Granada pioneer, December 2, 1942

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Granada pioneer, December 2, 1942
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Granada pioneer
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Granada, Colo.
Granada War Relocation Center
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
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United States of America -- Colorado -- Prowers -- Granada -- Camp Amache


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Volume 1, Number 12

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,VoX. I, Nof 12
Amache# Colorado
December 2,1942
fi_y B0_0 11
Septelrter wages will be
paid iii pash to approxim-
tely 1140 mess hall workers
oa Friday,' Saturday, and
f,/ind,8yt'by e representative
who will* visit each mess
hall, anxrouaced Principal
Fiscal Accountant T.'Eead
Hanson, today* /ID
or work assignment siipe
will-be necessary for iden-
tifibatibiu > '
All 'otherswho workea-
in September will !paidJ
at he PIONEER: building
from 9 a*m to 5 p*m. 9
starting Tuesday# Evening
payoffs will be -enliounced
later for the benefit of
those who work late-
The deadline for cash,
pcyments to august l^arkers
is -Scturdcy noon et the
PIONEER building*
Service Time
Change Made
Special Buddhist service
for adults will, be held
Ssturday'at 2 p.m instead-
of on Sunday ipr'tMs week
only, accordifig to Rev. Tn
Construction pf the ceiiw
ter school 'buildings is
expected to get under way
today, Ralph J 0-*Rourke,
chief engineer, revealed
R* E* BIppe Construction
company of" South Pasadena,
Calif*, 1 were on t;he pro-
spectlv^ kctool grounds,
making Arrangements and .
surveys .
To cope with the prob
lem of delinquency among
the young people >of the
c ent er# representative s
of various project organ!-
zsticms .met last meek and
formed" a co-oTflina-ting
council"# '
Ur£anisatio,ns represented
were .the "boy sc out ,pea ice
force, i*creatidE depart-
mexrt, wamends fed4ratioa^
Christian church group, ^
Buddhist dimccomiuaity:
council, the school,' eM
the-1. '
-u- ..
To Interviett prospective
students forlihe Army lang**
tiage school In Savage,
Minn* 9 a technical select
tlonf toward- will 'arrive here
soon from the central Utah
relocation cent6rf it was
learhed' in^e: wir'^ receired
"by ^Project SifBctor James
G* Littdiey from- ^Colonel
Rasmussent lie df the
language week.
Recruits must be Ameri-
can citizens of\draft age
who are physically fit for
service* 1*'.
'They must have a fair
speaking fluency ^of the
Japanese lang e end a
perfect knowledge ^of 'kate'-
300 basic kenji.
The Grena&B center showed
the greatest rponse of all
tlie projects in answering
the Navyf scall for i^hera
an&' an even greater Army
sign up is expected.
The :edministretion has
expressed its willingness
to cooperrte with the Army
in every way to recruit
eligible signees*
lii UIMNES NIW^ fi.lCÂ¥
fhatfeventual resettle-
ment of evacuees into com_
manities^outside restricted '
military zones is the new
YfflA policy was revealed "by
the National WRA Ciiief Ml-
Ion S er in eh address
at the JACL convention in
Salt Lake1 City last week#
Ttiis was the word "brought-
here' "by Masao Satow and
Henry Shimizu, wto comprised
t3ae .Gr.anaaa delegation#^
Said fcyer, tlxe welfare
of the project will W sec-'
ondary to that of reset-
tlement# However, tUip
does not necessarily indi^
cate future mass mo'vemelit *
from relocation cent eirs,
as a jot or other 'source
of income# approval of the
conifnuriity, tod FBI clearance
must obtained before tq^
settlemmt of any Indivi-
dual can teke piece.
To facilitate the new
plan, a progren will '*bG
^ icaa public- may bo cduca^*
ted as' to the loyalty of
1 the majority of evacuees#
In "addition, contacts will
be made with* prospective
eraployerq to obtain posi-
tions for evacuees, declared
the mA chief.'
Myer ?.evede are yet-inbre thaii 200 or-
ganizations strivitig to in-
tern all the Japanese in
tlie- couBtry# an5 to se^l
them to Japan after the
war. And ; althdugli these
groups ?/ill oppose the new
WBA policy, the WRA ia de-
termined to bring the* plan
to a successful conclusioa, ^
he said.
that non-produttive Japa-
nese in:Hawaii will fee in-
terned^" ia centers on the
meinlend. He'- explained
that the WHA has made n
appropriations for recriee-
tion purposes because ;of
possibly unfavdrable' putoiife,
i j >'

