West side recorder, March, 1970

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West side recorder, March, 1970
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West side recorder
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West Side Recorder
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Volume 6Number 11
Monthly Newspaper of the West Side, Denver, Colorado
March, 1970
One-Ways Still Threaten
West Side residents have continued to oppose the citys plan for a bridge over Cherry Creek at 12th Avenue and for a one-way system along 11th and 12th Avenues.
On March 4 opponents of the one-way system presented their case to the Denver Planning Board.
Waldo Benavidez, speaking for the West Side Coalition, pointed out that Cars using the one-ways on the West Side are not West Side cars, yet they raise the pollution level and make the neighborhood noisier and less safe for children.
Benavidez said that 11th and 12th one-ways would pour traffic into the area of Greenlee School.
The system would be, he concluded, no more than corridors built through our community for suburbanites to get to and from the downtown area.
The Denver Planning Board has announced that it will make a recommendation concerning the one-ways on March 17. This will he the first time the Board has ever made a recommendation on traffic circulation plans.
After the Board makes its recommendation it will be up to the mayor to stop the oneway system and up to the Cityx Council to rebudget the money now allotted for a 12th Avenue bridge.
The subject of the bridge and one-ways will probably be considered at a City Council meeting late in March or early in April.
West Side residents who wish to sign petitions opposing the one-ways may obtain them at Auraria Community Center; the Food Supplement Distribution Center, 6th and
The West Side Action Council sent a letter through Rep. Ben Klein to the State House of Representatives opposing the Auraria Higher Education complex bill.
Archuleta also explained the procedure for selecting a new action center director to replace Leo Rodriguez, who is resigning. The position announcement is in-house" through March 19. This means that anyone currently in the Denver Opportunity
(DO) organization may apply for the job before it is opened to the public.
The job announcement will be published out-of-house" until the end of March if there is no one in-house" qualified for the position.
Anyone interested in knowing the requirements for the job may call the action center at 534-5141 for details or stop by the center for a copy of the job description.
West Side Directors
Resign in March
RUBEN LEAL (left), chairman of the West Side Improvement Associations award committee, presents the groups first business improvement award to John and Ray Zick, owners of Zicks Market, 1301 Santa Fe Drive. The Zlcks have recently remodeled a lot of the store and have rebuilt the front. The awards will be given monthly by WSIA to West Side businesses and property owners who are trying to improve or keep up their property.
Tomas Archuleta, president of the West Side Action Council, recently released the following news from the action council:
The West Side Action Council supports the grape boycott organized by the United Farm Workers Organizing Committee (UFWOC) and will join with UFWOC in picketing against Safeway stores on March 21.
1970 summer recreation jobs have been announced by the Department of Parks and Recreation. There are openings at Lincoln Park for a pool manager, lifeguards, and pool attendants. Anyone who is interested may call 297-2151 for more information and job qualifications.
The directors of two West Side organizations have resigned from their positions during the month of March.
Leo Rodriguez, director of the West Side Action Center, 1042 Santa Fe Drive, will leave his job effective March 29. Gilbert Martinez left his position as director of Centro Cultural, 935 11th Ave., on March 14.
Rodriguez announced his decision to resign at the March 9 meeting of the West Side Action Council. He said that one of his reasons for resigning was to accept a position as a management analyst with Denver Opportunitys Department of Program Planning and Evaluation. This post is an advance^ ment for him.
Rodriguez also stated that
he was resigning to afford the West Side Action Council, Inc., the opportunity to employ a Center Director who will provide the necessary direction under the proposed delegate agency status.
Miss Helen Lucero, community developer at the center, will be performing the duties of director until a new one is assigned.
Martinez is leaving his job at Centro Cultural for personal reasons after serving as its director for over a year. He has made no definite plans for future employment, but says that he would just like to relax a little after putting in many long hours during the last year.
Bal Chavez -will become acting director of Centro until a new director is hired.
Galapago; West Side Coalition, 1110 Mariposa; St. Josephs; and Inner City Parish, 9th and Galapago. Another thing to do is to call your Councilman, Ed Burke. His number is 722-2626.
DOLORES HUERTA of Delano, California, emphasizes a point during' her speech given at a February 23 banquet in her honor. She spoke to a capacity crowd of nearly 700 people who gathered to hear the latest news from the United Farm Workers Organizing Committee (UFWOC) about the grape boycott. Dolores Huerta is vice-president of UFWOC. The banquet which was held at the Labor Center, 360 Acoma St., was sponsored by the West Side Coalition. A dance followed the dinner and speeches. Music was provided by Los Rebeldes.
THE WEST SIDE IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION has begun a campaign to clear the neighborhood of all junk cars, such as the two pictured above. For more photos and information on how to get rid of these safety hazards, see pages 2 and 4 of this issue.
