Granada pioneer, December 16, 1942

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Granada pioneer, December 16, 1942
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Granada pioneer
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Granada, Colo.
Granada War Relocation Center
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
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United States of America -- Colorado -- Prowers -- Granada -- Camp Amache


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Volume 1, Number 16

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Vol.If No# 16 Amaghe, Colorado December 1ft,1943
The organi zation and
standards under which the
counity enters ises op-
erate were explained by
the oo-op incorporated com-
rnittQQ reoantly*
Oommuaity stores and
shops are tenporarily be-
ing operated in trust until
the oooporAtivQ. atsooiatioa
is set up to taka charge
Clerics in the various
stores ars responsible to
their respective managers
who in turn are responsible
to the superintendent and
managing oonaaittee*
The enterprises began
without capital and are
running on credit until
adequate funds can be pro-
vided by the absooiation.
Because the W3A offers
supervision but neith er
agui^snent nor capital,the
enterprises are self-sup-
porting, paying all opera-
ting costs and ages of
resident workers*
Goods are sold at pre-
vailing market prices rath-
er than at cost because
the ooooerativQs oannot
afford a out-rate reputa-
tion which might invite
bus ineas antagonism and
cut off souroes of supplies.
Furtlieraore, a reserve
---oontinued oa page 2
All 18- am 19-year-old
oiti^ons bora during the
per iod from July 1,1924
through ^.ug. 51s 1924# must
register under the sixth
SGleotive ssrvioe .^oola-
mation by tomorrow, says
Walter J. Kaodel, soleotivo
service registrar*
iti.eas viu have aot
signQd up for the third f
fourth, and fifth regis-
trations must Sx^ear now.
The center18 first trial
blackout lioaday ni^t
aoolaimad a suoodes by Po-
lice (Sjif Harlow M. Tom-
linson* yesterday* nThe
whole-hearted cooperation
of the people was greatly
aj)praoie(3,H h0 deoiarsd.
The fire truck, making
a test run during the black-
out, spotted no more than
two persons not under oover
aft^r the sirens sounded#
Said Chief Tomlinson,
blackout sirons ill bo
supplemented withaciditioapl
volume in future tests*
Applications for goods
stored in government ware-
houses are nov/ being for-
ward q6 to Denver, announced
Henry F. Hallidayt senior
administrative officer, to-
Evacuees with privately
stored goods are asked to
transfer them to govern-
ment war oh ou ses fjrom which
they will bo ahIppcd in
carload lots at WiA ex-
Individuals who have
made their own arrangements
to ship goods oannot be re-
Payrolls for September
workers will be kept open
for ossh payments through
tcsndrrow at til budget and
finance office In the north
administration build lug,
stated Henry P. Halliday,
senior administration .of-
fioor, AnnouuoOTents of
October payments" will be
made in the next issue, he
Ninateea tien frnm the
Granada relocation ^reject
answered the Army* s call
for voltmtecrs aa<3 left for
th.e miliy language sGlaool
at Savage,liirm* 9 Mouday
A cro^d of 300 bid g^od-
by to the enlistees
left the center in two
trucks* After a dinner at
the Qraud cafe in Lsmar 9
the reoruits boarded tha
east-bound train at 10:1b
HIThQ Granada oenter made
the best per oapita snowing
of all 10 relocation oea-
tars,41 said Lt#Roy Hirano,
head of the recruiting
staff#' ,fWe are xtremoly
gratified with the results
and msh that could have
stayed longerf,f he added.
Tlie staff was unable to
prolong its stay because
it is a week and a half
behind sahodulo*
Hirano also expressed
his appreolation for the
cooperation vfeich he re-
ceived from the adminis-
tration and residents of
the project, and thanked*
Lt. John P. Karpen and the
335th Escort Guard company
for the hospitality sberwn
his staff during its stay
Rally Planned
Representatives of the
r/GA, Boy Sootxts, YMQA9
recreation department*, and
Buddhist and t Christ ian
ohurohes will attend a get^
acquainted rally of all
youth group loaders, 6:30
tonight, 9K recreation hall.