Page 2.
December 2,1942
,-----G R A N A D A P l C N .E f- R ..-
i f ,
Published'^-Vednesdays and Satjurdays by1 the 'and'
distributed to every apairtmo-nt. Editorial of-
fice: PIOIffiER* building, Arnaolie-, CqIo,
Joe McOlQlland, adviser
Oski Taniwak.1, direotor Bob Hirano, editor
Staff: Jaine Oi, Alice Taketa, Joseph Patriok
Idc5 Tsugirap Akaki, George Hamamoto, John Tsuruta,
^asaji'lvlurai Christopher Ishii, Harry". lOka,'Edith'
Kodaraa, Hoy Hanaji, Sujeo Sagq'/alter. Puchisanii
Jiro Sumit^v Hhan Roniai-Tatcako^ Kusuno ii Jack plfco.f:
Fred Aiiyaiijo^o^ Hober;t' Asamqtoi,. domolco/'Yat^fbe. |* ' i,
----T. _ ^ ^ ' ..
We g e t I e't t. e r s
During the past fev; weeks v/e have received several
letters, apparently for the Letters to the Editor de-
partment, whioli wox.e- ?signQd with- pseudonyms or which
were .not signG.d at all* */.c have not printed them,
t. i the policy, of ..the j?101fclS not to prin^ crank
letters. V/e hare started ,tiie Letters to the Editor* de^-
partment so -people, who othe:rv;i;'se- would go unheard,
may present suggestions.complaints, and opinions.
Readers w|i. have somethin to -say and wish to use .
the department as a medium of egression are asked to'.
give their names and addresses. Bo til v/ill be withheld
on request. j

In a rpaent. issuo of the
PIOiEEH there was '.an ar-
tiolQ on the. rogulations
for tliQ use- of oloctrical
applianoGs, I would like
to obey tha regulations but
I have tv/o small children*
. V
Fujiu. speaks
Materia^y -.immater ial,.
and spiritual are. the three
types of ^Go.d's Gifts11 for
whioh we should. all give
thanks said. Victor Pujiu,
v0 delivered the sermau
for the special thanksgivi'ng
worship scsrviQG of the Gra-
nada Protestant ohur oh
Thursday $cv., Akira' Kuroda
was ohairman for tho meeting
held in'Terry hall*

With the departure of
zne Caucasian oonstruction
v;orker&, thd 1QG hamburger
stand .-operated by Jerry
Jolton v^as closed last week.
.One is seven montiis old and
it is neaessary that 1.use
an clcotrio stove four or
five tirnos a day t.o warm
,his food and milk.
Abou using the iron in
the house;-mothers-who have*
children use the iron prao-
tioally' every clay, it
is no easy matter to carry
ironing board and iron
to the laundry" each time
we 'vant to use it* This
is esp-eoially true on cold"
days. Isnt there a solu-
ti oa to those problems?
... 1 H# i. M.
Buy Xmas Seals
: iPubGroulosis killed more
Americans in 1940 than wore
killed in action, or died
froit wounds rocaived in* ac-
tion, during- the First
World War. Christmas Seal
funds are- used to reduce
the* toll of lives taken by
tuberculosis. Buy Christ-
mas Seals.
1 * : Time Hec -Hall
Sabbath school . 9:00 a.m.
Sermon !0;00 a.ia.
liass 7:00 a.m*
'the'center school'advi-
sory board held its initial
iTOting at 811-11F last v/eek,
the oduoation department
stated.- t
iviombors of this board
SupQri'ntGndipxitif ^du-^
batipii'^ Jv' 2erryfV x?r.;:
ivlasuiphd Jiigaki,.. Dr ', Sebr.fee
Naga:nto, Dr. Takashi Te-
rarni,' 7oiohi Domoto, 3udd.y
r^vata, Kazuo- ilasuda,'uvlrs>
George. Takeyana, LIrs, Hama
Yarresakif and Hrs, Grace