Coalition Elects Officers
At their regular meeting on February 17, the West Side Coalition elected new officers and adopted by-laws.
Waldo Benavidez was elected chairman and Richard Castro was selected as vice-chairman. Jim Hall was picked as secretary and Bal Chavez is the new treasurer.
The by-laws which were adopted define the composition of the Board of Directors so as to insure that a majority of the directors will be residents of the community.
A Neighborhood Planning Committee made up entirely of community people is also provided for in the Coalitions new by-laws.

Junk Cars Are Death Cars
Founded May, 1964
Office: 465 Galapago St Denver, Colo. 80204 Telephones: 5344408 or 266-1445 Sponsored by
Member Churches:
First Avenue Presbyterian first Bethany Lutheran First Mennonite Inner City Parish St Cajetans Catholic St. Elizabeths Catholic St Johns Lutheran St. Josephs Catholic Wesley United Methodist
Acting General Coordinator: James E. Hal.
Assistant: Don Schierling
Staff This Issue: Barbara Baker, Betty Benavidez, Waldo Benavidez, Alberta Crespin, Anna Flores, Connie Griego, Rachel Guedea, Barbara Karr, Mrs. Dan Romero.
Contributors This Issue: Marcia Crawford, Evelyn Elfstrom, John Hushmann, Jeff Lang-ton, Dee Mena, Mary Lou Morgan, Jim Romero, Mercy Santisteven.
Photography: Barbara Baker, Waldo Benavidez, Jim Romero.
Artwork: John Flores.
Advertising and Distribution
Manager: Ruperto Guedea, Jr.
Mailing Crew: Bev and Gordon Jorgensen.
At the February 9 meeting of the Board of Directors of the Auraria Community Center the Board passed a resolution endorsing the Auraria College Complex. This resolution has been circulated on Auraria Community Center stationery that lists the names of most of the present board members.
Since most of our names appear on this list the impression has been created that the board members from the West Side community supported this resolution. In fact, of the five members now on the board who live in the West Side four were absent and the one present opposed the resolution.
Last October, before the city bond election, when it appeared that the board was divideid on the college question with the community people opposing and the non-resident board members supporting it was agreed that the Auraria Community Center would take no stand on the college. This action was reported in the minutes of October 20, 1969.
On the night of February 9 most of the board members from the community were attending a meeting of the West Side Action Council. With the community people absent, Mr. Lee F. Johnson, who in addition to being a board member of the Auraria Community Center is salaried by the Colorado Commission of Higher Education, introduced a resolution in support of the College.
This resolution was easily passed by the non-resident board members, many of whom represent downtown interests. A resolution opposing the college introduced by a nonresident Mexican-American, Charles S. Vigil, was defeated. The resolution of endorsement has now been circulated on the Auraria Community Center letterhead.
As the five resident members of the Auraria Community Center board we wish to disassociate ourselves from the reso-
lution of endorsement. MRS. ALBERTA CRESPIN 1467 Navajo Street MRS. VI MEDRANO 1448 Navajo Street MRS. LEONA PARTNEY 713 Delaware Street
PHIL TORRES 1033 9th Street WALDO BENAVIDEZ 1110 Mariposa Street
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Monday Saturday Sunday 12 noon to 4 p.m. 620 W. 4th Ave. 534-7505
First Avenue Presbyterian 120 West First Avenue Rev. A. J. Blomquist, Pastor Sunday School-9:45 a.m.
Classes for all ages. Morning Worship11:00 a.m. Sunday Evening Gospel Service and Age Group Fellowship Meetings 7 p.mV Wednesday Bible Study and Prayer 7:30 p.m.
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Junk Cars
The WEST SIDE RECORDER urges West Siders to join with the West Side Improvement Association in their current campaign to clean up the neighborhood by removing junk cars from streets and yards. There is no reason for not getting rid of all this trash. It just makes the neighborhood look ugly.
Besides being ugly, these cars are dangerous. An example is the children who were burned to death while playing in a car on the North Side. Lets not give that a chance to happen in our neighborhood. Also rats and vermin which carry diseases build nests in these abandoned cars causing a health hazard.
If you own a junk car, make arrangements to get rid of it today! If you would like to report a junk car or other health hazard either call your West Side Improvement Association district director (their names are listed on page 4) or the Health and Hospitals Housing Department at 893-6144. If a car is abandoned on the street, report this to the Police Department at 266-2421.
You dont have to look far to see that junk cars are all over our neighborhood. Lets make the West Side safer and more sanitary for everyone by doing some Spring cleaning on our surroundings. It will only take a little bit of time and everything will look a lot better for all of us.
