Negotiating identities in STEM : graduate students in an interdisciplinary GK-12 program

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Negotiating identities in STEM : graduate students in an interdisciplinary GK-12 program
Mason, Hillary
Wee, Bryan
Rodriguez, Julie
Loats, Jim
Jacobson, Mike
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Denver, CO
University of Colorado Denver
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Conference poster


As students experience science and math in different contexts, they develop cultural stereotypes that are aHached to, and help to form, their science and math iden//es. This case study uses iden/ty theory as a theore/cal framework to further understand how STEM graduate students perceive scien/sts and mathema/cians following their par/cipa/on in a year-­â€long interdisciplinary GK-­â€12 program. It addresses a gap in the Draw-­â€A-­â€Scien4st-­â€Test (DAST) literature by a) focusing on graduate students, b) including percep4ons of mathema4cians and c) using the lens of iden4ty theory. Drawings and semi-­â€structured interviews were employed to elicit the mental schemas of how graduate students perceive scien/sts and mathema/cians. Results from the drawings indicated that graduate students perceive scien/sts and mathema/cians in alignment with stereotypes found in past research. The interviews revealed broad views of science and math, but narrow views of what it means to be a scien/st and mathema/cian and who can be a scien/st and mathema/cian. This dichotomy was less prevalent in the engineering graduate students, and it raises ques/ons about the inclusion of math and engineering in science and more broadly, STEM.
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University of Colorado Denver
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Auraria Library
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Negotiating Identities in STEM: Graduate Students in an Interdisciplinary GK-12 Program Hillary Mason1, Bryan Wee1, Julie Rodriguez1, Jim Loats2, Mike Jacobson3 1University of Colorado Denver, 2Metropolitan State University, 3US National Science Foundation RESEARCH QUESTION METHODS RESULTS CONCLUSIONS & IMPLICATIONS CONTACT THEORETICAL LENS ABSTRACT RESULTS GK-12 PROGRAM