f*The Dynamic Truth1' was
the topic of ;a- sermon de-
livered by Dave. Y# Nakaga-
wa at the morning worship
s er vi oe of the G-ranada.
Protestaut ohurc?i Sunday^
Bey, LlasaoHirata v/as ohai^-
nian for- the meeting held
in Terry hall,

Two thousand .feet of two
'and a half Incli^ fire hose
have arrived the fire de -
partment, announced, Fire
.Obier Yarn Campbell 9 lion-
Campbell also stated-
that a ocnpleto .oheck yp
of the .Gonter fire hydrants
ha s bean ,conetked aria
speotions will,be made*

Ruby C. Fuller, formerly .
private secretary to'PiroJ-
eot Director Lindloy i:a
Lamar, is aoting head of
the personnel^ and tinckc.c-pci'
office, replacing Frances
Jiller; v/ho left 'for private
enyloyiiiQnt in Denver,

Llasuini Seta, formerly
,0¢. 'Vinters, married
:Satuiaaj? to-, fvt,*- Shig'ekazu,
Deguohi on leave from Ft,
Sam Houston, Tex*, in a
ceremony/.performed at the
'7G- 'Buddhis t oliurc'n by Rav.
T. Shirakswa.
Baishakunins. wore. Shi-
kanosuko Doto and Llojiro
Hamakav;a. /
' Tho'sohior high onroll-,
ment increased a gala,( Prin-
cipal S* Olay Goy stated
The enrollment is 553
students of which 277 are
girls and the nset #i*e boys.
Temporary s^tudent. council
lieadquartqrs have been qs-