School Traffic Restrictions
The WEST SIDE RECORDER would like to ask the Traffic Engineering Department some important questions:
Why dont all Denver Schools have Slow School signs as you approach them?
Why dont all the schools have signs with flashing lights and 20-mile an hour zones?
Why dont all schools have no right turn signs on the traffic lights near the schools?
Recently a second grader was struck by a car making a right turn at a traffic light 2 blocks from Fairmont School. The child was crossing properly, but the driver of the car failed to see him. He was lucky only minor injuries but the next child may not be so fortunate. Many drivers fail to notice the 25 mile an hour sign when they approach Fairmont and Elmwood schools because they are not also warned that it is a school zone until they are close enough to see the school themselves. (By the way why not 20 miles an hour like some other places?)
If there are any valid reasons why all Denver elementary schools do not have the traffic restrictions, we would like to know what they might possibly be.
For safetys sake, the WEST SIDE RECORDER urges the traffic engineering department to place these traffic restrictions at all elementary schools on the West Side. Each childs life is priceless and every effort must be made to preserve it.
Colorado Printers.. 10
Drafting Engineering
School ............ 10
Great Western
Foundation........ 10
First Bethany
Lutheran Church .... 10 First Mennonite
Church ............ 10
Inner City Parish.... 10
Kilpatrick Bros, at Law 10
St. Elizabeth's
Catholic Church .... 10
St. Joseph's
Catholic Church.... 10
Skyline Chapter,
G.l. Forum...... 5
Wesley United
Methodist Church .. 10 West Side Improvement
Association ........ 5
Mr. Thomas E. Chengten Mrs. Wilma Dabrowski
Attention West Siders:
The WEST SIDE RECORDER has received numerous complaints about stolen welfare checks. If you are receiving any kind of checks in the mail such as pension, welfare, social security, etc., watch your mailbox closely on the day you expect the check.
Welfare checks have been a particular target. It often takes the Welfare Department a month or more to replace a stolen check which causes a hardship for the people who depend on these checks for existence.
A possible solution for those living in the projects are door slots instead of outdoor mailboxes. Ask the manager of the projects to have these slots installed free of charge.
Page 2WEST SIDE RECORDER March, 1970

The Board of Managers of the West High School PTA met on March 18 in the social room at West High School to present the nominations for PTA officers for next year.
The nominatoins are as follows:
Mrs. Walter Westover No. 2 Grove
First Vice-PresidentProgram Mrs. Mary Quintana 1031 W. 7th Ave.
Second Vice-President Principal
West High School Third Vice-PresidentParent Family Life Mrs. Peter Munoz 875 Xavier
Fourth Vice-PresidentHospitality
Mrs. Kenneth Dameron 786 So. Osage
Fifth Vice-PresidentMember-bership
Mrs. Mary Lou Wintzel Teacher
Sixth Vice-PresidentPublicity Mrs. Donald Hartzog 128 So. Canosa Recording Secretary Mrs. Julius Zaltser 135 Xavier
Corresponding Secretary Mrs. Waldo Benavidez 1110 Mariposa Treasurer Mrs. Daniel Hall 179 So. Newton Historian
Mrs. Jack Oakmian 4880 W. 11th Parliamentarian Reverend William D. Davis 421 Winona Ct.
ROTC Class At West High School
A girls ROTC class has formed at West High School. The girls are learning self-discipline, group participation and group marching and drilling.
The ROTC class is offered to any interested sophomore and junior girls with their teachers approval. Major Smith and Mrs. Hayes are teaching the class.
The ROTC group has been invited to perform, but they need uniforms before they can do this. The girls are sponsoring a ham dinner on April 2 to pay for the material to make their uniforms.
Dinner will be served from 5 to 7:30 p.m. in the West High cafeteria with the menu consisting of ham, baked beans, potato salad, hot roll, beverage and dessert for $1.25.
Tickets may be purchased from any member of the class, member of the faculty or at the door.
Baker News
Classes in German are being offered on a voluntary basis at Baker Junior High School. If parents wish to enroll their children in either beginning or intermediate, please send a note to Miss E. A. McNutt.
Interested in information about or membership in Welfare Rights?. Call Mary Quintana, 255-5763.
LOST: All black, short haired, female cat, wearing red harness. Named Cinder". Contact 287-3311, ext. 45 or 230 W. 2nd Ave.
Wanted: Boys and girls between the ages of 11 and 14 years old who would like to make extra money. The West Side Coalition needs ldds to distribute flyers in the neighborhood. For further Information call 623-0737 and leave your name, address and phone number.
Money Raised In Many Ways
The West Side Coalition this week contributed $128 to the La Raza Unida Student Club to further the clubs Mexican-Ameri-can Study Tour.
