bobs number is (757-9818 work) and 469-4337 (home).

Above left, Mike Torizawa, Mary Lamb and Toni Yagami of the Denver Taiko troupe perform at the Hinamatsuri held at
the Simpson United Methodist Church. This group has performed locally and nationally. Currently, the group is spon-
soring the Ondekoza Taiko Group from Nagasaki, Japan. The Ondekoza group performed March 26 and 27 at the George >Jash-
ington High School. The Denver Taiko has alsoagreed to perform at the banquet for the Tri-District Convention., in-this
manner, the Mile-Hi Chapter is attempting to showcase the various local Nikkei talents at the convention. Above tight,
Mary Lamb and Robin Kimura in a duet performance.
At right, attendees at a committee meeting for
the Tri-District Convention. Standing from left to
right, Bob Sakaguchi, Dr. Jim Taguchi and George
Johnston. Front row, Sara Terasaki, Jim Hada, Ruth
Yamauchi, Kim Ohashi and Matilda Taguchi. The meet-
ing was held to organize the various committees
which will be needed to plan and carry out the func-
tions of the convention. Activities currently under
way are: determining the topics and leaders for
the workshops, securing speakers for all of the
various functions, gathering materials and ideas
for a convention booklet, securing locations for
all of the sports events and assembling promotional
material to advertize the convention at the various
District meetings.
installation dinner Mrs. True Yasui
Above, Rev. Joseph Sakakibara and Mrs. Sakakibara from 1150 S. Williams St,
the Simpson United Methodist Church with Mrs. Sadako Tsu- Denver, CO 80210
bokawa representing the Japanese Association of Colorado.
Numerous Nikkei community leaders were at the dinner and
were recognized. Rev. Sakakibara also gave the Invocation
and Benediction for the dinner.