Granada pioneer, November 29, 1942

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Granada pioneer, November 29, 1942
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Granada pioneer
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Granada, Colo.
Granada War Relocation Center
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
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United States of America -- Colorado -- Prowers -- Granada -- Camp Amache


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Volume 1, Number 11

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Auraria Library
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Auraria Library
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A groap*of resiao^ts, GOiiipri&ing the largest number
so far e.ii&ted fran .m;> center, were to hi./e loft this
mon.ina for 011109r9 Qolo ? ^/liorc the7 will serve as
teaching -.ssoeir.tQS tl;a US l:;nw:ige school,
Ciioseii by tha Kavy fraa a liat of more than 100 ap-
ylioants OTre inter^iev;d last month by Florence
yalift the eyacuGcs will
teach cadets the intrica-
cies of the Japanese lan-
Three Jmndrod and twenty-
eight stud ants fromassemtly
and reioo^tioa centers sad
^00 studeats #30 evacuated
voluntarily have bee a re-
located in colleges ano
univarsities throug])ut the
United States by tbo Nation-
al Relocation council, it
was rovaalod hero b:/ Boburt
OfBricn, natiorial director,
0 is visiting
all V/RA centers and 22 col-
ic gos and universities at
which nis.i students were
relocated, made a tour of
inspeotioa of tli@ Graxada
oanter yesterday with of-
fiaers of the local 00110go
age lava! g^ou^, IIi$ next
atop wiE bs the Gila acn4 or
and bo will lator visit
Postoxif ilaa^ariar, auJ Heart
Students Urged
ested in attending Lamar
junior oolloge are urged
to attend a meeting at 3
'I^iesda^ at lorry hall*
A represGiitativo of thc-
ooll&ge will be present to
answer all questions 00a-
oerniiag the institution*
.new s:nester v/ill
begin duriag the first week
of DeceBbar* The tuition
is 35 per quarter arid bus
far ip. ^21 per quarter*
The oollogo catalogue
to be availablo at 8.I-11I:
tomorrow and Tuesday*
BiffUS 1EI
Four t>irtha vithin si::
days established a rocora
for the center hospital
krs* Alioe Ayako Osaiwa,
911-70, gave birth to a babj
girl at 8s53 a,in. Thursday,
Nov. 1CJ, and ha a named
her Lianna Emi.
A son ./as born at 12:43
p*m. uloruuj to .-ITS* Miliaru
Umemoto. TO-120, and lias
Joseph Sxaart, qireotor
of the regional office
in Denver5 arrived haro
Fr ielay a f ter no on for
\7eak-Gnd corifer&me yiUi
ceater >^:iru^trators.
Donald L. Harbiaon, 0
sistan diroator5
jester-^ j oihirgcd ocr tain
center onjloyccs v-ith fail-
ure to obsc.rve full v;rkiaj
hoars, _
Rartison e,:;iiasi^ed that
!.;orkerw must be on tii job
from 8:30 t6 11:45 a# a. and
1 to 5 p*m#? -.londays through
Fridays f and 8130 to 11:45
a#in* on 3aturda-/s.
We Made 11 *
Eiauks to a late uliip-
mciut of aid 5 coopvrativo
miuieogrcvpa de^ar traent 9 mid
food fjinisat^ by !Tqc1 Tana-
ka ,Toiiio and tiiGir
_ddes, the rlu.:J
j:.s able to jat out this
spoai,1 Hnd-y j.^pcr to mp-
xolcmaxt 'tcrd s edition.
"@qh uorjed ui.
Gun was born "* Hrs.
Kiyomi KarariC 10 at 6:20
a mida;y*
..Ira* Aarj Khaiyo lliy^
gd, 611-120, gave birth
to & sea at 3;20 a.m* Tues-
day# child aas bean
mad Donald TakeSid.
dds tne nospitai, "Ail
m otliers t*ari babies aro
doing r/ell#'1
Groundwork was laid and
preparations were made by
iiasao Igasaki of the center
le-;al staff and Kay 3uga-
hara of the inployaent de-
partment, 0 visited the
s oliool at 3 0aider last
2he evacuees ymr9 to
])ave boarded a bus for Den-
/er at 9:30 oclock this
luoruin^ and are expected
to reach their destination
this evenii^#
Profossio i *l gemblers
operating in. th: ceater
will bo Gjir .vhended and
>ro^ooutod 9 v/arned j?oliao
Ghijf Iiurlovi Tomlinson,
/c 0^ ruay, .