Deo amber .2, 4942
Page 3
IHi DUI_IIf .liCf OffMW_S
- . .. 4. ' * '
'* f
By WILLIAM H. JOHH&ON, T)ireot|, of Q^mmuxxity Services
There a^d still sortie
misunderstandings in regard
'to the respective duties
of the block representative
and the blook manager, ^he
block representative an
oleativo person aad repre-
sents the blopk- in affaXx^
of oonciunity governrqesit-.
This job is not a paid po-
sition; hov;evert the'* r^fprei
sentative may be assigned
to any tjrpe, of ,)& on tho
project. Permission, v/iil
be granted this individual
to attend-,council mootiiiga
whon mob mootings pertain
to self-g^o^erinnent. Should
a represaatatiifQ hold a
job in the center, this
should no ^ay -affeot
his beliefs'ot :aotlons aay
more thaa it would aiy othoi1
individual oa a similar
job, The block ^roprosoat-
ativc- may bo a block maiia-
gar if in. the opinioa eff
tbo project d irect'd^ hy
can serve ,in lthis'*oapaaity
and. can tqqqIvc pay a*s a
r ,
Mndergarteh ^
Gets Plano
KxndergartGii tsacher Su-
mi Kashiwagi^ 'friends Mi
Deixvei! donated piano
to the 9K x^ojmixon hB%\-
for tha ch]J.
r-Qrn la$t ^3eKs.Dr. Enpoh
Duraas, principal of/alemen-
tary schoolf stafod ro*
Geatly. v ',. *,-
Katherine Stegner,sooial
science instructor,1 from.
Oregon, and Srace Good 9
English ; and Latin tGaoher
from Colorado3 are' new ad-
ditioas to tne senior high
school staff fchis meKf says
12G Elects
Td kd
Lyim- Sakagaki was last
wee el^ot-ed chairman of
the Block 12G- sooial
mittee# Other members in-
elude iJrs. Ken Ito, &uzlo.
Yawata, Bichard Ari*notog
and! Minoru Taka ba .
As its fitst under
the comaittBo planned a
Thahksgiviag program*. The
evening v;as s^ent in gam^s
and danoiEg* Hefresuments
were also served,
plofik manager^
. Hig blook ii^nagoi' holds
his position by vLriu& of
appointment fcha project
dir^otot1# -He, in not a rep-
re^-entattvo of the qhooIq*
Hq hold^ no more rsapodal-
bility^ to th^-poue than
if ho* w4-r j an-emx^ioyo of
the transpor tabion divi -
siou. It should hk L^nat-
erial to the block as to
v/ho is blo& Lian^gsr as
his -oinishtion xs to 'the
project dlrsctor** um not
to the people of t3ia block.
As loxg fs this iiriiTirJual
is satiafao^cry to- the p.roj-
eot dir^-otor 9 tha Ho ok:
should not. be interested in
the baliofs ot disbeliefs
or.peaaliar aotions of this
i)id iv idual '
2];er-Q have beeatotances
whQrij' tha, "clogk'' fei t tMt*
*>he block manager appointed
by tlic project airector was
aot mail 61 their^diOioe.
^iany times thaj? haa no ob^
joatioa to tlie iaaa but felt
lyA'lx) E ES HERE '
Fomer ivleroedlana'oooated
the center po^cl^tirm
rme'K as more voluntuer beet,
workara arrived *
Eiey , U* Miy^zalci,
S*. Ha^tani., D. Uakamura,
Hobuo ^akamotp., Moquiou Wa-
tada, ; ifetsuo Yaaiajiof and
tl\eir families^
Ail junior- school
a*las$bs havo op-
por tunity to attend the
iionmr theater in Lamar
during the aoming sohool.
days, Herbert Walther,
priuoipal of junior M
sohool, aanouaood today.
Every trip the group-,
will total approximately
50 students a o Gompanied.
bjr.. seyaral teachers, he
D'anCers. Meet.
0n Saturday.,..
"Those interested in bal-
let and interpretive dancing
are asked to attend a meet-,
ing at 'the 63 recreation -
hail at *2 v-Sat^ir,i3a^?
Hiryier information be
obtained at -jll5-8F.
that the block manager was
act elooted by them or per-
haps was not the lii^est
man in "their estimation
that' /ralght ^G,en aon-
sid^-red^R a bl^ak manager.
Th c pro jo c t r (i ire c t'br i s
always ml3ing to, hear any
-justified oompl-ainls from
a jay group 0011Garaing any
appointiv3 persomhowever,
hb is aot particularly in-
tcroatod. in ainor dislikos
or qi^rrcl-i' originating in
tbo blook, u ptirGiy per-
scmal . 'Bxiq'u quarrels
or mirrjnOr 3 ta;adiiigs should
be' settieJ.m tie blook1 and
not aiMii DCiforn public,
Sinoo* thb block manage?
holda his position by vir-
tue of avjpolntmQat by the
projoot director 9 he is
aot obligated to aaiiounce
to the block as* to when*
vtiere, :or how lie seoured
bis 402 as tMs requii'ameixt
Is not mado upon any other
person boldinga job withia
tho oontcr*
School 'Picks
Committees -''
, Social oomiittees' for
the senior -hi§i s oh ool
grades' hare 'boea oleotod
dut ing, tha past week, S.
Olay Goy\, prInuipal of the
senior Mgh* sohool stated
thi&- veak4
Kiese oommittee^ will
help 'plak all class and
school sooial get-toga tliers
ano ;
.lumbers-of these aommit-
Teatli gradeGsorge Ki-
nski, Miekc- SDtorrmra ? Sdna-
Mmtof ar.d Goor;?;e. Honda.^
Slove.nth gr ac! e**-W.ith
3?akpmura9Mln Takata2 EmiKo
Kuzuhara, and Bill Ynnoto-
T^velfth ? gra'daH3roshi
I to5 Dorothy Sato, Woodrow
Odanaka aad Ken Eilcimaru*
Arrive Here
Many musical instrumeats
have arrived 9 Principal
Herbert; K* Walth3r of.the
junior hi_ school amounoad ,
aad in a short ^evary
child ar.d adult in the
oexiter v;ill -"be given 'the
opportunity of a
begianiac or advanced in-
strumental class 9 band,
or orohestra,