The La Raza Unida Club hopes to send six students to Mexico as part of a program for 40 Denver area students sponsored by the Denver Public Schools. The $128 contribution by the West Side Coalition will pay the full expenses for one student.
Member organizations of the West Side Coalition were asked to contribute to the trip. $20 was received from Centro Cultural and $15.15 was given by the West Side Action Council. The remainder of the $128 was made up from Coalition funds.
The La Raza club members are also raising funds in other ways. Another Coalition member, West Side Action Ministry, has given a full page of advertising space in the WEST SIDE RECORDER to the students to sell in order to raise money.
The students held a rummage sale at Inner City Parish on March 14, where they made $195. They are also holding a raffle on a transistor radio.
West High students going on the trip will be Rosalie Chavez, Shirley Gomez, Norman Winter-halder, Don Benavidez, Linda Chavez, and Jerry Arellano.
Seven students from St. Josephs High school are also part of the 40 students going.
Students to Study
Fun, hard work and new exciting places will all be a part of the two weeks trip to Mexico by six West High students who are members of La Raza Unida Club.
Leaving Denver on March 21 they will travel to El Paso, Texas and then to Torreon, Coach-uila, Mexico.
During each week they will spend four days in classes at Colegio Americano de Torreon. Primary studies will be Spanish, History of Mexico and Music. Special topics will include social customs, the church, politics and government, education sports, drama and art of Mexi-
and Sightsee
clubs and the University of Torreon.
On the weekend the group will visit Mexico City. Tours there will include the Pyramids, National University, the Cathedral, Shrine of Guadalupe, the museums of Modern Art and Anthropology and government buildings. They will visit the markets, see a bull fight and attend the National Folklorico Ballet.
Chaperones on the trip will be Mrs. Femie Baca Moore, Mr. Sam Chavez and Mrs. Emma Marin. Mr. Lino Gonzales of West High will also accompany the group.
The students will tour schools, churches, a medical school, pottery plant, winery, country
We wish the students a marvelous trip and well be expecting to. hear all about their experiences when they return.
ROSALIE CHAVEZ accepts & check for $128 from Mrs. Betty Benavidez (right), representative of the West Side Coalition.1 Looking on are the? other members who will be taking ;,the: study trip to Mexico. Left 'to right they are: Jerry Arellano; Lino Gonzales, advisor, Miss Chavez, Don Benavidez, Nbrihan' Winterhalder and Shirley Gom- ez. Not pictured is Linda Chav-" ez, the sixth member.
Dear West Siders:
The members of La Razd Un-ida Student Club wish to ex- j press their sincere appreciation1 to the businessmen and- m^rch-' ants whose names appear on this page arid the West-Side'Rei;; eorder f6r: their generous vdd*:V nations which helped send' West High students to M§xibo:' for two weeks to study Mexican customs, culture arid Ttistoiy:0(<-You can thank these merch-5 ants and the Recorder for their'' support of our West: High ?
dents through your partonage;
La Raza' Unfda ;
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WEST SIDE RECORDER, March, 1970Page 3

Page 4WEST SIDE RECORDER, March, 1070
Lincoln Park Projects Get New Manager
William H. Coker, 55, newly appointed manager of the Lincoln Park and South Lincoln projects, has been with the Denver Housing Authority since 1962.
Coker comes to the West Side after having served as manager of the Arapahoe-Curtis Park and the Platte Valley-Curtis Park Homes.
As manager of the Lincoln Park Projects, Coker's office will be located at 1449 Navajo. All other administrative offices of the Denver Housing Authority have moved to their new location at 1425 Kalamath.
Coker is presently a member of the mayors capital improvement budget committee, the Cur-
tis Park Community Center Board and the Curtis Park-Manual High coordinating committee.
Active in target area A, Coker has been on the East Side Action Council and has served two terms on the board of Denver Opportunity (DO).
Coker is a member of the Morey Junior High P.T.A. and the NAACP. He has served on the Glenarm Y.M.CA. committee of management, the com*
Political Class
Dont forget to attend the Political Education Class that will be held at the West-side Action Center, 1042 Santa Fe, on Tuesday, March 24th at 7:30.
This class is designed to help you use the political process more effectively through knowledge of party rules and procedure. Instruction will include information on how to use political power to make elected officials responsive to the communitys needs.
Includes parking, kitchen and stage.
I Coll Leroy Lopez at | 255-8311
Art Valdez at 825-0847 G. I. Forum Halfl 530 Knox Ct.
munity services education commission, the urban league board and the Emily Griffith Opportunity School advisory committee.
A native of Kansas, Coker and his wife and five children have lived in Denver since 1936.
Special Guest at WSIA
Mr. Olsen, a new administrative assistant to the Mayor, was a special guest at the March meeting of the West Side Improvement Association. He said that he would be willing to take a close look at the West Side and its problems with the officers of the W.S.I.A., and then follow-up by contacting different city department heads to try and iron out some of our problems.