Tomlinson, "I
wish to inform each and
cv-ry on; of tnciB that if
:logitiuiate complaint is
lodged against tacm and
tbay arc a^pr eh ended by *ny
it-partmc.nt, I will prose-
cute thcji in the district
*soart of the State of Ool-
)rqd0 on felony charges.
If .thy zrc oonviot,;d t th:y
will prob-bly scrv^ trrms
in the £.CRit:ntvr^*f'
Efr|li f
close frir nJs iru] other
residents x^h0 attended the
fuier-l of ^esaburo
Ya.x' da f \vac ^ucoirnoed last
Teak to hear4 trouble at
the age of 7z$ ilrs*. Yoshi
Lav/thorne of 6E-11P wishes
to ez)re3s hex- thanks*

...Novemoei' SO,1942
Published wednesd^yo aud Letw^li.ys >y the rfHA and
distributed i'ree to oveiv cui* E0-itoriil of-
fice: PIOHESk "buildit,imnciiG, Gulo*
Joe kcClelland, adviser Otski 'Paaiv.airi, circctor
3o"b iureno, editor D-vb Svu L.jiIo9 chief tn.rx.ilator
s Tonoko Yr' Jail o 01, Alien T1 x.e-tr,
jGej.h Patrick Ide, .: afi\e U. I, 0001\ e ''^y>iooto9
Joim TGUi*uaua, '.ts(ii h.:.i, 0hristphrr II iii, .-^rry
Ioke Xditii '-/ nirano, P:/'1 £uyeo
Sake, V.'alter v'ncrd .or.^ .irj ivhan, Te-
keico liusuaoki, Ito, Ii,_
ifYinrl, dust. eM cold
didnft keep the over-high
school a£ e girls end women
at heme VJednesdcyP They
all came to tiie "First
HcundupTend li.ade the eve-
ning a real succors lotha
Aoell and l.-a^e Kishi did
a sood job of ^c^-liing^
the dances* The first of
At the i r o ri t' .
One of tke most' eno-jure:ir.^ new items WQfve seen
it£ lcin^% u*e predict that
souare da.ndn-._ will become
a veU tn Airocixe among
the "boys ac vvoll.
for a long time was one o -tiiiii United prees -Y
dispatcixes from the New Guinea froivt# The planning coinmittee
It was written ty T)n G-" swell, v/no is with the of tho ound-upft vtore
American forces which htve fought thejr v/ay over the gueots of beachers Inez
v?en 'tenley mount-ins and ere tiirea^eu.Lng tlus p- Neill, Enola Kjeldgaard,
anese stronghold &t. vmii,. Koet of the article is fie- fei'^aret James, and Letha
voted to tiie tricks used ty Japanese snipers ancl the At ell at their iiousewariri-
dangers of jui3Ple varfi-re. ' in£* the other nights Mrs.
What reslly cau; ht our eye was Caswellfs mention Laiioney and Kayine Kishi
of Sgt. Fred Nihitsu.ji, Loa .n2vl''s nisei, who is took turns teaching the
serving, as intcrprctc-i-. It ?^;e or.lj a cno-s-r.tence irls the technique of
p^re^ra-oh: square dancing; i. after the
'fGepiurefj. J'ep^T^se equipment paxort ^rou^at toisixiess part of the meet-
back for ideal ixication xir de go^d resr,in,j for our in- in.^* Tiae Y girls th&nk
terpreter, Sf;t. Frc-d Nichitsuji, an Americenorn these teachers for taking
Jap-nese ix*c:a lo.s AriLeb.a.*f ' part, in tieir eotivities.
But proof tlut at lotiit one nivei soldier is in the **Y
thick of the ii. utln. ,--n\ is* provir^, ais nettle means Miss Es tixer Briese-
a lot to elX. 01' uc. . . ' mexst er* left for Denver
predate recoiviii£ a, few
b&ck issues ..of your very
irderestinfi nen'sprper. If
possible, viil y-u kindly
send U3- the ^uv3 11 iii^ue
in w.iichan ediiorirl writ-
ten >y jne ui the pjs*t of-
fice .s ^rpsred?
Tiie v/rie? ;,uld ?r.2 so
appreciate Lavla;; hie n;jne
placed on your m-ailing list.