Adventists See
iUms on the native life
of Indo-China were pre^nted
in 7G recreation hall Sun-
day night Ipy Pastor ¥* H.
Wentland,returned Sevenths
Day Adventist missionary
now connected with the Colo-
rado Conference of Seventh*
Day Adventists in the home
missionary and Sebbath
scliool deiartnxents in Den-
ver* He Is the confer-
_______Dooember 2,1942
enoe^ radio secretary.
The first Seventh-day
Adventist missionary to
Indo-China, Pastor Wentlaad
spent 11 years serving the
natives there "befire his
return to the IMted States
in 1940# He also' spent
some time in Japan, He
hopes to return hre to
show pictures of Borneo,
Java, and tho dtxluy states.
Page 4
As for women, thou we
uQown and A out
W may liv with, but
c^n't li7 ..itaout
--Frederick Beyaolds
Several worried mothers
wrinkle their noses and
voloe objections to ally-
ing their (Mldron to drink
mess hall tap water. They
suggest that all mesa halls
boil water the day before
and keep a goodly supply
of it on hand for Qig neat
day's consumption, a prac-
tice already followed by a
number of moss balls. And
we sooond the motion.
Playing with reptilos
ig one thing, but handling
wiamin is a nag of anotlicx
hue 9 thinks ope perverse
Granadan who makes a liv-
ing of capturing poisonous
snakes. This Brava Man
sports on his oap a button
bearing Sie bachelors* bat-
tlQ-ory, HAd m? dAmim
Thanks to the ingenious
efforts of sundry mitmin-
folk, this centor1 s ^ess
halls have become anything
but, twelve Gf for
stanco, has orabollis ca
its vain do ws with elegant
muslin curtains, ooa^lsto
even t o appliqued flowor s
and greon frii^os. In this
particular caso, th a cur-
tain material was donated,
sown, and the doodads ap-
plied by v?mcn of the bloc^c
who d em o n strat cf rather
than talk about, ^ooopera*^
Lud iorous m *y be t h o
word for the comploz mc.nou-
vers of some gals in g.ot-
ting into and out of those
glorified orsos v^o
oat on; but some follows
look none too oomfy outlier
with their k aobby k n ccs
1 od g o d ia t h e ir b 1 ^
o h c s t s He vMo laughs
A community sing will
be held at 11 0 recreation
hall on Friday from 7 p,m.
v/ith Suaii^ Kondo in diargc*
Store Issues.
Sales Slips
Sales TQQQlhtB are now
being issued at' the center
stores for each purchase
made by the custanars* Pur-
chasers ar asked to keep
thase slips as they will
be called for IVon time to
time and recorded.
Bebates will then be
given at the end of the
fiscal period according to
the amount of purchases
oach shareholder has made.
Unoki Rites
ilmoral services will be
held tauorrow at the ?H
rooreation hall tot dxs9
Kimi Unoki, formerly of
Los Angeles, \^o passed
away in the center liospital
at 250 p*m* Monday, She
is survived "by her husband,
SeazaQaion 0110ki, and three
children Xa zuo, Saahiico,
axn3 iirs. 2omi Okamoto#
Possession by liens of
gortain itoma i noluding
oamerns is pfohibitod by
the DQjx'rtmant of Justice,
but the prohibition does
not apply to the use of
cameras by Amerioarx oitl^
sens, Project Director
James 0 Lind ley annoiuiood
However, use of oameras
fey citizens at Amacho should
be limitod to personal
snapshots of family aod
o ommunity life, Lindley
stated* Pictures of oamp
installations suoh as water
panpa, storage tanks, mili-
tary police buildings, oto. t
should ba avoided*
The Granada Seioho no
lye Sbiyu kal will meet
every Thursday and Sunday
in the 12G reoreatioa hall
at 7 p#m*