Other W.S.I.A. news includes a strong concern for dealing with junk cars on the West Side, trying to get some of our alleys swept, and plans to join in the May 5 festival sponsored by Centro Cultural.
The Hispano Lay Advisory Committee held their monthly meeting March 11 at West High School.
Mr. Bert Gallegos reported that he made a presentation to the School Board on Elmwood School. He was assured that Elmwood Is on their top priority list.
Mrs. Betty Sepulveda gave her committee report on curriculum in the Denver Public Schools. She presented facts and ideas of the curriculum change and the Hispano Lay Advisory Committee voted to support her presentation.
Martha Urioste gave the personnel committee report. She gave the breakdown on schools in our area which have a heavy concentration of Hispano students and which have no Hispano teachers at all. Her committee will be checking on possible Hispano teachers to be placed in these schools.
Waldo Benavidez gave a report on the building committee, and presented several scale drawings for a new, and changed athletic field. The plan, which will be presented to the School Board, calls for changing the football field at West High School from an east-west to a north-south direction.
Junk Cars Cause Menace On West Side
The pictures of junk cars on this page were all taken on the West Side. These dangerous eyesores or others lake them may be close to your home. Close enough, perhaps, for your children to play in and get hurt in. We all remember several months ago when three North Side children died in a fire in a junk car.
These cars are ugly as well as being dangerous. Besides children playing in them, they also are sometimes used as drops for drugs, hideaways for teenage lovers and are breeding places for rats and vermin.
Any junk car that is a health hazard is considered a nuisance by City Ordinance. As such they should be reported to the Housing Department of Health and Hospitals. This includes junk cars on public and private property. In fact, anything that is a health hazard, such as the shack also pictured, should be reported.
One cautionthere must be conditions that present hazards or danger in order for action to be taken. If a car on private property is obviously being cared fordoors locked, windows unbroken and closedit is not considered a health hazard. Simply because a car has expired
plates does not mean it should be reported. Also if a car is apparently abandoned on the street, this should be reported to the Police Department, 266-2421.
If you know of junk cars or other health hazards that you would like to report, call Health and Hospitals Housing Department, 893-6144 or one of the district directors of the West Side Improvement Association.
The WSIA is making a determined effort to get junk cars removed. The directors are a-vailable to help you and answer any questions that they can.
District Directors are:
District 1Mrs. Craddock, 892-1983
District 2Connie Griego825-6450
District 3Wilma Dabrowski 244-9096
District 4Waldo Benavidez 623-0737
District 5Pauline Trujillo 255*1681
District 6Manual Garcia244-2553
District 7Jack Lang777-0329 District 8James Hall222-3337 District 9Arthur Acevedo777-9057
District 10Ruben Leal722-5615
District 11Henry Maestes 892-5889
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Ruben Leal
"I had to go to Mexico to feel pride in being a Mexican/'
And now ten years later, West Side resident Ruben Leal would like to see other Mexican-Ameri-cans feel this same pride in their heritage.
Td like to help restore pride in the whole Mexican community," he said. I can excuse Anglos for mis-prounouncing Spanish words, but not Mexicans. Some of them even their own names.
*Tt sounds like they are a-shamed of what they are. They are Mexican by blood, and American because they were born here. And they should be proud of it. You cannot hide what you are. Then you are denying yourself."
Girl Scout News
An investiture for 11 Junior Girl Scouts of Troop 1028 was held on March 12. Not all the girls were able to attend due to illness.
There 'were seven mothers present with their daughters as the girls being invested said the Girl Scout Promise. Then each girl lighted a candle as she recited one of the Girl Scout Laws.
Seven girls received badges in either the active Citizen or Pet category. Refreshments were served by the girls and the leader, Mrs. Dee Mena, afterwards.
Forty-three cases or 516 boxes of Girl Scout cookies were sold by the troop during the annual sale. A special thank you to all of you who helped them do it by buying cookies. Money earned will go towards summer camping for the girls.
The Sterling College Choir of Sterling, Kansas will present a concert at First Avenue Presbyterian Church, 120 W. First, at 8 p.m. on April 3. The public is welcome.
The Choir has won a fine reputation for itself from its annual Spring tours which have ranged from the Pacific to the Atlantic coasts. The repertoire of this year's 38-voice Choir will include The Last Words of David by Thompson, and The Heavens Are Telling from Haydens Creation/ For more information, call Rev. Rloomquist, 777-5325.
Ruben feels parents should teach their children to speak Spanish, that it is better to speak two languages than one.
This proved true in his case because it enabled him to accompany the owner of a string of thoroughbred race horses to Mexico acting as interpreter. It made possible his only trip south of the border and the first-hand discovery of his heritage.