PAUL Lu'nS .
^luntly spsckii,^, whose
idea was it to put the
optical ssrvict-'3 of ^aia
center under tae cuTjei'vis^.orx
of the cormarity er.ter*. \se
and thereoy ueGesi/r tirv
an adequate ;'uvd lefure
such services ox .* hie?
To those of iij vho rnxiKt
wear glasses:, x m owe r
the oye is just cs
tant aa the c::e cf the

had orly preniuia waile
dental ovre is ced in a
sep3r&te G^te--,ry.-
!If v;e are to iieve medical
crre ev'ilr.ble., let*s have
it ^veilaole to everyone
and net pl^ce c premium on
any* one type of service.
'i/e? t;ie Four Vagabonds,
wish to send our orexiids to
yem and ,/01r fire at off% in
pu^ 1 ieai 1 ^; v/hat e sirc^re-
ly oeliev^, is the ^ithtst
class c..p ixi t-r' u-
..c hev '-eer,
r^ceivi ./ rck c: a
rei f v.elin^. 0:' ^ss.
It -Gti.ils *..g cic.r d
plain vLat ^ots ^11 in "Jie
G-'xap ;.elext o- .*inC, tv i^^lp
U clo ^aiL \vii; tliis Kar
tliro^h food producuioxx on
, W^ &csure you, that ve
C3-u of 0tier
arc Elv^ure iu ti-cii* "beliefs
1l 1 t.\e us? cf
Wednesday \7itii promises of
enctLier visit aroundspring*
Her'week here v;as spent in
givir speeches, conducting
icr\r.s9i, ett iri. acciuainted,
a:A :.iLpartiiiu valust)e ad-
IvNortii dej^rted
Wednesday, too, in order
to "be hoxie for tae ..Rooicy
?ord Japanese-erican YWCA
meeting tiiot evening.
promises to be. the
nucleus of a very active
matrons C-ro\:p net ^ith Miss
^reiseirieistex and l;!rs. North,
one ni, ht last week. That
m*.ke5 three divisions' of
our iVsuccie.tioix started,
tae -.rivl Reserves, the Bus-
iness and Industrial girls,
and now t**e Ljotlierb* ^roup.
* - Y*
At Inst v,e have a sign
over our door. The credit
goes to Frnie Yoshida, Tom
Okamoto anr* Leo Tatera*
be on the from now
ou for the boys overseas -
Keep up th,o- good work and
lots oi\ luok -nd happiness
to a Pi^oat pupc-r and news
teeth a id ./tt v.e iind that t*eir y^ur:,. gx^ ^.,'ccrl. . ?' 7Af^S0T)S
optical services are to be bodies, xcod pxoc'uctio' ,vill .KHIiTLt>, COLO.

Page 4
IDE Club Picks
Ernesr. U'licM
Ernest Yosliida was oleo-
ted oLairman of the Block
10E Nisei Social olub forned
recently* 'Ohidori Shiotani
and George 2akaioto r;cre
appointed assistant, ji.air-
As their first affair,
retraotion lias teen b KE TCHES
.iauQ by Lagirioer i I, '(.Tcll-dressed,laconic
O'liourko regardinc 3'. D:\G-eorgs Na^anotois oliief
coucorai-ii^ electrioal ap- of the center dental Glimo.
01 ic, 110 615 ih t:e lTov 115 The position is a far cry
issue :of t3Q. ?I0:ILL3. It from the one that he held
is as follows: ou tne University of South-
EIec'+'r io stovos should orn California College of
the* raembers held_ a get-
aa.iuainted partjr in the
recreation hall. Ap)rozi-.
mately dO 3Jdung people er.-
joyed a program of games,
singing and social daaoia^.
never be usec3 in barraoic
bull^3in ^,£ at' any tino.
Electric irons anc other
elco'tricl m^7!.gg
.u in iM^urios
bGt:/ccn 3 w an-] 9
3P BEEf 3:iffllD
Granada o e ziior boot
workers Iiotg an offioicnoy
rating of over 90 per oent,
it was estimated b; G. V.
Maddux, labor GOiivdSoiozLer
of the Great Western Sugar
oanpan^1,' this reek.
In a letter to ^ndrow Iv.