She ifinidoka oenter will
boast aa airport, 4300 feet
long and 600 feat vdde v^hioh
will be located one half
milo from a amp* a. 45-milc
gale carried a garogo shed
50 foc-t away, RtafiLtonly
oao iir doaagocj and one
Ov^r 3000 Heart Mountain
reiiid^ata nignad and sent
a petition to the 7M dir-
eotcr asking for the re-
moval of the .barbed wire
fen9 and watdh tosers sur*
round lag thQ oentor. Uni-
forms are being mads by 25
men and women and 30 far
1560 mass ball workar1s
aprons liovs boon ooaxplctod.
Tulc Lako has 3 ttsvul-
ing night olub, 0all cd
MCabarct latent tioaalc:.
ThQ entertainers play at
different locations in the
oontor throughout the week*
For the enjoyment of the
issei, a Japanese show goes
from blook to block* The
first report cards for hi
school students were issued
and written out in English
and Japanese*
Construction was begun
on tho high school at Rohwor
,with 130 resident wOTkors
employed on the project.
Green grass, vari-colored
flowers# tall trees, and
shrubs will beautthe
Daikon, turnips, and
bQQtsK grown at Rivers,
were delivered to the Ar-
kansas rolocation oeuters*
A 17-unit hospital will
sorvo Bxv*cr3 residents A
radio, desk 1 ma^, ar:-,d two-
door olosct wcr-. Btiont the
items raffled during the
harvest festival on Ihanks-
giviag day.