Sponsored by the leader-
ship training oomittoe of
the coordinating council,
the meeting will be presided
over by Masao V/. Satow.

Page 2
J3ccemheas. Ife.1942
WQKLQN ,____GRANADA P I O N E E R\^___________________N
.. ,.. _ ..
Published Wednesdays and Saurdays l?y tho, fei and
distributed ^rec to every apartment. E |ficc: PI0N£"IH building, Amache, Colo. V
*0ski Taniwekir director Bob Hirano, editor
e omit up to cover j Staff; Cv,r^e Harra^notOj John Tsuruta, Harry Ioka,
deprf-"-i-^ioi, and to provide jEdith KodaLna, Koy Hama,i. Suyec 8rko, Walter ?uchi-
for ':v-jp_ents( I\3et earn- garni, Jiro Srnrata, Xhazi Komai, Kusunoki, Jack
ing'3 tj 1he xave "been in- i Ito, Fred iilyair,oto, Robert Asamoto, Tomoko Yata"be,-
ves+d ir-uipment neceslAlice Taketa, Joseph Ide, Ohoji :Jakano, Elmer Ioka,
sary foj expansion. Final- ^liromichi torimoto, Taugixne Akaki.
ly, whatever is net profit '
abov? -*:he reserve is re-
cont .r.ued from page 1
turiKd tne consumer in
proportion to the amount
of his purchases.
Cush register receipts
have been issued regularly
since Dec.1,and customers
are ur^ed to save all of
them and later turn them
in for dividends. *
American legionn airee
among evacuee residents
and the administration who
are interested in forming
an Amache American Legion
post are asked to contact
Assistant Project Director
Donald E. Harbison.
Selfish?. WeVe Thankful
Before he left for,Camp Savage to serve his country,
James Kanazawa, representative of Black 11G, said a
few words of parting to the assembly.
Hi& reasons for enlisting, he said, were selfisn.
But his is tie kind of selfishness for which all of us
can "be thankful.
He enlisted because he felt that it was the 01117 way
he could do something for his childrenchildren who
Mere growing up without respect for elders, without
vespect for authority, without respect for country.
He enlisted to fight for his children*s place in
society-so that they would 3101d up their heads, so
that they too would feel that their place, their rights
were worth fighting for.
His reasons, he said, 7ere self ish"but Ms interests,
his fears, and his hopes are the interests, the fears,
.nd- the hopes of all of us* K.K*
If sufficient interest
and nurjibers can be mustered,
correspondence will .be "be-
gun witii the state commander
of the American Legion in
Ccloraclo as to the possi-
bility of e chapter here,
promised HwrMson*
Four boys who left for
Camp Ravage? Minn. Monday
werp ho^orei "by tiae 6E "block
your.£, organization
Sat'-r.V^y r i the 6E recrea-
tio, 'v 1 ^Iiey were John
Pu j .u Rc^y/mond Nimura,
Cb^j.r lT Vii, and Stanley
7'Lore in charge, were
'TokH r^naka and Helen
kun^'*.avti^'.nd chefs Kumayuki
Ixo > lmamo*to, and
Saino\ /l^e.
Fitness Program
One hiindred and forty pupils from four elementary
school classes have been examined thus far at the dental
clinic, according to Morris.H. Soglow, health and phys-'
ical education adviser,
.This statement is s ignificant, not only "because tooth
decay is .especially prevalent among Jepanese-Ainerlcan
children, "but "because this is the beginning of a com-
prehensive physical fitness program for the "boys and
girls of school age..
The plan, which will continue throughout the school
year, has been launched and is being guided "by Soglow
and Dorothy K"bata of the education department, and
Dr* Gereld Duffy and Dr* George Y. Negamoto of the
It is mere than a regular physical education program,
according to Soglow It includes a complete physical
examination of every pupil in school. This phases has
already started with the present dental check-up.