Tsuohiya, oouter resioen!'
iviaddux praised workers for
their service and their
attitude tv;ard their oi-
ploysrs IIg revealed that
his ooapan^ furuisiiad v/oric
for 1800 iiion*
Of e v aouee o r kers 9
iiiadauz said:
he serviae that ti.Qy
have rendered 'aad their at-
titude toward their eraplov-_
R5nond Makes
Inspection Tou
Otto Bos inorxd in
charge ox conivanit^ enter-
prises of all osixters, is
cn an inspection tour of
this oentcr to assist in
the general set-up of the
store, de will aid in ob
taxxxxag proper nierchandtise
to take aare of all the
needs of th3 rosiaciits.
^ftor jropor sujpplios
and equipmGnt arrive, a
grand re-openiue is sclied-
uled, aoooraiug to Bio Ka-
ors and follav; v^orkers has
b,cn m
ofj.'naa to sot an effioiency x v;md nut sot it
belov v ae:t7 ti-:.t
in oar e lo^riGnae is hicn
rc.J'ing xr any -roup as
Xar- e as this o:ie*1
TiiG firs t talont show
s oonsored by the- roGveai ion
oe^artaont- at Terry hall
Tvmrduy c-venirig v;as ac
c'.Ln a iiugs success,
wutstandiag pbrformanoes
Q pr ... s cut qq by sevon-
ycur-old Di^Uw "BubU"
*inoo? hula dancor; oig^it-
y^ar-old lcjcm hkaoshi
riiuiuba dunci:.r; rii 3:
sa^i, i.ait^tions; 3ctuc
Iq a, piOLiolo^UQ Helen
tvusabu, odcri; /iu-'id; Fu
har.uonica solo;Kisiii,
vocal; Yuriko Hirata. oiano^
i.Lr,y YoahiJa ? vooal 9 ao-
omja;iied by Terry Sa^aolii-
ka on the mandolin; ....iy^
Mi utuni odori; Chidori
^Iiiotani, vooal*
Sato, di-nce creation; aad
Brush ^nd hi Kanatea
boys Iav;a i iaa me 1 od ias
.Jo^o^h Ido waG .aa^ter
of CGrcmonios.
A throe quarter page
appeal in regard to 'r£-
peotive evacuee erJiateos
for the navy language school
in Bculder rcooiitly appear ad
in the leading city news-
paper The Boulaex Daily
Camera, The text' was as
!,2he United States Wavy
asks Bouldor to meet thQ
most imort.aut quo'ta Boulder
has over been as.;ed to moet,
tliat of aiding it^. vn war
industry, the taoiling of
future officers ths
J-anjsG laa^uagG, oy )rc
vidiag for ..emergency i;ous-
ing for Jarjsno-s cr iosix
ITavy lan^rix.: go sohool in-
structors and til3 ir farai-
Dentis try faculty this
t i :e last year 9 but he 'is
devoting the same earnest-
ness to his 'jro^ent duties.
It is largely through
his efforts that- the oentor
staff has been increased
to eight dentists from the
three as originally planned
No..: his hope is that the
laboratory will be completed
so that all types of- den-
tistry may be handled*
Thoroughness best des-
cribes his education. After
jraouating Los Angelos high,
school, he v^s enrolled in
the California Institute
cf Toolanology from 1918 to
studying physics \mder
Dr. Robert Milliken and
finding ti^ne to pitch for
tlie 'oaseball team
and run the t[o mile.
He finished the USC four
year instructorfs course
in 19S2 with B3 and DDS
decrees ana joined the'
College of Dentistry faculty
not long after For the
following nine years he
taught in the graduate di-
vision and served as so
rotary of the graduate
sguOoI faculty from 1935
A member of the American
AssOGlation of Orthodontists,
as of the Pacific
Coast. Liooiety, Dr. Na game to
is ono of only tv;o Jaoanose
Orthodontists in the vrorld.
At Orthodontia oonforences,
]:e often served as instruct-
or to dontist-o from all over
the United States aad abroad.
IIis five iionths stay in
the S^nto Anita assembly
center presented a Gurious
situation* He still .re-
members how in 1307 lie used
to walk four miles 'to an
cadi a school v/ith the
childron:. of "LuGtcy .3alc3-
?;inf iho mlllionair e ranoh-
or and one-time ovmar of
the Santa ^nita raoetraok
His ideals refloat the
man. He admires Abraham
LiuGOlrx and Dr. Hideo No-
guolii; be enjoys Schubert
symphonies and trout fish-
ing.Suyeo 3ako

November ,19C

m F R O 1
Summer is a long vmy off
but Poston H residents
can look forward to enjoy-
ing. thaBSQlve$work .has
started oa a swimming pooi
v/ljicliwill be uOO foet lung,
75 fc-@t wide, ana X feet
deep. ..
