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The Denver Urban Art Directory

                           Contribute to a public mapping project and use it to find beautiful art!

The Denver Urban Art Directory is a guide to locating images of murals, street art, sculpture and other examples of visual artistic expression in the City of Denver. The aim of this project is not just to preserve a record of urban art, but to involve our users and the general public in creating a map that will help users find these works in the urban environment. Therefore, most of the images in the Directory were submitted by people like you! These generous submissions help to centralize and easily disperse information about the myriad works of interesting--and often hidden--urban art in and around Denver.


If you are interested in submitting an image of a work of urban art you've found, please click the "Submit" button below and fill out some information in our submission form. Submission is open to all.

Before you submit, please take a moment to review our basic guidelines (below) and our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Basic Submission Guidelines

  • Urban art is a broad term, but generally includes the following:
    • Murals
    • Wall art
    • Sculptures
  • We encourage all to submit, but please only send us images you have taken yourself.
  • Please submit only once per work of art. You can submit multiple images of the same work in a single form.
  • If there are multiple work in one location by multiple artists, please submit a unique entry for each artist and their work.
  • We accept images as JPEGs, TIFs, PNGs, or, if you have multiple views of the same work of art, you can package all images as a ZIP.
  • Images or ZIPs of images cannot be any larger than 100 MBs.
  • We strongly prefer submitted images no larger than 10 MBs and around 3000 pixels on the long side. For tips on how to resize images, please check out these brief tutorials using Adobe Photoshop and GIMP.
  • We prefer images that are focused on the work of art itself, such as head-on views. Please do not use artistic filters in your images.