Following, the exaininations, there will be physical
fitness tests; a corrective program, in which the cliildfe
family will play an integral part; a regular physical
activities and health education program; and finally,
a re-evaluation of the entire plan.
on RcciDEms
\ Warnings to;parents to
keep their children away
ft^om ciie construct ion
.area has "been issued iDy the
project director^ office.
High lumber piles, supply
trucks and blind corners
oiev accident hazards# A
chil.d severely injured in
the folrt>idden area was re-
ported hj-meysismu yesterday.
Tri Delt members will
make Christmas decorations
for the 9E nursery school
at their next meeting Sat-
urday at 8F recreation
hall. Officers elected at
the last gathering are Mi-
eko Sotomura, president;
Pujiko Nimura, vice presi-
dent; Aster Fujikawa, sec-
retary; Jean Hasuike, treas-
urer; and Edna Amamoto,
One of the finest "block
talent siiows to te held in
the center was presented i*
the 9E mess hall Sunday.
Highlighted by a hilari-
ous strip tease act, vocal
solos, # skits, and odorls
provided the evening^ en-
tertainment* Oski Taftiwaki
^vea master of erremonies..
The program committee in-
cluded Fujii, Yasutaro
Takano, and Seitaro Ioka.

December X6,1942
... PIONEER .___ _______--------------Page 5
A parents council meet-
ing was held Thursday to
discuss matters vital to
the children's progress in
the elementary school,Prin-
cipal Dumas declared this
woek. <
Reprusentativas at the
council meeting wore K.
Hanamure, K. Ichikav?^ John
Ycmamoto^ first grade; ki-
yoko Nozawc, T* Aratrjai,
P. YcmmaotOp second;
M#. Igasakif T. Yaimda, S*
Shigemura* third grade ;
Joseph Odama, M. Akahoshi^
fourth grade; Albert H.
Ohama, Miyamoto, fifth
grade; J Miyahara, D. Ke-
yiBxaotOp IU Kado, Hatsuko
HemiTB, sixth grade.
Xmas Tickets
Tickets for the Christ-
vesper service and program
to be presented by the jun-
ior high school in Terry
hall Dec 22 may be ob-
tained from performers free
of charge, Principal Her-
bert K. Gaither stated to-
Admission will "be by
tickets only*
Coradoll Crain and Nor-
een IQ.ein will direct the
choral singing; Janet Tsu-
ohiya and George Kubota,
the orchestra; and Robert
George will te in charge
of the choral speaking*
The stage setting will
*be erected by Tom Okamotof
Lons Murakamiy and Richard
A Christmas p'rogranwlH
'be presented by the senior
high school students on
Dec. 22 and will be fol*
lowed iy a party the next
evening, the senior high
3011001 office stated todey*
Pban Jig for
'Old Ti.mers'
An "01d Timers1 dance
ls^plamxed for Itonday, from
7 to 10:30* at Terry
iuall* Only married couples
willbe permitted. Tickets,
10 cents each, may be ob-
tatmed st7E recreation hall
or at the door.
E&ch mesa ball in the
center vUULte brightened
with the addition of a
Christmas tree during
the holiday season, ac-
cording to word received
from a group of Japanese
residing in Rooky Ford*
Gifts m& decorations
will ^Iso be among the
donations to be made to
the oouter*
Stating that he role
which the nisei in the
rmed forces play is vital
in relocating evacuee^
1st Lt. Roy Hirano of the
Camp Savage Army Intelli-
gencQ school enl istment
staff, spoke to the senior
Uifeh school English and
social studies classes Fri-
day at Terry hall#
Additional bridge cLasses
have "been announced "by the
recreation department* Be-
ginners andadvmced players
may now play on Ifondays,
Wednesdays, Fridays, and
Sundays from 7 to 10 p.m.
and Sundays,1 to 5 p.m*
at 7K recreation hell*
These classes will "begin
Bridge enthusiasts meet
at 11K recreation hail on
Tuesdays, Thursdays, and
Saturdays 9 from 7 t o 10
Lieutenant Hirano also
described the various phases
of his work and the life
at Camp Savage*
15 Ping Ponq
Tables in Use
Fifteen ping pong tables
have been placed for the
residents1 use at various
recreation halls and laun-
drios. Major recreation
halls aro located et 6E,
11G, and X2K. fhose in
the process of co/ pletion
include 6G,10E,1?,12H,
and 12E*
Blocks 6H 7H, 8K, 9H,
p.m. Roy Iizuka is the in- lIH^and 12G have ping poiig
structor for "both groups. equipment in laundries.