. Colonists of Tale Lake
will maiig ai^d sell their
ovm Ciiristmas and Kev; Xc-ar
o^rda to keep tae ;aoioy
witiiiE the oeatcr.' A honae-
keapiag service a,s bean
set up to aoaoramoca^e
who are iao'ipaoitatGd due
to illness The Bo;; 330
Uo their good doed fer tliG
day by offering tray £r-
vice to tne
a veriaty shcr ud q ,
raffle drawing, Jai^auesa
mmm ;
OTHER C:ris EflS -
show, anfl a oanoe uas in-
eluded in th 3 four-day
Thaksjiving o oio bratiox%
v/hloh was *out over by 2opas
residaats. frnr snov;
x'Lll oacarrad on IIov.15
en 0.6 inch os liva-
guos. are donating blood
to form a blood raservoir
,in oase of illnesao^.
uo.Mthing original-
throe, voters their
ballots adhesive iai>e
nt a T^oeat aleation in
the oeater. ;tDea-
uoouer an is fco of
vtG £Ting crohesfr: foraiad
there 1
H i 1;d:/f s n cm 18 ta s
giii o lift at laixildol^a
center with the ozoning of
the oo-op teaaty slioo. "
lysisof the JavHneso
evaouation )rogmn \'ii1 be
the topic to be dibcusssd
in the "aac^groands of -To-
dayH sorios under the dir-
oo.tion of Ps.ul J. Ccrry,
superintement of odUGatiia9
the nights school office-
All persons iateresfed
in participating ia tbe aia-
Gussiou are urged to attazid
tomorrow at 6H-11E from
7530 p.n:.
hrst D'uria
Take5 Pla^
318 first burial at. t
center oemeter,?, rest .of
12S, took ijlaoe last
Pusako Kubo, 28 hours ol^3
one of tlia daugliters
of iv^r. and Mis. Quycur:t-m
Kubo, 11II-7S, ^as buried.-
rites for the de-
ceased -wore aoaduotou ;t'
the llCr Buodhiat hall u1!4!!
Eev, 2. Shirakuv/a offici-
ating. A grnvosiSe oaromony
was also held.
Much Material
Needed Uaily
pproxi'::ely 33 poiinds
of in^ and 150 pounds of
pa3er are used per day for
administration forms, no-
tices, xievv'sp^pGr, project
instructixis}and other v/rit-
ten iiiattor that- miut bo
circularised a,arig the ou
ployees informed Stelle
L.iiaraon, senior olork.
PfiSSES fTifly .
8E OBininEO .
All-day parses are being
,iasx;ed by lutorml Seourit?/
officer Harlow T oral ins oa
and bis assiatant, StardGy
,E, A^ans, in roora Z of tno
soufh adaimstratioxi build-
ing f l:s the edict issued
from Projoot Director Lind-
ley! s office, yejstardajr,
',Vh6n tbc daily quota is
filled rcaideats ^r_o r 2-
nuestad to obsorve tlio "No
Ilora oqssssH sign*
A^ra safety measure for
school children, ueas
cerve as sciiuoi guards, it
was r-nua:*cc-a dc.i!o% ,[.
.Jou.liiiaou, police cm of*
Be-v. G. P. G-arn^n and
Bojai II. Fisher, Wii v/ero
aboard the liuer Preaiueat
Goo'.ids^ on tiialr way homo
frora japanwhon Pearl Harbor
\,as attaodea visited tl^e
Granada center week.
h Turman, a member
of tao Aimriaan Board of
ernmi s s i cm for for eign
Uissious, was a missionary
in Ja^an 1906 to 1941
while' Fi^hsr, a rep.resoiit-
ativs of the We stein coni-
nitfeo of he A m eriaaa
Horn llission. society,
xir^t uent to Japan in 1911
21::e visitors repealed
I;at their boat tias'ia the
Ocrtxl sea when \\tbx \;as de-
-lax"{3 and that oegq the
(Jer aan ra^io reported tlieir
uxxlu "During tile
iast three clays ve t^ore
lifebelts- all the time and
on ^he last night the cap-
tula told us to sleep wit3]
our olothos on,0 ihB^ said,
!E2ven Aloatraz looked .good
to us as we came into San
Franoisoo bay#*'
makfs DEBUT '
Yol'oine one, number on9,
of the Granada ?rotesfant
Gharoh. Sunday School Hews
vias jab li shed last v/e ek
tLnugh the oorubined efforts
or ths religious education
oormviittee,headed by Chair-
aan Kov, CluakI ICu^uliara.
h oontect is being aonducted
among tlia v&ri^us Sunday
school Glasses 10 select .a
nev; na4e for tlw p-per..