Ruben and his wife, Lydia, moved to Denver four years ago from Raton, N. Mex., where they grew up.
~I moved here to make a better living, to make a better life for my children." And Ruben feels he has. He is employed by Eaton Metal Products where he is a spray painter of large equipment.
He is buying his well-built and well-kept brick home at 64 Fox Street. His children attend Fairmont School down the street which Mrs. Leal feels is a good school, though overcrowded and on split session.
Ruben has very definite ideas on how pride can be developed
By John J. White
Miles of Smiles' were found by your Study Hall reporter as he wandered from 3rd and Aco-ma to 5th and Bannock and on over to 5th and Galapago.
Study Halls are not like school. They are just a place where one adult comes to make and be a friend to just one particular child. Each one teach one. We adults also learn much, if not more, from the children.
Youll find us on Tuesdays at St. Johns, 3rd and Acoma and First Bethany, 5th and Bannock. Wednesdays at Wesley Methodist, 5th and Galapago and on Thursdays back at both St. Johns and First Bethany. Each night serving one of the neigh-borhood elementary schools.
Spring Festival
St. Joseph's Church is sponsoring a Spring Festival April 4-5 in the church hah and gym. The church is located on the corner of 6th and Galapago St.
Two days of games of chance and skill will be climaxed by the raffling of $500, a stereo, and a boy or girls bike. Come and join in the fun-filled weekend.
Old electric trains, any size, shape or condition
Lionel, American Flyer, Ives, Dorfomu
Call Harry Krzywicki 364-0693
in the Mexican communityby improving the environmentthe appearanceof the West Side, by improving the safety, and by having the parents give more' time to their kids.
Its many of the parents fault if their children are glue-sniffing or in trouble, he said. They think that as long as their children are in the house, they're O.K. But they cant be bothered to turn off the TV to listen to them. So the children go off to find the answers on their own or somewhere else.
We need to teach the children to respect the law for what it stands for, not judge it by the act of maybe one racist policeman. The same is true for people of other racesnot judge all people by one individual.
Ruben thinks the changes he is working for can be accomplished without militancy.
People respect you more by trying to accomplish things by peaceful means, rather than yelling in the streets, he said.
I always wanted to take part in the advancement of my people, he added. Like Martin Luther King, I have a dream'.
Volunteer Help Needed for Food Program
The food supplement program is in drastic need of volunteers at all the distribution points, in-duding the West Side station at 601 Galapago St. Men are needed to help unload the trucks at the centers for about 30 minutes to one hour two or three times a week. If anyone could help with this please call, Connie Griego, 825-6455.
Many thanks are in order to Bill Coco, for his help at the 601 Galapago Station. However, Bill is going into the Marines in April and we will need some people to take his place.
The Vista, Assistants at the food supplement stations are starting a Buyers Club. Anyone interested in this program should either stop by the center on Tuesday or Thursday afternoons and talk to Connie Greigo or Delois Haynes, or call Connie at the above number, or Delois at 266-9267.
V & H
Personal Returns $3 Gr up Why PAY more?
769 Elafi 892-5889
(Across the Street from Charlie's)
"Save money on clothes and household goods."
In an effort to do this, Ruben is director of District 10 for the West Side Improvement Association and a director-at-large and member of the neighborhood planning committee of the West Side Coalition.
With his intenseness, sincereness, and determination without a doubt Ruben Leal will make this a better world and a better West Side for his family and his people.
Parents should spend more lime with their kids/' says Ruben, who is proud of his own. They are Jeff, 9, Angela, 6, mid Beatrice, 5. Wife Lydia holds Lucille Rene who is 10 months old.
An urgent appeal for Blue Chip Stamps, Orange, or S&H green stamps and others has been received from the United Farm Workers. Yonr donation of stamps could help them eliminate spending money on items which they could purchase with stamps. Send your stamp donation to: Defense Fund Committee, P.O. Box 130, Delano, Calif. 93215.
Su Generosa Coopera-cion en esta campana sera apreciada.
LOST: At Temple Labor Center, February 28, ladies orange, double-breasted, plaid coat and one black patent leather purse containing a meal card and identification card from Loretto Heights. Also* New Mexico drivers license. If found call 935-6585 and leave message. Reward offered. No questions asked.
ALSO LOST: Ladies gold, double-breasted, A-line coat. Please call 623-0773.
Blessing of the Palms
Saturday, March 21st, 12:15 P.M. Mass
Monday through Wednesday Regular Masses8,12:15 P.M. and 5:15 P.M.
Holy Thursday
12:15 P.M. Mass
7:30 P.M.Concelebrated Mass Includes procession to repository
Good Friday
Solemn Liturgical Service12:15 P.M.