F K 0 ^ O T H c C t M T t R, 5
An ice rink i s "being
"built and will be about
tho eizo of a football
field# The rink will be
divided into three jjwts;
for children, adults, and
cornpetitive games Snow
slides will also be tuilt#
,Apple preserves, apple
juice, and dried, apples
were put up by tiie cannirig
Orgenization of a USO
is underwey and the campaign
will he climaxed with a
With a Christmas tree
promised for each dining
hall, school room, cburch,
and the hospital ward, a
decorating contest ix&s "beea
Students will vote on
their school name with
fountain View, Sage Side,
and Bennett fs greomar sug-
gested for one school and
Sun Valley, Miaidoka gram-
mar, Victory school* Bsake
Vailey# an dStafford sclxool
huge all-coismuxxity dance.
A drive to otitain 750
new members has bosnstarted
by the Boy Scotits.
Workers have received
their November pay checks
with those in the ^pu'blic
works, maintenancG, internal
security, employment end
housing# and administration
divisions being first*
Three miles from the
center will lie five log
cabins and a council fire^
plaoa for the Boy Scouts1
use. These cabins will be
for the other.
As Boon as a boiler is
compluted, at earn ^iistlee
will te 'blown to denote
timefo;r tiie entire t-nter.
Allowances in
Cash Planned
In answer to many que-
ries about clotLing allow-
ances for the July-August-
Soptember period, Joiin
0 Moore, head of tho pub-
lic welfare fiivision, as-
sures that allwance& will
built by the Scouts them- be paid in cash soon#

>ge __________________
Evacuees who wish to
have laundry or dry defin-
ing done may leave their
names and addresses at the
variety store. An agent
will 0611 for the cleaning
end make deliveries#
Watches may else *be left
and will be taken to Le*iar
to be cleaned and repaired.
Three sewing machines
are "being delivered to each
block for use by residents,
It was disclosed at the
meeting, Thursday morni^
9f the Gvanada Woiaen^ fed-
eration* Each biock will
determiae for itself the
most convenient location
for th machines.
fes. Cliizuyo Kanazeiwa,
co-chairman| presided over
the session held in the ?H
recreation hall.
Robert% TaBiainja, 7K-11B,
has just been notified of
tla hJsoldea* 'bro-
ther* Hairy Sa/.pge iwitnni,,
at the Heart MJW, procecc,
Wyo. IlTcai forn^rLy of
Los Angeles well knov^i
to many re3idanta of tMe
mm% mm
Roaid^iit^ 3Uffex*5^g fran
turns earned t.]c* care-
lotiS iSiupnpGl of tot i shea
fer^eu. e li-iixisvefcion
to crsclc t )'& OX. C^CiA^TB
aaid S% Kcraison,
aasistaut project flirecton
Mess Divisfon
Okay Needed
RusidontB desiring the
use %ho hall for
gatherp^rv^nc/-3 mu at
f i rat oc' \trmi3&iion
from VqA Ta.v3kri v' t-Lc iu&b
end lc3in-.v division and
firm rr ,-pfctivo tlock
mur.avrs a permit is
procured 3friri the police
departiacnt j ennouncod Tak
Ko^e, a ssistant p o lice
New Teaclver
Joins Faculty
a raid V* Griffith,
sciezace .and agricultur e
j.nstructor, .loined the sen-
ior h H{ncl faculty
Tuet)cir:yn £. Cley
Coy p.rAnQuncete tiis week.