On -ivtoaday last woel faulty brkes on the looal
police truck sent the un-
occupied vehisld crash ins
into the reor of the 62
nenf s lavatory loading a
Gaping hole*
On Tuesday, the pamc-
vehicle vitli the same faxilty
brakes s.aasliad against tho

P 1
Persons who have h ex-
perienae in writing, 0: vho
mxq interested in writing
are askod to reoort to the
Puoumeat^tion sectloa 0
the Be^orts office located
in thisiOimm tailding.
Iill cau
sUe oftlie 6F .lauxidry room*
Hesult:, onntber gax^^ hole.
On V/ednesday, the d is-
S^sted police sent the
trucks faulty br-.kes and
all, to the motor pool.
TorJayt.tha vehicle still
2las idla,vaiile the police
onxiously a^ait the ar-
rival of a netruolc ¥/ith
A 16-millimater movie
projector has arrived,Paul
J. Sorry, ouporiateadexit
of education revealed,
j^c,uc .V n filns liavs been
ordered an] should arrive
soon, he added.

Nov^i'ijer 29 ,1942
I'iO ________________
___ 5
A maafs vanities and
stupidities reveal
themsolves in everytliing
he does, but they reveal
themselves most of all
wlioa he discusses the
majestic mystery of wo- L* Mencken
is the ourious jargon
conceived by certain pedan-
tic masouline souls to des-
cribe f eminiiie fashion.
Witness this simple state-
ment; "Lookit the bad make-
up on t:at girl v/ith the
neat hat.!, After an ef-
feotive jaunt through the
labyrixitnine passages of a
ivlan1 s tninking apparatus,
it C0L.Q3 out: "Lamp the
gun pov/der on that fluff
with the ziag dink.!,
there is a definite
place for a police'70man in
this center to assist in
handling cases of juvenile
delinquency9 says Chief of
All persons interested
in any tjpe of community
rnusio sheud attend the
general meeting to be hold
tomorrow at 3H-1E from 7
p*m Charles Mulfora, pr irx-
cijpal of aJult eduoation,
stated yesterday.
Ccrjmunit.y musio will be
divided into four groups\
general oli or us, men's ^Igo
club, band, and orohestra*
School Loses
I wo Teachers
Jack Boyd, iiusio in-
structor ,and I\ror;aan G.
Pizlor social s c i enoe
teaohur,left the project
soliool^* faaolty last weeLc,
S. Clay Gov, principal of
senior high k0110015 revealed
Boyd left for Greeley,
0010v/IiGro he is sciieciuled
to join the T.avj on i-Tov. 30.
Pixler has secured a
position in Denver.
Nisei soldiers visiting
Dus transportation for
studo:itb 'vho wisi) to attend
the Lauar junior college
has been arranged, Paul J.
Terry, superintendent of
eduoation, revealed today.
The round-trip fare will
be 35 cents.
Officials from the junior
collogG are eXj?Gcted to be
hero uonday or Tuesday to
make crirollmant arrangements
with pros^otivo students,
xorr?/ said.
further announce merits
Gonaerning the meeting v/ith
the college officials will
be nade in the ness halls.
Beauty Shop
Prices Listed
The camunlt;; ontorprise
beauty shop which is ex-
pected to officially open
for business in the very
near future, boasts an ar-
ray of the latest oquipient
and a staff of licensed
ogoiotors to give shampoos,
^ enaauonts, and f i a gor
Prices arc shampoos,15
cents f mg cr waves, 20
Police Harlow I.i Tomlinson#
But please donft anyone
apply yet. This step is
one of the things to come
and plans arc not yet com-
v/as a thing of the past,
we fervently beliavdd. As
a matter of fact, we wara
about to embark on a tome
acclaiming that glad fact
whan somewhere betv/eon ti.e
typing of M-I and C-E, the
office was filled Yvitii a
soroaii that v/oko up one re-
porter and tv/o mi30611ancous
Gharaotors Wan ted; oiig
exterminator 1
first in peace, first
in the oanter inalude
f vt. Haruo iliyamoto,
Pfo. Arthur ^himiazu, S^t.