7:30 P.M.Stations of the Cross and veneration of the relic of the true cross.
Holy Saturday
Doors will open at 10:30 P.M. Easter Vigil Service will begin at 11 P.M., followed by Mass at 12 P.M.
Easter Sunday
Masses at 8,9:15,11 and 12:15.
Confession Schedule for Holy Week-fi|
Doily Confessions from 8 A.M. to 6 P.M.
Wednesday4-5:30 and 7:30 to 8:30.
Friday4:30 to 5:30 and after Good Friday Sevices Saturday-4 to 5:30 and 7:30 to 8:30.
No Confessions on Easter Sunday
11th and Curtis Sts.
WEST SIDE RECORDER# March, 1970Page 5

Neighborhood Notes
ROTC STUDENTS at Baker Junior High School attending inspection include (1-r), Pfc. Robert Cabazos, Pfc. Michael Duran, Pvt. Joseph Vigil, Pfc. Angelo Keranen, and Capt. Frank Flores. Others are Pvt. Rodney Brown, Pvt. Michael Olivas, Pvt. Arthur Brown, Pvt. Janies Morehead, Pvt. Michael Garduno, and Pfc. Carl Meisel.
There are 64 boys in the program which started at Baker in September. Training is held one hour each Monday through Friday.
Subjects taught in Junior ROTC are first aid lifesaving, hunter safety, marksmanship, weapons, American military history, courtesies, customs, rules of conduct, leadership, drill, and exercise of command.
Fairmont School Plans Carnival
Cub Scout Pack Plans Spring Fun
Cub Scout Pack 52, of the Lincoln Homes area, under the leadership of cubmaster C. G. Nancy, has a great program of activities outlined for the boys ages 8, 9, and 10 of the Lincoln Homes, Greenlee School area.
Pack 52 has been in operation in the Lincoln Homes area for two years now, and has served over 200 boys in the area.
The weekly meetings are held at the Auraria Community Center on Wednesday and Friday evenings at 7 p.m. Outings and special events or field trips are usually held each Saturday. Year around activities include crafts, recreation, sports, swimming, movies, trips to places of special interest, appearing on TV, Pine-wood derby, space derby, sail boat derby, kit derby, field day at Peaceful Valley, Scout day at Elitchs Gardens, and many other things, including Community Beautification projects.
The monthly pack meeting for the entire family is held the 4th Friday of each month at the South Broadway Christian Church, 23 Lincoln St. Assisting Mr. Nancy in the operation of the Pack are Mr. Robert H. Preuss, Mr. Conrad Sanchez, Mr. Ray Dionne, Mr. Dale Boots, Mrs. John Van Velkinburgh, Mr. James Gregory, Mrs. Barbara Perez, and other interested parents.
During the month of March the Pack is engaged in a pop (bottle drive. If you have pop bottles to donate, you may call John Van Velkinburgh, 255-7544 or Jim Gregory, 623-7544.
Has everyone noticed the fresh paint on St. Josephs Church? It really brightens up the neighborhood. A big thank you to those responsible.
Kim and Debbie Sturdevant, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sturdevant, 129 W. Third Avenue, were in Swedish Memorial Hospital with the flu the week of March 9. They are now home, recuperating.
Mrs. Hazel Clark, 67, of 16 E. Bayaud Avenue, died March 8 after an extended illness. Mrs. Clark was a resident of the West Side for 36 years. She was the mother of the late Richard Mena*. She is survived by his widow and children, Mrs. Dee Mena, Richard, Randy and Dianne, of 427 Fox St.
Thank you to the boys from the Boys Club who stuffed the West Side Recorder last month. They are Anthony Bettale, Dennis Bueno, Dale Cortez, James DeHart, Louis Gallegos, Ray Gomez, John Gray, George Lancaster, Johnny Lancaster, Anthony Martinez, David Martinez, Robert Martinez, Wayne Miller, Dale Oswald, Zenon Pacheco, Eugene Sandoval, Eugene Smith, Ivan Speary, Eddie Torres, Michael Torres, Robert Torres, and Ronnie Vasquez.
Mrs. Annabelle Payne, 333 W. Ellsworth, celebrated her 100th birthday on March 10, 1970. Mrs. Payne lives at Hirschfeld Towers with her daughter, Mrs. Minnie Miller, who is 75. A native of Kentucky, Mrs. Payne came to Denver in 1908 from Topeka, Kansas. Long life seems to run in her family her mother reached the age of 102 and her
grandmother, 107. West Siders wish her many more Happy Birthdays.
March 23 will be a very special day for Mr. and Mrs. William J. Smith of 403 W. Sixth Ave. On that day, Mrs. Smiths sister and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Hook will arrive from London for an 8 week visit. It has been 23 years since the two couples have seen each other.