Giri.i cuu?$ to this
cer:er 3fxer 13 years of
teaching experienoe at
lldoredo, Kan.
________D6cen*er 161 1942
"Persons found digging holes
or throwing away ashes not
in the proper receptacles
!111 be warned toy the po-
lice# .Second offenders
i*ill be severely punishedL"
Ashes should disposed
of in the wooden form con-
siructed behind the laun-
dries or in the steel load*
lugger buckets placed in
sone "blockBThese are the
only places where ashes are
collected "by, the haulers*.
HEI No charge will be, made
for tlie, cashing of govern-
ment checks under $5y an
noun^ed Joseph L* Rogers,
commvi i ty e:iuerprise super-
intondent # Tauv^Say. Ten
cents v;\j! be for
ch-^ckc- -frerr, flOO.
Otnci c-Lo^kc uitfl^r ^5
vrill 'bo nested rcr five
cents, rjh^c'^c from ¢5,'01
to ¢..00,10 c ent sr. oht.cks
over iba*J aununt10 cents
per :_00 Five co-its will
be charged for travelers1
The variety store is the
only division .uf the com-
munity enterprise sanctioned
to caoh checks.
Samuel Ashworth, working
without wages at first,
opened the first successful
consumers cooperative. In
tixe first year the gross
business was only fS500;
tho not oarnings T?ero oi^Ly
flGO* The inomborship soon
increased to 74; the capi-
tal* to $900, Fjfty years
later the annual TClume of
business woa 500,000;
the mombor^hip, 1^000,
During the y^ara from
1932 to 1934 Khenthc world
^as in the throc-u of de-
pression, coopera-
tives gave \>^ok to their
mentors in patronmge divi_
dends rroroth^u 'J^TOtOOO, 000
Today tbero are millions
of enthusiastic consumers
in many nations, and the
movement continues to grow
and spread its gospel of
econonic democracy and
brotherhood* '
H* Runcorn
0-0ffS^ Sv E8irv AfelSD S
* A century ago Englnu3
was in the middle of the
ifldustr!61 re^cluiiion of
machine production and yet
millions of her iudustriul
workers wa^e suxi'arfrig des-
perately from leek of the
distrimitj.ork of feoods. Ag-
grav&bed by the lorn Law
tariff ord the pDt&'iit) famine
in Ireland, the period was
known l.3 vha ^hi^r^ry (i0s*M
11: :t8 a loup- cf over-
workeG. ari xi/iaerpaid ;vea^rs
in Roohd^.l^., Earltmd, lost
ft &xrxke for bi^ier v;ages.
The bl ct ed leaders
yho could Rff^rd the cost
eec&ped to America; those
who ware left had to Jjackle
the problem of distrilDUtion
in their o^n coixiunit-.
Fetoed a problem of
Btirvlvc.l> tlie^e men ixeld
me^*;ir3^ after meeting axa-
cuj^ing ar.d ^eeirfng a solu-
tion cotlidj' plight. After
coixsid'era'bl thought, these
eoonoirdc pioneers tened
tae decision u Yo.7k to-
get a or not r.n ^elusive
union of workers vat as an
ali-ii_clusive union of ,con-
sumers. rro^itlBg fror the
misyakea of Hotert 0ren,s
paternalistic and defunct
co^s ari d other unsucooss-
ful ecorxmic expex-inients,
they set up tlie iulas jxow
known as the c erreury-tested
Rochdale principles nl
iriuthpds exf consumer oooper-
ation* .
Ihey s^ved capital shil-
ling "by shilling until 28
churtcr membex's one of
t^eir e womanhad aocuiau-
lated a total of 28 pounds
sterlings .Vitii tiios aLaros
of appi^oKiMin.tely $5^00 each,
the Rochdale pionoors eperxed
a cruce little d^oxq in a
warehouse on a src.m Riley
known es Toad Lene.
0a ni£ht uf Dec. 211
1844, one of weavers,