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About Paperback and Mass Market Book Cover Collection


The Paperback and Mass Market Book Cover Collection is an array of book cover images from various literary subject areas within Special Collections. While there are some examples of hardback cover art, the overwhelming majority of items in this collection are paprback and mass market book cover images. With a focus on genre fiction including adventure, high fantasy, science fiction, romance, and suspense, this collection celebrates the imaginative, thrilling, and often bizarre art of mass market genere fiction in the 20th century.

The bulk of Auraria Library's mass market genre fiction collections were donated by the Estate of Jay and Natalee Beebe in honor of their son, Duane J. Beebe, who, along with his extended family, were avid collectors of science fiction, fantasy, and children's literature. Examples of books donated by the Beebe Family reside in the Duane J. Beebe Book Cover Collection (see subcollections below). For a full list of all books donated by the Beebe Family, please 

The focus of this collection is the art of the book covers themselves and all attempts have been made to identify the original artists. Furthermore, of the titles in the collection, many have duplicates with alterantive cover art. For more information on these materials, or to view them (or read the actual books) please contact our Special Collections Librarian.

For questions about use of the collection, or if you are a publisher with copyright concerns, please contact the Digital Collections Manager. Auraria Library adheres to a strict take-down policy and complies with all take-down requests from copyright holders who feel their property is being infringed upon.