nf\ \ j l
lid j bi
December 2.1942. .
New and used s, orts
eqiqanent has been* reoeivad
this week frora the MA9
and CCC organizations
by the local* recreation
and eduoation departments.
The baseballf basketball,
softball', volleyball,bad-
minton, and table game
equiixiQnt will be' shared
by the two departments.
A duo of National league
grid games were played Sat-
urday at the 9G-.playground
and brouJit together the
highly touted Turlock Bull-
dogs against the Living-
ston Wolverines, and the
Walnut Grove Daltans against
the 7F Skibos.
In the opening game,
Sam Nakatani and Johnny
Nii^awa led the Bulldogs
with their fancy exhibition
of running and passing to
a 12-0 win over the tall
but hapless Wolverines.
Howovor this gsae was for-
feited to Livingston be-
cause of tho xDrcsaaoc of
two ineligible players on
the Turlook team*
The second contest saw
Sab Kawaznuraaoe passer
of tha Skibos, shooting a
touohdovm pass to end 3ill
Fuliumitsu, who sprinted 50
yards to score. The Del-
tan s offense failed to
click and the final tally
read 6-0 in favor of the
Two more games are slated
In the I^tioaal touch foot-
ball league Saturday at the
9G playground.
The Modesto ilidgots bat-
tle the 2urloo*i Bulldogs
in the first game at 1:30
p#m,, and the Livingston
Wolverines meet th- Walnut
Grove Dcltans in the second
clash at 3 p.m*
_________ PQgQ 5
The gymnasium that is
to be built adjoining the
high school will have a
floor dimeoaiozi of 144 feet
by 63 feet, it was announced
by Sidney lu Sandvos design
engineer. *
However, the aotaal play-
ing floor will be 90 feet
by 50 feet, he added The
height to the truss will
18 feet.
Collapsiblo bleachers
will be a fc-aturo of the
gyunasiuio, v;liich will also
have a stage, 33 feet by 68
fcot* A projdotiori booth
for future uovics will be
built on thbalcony.
The ninth grad Su2ic
Rebis, the eighth grade
Vildoats and the seventh
grade Fi^tiag tigers, cap-
tured the intrauiural touch
football oharn^i orisbip in
their respective leagues
and closed a successful
saasoia last v/ec*k*
Boxiu^, tumbling, and
soooer has now taken the
sport s p o 11 igh t Boxing
will bo taught by Tom Ta-
naka tumbling by ?rank
jicdo, and John Iloko, junior
M physical eduoation in-
structor ,and ivlaok Kikuohi
will instruct the boys in
Tho nowly-formGd fdot-
ball olub, vmloh intends
to have classes cm theories
and* practices on football
was named "The Qyarterbaoks
Club*'1 aooording to Harvey
Tark# recreation department
liead, Turk and John Yama-
moto, athletic supervisor,
will serve as instructors.
Sleeper Play
fa i Is 'Jwi^ee
Obviously th. "bettej
team on the field,, the A-
maohG Bou^uldcrs found Lady
Luck* against them and were
bold to a 0-0 deadlock by
the zeroed Yogores Sunday
'in the first of two Ameri-
caa league grid games played
on. the 9G fields
The 3 id er?lost two
scoring 0,000rtunities when
the end dropped the ball
on a sure-toucMown ^sleeper
play. And again when the
Biciers offensive thrust
bogged down on the oppo-
nets two-yard line. Koe
Ilinoki and Ms Uyesugi were
the big guns for toQ Amadie
The Yogores failed to
maite an. impression with
their offensive power but
v/erc noticeable for thoir
alertness on defense.,. Swede
x"arukav;a and Joe Shir o
were standouts for the Her-
Tho higli-r i ¢3 ing 1101lg
(rng ..laggots did it again.
?his time their victims
v;ere the scrappy PIONEER
Nev;shav;ks, -v/hom they took
into oarap 13-6 in the sec-
ond of an American. League
grid doublc-heador at 9G
gridiron Sunday,
Spoociy Goro Sasaki was
responsible for both Maggot
touohclowns via thG aerial
route. The first ho took
from Buggy Igasaki, who
faked a run, then chucked
a. beauty into GoroTs wait-
ing aras for the first six
points* The attempted con-
version was broken up.
The second tally oame
in the final quarter when
G-oro took a pass from back
Iliro to on the one-yard,
line and stepped into, the
end 2 011 Pete Ota wont
ovor for tho conversion o
a quarterback snoak,,
Tho N g wshawks fought
valiantly throughout the
gamo and although they
lacked the offensive power
to score, they oapitaliaed
on their alertness and re-
covered a Llaggot fumble in
the end zone to garner six