Tin T, 0hta9 Pfo, Peter
v/atanabe, Ft* Leonard "iood ,
iAo.; fvt, Joseph Degiiohi,
Sam Iloustoa, Tex,; ?vt.
Sam Horii, Ft, Biley, Kan.
Sgt* Thomas 9
Gamp .-hillipj Kan.; Pvt.
G-eorge Haruba shi, Caiap
Grant, 111.; Pvt* Jaak L.
Hawthorne, Del Valle Air
Base, Austin, ; Pfo.
Jim Adaclii, Pfo. rm lagi,
-r*fo. Saburo Hiroae, Gamp
Carson, 0010.
.Gril* Robert K. Uakasaki,
Ganp Grant, 111.;£vt9 Hov/-
ard : Ivajiwara and rvt.
Harry Komatsu, Jt. Hiley*
cents; and permanents,
vl.50, aad $2.50. hours
are from 8 a.m* to 5 p.;n.
daily except Sunday,
The staff of operators
includes ..Irs, mtzi vlatauda,
supervisor; Hidoko atsu-
shita, 5hi::u Pajisaki, Sally
Yanashita, ^lary Haraah-*shi,
and Shinoo Maekawa*
Record Loan
Residents vjho have sym-
XiioriG or classioal records
and who are willing to
lend them for the musio
arpreciation hour are asked
to see Lleanor Tanita at
7S recreation hall.
i^e-^s s-u
in the nearts of all ser-
vicemen is the color blue,
according to a recent test
made among a group of sol-
diers, sailors, and marine^,
P. S.: L'bQ oe^iter variety
store carries a sizeable
stock of EIT--biuo included.
Bun, do not ;/alk*
Buddhist b:rvices will
be held in the 12^ rjoroa-
tion hail tociay at l:roO
p-m-, F.ov, G]iira*cawa will
preside, 1
Sunday school
YP moating
S3 teachers* meeting
Adult service
Sunrise grayer ineoting
Bund ay school
jaoane3e service
Eaglisn service
YP maeting
-line Hec Ha
9:00 a.m. 7G-12G
U00 a.m. 7G-12G
11:00 a.m. 7G-12G
2:00 )m. 7G-12G
6:15 a.m. 7G
8:4D a.m. 8H
10:00 a#m# 7H-10II
10:15 h *n * 8H
7Q0 p.Ul. 8H

by ^ro'^ita
Winter 1s bid to halt tho
GGiiter1 s outdoor s porta
program suooeeded somov;hat
Idst Saturday. It thre'w a
monkey wreuch into the 3
touch football leaguo by
covering tI) fioid v/ith its
tracks of &rxo\/*
Although Sunci£y, s' good
v/eather found the A league
in full blast, wise sports
lovers took S a tu rd ayf s
weather aswiafcers pr^iaiso
of things to Gone, of the

Pago 6
November 29,1942
'./it/iout lim "ber-n r iif]
So^jy Uiyashiraa, what \ruld
be the or th 1-,afi~-
burly fallback Iliro
Ito s the s^ork led
tLo 10west entry of the
sn'; and ram vxiioii
drive friend'; 5* rivaf^ off
the playing field.
2hc o6n id ^ration of the.
problem brings forth a d-
spondent note, for v/c uiust.
soon look for somQ: other
v;ay to satisfy our _oravixi!-'
for sports.
Naturally our. thoughts
turn to the school gymnasium
which will be com,dieted in
the future. But four long
months separata that tirae'
and tho oruseat. During
this period., There ian vvo
go? There arc no play-
grounds which winter woatiior
v;ill leave untouched. Tnere
are no large Mils where
\ve can really sfiQtah our
legs. So we rex^eat, ^Wnovo
can v.q ^?M . ' .
True tnorc Lro raoreatiou-
halls in eauh blook' but
most 0 thorn are n'^o/b for
othgr ^urposa^* Yet oven
if they Vioreni't \vha+, sports,
oould bo h\:ld in suoh snail
halls? Very fevT, if anj^.
