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About The Bill Trimble Collection

The Bill Trimble Collection consists of over 500 images documenting the built environment of the Auraria neighborhood prior to its demolition. The images, most of which were digitized from 35mm slides or 3x5 prints, are an exhaustive visual catalog of the Auraria neighborhood building stock, which was demolished in the mid-1970s to make way for the Auraria Higher Education Center. Buildings photographed range from warehouses and commerical buildings to private homes and churches, and represent over 100 years of architectural history. The collection's namesake, Bill Trimble, was a longtime employee of the Auraria Higher Education Center Authority and prior to the neighborhood's demolition was tasked with documenting, block by block, every building and structure in Auraria. In each photograph is Mr. Trimble's faithful and often humorous assistant, who was responsible for holding the black and white ranging rod and a square of paper displaying the building's unique identification.

The images in this collection were digitized with the financial assistance of the University of Colorado Denver Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences. Research assistance was provided by Professors Eric Ross and Brian Page and several dedicated graduate students who were awarded monies from the Colorado State Historical Fund to pursue "Envisioning and Interpreting the Urban Past: GIS Reconstruction of Historic Auraria," a potentially multi-phase project to generate a virtual recreation of Auraria for use by myriad disciplines including urban and regional planning, historic preservation, and geographic information sytems.

Material Condition Note: as with most collections of this nature, all efforts were made to ensure that the resultant digital image is a faithful replica of the original. In some cases this means the quality of the original, despite being poor, is retained. As a result some images may appear blurry or out of focus.