The Hooks saw the Smiths off on the Queen Elizabeth when they sailed from Southhampton, England in 1947. They came to the United States to be with their daughter who was lonely here. The daughter, Mrs. May William Brewer, lives with the Smiths. They have lived on the West Side since they came to Denver and the United States. Besides their daughter, they also have a granddaughter, Mrs. Lorraine Sanchez and four great-grandchildren, two boys and two girls. Mr. Smith worked as a mechanic for Denver Tramiway before retiring and Mrs. Smith was a foster grandmother at Denver General Hospital. Sight-seeing plans for the Hooks include a trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon and whatever else they want to see or do. We wish both families a happy reunion and hope that the visit to the United States may be as wonderful as they anticipate.
Carlos Perez and Ann Herrera were married Saturday, March 14 at St. Josephs Catholic Church. The reception and dance were held at Inner City Parish. Carlos is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Luis Perez, 1154 Kala-math St. and Ann is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Herrera, 47 So. Fox St. Carlos is a senior at West High. Ann has all her credits and will receive her diploma in June along with Carlos.
Mr. and Mrs. Garcia of 1315 Navajo St. are the proud parents of a baby girl, 5 lbs. 9 oz. The baby was bom before the ambulance could get to the house. It was 45 minutes late. Mrs. Viola Garcia and baby are doing fine.
March 22-28Holy Week and Spring Vacation March 24, TuesdayPolitical Education Class, 7:30 p.m., West Side Action Center, 1042 Santa Fe Dr.
March 29SundayEaster April 1WednesdayFairmont PTA Election, 7 p.m. Fairmont School Auditorium April 2ThursdayHam Supper by West High School ROTC, 5-7:30 pm. West High Cafeteria
April 3FridaySterling College Choir, 8 p.m. First Avenue Presbyterian Church April 4-5Saturday and Sunday St. Josephs Carnival, St. Josephs Parish Hall and Gym April 10FridayFairmont Carnival, 6-9:30 p.m. Fairmont Gym
The third annual Carnival at Fairmont School will be Friday, April 10, 6 to 9:30 p.m. Specially priced advance tickets are now on sale at the school.
Popular games that will be repeated this year include Balloon Dart, Bumper Car, Stand Em Up and the Fish Pond.
Some new games will be Dart Fortune, Seven-Eleven and Cage Em. Other attractions are the Clown Pickpocket, Cake Walk, Spook House, a movie and a booth for having your face made up.
Homemade tamales will be added to the visual refreshments, coke, popcorn, and cotton candy on sale.
Plans are being made for two new kinds of entertainment,
Carpeting will soon be installed in one end of the kindergarten room at Fairmont School. Money for the carpeting is being provided from the Becky Guedea Memorial Fund for West Side children, and from school district funds.
Denver School Board voted recently to accept a $200 donation from the fund and to provide the additional $300 needed to cover the cost of the project.
pony rides and a mariachi group.
The Fairmont PTA who is sponsoring the Carnival, is recruiting willing sixth graders from Fairmont who would like to help man the booths with adults.
Profits from the Carnival will be used for some specific improvement project at the school.
The advance tickets are $1 and will be redeemed at the Carnival for 22-five cent tickets. This is a ten cent bonus on the dollar. Tickets may be purchased at the Carnival at five cents each. All games, concessions and entertainment will be by ticket only.
Plan now to attend and have an evening of fun, food and games at Fairmonts Carnival.
The memorial fund was set up by Mr. and Mrs. Ruperto Guedea, Jr., 257 Fox St. last June after their daughter was struck and killed by a car. She was to have entered kindergarten at Fairmont last fall. Many West Siders contributed to the fund which totalled $390.93. Several small gifts from the fund have been given in addition to the $200. The remaining $150 has not been distributed yet.
ELMWOOD STUDENTS have made an effort to improve the surroundings in their basement lunchroom. They painted the dreary walls bright colors and have begun hanging their artwork on the walls. Showing off their work are (l*r) Randall Cordova, Rose Ann Moya, Ricky Pless and Dave Rivera. All are members of John Luptons 4th grade class. Richard Graw, industrial arts teacher at Baker Jr. High, custom made the frames and the boys at Elmwood glued the cork into the frames.
260 Bannock St.
Delivery Service 733-9067
I For the Price of One
Please Bring in This Coupon When Bringing In Cleaning jj
Page 6WEST SIDE RECORDER. March, 1970 "
Draft Counseling Available
FIRST MENN0NITE CHURCH 430 W. 9th Avenue Tuesday, 10-4 P.M.
Consider Other Alternatives Before Joining Army. 892-1038
Guedea Memorial Fund Contributes for Carpet