iV^CUfftS AiKfD IO £8 ft
Evacuees should-' Cleim their Santa Anita and r^erced checks iusnediately et the
.fiscal office> in the ortli administration building, urges Principal Ptecal Ac-
countant T. Read Hanson* Soturdajr noon is the deadline for Granada cash pay-
ments for August, after which time, unclaimed money will be returned to the treas-
ury for reissuance in check form*
SANTA ANITA CHECKS Tcmnkii Miacji 2680 A totsuii Bunichi 10160
Ttmxvo.p Juzo 3068 A Mstsuytoa,' Harry 10152
Aral, Theo, Kuipao 3702 E Tanaka# Shoiclii 2647 A Mitobe, Kiyo^hi 10575
Aaano, Koichi 2883 D Tanaka ^ Tadaslxi 3742 A
Nakaimiraf Tadeshl 10013
Befu.,. Toshiro 2935 c Uriyu, Toshio 3518 D Nekemtira. Tokiohi 10167
.! Uyeda, CSiizUo 3517 B Nakawatase. Minosuke 10125
Fujiif Yasuko 3659 A Nishizaki, Tomo 10518
FuruKawa, Frank 3452 C Yomaka, Yuzuru 2757 A
Puruye, Frank 2781 C Okamura, Hippo H. 10523
Hayakawe, William 2910 A
Hayaehi, Jack . 3569 D Saito, Masazo Ted 10600
Ito, Hideshiro 5740 A Tagawa, JInkichi '10632
Iked'a, Denichi 891 A Takesako, Sosixke 10635
JonokucM, Mamoru 2976 A Imamura, Ilorla 1222 A Tenaka, Ifesa Mrs. 10640
It V-George 1205 A Tanaka, William 10501
Kajinoj Vueo 2699 A *
Kainata, George 3637 A KeJciki, Mitsuo 554 B Yemedia, Tom 10619
Kanameishi, Yujiko 3176 C Kakishiba, George 1072 B Yemazumi, George 10150
Kawamoto, Haruo 3681 A Karnesaki, Ted 1170 A Yokohare, Mstsuma 10628
Kitano, Maseru 1438 Ktito,. Taisuo 567 A Yonemura, Ray 10633
Matsukawa, Hajime 3622 C Miyegewa, Kumao' 1120 A i Clesssification B:
Mitani, Bniko 6342 B Iviorita, Toshio 40b C Asai, Hiroshi 10515
Miyamoto, T^keo 5424 n Ivlorizono, Kazuo 237 c
Miyamoto, Tori 3424 A Kajioka, George 10144
Itomii, Dorothy 3S4S C Okamoto,. Nido 1233 A Kajioka^ Henry 10054
Mori, Toshio 3525 B KGnda> Hiroshi 10624
Mukaihata, Tameichi 2782 A Sanieshiujs, Yuki 353 C Kayokata, Osamu 10178
< Sumide, Tomoji 194 A Kikuchi, Leo 10621
Nakakihara, Henry 33S5 C Konno, Yutaka John 10132
Nakamura, Soichi. 3210 A Tekete, George 132 A Kuraya, Benjamin 10567
Nakamura, Yoshio 2825 C Tsujiokar- T&iunoru 538 A
No^ima, Mary 239 C ^ieshiinoto, Mkoto h 10542
Nozawa, George 3405 A V^eketa, Minoru 633 A
Isiaida, Calvin 10554
Okada, James M. 2388 3 Yokoyoi^, Jin 624 A Ishihara, Albert 10558
Okeda, John T. 3388 C
Nakamura, James 10713
Sakura, Tom T# 3604 B GRANADA AUGUST W4-GES Noda, George S, 10526
Sato, Rose H* 1314' F
S^toi Masaki 1314 B Classification At Takemura* Ivartha 10630
Sato, Minoru 1314 3 Harada, Yoshio 10035 Tanaka, Jim 10105
Shimemoto, Yoshiko 3520 C Hirota^ Noretsugn, ,P,10505 Toshiro, Keita 10059
Shitara, CJiiko . 541 A Tsuchiya, Frances 10603
Shitara, George 3001 C Iseri, Calvin 10562
Sotobiure,' Yuki IshiHara,- Gennosuke 10556 Wakayama, Fred 10617
Sugimot.of Masco 3423 A Ito, George ^ 10134
S'umiit Toraso 3683 A Yamaoka, Kazuo 10027
Kimura, John 10073
Tadakmna, Hiroshi 3872 D Kochi, Toshio 10604 Classification C:
Takp.te* Yoshimori 2701-D Miyatoa, fcasao 10576
Takaye, Smith 2800 E Matsukiro, Keiji 10074 Yosliioka, Tsuneiji 10636

(little nisei boy

Full Text
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| <%0 fr. S \ A>
.j A V

-v^d4 /> >,^v^



Schoolboy fight
Judioial dapt*
At the front
School childrea §iajd
Police auto
Hamburger shop'uction
Working lours
Tv: arrested
E^bco;. xvms
Sujar Dcot workers
Be .t shop
r-r#% ^t$^Ail
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