Lotf a IV.ce the txnih
squarely. Must \e ^ivo
up shorts aotivitieL oora-
pletel,y during the- lony
winter months? v;
stay i no 0 ors? Me still
seek the anov/ur to tiioso'
imxDortaixt ^uootions
Today, this space goos
to Thomas Ymaatc,jaiiior
high school ^aysioal edu-
cation instructor.
lie was a football,track,
and v-ire^tixng inonogram win-
ner c.t LA Polyhigh school.
Go^Ciiing, he th Ir.ks ? is a
sv/qII job, arid he hopes *to
tart boxing Glasses soon*
Bulldogs f Deltar-s G '
Raiders Z9 liidgets G
leauixi^ ivlcded0 LkooK^ms?
It was Sea yj (as asa£ji}
thT tv/o t ouohdov/n
a c r iu.l; one to H 11q s
Iict?:*ad3, and ^aether to Kats,
T0k.una.30, that proved enough
for t'ic cuOokUiAo to
u? a 12-6 victory over tbii
K^u ju Lc.ii6 Zcr.os. In the
sbeond 1'hanks jiving Day
game at the ^ridixon..
IbQ Zerosonly s^or.o of
tlie ^;ame- oam6 as the resulf
of a ja^s iriteroQotiOii b:;
Art- Paruno,who ran la ynds
to orocs tho ohalk stri.jos
Ail oouversion tries failed'
to udrrslizc..
'rJo ^ mer ionn l.c gue.
football- games tiro Qlytod
:f'r todey at tiiu Ju ^ri^-
rBhe forced Yo^-or.os-# ;>vho:
-lost- tvisir initial i.a:no onA
Tjiaiiks^iv-in^ \,ill .gl'a^h
V/itii tho ^awioiic ^oujhridcra
oGgiiini^:^ :t 1-OX) ,
s ,oorJ 'tass'u ill
f3ethcr tuo a-(id-hot ^i.xig
' (xng and tiid ^lOl-ELB-
JDijO^hine ivorrubki
anoint96 ia^t e o k "
*ijQay ^ire ^ai^i ^^i.ool gills
dyui oiasscs She will og
a sic ted b.; ..urtha r2z\ioi \ya.
A4: pre-out, volle'/balV
Is the aairj, intcros-t of
the' senior ni^li girls as
it is ia tiia junior, iiijh
:.;ym cl' Wiiore Fred'.,
u bGcy iiiiyiac
arc ol.ining to org^ai^c
ar; In^rDmur 1 volleypoll
..moric^n league the iyiong
Jon-.laggots 9 tq a 12-0
.victory over the irctsd
Yogoros in .tha f-ir st of two
,foo tb:\ll. grmob,. jlayoy oi>
the. ^3 gridiron ^hafika-
-ivip- Day. ^ . '
GXim^xin^' n 5.0 y;:rd pf-
fc.nsiythrust. It; pog^cd
a EQ. jr?.rd pass to b:-ck:
'lafjgF I^ to put. tho
-13 in- fr.jnt- 6-0 ear-
1:/ in- the opening quarter,
r 0 1lov/ing this in i t iai
score, tno Yo^ore defonso
tightoriGd up ^?nd the spoody
M^^gtsT succeeding goal-
line irivea vere thv3r fed
.until in the final
.of the gaune.
I*hent it s It- agdin
on the .oitoning) and This
.tiae ne fousid flashy Goro
.Suzuki in ,the open and so oral
a jGvfect strike in thg end
^ono to bring the scofo to
120 lioth Gonvcrs-ion at-
tc\jts failed
The Yogorc offense v;ith
Soat-bao.< Swodo. Furukaw.a
.carrying most of the load,
proved dan.:r.ous all
tim^s but oould not muster
^the fiMl 2unh to tally a
score. .
h vj:Jin*1 of the
U J>actcpl,Ramblerc from*
the Aide, ri can t;. uoh foot- '
^.11 loa and t iK: g pt-
aur of the:/long Gong Mag-
It ^, ^highlighted a :n ct-
ing of manager3 team
on;.-tains in the 75 recrea-
tion hall ^Todnca.dny. Koo
YGi*iic3,* pr sided
Harvey Tur^9 reoreation
head, and HarlGvv Tomlinson,
scaur-itjr offioor,
\-i3rc .-ju:t speakers for
thz cvcnirig.