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About The Duane J. Beebe Book Cover Collection




The Duane J. Beebe Book Cover Collection is a digital array of images scanned from the covers of books within the Duane J. Beebe Fiction Collection. While Auraria Library maintains a broader collection of science fiction, fantasy, adventure, and other genre fiction materials, the largest single donation of such items came from the Estate of Natalee and Jay Beebe on behalf of their son, Duane J. Beebe. Officially given to the Community College of Denver in 1996, the Duane J. Beebe Fiction Collection resides at Auraria Library in its Special Collections and includes genre and children's literature, mostly in mass market bindings, from the late 19th century and beyond. The Book Cover Collection is intended to bring the fantastical, thrilling, influential and sometimes controversial art of these books to a wider audience and draw attention to the stories themselves, which, while marketed to younger audiences and printed cheaply, have heavily influenced popular fiction and art over the last 100 years.

The collection contains nearly complete sets of first edition Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Mysteries; hundreds of pulp science fiction, adventure stories, and historical romance paperbacks; pre-copyright editions of the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs, and several sets of early 20th century hardcover adventure series.

For questions about use of the collection, or if you are a publisher with copyright concerns, please contact the Digital Collections Manager. Auraria Library adheres to a strict take-down policy and complies with all take-down requests from copyright holders who feel their property is being infringed upon.